Stephanie fires Brad Maddox +++ Wade Barrett is like school in summer +++ Summer Rae has taken over from AJ Lee as the hysterical psycho bitch +++ Hornswoggle versus El Torito continues +++ Jerry Lawler is getting involved to keep Super Cena face +++ Damien Sandow has to sport just another gimmick +++ Nobody touches Adam Rose’s lemon without punishment +++ Sheamus versus Cesaro is getting really ugly +++ Dean Ambrose makes a comedy show from a simple contract signing

Dean Ambrose_collage

Back in the United States from their European tour, to be precise in Knoxville, Tennessee, the Authority once again kicked off RAW. And I wonder if Triple H in the near future will join just another faction to make himself the head of three factions. But he probably is just one of these guys who can’t delegate; he just needs to do everything by himself because he thinks that only him does it right. But this thinking will cost him one day.

Anyway, we kicked off RAW with Triple H and Stephanie who adviced Daniel Bryan to surrender his championship belt collection later on the show. And Triple H had his say about The Shield and that it would be their decision if they would sign their Payback contract or not. He also talked about general behaviour as a WWE Superstar, that some couldn’t stand the pressure, that some would be burned out at some stage (another clear verbal punch towards CM Punk) but only a few could survive in this business. Good promotion for the Shield vs. Evolution No Holds Barred 6-man Tag Team Match on Payback on Sunday. I’ve got much in my mind about that with all the recent teasers / spoilers / hints but that I will elaborate later in this post.

As for this segment it continued with Stephanie calling out Brad Maddox who allowed Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins being the special commentators on last RAW from London. He tried to defend his behaviour in telling the Authority that he didn’t have a choice. And Stephanie told him that they haven’t got a choice as well. Out came Kane, of course. And he didn’t treat Brad Maddox with respect. After chokeslammed and tombstoned him, Kane was finished with him but Stephanie still had to tell him that he was fired as the RAW general manager. I wonder who will be the next one and if we’ll now see Brad Maddox within a wrestling ring again.

Wade Barrett is like school in summer

No class. I think it was Jerry Lawler who told us this little statement since JBL loves the guy and Michael Cole always tries to play the serious one out of the triumvirat of RAW’s announcement team. Anyway, when the first match of the evening was about to start, Wade Barrett’s music hit, Wade himself came out, and RVD was instantly annoyed. His reaction to the first two or three tones of Barrett’s music actually made me rolling on the ground. It’s these little moments / reactions at times I find most hilariously funny. Wade Barrett certainly had some bad news for RVD and their match against each other on coming Payback (it won’t have a different outcome than the one RVD had in his match against Dean Ambrose for the U.S. title last year). Then the match RVD vs. Cesaro started and Wade Barrett made his way on commentary. But this was slightly disappointing for my liking. Because Wade didn’t talk too much. He also just answered some questions from Michael Cole & Co. but didn’t really made up some own words. Instead Wade Barrett was first hit by RVD, distracted him some time later, so Cesaro could get the win with a German supplex. But Cesaro couldn’t celebrate his win very long because Sheamus came out very quickly, hit Cesaro to the mat with his Brogue kick, so he was able to shake the hand of Cesaro who refused him that way last week.

Summer Rae has taken over from AJ Lee as the hysterical psycho bitch

The next segment was all about showing us the next chapter in the basically meaningless feud of Summer Rae vs. Layla for Fandango. And revealing that Summer Rae is now the psychotic, hysterical diva of WWE and basically taken over the recently vacant spot AJ Lee left. All I have to say about this is: yeah, maybe Summer Rae is good at screaming and looking dumb. There was also a match going on, I think, some Eva Marie vs. said Summer Rae. Summer Rae was distracted with Layla coming out dancing with Fandango, with the red hair getting the win. You can’t be more embarrassed than that! This whole segment lasted for two minutes.

