Two boys with bicycles in the blurry background. A man chasing a woman in the foreground. Some cars. More bicycles. And lots of rain. This is the scenario for this writing competition. Where are these boys coming from? What are they going to? Are man and woman related? What will happen to them? Are these two different stories or are these two groups of people connected? And one very important question: will this rain ever stop?

When I’ve made this little video almost three years ago I thought of it being very interesting. Now I’ve edited it a bit, i.e. slowed it down from one minute to two minutes, so you can watch every little detail. And then I’ve got this idea: what you can see in the video are the basic facts that you need for the very beginning of your story. The rest is up to you. To make this competition a serious looking one, here are the rules:

  1. The genre is up to you. You can write a thriller, a crime story, a love story, a whatever. Be creative in choosing the right form for this video.
  2. The form is up to you. You can write a poem, a short story, a novel, a whatever. I’ll read everything.
  3. Deadline day will be 8 August 2014 And that is my… ahem… birthday. So, your story will be your birthday gift for me basically. It was chosen by accident! Really.
  4. I will be the judge. Yes, I’ll read all your stories in case you write them in English or German.
  5. Why should I participate? Well, first and foremost: if you are a writer, just for the fun. But you can also win something: the lucky winner can choose one book worth 25 Euros which I’ll send to him / her.
  6. Who will be the winner? The one with the story that catches me most, that I enjoy most reading, that has the best idea fitting for this video.
  7. How do I submit my story? I prefer PDF via my e-mail — anonymous transmission would be great. After my decision I’ll contact the winner via e-mail, so you can send me your address and your chosen book.
  8. Still other questions? Just contact me. There are many ways, so you can choose your preferred way here.

There is no other fact you need to know. I am just one person. There is no company behind me. I’m just doing it for the fun, to get some interesting stories, and the most important thing: make one person happy with a free book!

So, hope you have fun with the video, already thinking about writing a story about it, and looking for great books worth 25 Euros.

Cheers, all!

3 thoughts on “Writing Competition: Can You Stand the Rain?

  1. This contest sounds really cool, Seamus! What a great idea! I love the idea of writing to the same prompt. A few questions: How do you want submissions? Do you have a preferred file format? Should we put our names on our work or do you want “blind” submissions?


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