Dean Ambrose [This Gif was brought to you by empress-sophie-pendragon] || Most of all this episode of RAW basically was a promotion show for other WWE shows, particularly Total Divas, Legends House, the RAW Pre-show, and the creatives continue to grab Star Trek quotes with full hands to throw them into their promos. And it was an episode that made the push for Roman Reigns even more ridiculous (compared with the weeks and months before). RAW started with just another reminder that Dean Ambrose had lost his United States Championship title to Sheamus last week. The first live segment coincidentally was with The Shield inside the ring for a promo. And the one thing that stood out from this promo was my irate state that grew on me when I finally realized that WWE not only tries to make Roman Reigns to appear as a wrestling genius, the powerhouse, and the all over one guy of The Shield. No, now he also is made the promo king of the three guys? This is not just ridiculous but embarrassing and I don’t just not like it – I hate it.

I’ll celebrate the day Roman Reigns will be on his own while Dean Ambrose will be able to show what he’s really capable of. Unfortunately this day probably won’t ever come. At least not at any WWE show. I understand that it’s all about the characters, not the performers. But shouldn’t talent be shown for entertainment reasons? So, instead of using Dean Ambrose to his full potential, WWE rather pushes the guy who is still green with three moves and hardly any mic-skills. And at the end of his monoton babbling he even told Evolution (and probably everyone else in the audience and on the telly) that they should believe in him. And what are Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose doing? They surround him in awe like two subservient dogs. I get that was the idea from the beginning. Why else would WWE have changed his name from Roman Leakee to Reigns? That wasn’t a very enigmatic strategy. SR and DA from the very beginning of The Shield were his cavalry, the ones who trained and taught him everything about wrestling he still didn’t knew. And now the two of them are just there to make him looking strong. I also don’t get this talking about Reigns being capable of so much more but isn’t allowed to show that because of his Powerhouse gimmick.

If Reigns is supposed to be that Powerhouse long term then split him from The Shield NOW, WWE. Because he won’t get any better. It’s not my supposed ignorance of that I don’t see his talked improvement. I have seen any match he was involved so far. You can’t tell me I haven’t missed anything. But I just don’t see any improvement. And I’ll be happy if I see Dean Ambrose in trunks again. Because that would mean that he won’t need to play subservient dog to Reigns any more.

Sidenote: That “justice is served cold” obviously refers to “Revenge is a dish that is best served cold” (taught us by Klingon General Chang in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan).

The only good thing about this first segment of RAW was that DA made the initial commanding move to get out of the ring backstage to beat up the Evolution guys who just arrived in their limo (that was seen at the titantron). Sidenote here: Reigns is so slow that he always arrives the battlefield when all the hard work is already done.

Then we had the first match between RVD and Jack Swagger. At least it was supposed to be a match. Instead RVD had to wait in one corner while Zeb Colter once again talked about his Nazi deportation plans. At the end he told us that he, of course, had added Adam Rose to his list, and that he doesn’t want to see him at RAW. Seconds later Adam Rose’s Exotic Express certainly came out, surrounded the ring, Adam Rose himself distracted Jack Swagger. And because the match was already on RVD got the win with two moves within a few seconds. I hate to admit it but I thought it was hilariuously funny.

Up next was a four-minute-match of Paige vs. a very hostile / heel Alicia Fox. The whole match Paige got all the beating but got the win with her finisher (and perhaps only real move in this match). Afterwards Alicia Fox even kidnapped JBL’s cowboy hat… SHOCKING!

After that Daniel Bryan was inside the ring for a promo. He told us about his hazardous in-ring style and that it is at fault for his upcoming neck surgery on Thursday. So, he won’t be part of any WWE show for an unforeseeable time. Very much possible that Stephanie McMahon wanted to tell him later that he will be stripped off his two championship titles because he won’t be able to defend it. But when she called him out, instead of Bryan’s music there was Kane dragging DB with him who was supposedly unconcious and then carried backstage on a stretcher. Will be interesting what will happen when the titles indeed are made vacant. I’d go for another tournament for both titles seperately.

Then we got another extensive segemnt including Super Cena. And WWE made it pretty clear that they don’t want Cena turning heel. Because just before his entrance they showed a short video of him doing some charity stuff. Don’t get me wrong: charity is important and it’s great what Cena is doing on that department. It’s just not right to try to manipulate people like that. Like we all know the character inside the ring isn’t the person who portays the character. So, trying to make me like the character John Cena with showing the human being John Cena doing some charity is nonsense basically. It just makes me dislike Super Cena even more. Then Cena & The Usos had their match against The Wyatt Family with this manipulation well worked inside the arena. Or there were just too many little children there. I don’t know. Super Cena won it in the end on Erick Rowan.

