There isn’t any other legitimate way to start with this RAW review. Because, seriously, I advice you to head over to Tumblr and go for The Shield-tag; or even better: the Seth Rollins-tag. I know that most of The Shield fans are little girls. At least, I hope so. Because what is mainly written into these tags makes me shake my head in sheer disbelief. Over the past two days I’ve collected some theories about what may have went on this last segment of RAW. And I have made my mind up as well like you may imagine. So, for the next three hours or so you can read my novel about The Shield and their future. Enjoy!

Dean Ambrose After their clean win on Payback everything looked great for The Shield. Confidence in themselves; pride about their victory. But like the fall of the Roman Empire taught us: don’t be too confident about yourself; don’t be fueled up with too much pride. Because when there isn’t any enemy left, you simply have to deal with yourself. And that always ends up ugly. The interesting thing about this angle from RAW very much was that apparently it wasn’t planned this way very long before. That Batista was about to make his exit, is known for weeks. So, it was pretty clear that Randy Orton and Triple H would be left by him at some point. But apparently this angle with Seth Rollins turning on DA and Reigns was made up by creative after Payback. At least, it supposedly wasn’t written in the original script for RAW. Maybe just to not create rumours by someone leaking the split. But since in the newest edition of the WWE magazine, in an interview with DA the word “former” was added when he was speaking about Rollins and Reigns, the rumours already were all over the internet. Just, no-one could really believe that this would be happen very soon given the recent popularity and power of The Shield. And if so, Dean Ambrose was the chosen one to make his turn against SR and Reigns.

Batista quits Evolution and WWE

But before the showdown there was about to prepare the field. RAW kicked off with Evolution inside the ring for a promo. Triple H teased something special to happen later on when he stated that he never loses but always wins. And for him this feud will be only over when The Shield finally ceased to exist. So, there was something to happen. That’s for sure. And first it was Batista who acted like a spoiled brat in stating that he finally had enough. Because when he came back to WWE, he was promised a one-on-one championship match for the prestigous WWE title. As the winner of the Royal Ruble match he already earned this spot, but finally ended up with being in a triple threat match against Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania. And we all know the outcome of that match. So, now, with the knowledge that Triple H was about to continue his personal vendetta against The Shield and that Batista was supposed of being used as a fighting tool, he finally had enough and told Triple H that he understands his plans and because of that quits WWE. Triple H still wanted to talk him back into Evolution but realized that Batista was too impatient to pursue his goals until the end, that he liked to walk out when things start to become difficult. That he finally wants to go to Hollywood where everything circles just around him. Backstage, Batista also said that he only got crap matches since coming back to WWE. And he went from being called Batista to Bootisto and finally Bluetista. Not something you can be very proud of, for sure.

One last personal word on Batista: I was shocked when I’ve first seen him when he came back. His face was just remarkably bloated. He just didn’t look like he had lived very healthy within the last year. Finally: he looked not very human at all to me. I think, there are some people out there, who had the same impression and just didn’t get behind him when he was introduced as a face. He then turned heel mostly because of the reaction by the WWE Universe. For his promos he often wore caps, glasses and only recently he grew a beard to cover even more of his face. It took quite a while because I just couldn’t believe about his changed appearance, but finally I somehow feel for him. He had expectations, was probably very much looking forward to him being back at WWE. And then he received this negative reaction at every single event. I personally was looking forward to a singles match between him and Dean Ambrose but that didn’t happen unfortunately.

The end: Dean Ambrose view

Dean Ambrose On the subject of Seth Rollins turning on DA and Reigns I’ve decided to separate that into three parts: the first one from the view of Dean Ambrose because he was the first one who started the Shield promo at the main event, then Roman Reigns, and finally the initiator of that all, Seth Rollins.

Once again I very much liked Dean’s short promo. He was all cocky about The Shield’s dominance and you could almost smell pride and arrogance. And the deep fall from the highest possible height. I have to admit that I was spoilered because due to work and me living in the wrong time zone I wasn’t able to watch it live. So, I knew the outcome and it’s always different from watching something live, don’t knowing the end of it all, and watching something from what you’ve already heard you could expect. So, when Seth Rollins went outside the ring to catch two chairs I already knew that he wouldn’t use them on Randy Orton and Triple H but on DA and Reigns. But for someone watching it live that must have appeared as some strategy to equal the tools: Triple H came out with his sledgehammer, so Seth Rollins got the chairs. But given Dean’s marvelous facial expressions and all over fabulous acting I still could enjoy this segment. Yes, I enjoyed it because for a very long time now I wanted The Shield to break up. About three months ago during their summit there was the first chance for it but they went on the same page again to come back stronger than ever. Most certainly because The New Age Outlaws at the time wanted to have their match with The Shield.

