Memories of Howth – – – – the hunger to be there
Cool breeze at the harbour – – – – old bread for the gulls.
With salty taste – – – – from the teasing water
A walk on the shoreline – – – – in the shimmering sun.
Climbing upon the cliffs – – – – clearing the mind
And looking at the sea – – – – to soak in memory.

© Séamus Kennan.

This project started last year on 07 July with a simple blue picture of the sky. I’d done it at exactly 2:23pm sitting on my balcony in Dresden, Germany, reading something. And there was someone in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who liked this plain blue picture. Very fast the idea was born: since then I’d taken a picture of the sky every day at exactly 2:23pm. And only some weeks ago we had this idea to write a poem for every day / sky picture to finally make a book from them. Usually Kay writes the poems but accidentally I’ve done it today. Somehow I’m into alliterations recently, so this poem is based on Middle Aged poem writing. I really like this style. Beowulf. Lord of the Rings. That stuff.

It’s called Howth because yesterday’s picture reminded Kay on some coastal village on the United States west coast. So, I had to bring in Howth, the little but lovely peninsula north of Dublin, Ireland.


3 thoughts on “Project 223pm 365: Howth

  1. I love the alliteration and rhythm of this poem. I especially like the graphic display of it – I read it as single lines across, but then also as two columns, with the wonderful surprise of the last lines being:

    Clearing the mind
    To soak in memory.

    And the irregular space between the columns like a wave.


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