Up next was a promo of Evolution inside the ring with Randy Orton started to state that he now wants to put the hounds to sleep. Batista joined him in his impatience. So, Triple H announced their re-match against The Shield on Payback on 01 June 2014. And he said that Reigns won’t come back from Payback because of the punishment he’ll receive there. Just don’t promise something you can’t fulfil, Triple H!

Triple H was still talking about Reigns when he was finally interrupted by Seth Rollins who attacked him from behind while DA and Reigns followed with some beating on Orton and Batista. And after The Evolution was able to flee the ring Batista grabbed the microphone stating that he had enough and that he challenged Reigns for a singles match. Given his real-life praise for Dean Ambrose he would probably like to challenge DA but story / character-wise it had to be Reigns. Now Seth Rollins had his match with Batista on latest SmackDown (and because DA had to have his re-match for his belt against Sheamus he couldn’t have the match against Batista then); now Reigns would get the match in the main event of this episode of RAW. But the one who really wants this match against Batista clearly is Dean Ambrose – basically since three years (from his Jon Moxley days at CZW). He won’t get him on coming SmackDown because of the WWE world tour in Europe. Maybe on RAW coming Monday from London.

The next segment was this basically useless and meaningless match between Nikki Bella and Natalya with some Total Divas women on ringside. They carried evaluation cards with them to evaluate the moves and action inside trhe ring. Stupid. Nikki Bella won, I think. Afterwards there was some more bitching on ringside, while I just didn’t know what that was all about.

Up next was Sheamus against one of Rybaxel. Ryback and Curtius Axel had to decide between each other who would get the match. But it was pretty clear that Sheamus would have to fight against the two of them. First he defeated Curtis Axel; Ryback attacked him, Sheamus challenged him for another match; Sheamus defeated Ryback. Just another segment to make Sheamus the big, well deserved new United States champion.

Then there was a pretty much mid-carded match between Dolph Ziggler and Fandango w/ Layla. At the end Layla distracted Fandango for him to lose against Ziggler. Layla was afraid that Fandango could be angry with her but instead he told her that he would love her. Suggestion from me: bring Summer Rae back in for a fight over Fandango to ridicule the women of WWE even more…

Next one inside the ring was “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan to promote the Legends House but Lana came out very quickly to promote Rusev. Rusev then came out but even before he could lay hands on Hacksaw to “crush” him, Big E came out to save Hacksaw from any beating. That most certainly leads to a match of Rusev vs. Big E on Payback or even before.

Then Damien Sandow promoted the Pre-show where he supposedly dropped a pipebomb. I still need to watch it. Now he wasn’t able to tell much because the music of Goldust & Cody Rhodes interrupted him very sudden. Sandow’s match was against Cody Rhodes who cheated himself to victory.

And then there was the so-called main event: Reigns vs. Batista. It lasted for just over four minutes once again but with disqualification by Triple H who pulled Reigns outside the ring to start beating him up. Maybe he was equally bored by the in-ring action like me. All three Shield guys very fast got the upper hand after a little brawl. But before they could hit their triple powerbomb on Triple H, the cavalry of The Evolution (i.e. Jack Swagger, Titus O’Neil, 3MB, Curtis Axel, Ryback, Damien Sandow, Brodus Clay) came out to start a multi-men brawl on The Shield inside the ring. DA and SR were quickly removed from the ring; all guys captured Reigns so Triple H could prepare himself to beat him up with a chair. But, oh no!, Reigns certainly broke free to hit another spear on Triple H. From now on I’ll only refer to him as Super Reigns, the same mocking I’m using for Super Cena. All men were needed afterwards to keep Reigns away from Triple H. Some more beating. Now that was the moment for DA and SR to come back inside the ring with chairs as well to save Reigns from punishment to clear the ring all together. The Evolution flees the ring while their cavalry gets beaten up. And Ryback once again has to stand another Triple Powerbomb by The Shield. End of RAW.

The above shown Gif is from the RAW post-show where DA could show some comedic talent. Heath Slater here was the victim who was speared by Reigns just seconds later.

10 thoughts on “RAW 14/05/12: WWE does everything for Dean Ambrose not to get Batista -OR- Somehow Adam Rose and his Exotic Express grows on me due to JBL being disgusted about them

  1. Good God, you damned Ambrose whiners. This guy had a full year of spotlight in The Shield and never managed to get over. Not with his so-called great mic work or his sloppy in ring work. Now you want to shit on the fact that WWE moved on to someone that the fans will actually care about. Get over yourself. I agree with you on one thing. Ambrose doesn’t seem to fit into WWE standards. But, the fact of the matter is, he came onto the main roster with the most hype out of the three and failed. I think he buckled under the pressure. Oh well. He still has the indies to run back to.


