There is a huge difference in having Triple H as boss and having Vince McMahon as boss. At least it’s a galactic difference when you are a WWE diva. Many people may have questioned Natalya’s decision to “go down” to NXT to fight for the Divas NXT championship. But watching her match against Charlotte may have silenced not only her critics but all people critical about WWE divas.

William Regal

I wish I could watch more NXT shows. I really wish. Because it’s not just these special shows that are great; it’s probably the most of them. Because there are actually 20-minute matches that you are able to get into it. With every single minute passed you can feel more of the heat and the energy of these matches. This is storytelling, sometimes at best. Not just some promotion for the next Pay-Per-View.

I have to admit that I’m always slightly too enthusiastic about what I’ve just witnessed when William Regal is on commentary. The man is just ever so excited that it’s transported right through the telly into my brain. He’s a real genius in getting you as much as excited as he is. And he indeed is excited. This isn’t just kayfabe what you see in the picture of this very article. This is Darren Matthews being happy to be a part of NXT. And I’m happy to have watched it mainly because of him but also enjoyed the whole show because it really was great.

In my attempt to back a bit away from enthusiasm and take over a more serious or objective side in my writing I’ll write a few words on the pre-show. The most shocking moment here for me was to learn that Renee Young, a native from Canada, doesn’t speak French. I always thought Canadians are grown up bilingual, English and French. Maybe that was just some prejudice; maybe Renee Young is just the exception from the rule. The embarrassing knowledge came up when Cesaro joined the panel to reveal what he actually said to Sami Zayn after their match at NXT a few weeks ago. Since Sami Zayn is Canadian, too, and Cesaro as a Swiss citizen is fluent in French as well, Cesaro talked to him in French. Renee Young though wanted Cesaro to translate it but Paul Heyman advised him not to do so.

Together with Paul Heyman there was also Christian there to promote the show. And there were certainly all championship matches discussed. We left this half an hour with Paul Heyman being pretty sure that Tyson Kidd was going to be the next NXT champion. And he was that sure that he once again stated that this wasn’t a prediction but a spoiler. And then we saw Adam Rose with his Exotic Express leaving their bus making their way into the NXT arena of Orlando, Florida.

ADAM ROSE vs. camacho 5:09min

The main show started with a nice and short fun match without any title on the line. At least, at the moment, Adam Rose isn’t there for a title in my opinion. Being a title holder sometimes makes wrestlers too serious. Don’t have a title is similar to be opposition in politics: you just don’t have to care. You are able to tell the truth or to make fun of anyone. And I imagine this with Adam Rose. He’s there for the fun and he should just be there for the fun for quite some time. Camacho on the contrary was a very serious man about this match. And while Adam Rose joked around, Camacho desperately wanted to win. The outcome was pretty clear though: Adam Rose did win in a very short amount of time. And the fun continued.

THE ASCENSION vs. kalisto & el local (NXT Tag Team Championship) 6:30min

I have to admit that I’ve seen Kalisto & El Local for the first time ever. Or maybe I’ve seen them before. But then they just didn’t made it into my long term memory. The first thought I had on these two was: do they have some strange crusader gimmick? But since the two of them are Mexican it’s probably more like some conquistadores. I still don’t really know, except for the fact that they’ll always be crusaders to me. But whatever they were, in the end they also couldn’t take the NXT tag team title away from The Ascension. The two of them are made really strong currently. Even William Regal is afraid of them. And this means something!

sami zayn vs. TYLER BREEZE (#1 contender for the NXT championship) 14:18min

This match psychologically and based on the gimmicks of these two wrestlers was very interesting. On the one hand we had Sami Zayn, the fan loving and fan loved guy, who is accused of drowning a bit too much in the fans’ attention at times; not concentrating enough to actually win important matches. And on the other hand we had Tyler Breeze, the so-called “Prince Pretty” (“so-called” because I can’t see any prettiness in his appearance) who looks at his smartphone all the time (why? a mirror would have been more effective if you don’t take selfies with the cell all the time. The gimmick itself is good: the pretty boy who is underestimated all the time, so no-one thinks he’s able to put on a decent match inside the ring. But the cell ridicules his gimmick a bit. As for the match itself: it was great to watch with a hardly surprising winner in Tyler Breeze, giving their gimmicks.

For some reason Lana then makes her way out to introduce Rusev. I think it was done to make clear that Rusev now is actually Russian like Lana. But since I know that he’s actually Bulgarian plus I do have some brain I won’t forget this. With Lana glorifying Vladimir Putin at every WWE show lately this change in nationality does make sense. But it doesn’t create more heat. I’ve expected very much heat for the two of them but there wasn’t much. Also that Rusev waved the Russian flag only created some weak U.S.A. chants. And Rusev’s opponent to save the legacy of the United States wasn’t even cowboy material: this Mojo Crawley guy was a joke actually. And Rusev put him away in his pocket, so to speak. It was then when William Regal stated with a bit of pride (and fear) in his voice that he was glad to be English because that segment had been embarrassing to the Americans.

CHARLOTTE vs. natalya (NXT Divas Championship) 16:52min

Former NXT Divas champion and current WWE Divas champion, Paige, came out before this match to thank the NXT Universe and to promote the upcoming title match. But actually, that wasn’t needed really. Because Charlotte and Natalya showed everyone what female wrestlers are really capable of when they are allowed to do what they can do. They also didn’t need Ric Flair (father of Charlotte) and Bret Hart (uncle of Natalya) on ringside to get some attention. The both of them created it on their own. And what this match meant to them they showed afterwards in hugging each other. So, any NXT show is basically a wrestling show; any WWE show is a show to promote the Network, the App and the PPVs. If you want to see great and long wrestling matches; if you want to see female wrestlers treated equally like male wrestlers, then watch NXT. And start with this match. It was breathtaking. Charlotte winning in the end was slightly foreseeable and not really important in my opinion because all in all it was a fitting promotion for the Divas division.

tyson kidd vs. ADRIAN NEVILLE (NXT Championship) 20:56min

Adrian Neville Did you recognize that the matches were getting longer and longer throughout the whole show? Great choreography, in my opinion. So, the main match at the end for the main NXT title was the longest of the evening. And there was some heat as well. Adding to that, Tyson Kidd is married to Natalya, and the two of them also had some argument during an interview with Michael Cole that was shown in the pre-show. To make this family story-line doing its path through the whole show kept the fans focused all the time. Great story-telling from start to finish. And the match itself was great, too. Very much high-flying action, action outside the ring, some heat, great moves, and in the Red Arrow Adrian Neville does have a finisher that is spectacular and unique. Something very much deserved to finish off a match and to retain the title.

After the main show there was another half an hour of NXT Fallout, the post-show. There were some statements by William Regal and the announcer panel plus a few replays first before we went back to Paul Heyman. There was Adam Rose again to make Sami Zayn a rosebud. Paul Heyman wasn’t impressed at all. Natalya and Charlotte came out to have their sayings about what this match meant to them. Paul Heyman advised Natalya to hit Charlotte then but Natalya was too nice. And that’s why Charlotte is now the NXT champion, Heyman continued. Tyson Kidd also came out but left pretty soon without saying anything, so Natalya had to answer for him again. Cliffhanger here: what’s going on within their marriage? Will Tyson Kidd finally speak up for himself? And finally Adrian Neville came out, just to be interrupted by Tyler Breeze and some makeup girl to remind Neville about him. Cliffhanger here: the obviously upcoming NXT championship match between the two of them.

The GIF was made by wrestling-giffer | The photo is a screenshot from the show by me.

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