Vickie Guerrero gets a long goodbye +++ Rusev and Lana doing some Washington D.C. sightseeing +++ Cameron summarizes the WWE in one sentence +++ Triple H and his puppy think they have got the last laugh +++ 100 ways to throw your mic away. By Dean Ambrose +++ Dolph Ziggler gets a title match +++ The female Shield makes their first appearance +++ Cesaro doesn’t speak Loser +++ I’ve got a déjà vu about the main event match +++ I need 30min Dean Ambrose promos in my life

Dean Ambrose
“Anyway, you didn’t have a choice. I would have shown up in Boston anyway. How do I make that clear? I would have just go ahead walking up that ladder after pummeling Seth Rollins half to death, grab that briefcase, take it to downtown Boston, sell it at a pawnshop, if they didn’t go ahead to just put me in that match. So, that’s what’s best for business. Smart decision by Triple H. You know what’s the bad decision by Triple H? Getting on my bad side and making an enemy for life of Dean Ambrose. I’ve never liked Triple H. You know, I have had respect for him as a competitor. But I never liked him. He was in Evolution; I was in The Shield, you know. But now, he’s got an enemy for life. Seth Rollins has an enemy for life. And that’s bad. Your life changes when I am your enemy. And it’s just gonna keep getting worse for them. I’M GOING TO MONEY IN THE BANK, TOM! How’s Triple H gonna to explain this? How’s Triple H gonna to explain to the WWE Universe? There’s investors! How’s Triple H gonna to explain to his wife, that scumbag Dean Ambrose is holding a contract for the World Heavyweight Championship shot? God, that really looks bad for the company, doesn’t it? I’m sure he’ll figure it out cause he’s our boss. And he knows what’s best for business.” –DEAN AMBROSE.

Vickie Guerrero gets a long goodbye
This episode of RAW from Washington, D.C. was the 1,100th, so this was very much hyped. And it started almost as usual: Stephanie McMahon made her way inside the ring. And we already knew that it was all about Vickie Guerrero and her “behaviour” on the latest episode of SmackDown. Consequently, Vickie was called out and already her entrance was quite heart-breaking. I never was a huge fan of Vickie, mostly because of her very annoying voice. I also didn’t really knew what her job was all about. But watching her making her way through the ladders, that promoted Money In The Bank, was sad: without music she walked slowly inside the ring to join Stephanie, only awaiting her doom. Stephanie, of course, wanted to instantly fire Vickie but had another thought on it. Maybe it would be some fun to let Vickie beg for her job? Nope, it wasn’t that funny. But then she came up with another great idea: Vickie should fight for her job against Stephanie, and Stephanie was at her best cocky confidence about it. But finally, when Vickie noticed that she’d already lost, she told Stephanie that if anything she learned from her late husband Eddie Guerrero, then how to “lie, cheat and steal”. Nice teaser for the upcoming showdown between these two.

Rusev and Lana doing some Washington D.C. sightseeing
We then got a MITB promotion segment with two singles matches between Jimmy Uso and Luke Harper (Harper won within not even two minutes) and Jay Uso vs Erick Rowan, which Jay won. On Sunday, it will be a tag team match between these two factions, so given the outcome of this little teaser, it’s 50 / 50 who’ll be the tag team champions after the show. Anyway, after Rowan lost, a little brawl between these four men started and ended up with Harper & Rowan standing tall inside the ring, presenting the titles. Recently, we haven’t witnessed any title changes at a PPV — Sunday could be different.

Then, Bray Wyatt had a little promo about himself backstage. And that was followed by a little clip from Rusev and Lana mocking the sightseeing opportunities in Washington, D.C. Kremlin obviously is far more outstanding than the White House. And, of course, the fresh facelifted Vladimir Putin was shown again as a big picture on all our TV screens. The mocking of the USA went on, and it was good that WWE did it differently this time with this little outside clip but there needed something else to be done to keep this interesting. Otherwise this mocking just grows old and doesn’t have any impact anymore. But it happened something later on.

Cameron summarizes the WWE in one sentence
For the next match between Alicia Fox and Naomi, we got Paige and Cameron on commentary. Cameron was all about mocking Paige, promoting herself and basically belittling her Funkadaktyls partner Naomi. And she really told us in one sentence what this business is all about:

People talking about me, and that’s all that matters.

And that’s why Super Cena is still booked like hell. It doesn’t matter that he is a face and in some arenas gets some huge negative pop. It was slightly different to the situation with Batista, because he was turned heel when negativity overwhelmed. But Cena is the face of the company (doesn’t matter what Randy Orton says), so with all tricks and storyline turns Cena is somehow brought back to some kind of positive popularity. Was he ever considered a heel?