    1. You might not believe it but I’m really happy about your reply. Some points you made I see differently but that’s just due to subjective liking for certain wrestling or mic styles. You obviously don’t like Ambrose. That’s fine to me. And I don’t like Reigns. Should be fine to you. So, the both of us probably won’t ever watch a WWE show together, huh? 😉

      But, I just don’t get one point you’ve made: Ambrose in your opinion having “no great mic work and sloppy in ring work”. Since you put me into the “Ambrose whiners” section, I’m happy to put you into the “only seen WWE work of Ambrose” section. You can dislike his style in the ring – that’s fine. But saying that he’s sloppy in the ring makes your opinion ridiculous. I just don’t know what exactly do you mean. He isn’t sloppy; he’s just faster than Reigns, so his movements are smoother. And his mic work indeed isn’t that good as in the indies and at FCW, mostly because he can’t say what he likes to say and has to speak as a Shield member, not as his character.

      And another thing: just because Ambrose couldn’t get over you doesn’t mean he couldn’t get over others. You said he failed. I don’t see that at all. Reigns isn’t pushed now because Ambrose failed; Reigns is pushed because it was planned from the very beginning, and because for WWE looks are more important than character.


  2. That’s all well and good. Ambrose is an acquired taste but I don’t get his appeal. Like you not liking Reigns’. But to your other point. I don’t need to see Ambrose from his indie days to know that I haven’t been impressed by him in WWE. Talk about ridiculous statements, and I’ve seen it from just about every Moxley fan I have come across. It’s like, you know he sucks in WWE but have a knee-jerk reaction to defend him with that line. Kind of sad. This is the big time. If he can’t make some adjustments and work out whatever is stopping him from connecting to the live crowds, he’ll be right back where he started. The WWE is under no obligation to give him a gimmick that suits him the best. Look at all the trash some of these other guys get. Fandango, Adam Rose, Damien Sandow coming out as Magneto. Ambrose no where near as worse off as them. Like I said, maybe WWE isn’t for the guy.


    1. Ah, there, I get it: you are a politician. I didn’t say that he sucks in WWE. I very much enjoy his work in WWE. And some of his promos are great in my opinion. I did say “his mic work indeed isn’t that good as in the indies and at FCW”. That’s a huge difference. And speaking of his Moxley days and his reputation: because I only came back into watching wrestling last year I also didn’t knew much about Ambrose. So, he basically got me with his WWE work. Only then I’ve watched his Indie stuff. But you won’t get any bitching from me since I’m no little girl (somehow that’s the main fanbase of Ambrose which I find kinda strange) that feels the need to defend her king of the world.


  3. Well either way, regardless of when you were turned on to Moxley, you should’ve known he’d never get to be that guy in WWE. Ever. Not with promos or matches. I’m sure he came into WWE fully aware of this. So back to my point. He hasn’t been able to make Ambrose work. That’s not on WWE. More than a year and a half in, given all the promos he cut, and there were lots over the course of Shield’s first year. All the singles matches, as compared to Rollins and Reigns in 2013. Not a single thing impresses me about the guy. I don’t want to hear about limitations given in the ring. I still find his ring work sloppy as hell. He’s inconsistent at best. This includes on the mic. Maybe he over- thinks things too much at times, I don’t know. I still think it boils down to buckling under pressure. I mean, he was given praise by past wrestlers and his indie fans wanted Mox. Some people can’t handle all that. I’ve thought a lot about Ambrose, so you know I’m not just some hater. I think on paper he has what it takes. Still, nothing is working and it possibly never will.


    1. Since I would only repeat myself I’ll leave that here. You’ve got your opinion, and I’ve got mine. You enjoy certain wrestlers, and I enjoy others. Whatever the future will bring we can’t know. We can only see while it happens. And that we’ll do.


  4. Wow your article never fail to disappoint great read lol super reigns that’s about right. with that said this episode of raw really did disgust me the ass kissing triple h did talking about roman reigns like he makes the shield it really makes me unhappy. This guy is green in every category I’ve noticed every time he has single matches he has no pacing no ring psychology and he lookes like he don’t know what he is doing yea people this guy is the future DA and SR are more talented than him in every category but his made out to be the best thing ever I’m tired of his routine get a hot tag does his four moves of doom and match is done I just wish super reigns turns on them at payback so that ambrose and seth get they time. Well as long as they all get the push they deserve then it wouldn’t of bothered me but it don’t seem to be the case anyway keep it up


    1. Ha! Thank you. Always happy to entertain some people. But like you already said: it’s not very hard to keep my sarcasm high when it comes to Super Reigns. And the higher they push him now the harder he will fall when he’s finally on his own. He won’t ever be able to perform in a decent 20-min-match because he can’t tell matches, create a story, make his fighting believable. People will fast get over it. I very much believe it. New John Cena? Only in termes of his new forename!


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