The pet of The Authority has horrible “provisional” music +++ Dean Ambrose has new ring gear – kinda +++ Super Reigns cheats himself into the Battle Royal +++ Mount Rushmore has got new faces +++ Kevin Hart is a Rosebud +++ Dean Ambrose doesn’t care about the last spot in the WHC ladder match

Dean Ambrose Collage
“This ain’t gonna be over, Seth! This ain’t gonna be over until I get my hands on that smug, corporate, extremely punchable face of yours. And I know you don’t do anything without Triple H’s permission these days, but why don’t you save yourself some time and get this over with? Come down here and fight me like a man!” –DEAN AMBROSE.

The pet of The Authority has horrible “provisional” music
We started RAW with all wrestlers standing on the ramp to await the speech of The Authority inside the ring. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon made their way through the guys and gals with paying special attention to their new pet Seth Rollins and Super Cena who were standing side by side. It was announced then that there would be a Battle Royal for one of the two last spots for the World Heavyweight Championship ladder match at MITB and that every Superstar would participate in it, bar Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns for punishment reasons and John Cena and Kane who would battle it out against each other for the last remaining spot in a stretcher match. The target here was to lay your opponent onto a stretcher and push it over a yellow line drawn on the ramp.

The first match of this episode of RAW was between Seth Rollins (still almost entirely in his Shield attire) and Dolph Ziggler a.k.a the punchbag of the stars of WWE. First of all, Rollins came out to his horrible new entrance music that shouldn’t be called “music” at all — it’s more like noise but a very annoying one. I still believe that it’s just called “provisional” now since fans moaned about this noise. There is no reason to get him a new theme when this is just provisional. At least, you could have chosen the one he used at NXT. That could have been a provisional one, but if you have got a new one, this very much wasn’t provisional. Anyway, I can’t wait for Seth Rollins’ next theme and already wait for the quarrel about it.

The match itself wasn’t all about Seth Rollins dominating Ziggler. It was quite a good match with much back and forth action. It lasted for almost ten minutes when Rollins finally got some momentum to hit his finisher. But for the actual win, he was interrupted for the first time today.

Dean Ambrose has new ring gear – kinda
Dean Ambrose came out in jeans, a black tank top and his leather jacket to cause disqualification when he jumped on Rollins for a little brawl. But that didn’t take too long since Rollins was able to flee the battleground onto the ramp. Very much noticeable that he was bleeding from his mouth after the attack by Dean Ambrose. The two of them just love each other that much that they agree to being hit by the other more intensely than usual. Isn’t that nice? Dean then challenged Seth for an actual match (like it’s written above) but Triple H showed up on the Titantron. He first made fun of Dean’s craziness but recognized that he’d like to fight. So, he gave him what he wanted: a match against Wade Barrett.

Dean Ambrose Actually, that was more what I wanted and not Dean but he didn’t have a choice. The leather jacket made its way outside the ring, so we got to see Dean Ambrose in his new attire: the tank top and the jeans. Basically, that’s nothing new really since Dean wore this kind of ring attire for a good amount of time during his Indie days as Jon Moxley.

Together with the match, Dean of course also got some Bad News from Wade, something about him losing his boy band (I’m not sure here, if he thought he had Heath Slater to address). So, he would be all on his own now since the supposed best of the hounds would have left The Shield. As it is quite some tradition as of late, the videos of that match will be up next. It’s actually a bit scientific for this episode because there are two commercial breaks. The first video is the first commercial break but start with the second video, the longest part for the interruption to Rollins’ match. There will be some point when the commentators announce the first commercial break, so you can stop the second video to watch the first one then. And the third video is the second commercial break. Again, you’ll hear when you have to watch this one.

Actually, I felt quite offended with these two commercial breaks of two minutes each, because there was almost the half of this match only shown on television. Plus: the commentators always suggest to use one specific hashtag on Twitter for every match or other segment. For matches most of the time it’s something like #BarrettvsAmbrose or #BNBvsDean. Not this time because it was only #BNB. Nice strategy again by WWE to take away from Dean Ambrose the most possible amount of attention. So, he also has to exaggerate his craziness with the possible hope of WWE that he won’t get much pop, so he can put on mid card after some weeks or months. Because basically it’s the decibels that make a wrestler a top guy or just a jobber. That’s also why John Cena gets booked for the important matches or happenings all the time: because he gets much heat and much love, both of them probably only want to drown each other but it comes back to Cena. If he gets huge pop, regardless if positive or negative, he’ll be one of the top guys. I only hope that there will be anyone in WWE with influence who recognizes the potential in Dean Ambrose, the character, but most importantly the guy who portrays him. Because, you can’t tell me that there isn’t any strategy of keeping Dean Ambrose as little as possible to make Super Reigns even more shine.