I also enjoyed it because my main interest in The Shield isn’t The Shield but Dean Ambrose, so you might understand that I don’t felt any pain during this supposed break-up, or let me just call it: Rollins’ turn on DA and Reigns. Actually, there was another feeling I had while watching Seth mainly beat up Dean: I was slightly turned on. Don’t judge me for that! But there was also recognizable the trust and knowledge about each other, both men were showing here. I mean, Seth very well knew that Dean is able to stand some harder beatings than usual, and Dean on the other hand is just that good at selling that he made even more from these hits. Seth’ attention also was mainly on Dean, so I hope that there will be a match between these two at any given point in the near future. Could be made up by Triple H to test Seth Rollins’ loyalty to his new team. Could be also made up to show the strength of Rollins over DA. I wouldn’t like the latter point but at least I very much enjoy DA’s selling when he’s beaten and hit with certain obstacles. So, I could probably enjoy a big win by Seth over Dean as well.

Dean Ambrose Looking right into the future, Dean’s reaction to the betrayal I am obviously very much looking forward to. Most people expect him to go mad at his own personal best like he did in this promo on William Regal back at FCW. Actually he could use this promo word by word on Seth Rollins as well. At least, somehow I don’t believe that this will happen. First and foremost because almost everyone expects this. And lately the WWE did stuff most of the people didn’t expect. It’s like they’d scan the internet for any discussed possibilities and then choose the least expected one. Given these thoughts it’s very much likely that DA just cuts a promo to state that life goes on but that he wouldn’t forget about the betrayal. As for the more distant future I already picked up some theories from the internet that I will give you into a list with my opinion on every single one:

  • Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns without Seth Rollins as the glue will also break up in the near future to cause the death of The Shield.

    This is my preferred scenario, to be honest. Because we would finally see all three guys on their own again. Hopefully in other gear and with their own merchandize. There are already thoughts of Seth Rollins being pushed as a big heel, and Roman Reigns as the face main eventer, wouldn’t leave much left for Dean Ambrose. I just have a cocky smile for these thoughts / opinions, really. Because I know due to The Shield we haven’t even seen one tiny part of what Dean is really capable of. When he’s on his own he’ll most certainly blow the roof off. When he’s allowed to do so. But WWE would be stupid if they’d keep Dean on the short leash. He’ll be a huge star as the mean, crazy heel – that I’m very certain with.
  • Dean Ambrose will also turn on Roman Reigns, so the huge main eventer will be on his own, and DA and SR will be the lapdogs of Triple H again.

    This is also possible in my opinion but not very likely. Reigns finally will indeed be on his own at some point, and with DA and SR with Evolution / Authority that would make him very powerful if he’d overcome the numbers. But he also still needs Ambrose or any guys around him to do the work, get the beating, so he can do his three moves at the end of a match to win it for his team. Reigns is still green in every aspect of professional wrestling; he’s only able to compete in two- or three-minute matches. And these still aren’t very exciting to me. I very much like long matches that tell stories. And I don’t see Reigns ever compete in matches like these. But this scenario also wouldn’t be very logical given DA’s character. Why should he turn on Reigns and run into the arms of Triple H? DA’s character is crazy, but he isn’t stupid and he’s got some pride. And that leads me to the next theory.
  • All this is just a cunning plan by The Shield to undermine Evolution to kill them from the inside.

    Also a nice scenario, because we already witnesses something like that with Daniel Bryan “joining” The Wyatt Family just to get a cage match with Bray Wyatt to turn on him then. Join your enemies, go into their minds to learn what they are all about. Just learn all their tricks in their book from the inside to use them to your advantage. So, Seth Rollins could have been sent (or being the “architect” of The Shield sent himself) to join Evolution for fake to set up their destruction. The drawback of this scenario would be that at some point The Shield would be back together within some weeks, most likely at SummerSlam. But again: this wouldn’t make much sense as well, because at some point Roman Reigns will be installed as the next big star. Until The Shield could be back together there could be several singles matches for all three Shield guys. If the main target is to split them for being individual stars again, there isn’t much sense in this scenario.
  • The Shield will get another member, most likely Sami Zayn.

    I very much hope not. Simple as that. First and foremost: never change a winning team. A substitute member will always be the one who doesn’t belong to the group from the beginning. Fans most certainly won’t accept the new guy. So, also for the new guy that wouldn’t be ideal.
  • Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns will form a tag team and will go after The Ascension and their NXT tag team title.

    This is my own idea, to be honest. And it’s my second favourite scenario. There could be a match at NXT with Dean Ambrose inside the ring and William Regal on commentary. As someone, who just loved their feud at FCW to bits, you may understand my thoughts.

Now, this was my take on Dean Ambrose. Now for the second remaining Shield member:

The end: Roman Reigns view

I have to admit that for once I liked Reigns’ part of The Shield’s promo. He delivered the words alright, stating that Evolution weren’t brothers. Instead of being a fist like The Shield, Orton, Batista and Triple H were like an open hand – without stability, togetherness and power. He then called out Orton for their supposed match that was announced before. But instead Seth Rollins turned on his supposed brothers. He hit Reigns with the chair twice, then brought the only intact chair left to Orton, so he could beat Reigns any further. Orton then had even fun to show up the bruised back of Reigns, then hit him with an RKO. And finally he was standing together with Triple H and Seth Rollins inside the ring to cheerfully celebrate their supposed foundation.

