Dean Ambrose always had this crazy gimmick. And in WWE he was described as the Lunatic Fringe in the past months. But over the last week he changed significantly. He’s still crazy in some way, but called psycho now. Time for me to have a specific look at the Lunatic Fringe gimmick as a heel and as a face.

Wrestling works in black / white scenarios: there are so-called heels who have a bad or evil attitude; and there are (baby)faces who are good. But what when your gimmick is a crazy / lunatic one? What’s the difference between heel and face?

Like we know from Hollywood, sporting an evil character often makes the better character. So it is in wrestling: a crazy heel might be weird, eccentric and exaggerated, but he is also confident in what he’s doing. With The Shield, Dean Ambrose was this guy: a highly confident lunatic, who couldn’t get enough beating. Because he would always double pay back. And he continued showing this image since The Shield turned face.

Crazy Dean Ambrose is psychotic now
But he changed significantly since last week, when The Shield split up and Dean Ambrose started his feud with Seth Rollins. Not only got he new attire with his white tank top and blue jeans. His crazy character now turned to being psycho: he talks to himself, appears slightly deranged and like it was better to lock him up somewhere. He is the good guy whose burden is inside of his head. And he can hardly deal with it.

Seth Rollins could be the death of Dean Ambrose
His heel counterpart Seth Rollins now is the prototype of an evil guy: not only is he dressed in black. He also tries to intensify the self-doubt in his opponent Dean Ambrose. Seth Rollins turns up during matches of Dean Ambrose and forces him to lose with him being single-minded on Rollins. The heel also has got the powers that be, The Authority, in his back, while the face is only able to create factions within the other faces.

On the long road, the crazy face is supposed to break on his crazy gimmick; the crazy heel grows on his crazy gimmick. Let’s see what’s going to happen with face Dean Ambrose. But maybe his sole salvation will be to turn heel again. If WWE wants to save him at all.


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