After that there was another short backstage segment with Randy Orton and Batista waiting in Triple H’s office. Cody Rhodes and Goldust were joining them. They were supposed to ask Triple H for another Tag Team title shot but instead calling Orton & Batista the lapdogs of Triple H and Cody was referring to the very skinny jeans of Batista. Nice one. And when Triple H finally made it into his office he made up a match between these four later on RAW as some exercise for his lapdogs.

Hornswoggle versus El Torito continues

The next match was all about El Torito vs. Drew McIntyre. But since the rest of 3MB with Hornswoggle and Los Matadores were on ringside as well, all eyes were probably on El Torito vs. Hornswoggle. The match itself was quite irrelevant. And the finish with El Torito winning over McIntyre was a bit lame for my liking. But it all went worse when Hornswoggle ripped off the tail of the little bull. The next round of this isn’t just written into the stars; it’s waiting around the corner.

Jerry Lawler is getting involved to keep Super Cena face

After that Bray Wyatt made his way into the ring. Together with Erick Rowan and Luke Harper, of course. And at some point he wanted Jerry Lawler to make his way inside the ring. He didn’t want to at first and JBL had to suffer for his brave interference. So, Jerry Lawler was made going inside the ring to have a seat there. Then Bray Wyatt talked directly to him, about Lawler being friends with Super Cena and that he always praised him but never told the WWE Universe the truth about Cena being a liar. Nice strategy again, WWE, I have to say. You’re doing everything to get Cena back on track to be the hero for the kids and don’t getting booed all the time. So, Wyatt had to attack the well liked announcer to get some heat again. At least, there was quite some variation into this feud again that not just started to bore me. I just wish for weeks that this could be over very soon. But I’m afraid that their match at Payback also won’t be the end of it. As for this segment, Super Cena certainly came out with the intention to save Jerry Lawler from the Wyatt’s but only with the help of The Usos that was about to happen. The Wyatts fled the ring at last and Super Cena closed this segment with the following words:

Justice may be blind. But for you Payback will be a bitch.

Apparently, this is now the Bitch Era. Or according to the WWE, there is no other word more abusing than “bitch”. Never heard any other word recently though.

On the next match I just don’t know. It were exactly 38 seconds until Zack Ryder tapped out on Rusev. The promo by Lana before the match even started lasted about twice as long. And afterwards Big E came out to demonstrate that he’s the only one capable of beating Rusev. I still hope that we can see Rusev in a match longer than five minutes. Maybe it will happen on Sunday.

Then there was the supposed tag team match of Orton & Batista vs. Cody Rhodes & Goldust. But after Orton got the win over Cody with his RKO, the time keeper announced this match was now an elimination match, i.e. 2-on-1 handicap no holds barred match. Certainly now Batista had to get the win over Goldust and afterwards there was some beating to further promote The Shield vs. Evolution on Sunday.

The next match was all about the debut match of Bo Dallas vs. Sin Cara. I’m very much annoyed with his always grinning preacher gimmick but I think that’s intended. He also has got a very light voice, and I can’t stand light voices with me. Even more annoying. So, at least, as a heel Bo Dallas was doing a great job. He won in the end, of course.

After that, Stephanie came back inside the ring to get her answer from Daniel Bryan. He then came out to emphatically state that he won’t surrender his belt collection. But Stephanie wouldn’t ne part of The Authority if there wouldn’t have been another ace within her jacket sleeve. Come Sunday, Daniel Bryan should decide again: between his belt collection and his wife Bree; if he doesn’t surrender at Payback, Bree will be fired by Stephanie. I very much suppose that Daniel Bryan won’t surrender. Will be very interesting what this is going to be.

Then we got another lengthy Alicia Fox harassment towards the audience, the announcers, and even all the supposed to be invisible guys around the ring. Her match against Emma was pretty much irrelevant. It lasted for two minutes, she lost against Emma, and her going mental afterwards lasted for another four minutes. Good promotion for her title match against Paige on Payback, I have to say.

Damien Sandow has to sport just another gimmick

The man has to change his character at every third or forth WWE show, I guess. But since we were in Tennessee, Sandow came out as the American politician and war hero, Davy Crockett. But about the actual match I was slightly confused because “Davy Crockett” lost against Adam Rose. Rose is supposed to be face, but Davy Crockett was a hero, but Sandow is still heel. I’m still confused as you can see. But history isn’t something the WWE cares too much.