Anyway, talk here isn’t about Cena but given that I’m talking about him when I really wanted to write something about the Divas match should give you an idea what I am talking about right now. Besides mocking each other, Paige and Cameron somehow took notice of the match itself. I think it was about who’ll win gets the title match against Paige on Sunday. Naomi won the match, so she got the chance to grab that title off Paige. I doubt that this will happen.

Triple H and his puppy think they have got the last laugh
We continued with the promos by all seven competitors of the WHC ladder match at MITB with a backstage babbling by Sheamus and Super Reigns. Particularly in this promo, I didn’t understand Reigns at all. He always swallows words and basically talks only to himself. Someone should tell him that it doesn’t matter that he himself understands him; the people on the telly and in the arena need to understand him, too (even that it’s mostly irrelevant what he’s telling us). It might have been something about being on his own, he doesn’t trust anyone but himself and will win the title on Sunday.

A little match between Titus O’Neil and Bo Dallas with Bo extending his winning streak to Nine-to-Bo (sic!) later, we got Triple H inside the ring for him announcing all competitors of the contract ladder match at MITB. With very much cockiness and exaggerated hype, he first told us what we already knew: Seth Rollins was the first entrant, followed by Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler (who basically self-promoted themselves on SmackDown last week). Wade Barrett also was quite certainly in this match [!!!SPOILER!!!: although after SmackDown this week there is some doubt around his actual appearance, since he’d injured his shoulder in his match against Dean Ambrose], only with Jack Swagger and RVD I was wrong — totally forgot the old horses. And that was all for the moment: only six competitors in the contract ladder match, but since there were already pictures with seven competitors, Seth Rollins pictured and the other six ones still as shadows, we knew that there would be another one added later on. And we already knew who that would be as well.

But first, the new pet of Triple H, Seth Rollins, made his way inside the ring (Sidenote: he was wearing a new t-shirt of The Authority!) to basically repeat himself in stating that he created The Shield, so has got the right to destroy them. Yeah, like you might have made that up in your mind and it sounds logical and right there. But right in the middle of promoting himself as the winner of the contract, RVD came out to laugh at Seth and mocks Triple H about his new toy boy. He basically asked him then for permission to get a match against Rollins. So, that was made up as a teaser for the match on Sunday.

100 ways to throw your mic away. By Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrose The match between Seth Rollins and RVD lasted for almost ten minutes, Seth could finally hit his Curb Stomp, when Dean Ambrose made his way inside the ring to a huge pop. And just before Seth could get the win, Dean caused disqualification for actually RVD winning this match. I have long noticed that it takes quite a while for most WWE fans to grow on Dean Ambrose. But when he finally gets one, he consumes everything and that will last like forever, I guess. He’ll take over WWE, like he took over every other company he was associated with in the past. Believe that!

Dean Ambrose The great thing about a brawling Dean Ambrose is that at some point I always say to myself: damn, this shit looks real! This heat isn’t fake at all. I certainly know that it isn’t. But I also ask myself what actually happens when Dean Ambrose is indeed pissed off for real. First, he stomped Seth outside the ring, threw him over the barricades and went on to brawl with him on the ground when finally three referees got him off his former business partner.

Dean Ambrose He then pretended that he had calmed down and would finally leave Seth Rollins alone. But just when the referees lost interest, Dean turned, made his way back over the announcers table and onto Seth again. Somehow, the three referees were second time sucessful and Seth was able to flee further punishment. Dean made his way inside the ring to give Seth the look, he had already mocked earlier on. But he still had something to say about his behaviour because this was just some little teaser for what would happen at MITB if he was indeed left out of the contract ladder match. He would appear anyway and screw up the whole PPV. I have to admit that I really wanted to see that but it was quite obvious that Dean would have success with his strategy.

You can watch all of this, together with him showing us two other possibilities to get rid of some microphone, in the video above. I’d really liked to link to the official WWE channel on YouTube but for the relevant video they have cut out Dean’s promo inside the ring, so this one is only useful for the actual brawl.

After this we got a backstage promo with Triple H and Seth Rollins. The latter was quite furious and demanded from Triple H that he should put Dean Ambrose in that contract ladder match. Seth told Triple H that he was able to control Dean Ambrose for two years (LOL), so he should be able to do exactly this on Sunday. He admitted that he wouldn’t be able to do that when he had to fear for him appearing out of nothing like all the time when he wasn’t in the match. So, that might sound like a good idea, given that Triple H granted his wish, of course. But you just don’t know what you are wish / hope for, Seth!

Dolph Ziggler gets a title match
Next up was a real match, so to speak, because Dolph Ziggler got an opportunity to become the new Intercontinental Champion. At least, he got a decent match against Wade Barrett. At the end of the almost eleven minute long match, several finishers were countered but finally, Wade Barrett got the win with the Bull Hammer. Unfortunately I don’t have much more to say about that. I still don’t like spaghetti hair Ziggler, also Wade Barrett’s presence didn’t make me all excited for this title match. Maybe because I already knew that WWE wouldn’t hand over Ziggler the title.

