Since the episode “The Cycling Tour” in Monty Python’s Flying Circus I love shows with little episodes innit that quite repeat the punchline but present it slightly different every time. So, when Vickie Guerrero (yes, she’s still in WWE and not fired! My brain still hurts from her annoying voice) announced that The Shield would face eleven men at the end of Smackdown for the main event match, that was the initiation for the Shield Vendetta or like I call it The Monty Python Commemorative Tour:

  1. After the Great Debate between Paul Heyman and Zeb Colter, that was indeed a great debate and really funny, Cesaro and Swagger had a decent match. Cesaro won but then The Shield music hit and fast the three guys circled Swagger who was still laying inside the ring. With just a tiny bit of resistance The Shield then hit their Triple Powerbomb to Swagger and afterwards Seth Rollins told the WWE Universe (and Triple H (w/ Orton & Batista), wherever he was – at least he was on the other end of a phone for a couple of times) that Swagger failed to adapt (using the vocabulary of Triple H; the correct usage would have been: Swagger did adapt (to the wrong guys) so he had to perish).
  2. Next segment of importance for the MPCT was Vickie Guerrero as General Manager of Smackdown talking to Triple H on the phone. And he did inform her that she had the night off. So, Brad Maddox, GM of RAW, could replace her. Didn’t make much sense now but did later.
  3. Then we witnessed 3MB at backstage babbling about being in the main event. Then Seth Rollins appeared, 3MB were mocking him for being alone. That was when DA appeared besides him. The mocking went on. But it stopped when Reigns appeared, too. Yeah, I get it: Reigns is the big guy and the strong one and all. Anyway, it was a good strategy that The Shield didn’t talk much today. It was all about revenge and their Vendetta to show that words are told quickly but actions count. So, here first Rollins and DA beat up McIntyre and Mahal in the background while Reigns and Slater were staring at each other in the foreground. Rollins and DA came back quickly, DA hit Slater with his knee in the face and Reigns punched him down. Together with Swagger, these were already four men who couldn’t compete at the main event due to injury and probably fear.
  4. With the next segment it dawned on us why Vickie Guerrero couldn’t be GM for tonight: not because The Shield wouldn’t show up to her but the beating to her wouldn’t have been much fun. I mean: three guys attacking one woman? Babyfaces sometimes do strange things but this would have gone too far. So, Brad Maddox was in his office when The Shield finally appeared. The reason for it probably just was that they should stop attacking anyone who was scheduled to participate against them in the main event. And certainly Maddox himself was the next target since he is kind of part of the Authority. First Reigns threw him into the couch and then DA jumped on him to beat him up behind the couch:

    Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose
    Dean Ambrose

    [These Gifs were brought to you by equion | cherrypie-yeahh] || I seriously can’t wait for DA to bring his ruthless aggression towards Triple H and Batista but in the end I will be disappointed again because DA will be the one who gets beaten up while Reigns will “save” the match for The Shield.

  5. The next match should have been a mixed tag team match between Santino / Emma, and Fandango / Layla. Santino and Emma did their entrance, then Fandango did his dancing with Layla on the ramp. And this time The Shield probably just wanted to spare the audience another Santino vs. Fandango encounter, so they attacked Fandango and finally hit the Triple Powerbomb on him from the ramp into a table.
  6. And right before the main event actually started Michael Cole informed us that Curtis Axel was attacked in the locker room and that there are rumours that this could have been The Shield as well. Most certainly. But there were no imagery.

For the match itself it meant that the 11-on-3 handicap match was decimated by The Shield to a 5-on-3 handicap match. It should be noted that The Shield once again came down without their masks on. So, I guess, that there are indeed copyright issues. But I’m not sad about it. It was new and interesting at WrestleMania but not just anymore recently. At some point I was even fearing that they could be forced to wrestle with these masks on just for DA to take his facial expressions away from him (first WWE reduces his promo time and now his acting ability as well? Fortunately the last didn’t happen).

Since I’ve seen these pictures above already on the Thursday before Smackdown has been able to watch I was most looking for these DA / Wade Barrett fighting scenes. And these are the times when I can’t wait for The Shield to finally break up. Because there are so many scenarios / feuds I’d like to see DA involved in: William Regal attacking him out of nowhere for the two of them to re-create their feud at FCW; a feud between DA and Wade Barrett – I still hope for Barrett to win the Intercontinental Championship and I would enjoy it for DA and Barrett to finally fight for these two belts. Unfortunately all this won’t happen because WWE thinks that Reigns is the chosen one who needs this push. Certainly he was the one at Smackdown who won the match on Damien Sandow (after DA hit a great flying dropkick on Sandow, but that was hardly mentioned).

There was also some extra feature on the WWE site today:

The 50 Best Talkers in Wrestling History

I put a link on it but there is no need for you to click on it because like the WWE polls these lists are irrelevant as well. Most of the wrestlers deserve to be in this list but John Cena happens to be on #12 when CM Punk is just #16? For me John Cena wouldn’t even make this list because his pseudo-rapping talking style annoys me to hell and back and then through the whole universe. Also Bray Wyatt made the list on #34. I really liked him once – but now he kind of annoys me as well without being able to really put the finger on why. But the most disgraceful fact is that William Regal is only on #39 and that Dean Ambrose didn’t even made the list. Somehow Dean Ambrose made the list also on #39 but that’s no excuse really:

William Regal has often said he would have been a comedian if he wasn’t a wrestler. Watching his best interviews, it’s clear he would have made a fine actor, too.  Melding broad, physical comedy with the scenery chewing ire of a “Game of Thrones” lead, this charming man created a unique brand of ring villainy on the microphone where he could humiliate an opponent just as easily as he could humilate himself. His fearlessness as a performer has allowed Regal to throw himself completely into whatever he’s doing, so he sounds just as convincing threatening Dean Ambrose as he does freestyle rapping in the ring. And what other Superstar could make the word “sunshine” sound so damn menacing?


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