Nobody touches Adam Rose’s lemon without punishment

And we learned something else about Adam Rose as well. Jack Swagger came out with Zeb Colter to distract Rose during the match. Swagger had kidnapped the huge lemon from Adam Rose’s Exotic Express. But the distraction didn’t make Rose lose the match. Instead he finished “Davy Crockett” off pretty fast just to teach Swagger another lesson. I have seen Adam Rose for several times before at NXT and probably didn’t like him then because his finisher is the same as the one (i.e. Dirty Deeds) of Dean Ambrose. Now I was remembered of this fact and I still don’t like it. Does WWE think nobody will notice? There are so many possibilities to create a new finisher but still there are some wrestlers out there with the same finisher when I think that every wrestler – at least WWE wrestlers – should have his or her very unique finishing move.

Sheamus versus Cesaro is getting really ugly

First Sheamus had his match against Alberto Del Rio. But it didn’t last very long, and Sheamus got his win very quickly. Then Paul Heyman appeared out of nothing to distract Sheamus. He was clearly afraid of Cesaro, who he was expecting at every single second. And then he appeared from his back and Sheamus received the hell of a beating. Three referees were standing around the two of them but didn’t help Sheamus at all. Cesaro finished the beating with his Neutralizer on Sheamus, and Paul Heyman noticed that Cesaro was now in advantage. I very much believe that Cesaro come Sunday will be the new United States champion.

Dean Ambrose makes a comedy show from a simple contract signing

Dean Ambrose The last segment of RAW was supposed to be the contract signing by The Shield and Evolution for their match on Payback. Like pretty much every contract signing this wasn’t to end up in peace as well. It started with Michael Cole inside the ring supposed to introduce both parties. But The Shield’s music hit and the three guys came out before their time. The nice decoration inside the ring with the table and the six very expensive looking bureau chair went the way of all mortal, i.e. outside the ring. Dean Ambrose talked about that on Payback there will be the last match of Evolution ever, while Triple H later on told The Shield the same about themselves.

I now expect nothing but short of Armageddon. I’ll be highly disappointed with anything else but a huge war. Or a big surprise. At least I very much expect Dean Ambrose joining Evolution on Sunday. And I have reason to think that way:

  1. There hasn’t been any new Shield merchandize for ages.
  2. Dean Ambrose playing around with a sledgehammer just recently.
  3. Dean Ambrose speaking of Rollins and Reigns as his “former” partners in the new WWE magazine.

As for the last point, this Q/A session DA supposedly did a few months ago. His answer then didn’t include the word “former”. But it doesn’t make any sense to include this word now without reason. I also don’t believe of that being a mistake. Who would put in this word by mistake? Wouldn’t make sense.

So, writing this I just expect The Shield break-up once again. For any reader quite familiar with my babbling: you pretty much know that you can’t trust me. It’s pretty much likely that it won’t happen again. I just like to speculate. But who knows: maybe just this time I might be right.

As for the contract, Seth Rollins was the first one who signed it. Then he handed the contract to Dean Ambrose who just did what he does best: making the most of a simple contract signing. First he fumbles the pen to the ground, pacing around like some random ADHS child, almost throws the pen around the ring for a few times, signs at last with probably just some large semicircle, then handing the paper towards Reigns, still pacing and grimacing like his life depends on it.

After Evolution signed the contract as well there was a short stand-off between the two factions before hell broke free. It was some great beat down by The Shield on Evolution but thanks to Triple H’s sledgehammer, Evolution got the upper hand at last. Super Reigns had to eat the Triple Powerbomb into the announce table while DA and SR lay down inside the ring very much beaten.

Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose

The Gifs for this entry were made by prowrestlingnow and jimdrugfree.

As some gimmick you’ll get my notes from this episode of RAW. I’m doing these during watching the very episode. And later on my articles depend on my scribbling. Have fun with trying to read it!

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