Dean Ambrose_collage

What I’d really like to see is a 30min NoDQ match between Dean Ambrose and Wade Barrett with special referee William Regal.
And William Regal should be as biased as possible.

That was my dream match I’ve posted just a few days ago on my tumblr. Now I’ve only watched Extreme Rules until around half of the Bray Wyatt vs. Super Cena match, when I’ve read that at RAW tonight Dean Ambrose has to defend his title again in a 20-men Battle Royal. And since I’m quite sure that he will lose his title that way I’m quite pissed off. So, I won’t continue watching Extreme Rules until I’ll know the outcome of that very match. There are two possibilities I would be really pissed off when one of it will happen:

  1. The three last men standing are DA, SR, and RR. And then you know what will happen: Reigns will become the new champion.
  2. [Or even worse – yeah, that’s possible!] Adam Rose, who will make his debut on RAW tonight, will be in this match (very much possible) to be the new champion.

Just think about it: Paige made her debut in WWE, and got the Divas title; Wade Barrett also just came back into the ring, made it through the tournament and finally got the IC title yesterday at Extreme Rules. And now Adam Rose? That would be horrible. Because for me this guy is annoying as hell.

I’m not at all mad about DA losing the title. I even imagined something like this would happen. Because, you know, winning matches against The Authority / Evolution or just only turning on them had to cause punishment. Adding to this DA already has got the longest United States Championship reign in WWE history. This is a great achievement and obviously an appreciation for Ambrose for every great performance he had put inside the ring so far. So, losing his title needs to happen at any time soon from now on. It’s just three things I’m really mad about if he’ll indeed lose it tonight:

  1. That Reigns will get just another push, i.e. the title, for what? These 1:25min of action time he had last night? While DA (11:35min) and SR (9min) basically carried the match once again?
  2. That it’s just a few days until the full year of DA’s title reign and that he possibly won’t get it.
  3. That DA’s title defenses every time come out of nowhere without any time for him to prepare for it or to cut a promo on it or being on commentary once again to talk about his possible opponents. Only for DA to get as less attention as possible so he can’t take attention away from Reigns.

I probably just stop here because otherwise I’m becoming seriously deranged! I kind of knew yesterday anyway that something was about to happen with the title very soon when DA threw it over the barricades once again and then just kicked it away with his right foot. And I probably jinxed it for him with me posting this list with his title defenses on here. Tonight will be his 28th title defense anyway. And it will be probably his last (at least for this run).

As for Wade Barrett it’s great that he’s the new IC champ. Big E didn’t even show up in singles matches recently. Maybe because he did have an alarming long list of injured opponents to his name. It was remarkable that Heel Barrett perhaps got the biggest pop of the whole evening while Face Big E was heavily booed at various times.

So, yes, I would have enjoyed a unification match / feud between Barrett and DA. Maybe DA could go after the IC title from Barrett. William Regal could appear as the special referee for that match as well. He could also be biased towards Barrett just to start another little feud with DA afterwards, when Barrett retains the title due to the help of Regal. I would really enjoy that. But just break up The Shield now. I seriously can’t stand RR to be treated as the king of the three of them when he’s obviously not.


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