That was Dean Ambrose’s promo in the RAW pre show. Good as usual, clearly not shaven from Extreme Rules, and the earring is still missing. I have to admit that I haven’t seen RAW live due to work early in the morning (I’m still living in the wrong time zone!) but have indeed read the results, so I knew that Dean had lost his title. But watching it back now there were some hints during the match already for the audience to prepare for a new champion.

First of all: I don’t really like these multi-men battle royals. This one was a 20-man battle royal (for all competitors just have a look here) and it’s always a brawl without actual good wrestling moves. The only fun about grows when the ring empties when time goes by and you can actually focus on some fights going on. Until around just seven or six men remaining the cameras were all over the action: hard cuts at times and at some point you couldn’t be sure if some certain wrestlers were still in the match or already eliminated. Perhaps for some guys out there this early mess and confusion is the real fun about such battle royals. For me it’s not. Would have enjoyed it probably a bit more if there would have been just one camera perspective with the whole ring in the picture. There was enough movement going on there; no need to create even more movement to fast cuts to other cameras.

Like I was certainly focused on Dean Ambrose, the start of this battle was quite disappointing because there was hardly any focus on him. Given that he had some great moments later on and the new champion was to be Sheamus, the focus was a bit more on the Irishman. And some other basically mid-carders [9 / 17 of them Dean Ambrose had faced in various title defense matches during his reign; 4 / 5 of them he got eliminated from today’s match] got some seconds of spotlight. But Santino eliminating Dolph Ziggler with the cobra wasn’t cool at all. It’s supposed to be funny but it’s not at all for me. This certainly is some gimmick I have a huge feeling of Fremdschämen on. I always hope that these segments are over very soon and just once I was very glad that Rybaxel were around to eliminate Santino shortly after. There also was some kind of a stand-off between Big Show and Mark Henry, and both men got a huge pop. But with the power of team-work both were eliminated as well shortly after.

Another hint that there would be a title change was that JBL, Michael Cole, and Jerry Lawler talked about the history of the title and its various holders. Couldn’t they have done it during DA’s actual reign? Maybe it wouldn’t have been that so-called “meaningless” after all. And there was another hint: right in the middle of the ring Dean Ambrose and Sheamus for several times exchanged some punches and blows. So, like the focus certainly was on the current champ, the audience got sight of Sheamus a lot as well.

Certainly yesterday when I was just half-way through Extreme Rules to read that there would be that 20-man battle royal for Dean’s title I wasn’t really amused (like I’ve written yesterday). But with the benefit of one day to think about it – and having watched twice now – I think that match was the best possible for Dean to lose the belt. It was just a fortnight too early for the full year. But actually nineteen other men going after him, then he got five men eliminated during the last and most important period of the match, not to mention the great style / performance he eliminated Curtis Axel, Ryback, and Jack Swagger with at the very end, that was quite an amazing and also unique way to get lost of the belt and the title. Also positive definitely is that in Sheamus it was an actual established wrestler, not some rookie who won it. And that it wasn’t Reigns.

So, in the end, it was a good match with some memorable DA moments, and the best possible way to lose the belt. It’s just… When these last really good moments were about to happen, all of a sudden there were some big CM Punk chants that really pissed me off this time. I’m not really sure why that did happen this time. Were these fans pissed because they knew DA would lose the belt, and since Punk is kind of a fan of DA they chanted his name? Or was it just another “statement” towards the Authority / WWE in general? Seriously, people, you should really start chanting for the great guys who are indeed show up at every show, not the ones who won’t even notice or probably care. And on another note: 351 is such a dumb number; Dean definitely needs a second reign very soon. And at least he now has to have a re-match versus Sheamus. Or will that be part of the punishment by The Authority to deny that to him?

[UPDATE] No, there won’t be any punishment on that department. Dean Ambrose will get his re-match on coming (already taped) SmackDown and [SPOILER!] he will lose it. Since that is quite usual for the new champion to retain his title in the re-match against the former champion this is not really spoiler material but anyway: you’ve been warned!

The next videos are almost one hour long: first one are 41mins of the 20-man battle royal plus The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family from the main event on RAW. The second one are 2mins of action during the commercial break of Dean’s title losing match. The third one are 2mins of action during the commercial break of Shield vs. Wyatts. So, it was 45mins of Dean Ambrose during 3hrs of RAW. Make of it what you want. I certainly did enjoy it (even if Dean lost his belt):

As for the other action of RAW I’ll break it down as usual recently:

  1. The next match was between RVD and Cesaro. That wasn’t a match I was very into it because… I don’t know… I just don’t click with RVD. He does good moves and stuff but he’s got no charisma whatsoever. At least not for me. At the end Cesaro caused disqualification when he beat up RVD who was hanging head down from the ropes. He was quite nasty hitting RVD quite heavy. And this I really don’t get. Because when Cesaro was still a Real American and heel as well he almost got louder pop than many faces. But WWE desperately wants to keep him as a heel so Heyman came in, remembers the WWE universe about Brrrock Lesnarrr and Cesaro violently beats up audience’s favourites. I just don’t get it because for me Cesaro is one of the funniest guys on the current WWE roster. Some big match with a face must be planned in the background. Otherwise that wouldn’t be logical.
  2. That was followed by another 6min promo by Bray Wyatt inside the ring. I can’t listen to it anymore. It’s interesting at the beginning. Bray Wyatt still has a unique talking style but a talking style you fast get over. At least that’s my experience. This uniqueness isn’t quite unique after a while when there is no variation or a bit change of style. With Bray Wyatt I already know what to expect. And this is why I like to watch Dean Ambrose that much: because I never know what’s coming (even if there were some fighting segments into their main event match against The Wyatts that were very similar to their match at Main Event almost one month ago. But just this brawl at Extreme Rules was just another example of the variation and uniqueness of Dean Ambrose. I don’t get it why Bray Wyatt at every second WWE show gets one of these long promos. And I don’t get it even more that Super Cena gets equal time to respond him. Time wasted basically. Another fact that I don’t get is why it’s villainous behaviour to tell the truth. Does that mean that a good guy is lying at you all the time? That would explain much when it comes to the U.S…
  3. Because Rybaxel and The Brotherhood had some moments with each other during the 20-man battle royal they now had a tag team match against each other. Ryback got the win on Cody Rhodes.
  4. Next segment was all about the celebration of El Torito’s win in the WeeLC match against Hornswoggle at Extreme Rules. While throwing sweets into the crowd El Torito and Los Matadores were interrupted by 3MB with Hornswoggle, of course. A little brawl followed with El Torito and Los Matadores standing tall. And then the sweet-throwing went on.
  5. About the next segment I’m still laughing with disgust because Lana came out as usual to dedicate the following match to the great president Vladimir Putin again. A huge Putin likeness was on the Titantron much to the disgust of the audience. I laughed on their reaction, too. It’s just ridiculous to connect the Bulgarian Alexandr Rusev to Russia at all. A bit later on it was Kofi Kingston who had to lose against Rusev in another short match.
  6. Several times we had already seen Daniel Bryan with Brie Bella who were afraid of Kane. First both were advised by Stephanie McMahon to stay in the locker room to be save. But first Kane’s mask appeared, then some kind of a Kane scaregrow. And finally DB & Brie made their way to their car to get out of the arena. But all of a sudden Steph appeared again to tell DB that he would be stripped of his titles in case he wouldn’t fight Alberto Del Rio later on. Well, at least, he did. The both of them had a match of around ten minutes. And Kane was expected to appear basically every second. But his music and fire only hit after DB won it. Kane didn’t came out, so DB & Brie made their way back to their car again. Brie was in the car when the vehicle very surprisingly didn’t start; DB needed to go out of the car to have a look what was wrong. And then it was pretty clear (even before) that Kane would be sitting in the back of the car. He indeed did and from there on Brie screamed like some random woman in some random Hitchcock movie. That was supposed to be creepy and / or scary. But for me it was just fun. I seriously laughed tears. Sorry.
  7. The next match was the re-match for the Intercontinental Championship of new champ Wade Barrett vs. Big E. The match lasted for around seven minutes and the best of it was the part before this even started: Barrett’s entrance and his “bad news” towards Big E. For the actual match I wasn’t really enthusiastic about because since it happened in the past far too often I was quite concerned for Wade Barrett that he could have been accidentially injured at the hands (or feet or body or whatever) of Big E. I’ve written it before and it’s well known that Big E’s sloppiness inside the ring is a huge subject backstage. And for me personally I’m glad that Barrett has survived his two encounters with Big E now without any noticeable injury. Not really needed to mention that he indeed retained his belt.
  8. Then WWE had decided to send out a special video message on Mother’s Day. And that was delivered by none else than Mr. T from his Hall of Fame speech together with almost ridiculous collages. I’m not really sure if Mr. T agreed on this segment. It was certainly meant nice towards the mothers out there. But somehow it also made fun of Mr. T again.
  9. The last segment before the main event started with the usual Nazi shit by Zeb Colter: immigrants / foreigners need to be deported, esp. Cesaro, Paul Heyman, Wade Barrett, Emma, Santino, and Paige. He went on about lamenting about it when finally there hit Adam Rose’s music and he came out with his so-called Exotic Express. I’ve stated before that I don’t like his gimmick but at least against Zeb Colter he could only win. The faces of Zeb Colter and especially JBL’s reaction on him after the segment were hilarious and I basically laughed tears once again. I still can’t find many positives on this gimmick and his catchphrases (“It’s party time – all the time!” // “Don’t be a lemon; be a rosebud.”) but I have to admit that I’ve enjoyed this segment.

And now a few more words on the main event: The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family. First of all: it’s not that exciting anymore, especially when there are some sequences innit we all have seen before. The first match between these tag teams – when The Shield was still heel – was great; now we are used to it and it’s just repetitions without much new elements. That being said for the match itself. Once again Reigns had his usual 30sec segment while Dean Ambrose and especially Seth Rollins today carried the match. Certainly The Evolution had to come out to distract The Shield and because Reigns was the legal man for his second 30sec segment, Bray Wyatt was able to hit Sister Abigail on him to win the match for the Wyatts. After the match there was the usual brawl with Batista going for Dean; Orton had his go on Rollins, and Triple H made himself memorable on Reigns. Sure, Evolution did a Triple Powerbomb on Reigsn inside the ring while Dean and Seth were treated like garbage. And I found myself enjoying that Reigns must have bitten himself during the Triple Powerbomb because there was blood around his mouth. See, what you are creating when you push Reigns like that, WWE?


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