Dean Ambrose At least, I’ve got some additional words to say about the actual match you maybe already have watched by now: there were two scenes when Dean Ambrose couldn’t hide that he was talking to Wade Barrett about their next moves. You can always notice that when a wrestler tries to hide his mouth from the camera. Plus: Dean broke the fourth wall again, with looking straight into the camera for a moment. It’s not the worst break of the fourth wall but still he always reacts to actually realizing that little faux pas with acting as he would have burnt himself.

And then, Seth Rollins also had to interfere during that match. He stood on the announcers table again, but this time Dean Ambrose didn’t let Barrett win just like this. Instead, he knocked out both with a suicidal jump through the ropes but was counted out when he brawled his way through the audience with Seth Rollins. Wade Barrett got the win then but wasn’t able to celebrate because it was now on Ambrose to make his way back inside the ring to hit Dirty Deeds on his opponent. To very weird faces his new theme song was played. It’s okay in my opinion, at least it’s better than this noise for Seth Rollins. But I had hoped for Terminal Woman – that was some great music and fitting theme song. I don’t know why it always has to be something new. Super Reigns even got the Shield theme (and still makes his entrance through the audience; also didn’t have new attire), so I just don’t know why you can’t take an already perfect song for Dean Ambrose.

Super Reigns cheats himself into the Battle Royal
Time for another headline, I guess. But from now on, this review will only consist of some notes. So, after Dean was looking for Rollins but couldn’t see him anymore, Super Reigns was seen backstage with Vickie Guerrero. And this was just the start of something just ridiculous: sure, Super Reigns wanted to participate in the Battle Royal and since Vickie was the General Manager of RAW, she had to put him into it. She was on her way to bring Triple H and Stephanie some coffee; Super Reigns put some substances innit; later on we saw Stephanie drinking the coffee; she was getting sick and needed to be brought into hospital by Triple H (including some vomiting all over Vickie – is that supposed to be fun?); Vickie finally put Super Reigns into the Battle Royal (and he later won it, of course, against 18 other wrestlers); plus: Vickie went even more crazy than Jon Moxley during his craziest times.

We then got another lengthy promo by Bray Wyatt with Sheamus interrupting. The two of them battled it out in a match of almost ten minutes with a 3-on-3 brawl between The Wyatts and Sheamus & The Usos after Luke Harper caused disqualification.

Mount Rushmore has got new faces
The most noticeable thing about Heath Slater vs Rusev (w/ Lana) was that JBL didn’t recognize Michael Gorbatschov as the new fourth head on Mount Rushmore next to Vladimir Putin (of course!), Vladimir Iljitsch Lenin and Rusev (of course!). The actual match lasted for 33 seconds with the obvious winner.

Kevin Hart is a Rosebud
I don’t even know who this Kevin Hart guy is. According to JBL he’s one of the funniest men on Earth, and he was there to promote his new movie “Think Like a Man, 2” (there is another movie called like this?). First, he got an idea about Adam Rose and his Exotic Express and after Adam Rose w/ Summer Rae won his match in just over one minute against Fandango w/ Layla, said Kevin Hart was made a Rosebud.

After that, the Battle Royal happened but I already said more words about it than it’s worth. Then, Super Cena hyped Super Reigns backstage and Paige won against Cameron within three minutes. After that, the new tag team partner of Goldust, Stardust, was revealed – no-one else than Cody Rhodes, and to demonstrate the right decision, the new guy won it against Ryback.

Dean Ambrose doesn’t care about the last spot in the WHC ladder match
Dean Ambrose And finally, there was the main event for the last spot of the WHC ladder match between Super Cena and Kane. With 13 minutes it wasn’t the longest match ever but I was slightly bored anyway. Because there was a lot of putting-the-guy-on-the-stretcher “action”. At least, it became interesting when Rollins and Orton came out to attack Cena. Disqualification wasn’t possible in this match, so this could have been worked if Dean Ambrose hadn’t come out as well to take out Rollins and Orton on his own, just to be chokeslammed by Kane. After that little brawl, Cena won it of course with pushing Kane on the stretcher over the yellow line and “earns” himself this last spot.

The competitors of the WHC ladder match consequently are: Bray Wyatt, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Super Cena, Cesaro, Randy Orton, Super Reigns. The latter will win it.

The Gifs for this RAW review were brought to you by prowrestlingnow, part 1 / part 2 and jimdrugfree.


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