Some theories for the future, what might happen to Reigns, I have already written above in the DA section. Now for the ones that only refer to Reigns himself:

  • Roman Reigns wasn’t made the über-strong member of The Shield recently. Maybe this tag team with Dean Ambrose now may last for quite a while.

    As for this supposed two-man tag team I have already said one or two words. Just some others that I’m glad that WWE cut their push on Reigns a bit down recently because that was becoming highly ridiculous: Reigns almost wins against the whole heel roster on his own with him even being able to spear Triple H when he was held back by six or seven other guys. He still has got much to learn, and when WWE intend to split him from DA as well, the audience will get bored and probably turn on him, because his matches lack in storytelling and variation.
  • Roman Reigns will now go for Triple H because he made Seth Rollins turn on his brothers.

    This was supposedly the plan right from the beginning, since Reigns is pushed from later last year. So, this could happen at Summerslam, too. Or Reigns wins the Money In The Bank ladder match to get a title shot against whomever then will hold the title. Or even get the title at MITB, in case Daniel Bryan can’t compete in time because of his injury.
  • Making Roman Reigns’ upper body nude is a teaser for his upcoming matches that he will have in new ring gear, because The Shield will be ceased from existence.

    I very much hope so, because that would mean that we could see DA on his own as well. I simply don’t want DA doing all the work within this supposed two-man tag team just for Reigns taking the laurels.

And now for the “architect” of this double-cross for that he’ll definitely take the Slammy this year, Seth Rollins:

The end: Seth Rollins view

Probably the first word that springs to mind when having witnessed Seth turning on DA and Reigns was: WHY? And on exactly this question I don’t really have an answer. I definitely think, almost know, that WWE loves to do angles that don’t make sense at all. Because, would you turn on your supposed “brothers” towards your enemies when you’ve already had your biggest victory over them? Still doesn’t make any sense to you? Well, I also have got my theories on this very subject, so here we are with just another list, this time not commented because they speak for themselves:

  • Seth Rollins was forced to join Evolution by Triple H because of money or he promised him a title match or something else in that category. Seth was arrogant enough from his win with The Shield against Evolution that he agreed to turn on DA and Reigns because Triple H told him that he was better than the two others and deserved more.
  • Seth Rollins haven’t read the small paragraphs in the Payback contract correctly before he signed it. Now, with his signature he sold his soul to Triple H and Evolution.
  • Seth Rollins has joined Evolution for fake to undermine them from the inside.
  • Seth Rollins himself got a bit big-headed after the win at Payback in thinking that he himself was the creator of The Shield winning against Evolution. He now thinks he is bigger than DA and Reigns and asked Triple H to join Evolution to make them even bigger with himself than The Shield ever was.

Now it’s up to you to pick up your preferred theory. As for the future of Seth Rollins I’ve already written some scenarios down here in the DA and Reigns section. And you can also make up some from the notes above. But keep in mind that a different in-ring gear of Seth Rollins doesn’t need to mean that his turn on The Shield was for real. He could also wrestle in trunks again from now on to make his turn even more believable to Evolution. There are always to sides of a story. And this is why speculation is so much fun: you create your own stories within your mind after every other show. And in case you guessed right with some angles: well, that’s a great feeling, isn’t it? Besides the fun while watching it.

The rest of RAW like I’ve seen it

I’ve told you before that this tag team of Cesaro and Wade Barrett is slightly suspicious to me. And in this episode Cesaro just ran away from the action to leave Wade Barrett on his own against Sheamus and RVD. Before that happened it was actually a quite good match. But after Cesaro had been run away, Wade Barrett lost within the next minute. Maybe face turn of Cesaro and him vs Wade Barrett in the making?

Damien Sandow once again had to sport another gimmick. This time he was basketball player Lance Stephenson of Indiana Pacers apparently. I’m not at all familiar with basketball and haven’t got any clue about American basketball. But from the reaction he received, the stadium of the night in Indianapolis was supposed to be the stadium of their rivals. But, that segment wasn’t boring to me because Sandow is just one hilariously funny guy. At some point Big Show came out and of course he hit Sandow to the mat.

Then, WWE continues to make Super Cena popular again. He came out when Stephanie McMahon bashed on Daniel Bryan once again. She had announced that DB will have to defend his title belt collection at MITB against Kane in a stretcher match, in case he can compete. If he can’t compete, the ladder match at MITB will be for the vacated WWE title. And now Super Cena spoke up for DB, actually he promoted him to heaven. He also bashed on Stephanie just for her to give him the opportunity to compete against the #1 contender for DB’s title belt collection, Kane. The match was about to happen right afterwards, but it didn’t take long for Kane to cause disqualification because of too much action against the ropes. Super Cena received some beating after the bell, but still won it again over Kane outside the ring.

I very much laughed on this ceremony for Rusev inside the ring. These were my childhood memories all over. Growing up in ex-GDR you had to witness this kind of stuff every second day or so. Really, that was incredible, ridiculous fun!

Once again I have to thank some Gif-makers. This time the credit for above shown Gifs goes to: sethballins and princedevitts.

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