Main Event starts with noise +++ Dean Ambrose’s entrance theme grows on me +++ Lana explains the new Mount Rushmore +++ Bray Wyatt ruins Luke Harper’s promo +++ WWE apparently wants to split the Funkadaktyls +++ Dean Ambrose will fight Kane on SmackDown

Dean Ambrose
“You don’t need to worry about Money In The Bank in ten days, Seth. You just need to worry about surviving the next ten minutes.” –DEAN AMBROSE.

Main Event starts with noise
Main Event usually hasn’t got much original stuff but lots of reviews, so it was with this episode. But since Dean Ambrose participated in the original stuff, I had to watch, of course.

First of all, we started with some noise. And everyone who have read my previous review for RAW will know that this is my vocabulary for the new “provisional” entrance theme of Seth Rollins. He came out for a promo inside the ring and he first praised and hyped Super Reigns like he would still be a part of The Shield. Logic seems to be obsolete when it comes to Reigns. But somehow, Rollins said that Reigns had crossed The Authority, so he will be punished for that on coming RAW. Plus: according to Rollins, Reigns is a volcano that could only be controlled by Rollins, of course. Then, his bashing went on to Dean Ambrose. Of course, he is a lunatic, he will end up in a straitjacket and / or in an insane asylum, and only Rollins was able to control him as well during their almost two years together as The Shield. No word about that Dean Ambrose for the first good amount of time was supposed to be their leader and only his cocky charisma made The Shield interesting. Of course, Rollins all of a sudden was their leader for the whole time. I’ve laughed much during this segment. But, like it’s always the case when his talking grows longer and longer… and longer… somewhere around the middle I’m dieing a slowly death of boredom. Somehow, I noticed that he announced another ladder match to happen at MITB, that this would be a match for a contract on the WHC title and he would be the first entree. Someone couldn’t remain silent for any longer after that announcement.

Dean Ambrose’s entrance theme grows on me
Dean Ambrose That was for the first time, Dean Ambrose came out to his new entrance theme through the ramp. And somehow, this music grows on me. It might have something to do with Dean Ambrose and that his cocky, confident, slightly crazy walk simply fits to this music. Plus: the very beginning is perfect for catching the attention of the audience. And with another one or two times of hearing that, they’ll instantly know that it’s Dean Ambrose who comes out. He already got a huge pop here (maybe because we were in Ohio).

So, Dean came out, threatened Rollins like you can re-read in the caption for the collage shown above, and he wasted no time to make it inside the ring for a little brawl with Rollins. Anyway, Kane interrupted this tete-a-tete, Rollins got the momentum, but shortly after Dean hit Rollins to the mat, then kicked Kane from the ring and finally sent Rollins over the top rope to make him land on Kane. And he was able to flee the ring when his opponents made it back inside. A little bit of mocking from Dean finished off this little segment.

Sidenote: Dean Ambrose and Reigns didn’t officially break up but obviously going separate ways now. And since Super Reigns is all about himself, Dean Ambrose is the one who fights Rollins for his betrayal on The Shield. Just think about it.

Lana explains the new Mount Rushmore
Maybe because Michael Gorbatschov wasn’t clearly recognized, Lana had to explain Mount Rushmore today. And after her usual babbling about Putin, Rusev and Russian dominance and power, Rusev’s next victim was Santino. The… ahem… match lasted for 25 seconds with the obvious winner. I wonder, if WWE wants the Guinness world record for the shortest ever match in professional wrestling. I don’t know about the length of the current shortest one and I’m too lazy (and too sleepy) right now to look that up, but I’m confident that this could be the case.

Bray Wyatt ruins Luke Harper’s promo
Backstage we got a promo by Luke Harper on his match with Erick Rowan against The Usos for the tag team title. I already said, that I love his voice. And I also like his intonation. I didn’t like that Bray Wyatt interrupted him, and I can’t wait for Bray Wyatt to break from his family, so we could get more promos by Luke Harper.

WWE apparently wants to split the Funkadaktyls
This time, Paige had to fight Naomi of The Funkadaktyls, with Cameron being on ringside. The match was alright with lots of good moves and much Paige screaming. After around five minutes, Naomi indeed won it but Paige was a good loser and wanted to shake hands with Naomi. But Cameron, who basically enjoyed to celebrate herself inside the ring, interfered and got some beating by Paige for that. Naomi was just looking on, obviously still annoyed by Cameron freaking out inside the ring. After some time, Cameron went outside the ring and Paige finally got her handshake by Naomi. Since The Funkadaktyls are barely used as a tag team these days, WWE might want to split them, too. Already no Bella Twins anymore; now no Funkadaktyls in the near future. Seems like the WWE’s current creative phase is like “we hate all tag teams and split them all up, so we’ll have more single competitors and don’t need to get more young talent to the WWE roster”.

Dean Ambrose will fight Kane on SmackDown
Just before the main event of Main Event started, it was announced that Dean Ambrose will have to fight Kane on SmackDown. And then we got a tag team match between The Wyatt Family and The Usos & Sheamus. It lasted for almost twelve minutes, and Bray Wyatt got the win for his family with Sister Abigail on Jimmy Uso.

The Gif was used by cherrybubbles55 but obviously belongs to hello-samantha. I just couldn’t find the original post.


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