The female Shield makes their first appearance
After just another hype promo for Super Reigns backstage with Vickie Guerrero and Randy Orton, we went back inside the arena to get to hear the music of Eddie Guerrero. It was quite obvious that this would be Vickie’s last appearance in WWE, so the whole segment was fun with the last laugh for Vickie. Nice touch after all.

I’m just not sure about this new female Shield team, or what else Layla, Rosa Mendez and Alicia Fox were appearing as. Steph send them inside the ring to get Vickie back to her at ramp-side. There was a pool placed with some substance innit that looked like choc pudding while the announcers sold it like it was some real disgusting smelling stuff. I very much believe in my pudding theory. Anyway, this pool was the target: whoever ended up there first, would loose the “match” and if it was Vickie, she would loose her job. The female Shield was then all about to catch Vickie to throw her inside the pool. So, Stephanie wouldn’t need to make herself dirty. It turned out, that Vickie was very much able to deal with all three female Shield members, threw all three of them one after the other inside the pool. But at the end, she was slightly too excited about herself, didn’t pay attention to her actual opponent. So, she ended up in the pool as well to get fired. But she still got satisfaction and a fitting farewell with throwing Stephanie inside the pool. It took ages until Stephanie did make her way back outside.

Cesaro doesn’t speak Loser
After this, we had to calm down from laughing again. So, we got some tiny backstage promo with Goldust talking about his “new” partner Stardust, stating that we was the normal one out of the two of them, after Stardust was shown singing. A mid-card match between Jack Swagger and Kofi Kingston ended up with Swagger winning to further tease the contract ladder match at MITB.

Alberto Del Rio was then seen again backstage who actually promoted himself to be the winner at the WHC ladder match. And that was quite refreshing, given the fact that almost every other competitor in for this match was talking about Super Reigns. Cesaro then joined the excitement together with Paul Heyman. They mocked each other with Cesaro finally informing Del Rio that he would speak five languages but none of them would be Loser. Unfortunately he didn’t say that in Spanish.

Next was Damien Sandow with his again town fitting gimmick: Abraham Lincoln. The best part of his promo here certainly was this:

Five years ago, all of you were complaining that I’m not entertaining. Look at me now.

He was indeed right: he’s entertaining as hell now. But he isn’t satisfied like he wanted to elaborate after that. But Big E interrupted him, got his match against the 16th president of the United States and won within just under one minute. Maybe, Big E made it such a short match because he felt the need to speak out against Rusev. He already lost against him but couldn’t stand his constant mocking against the good old United States of America. Big E finally told Rusev and Lana to make their way outside this country. Of course, Lana appeared, told Big E that pride comes before the fall, just for Rusev to use this distraction and beat down Big E from behind.

I’ve got a déjà vu about the main event match
Cena was the last one who needed to hype the WHC ladder match in seriously over-exaggerated style. And then, there was déjà vu all over again. Because we repeated the 4-on-3 handicap match from SmackDown. The line-up was the same: heels against faces and also this time the faces did win. The only difference was, that Super Reigns got slightly more ring time. He repeated his moveset exactly the same way like he did on SmackDown but then got some beating for being almost four minutes inside the ring. Plus: this time Sheamus got the win. But the faces weren’t able to celebrate for very long because the music of Kane hit for him to come out and beat down anyone. After this humiliation, Triple H appeared to introduce us to the eighth participant of the WHC ladder match. Makes sense, given that Kane was the chosen competitor against Daniel Bryan initially for the WHC match at MITB. Of course, Super Reigns afterwards had to spear Kane to make the actual match on Sunday even more dispensable. And this episode of RAW was finished with a stare-down between Triple H and Super Reigns. I wonder, if that was this super duper punishment, Reigns had to fear since SmackDown when Seth Rollins had told him that something really bad would happen on RAW. Also possible that he was just referring to the addition of Kane. But who fears Kane these days anyway?

I need 30min Dean Ambrose promos in my life
Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose
The best part of RAW was about to happen in the post-show or Fallout. Apparently, Dean Ambrose didn’t know already that he was finally in the match on Sunday. So, poor Tom Phillips was sent out backstage to inform him. Seriously, when Dean yelled at Tom, I wondered whether he would instantly die or at least cry in front of him. He looked seriously shocked. What Dean had to say, I’ve already tried to transcribe in the caption to the above shown collage.

Dean Ambrose Besides the content that is obviously very much different to that he had to say as a member of The Shield, it’s also important to notice his brilliant acting. He really is a natural because he didn’t do anything else in his life than wrestling and pretending to be someone else. Every gesture, every variation in his voice, every facial expression, even every pause. Everything seems just perfect. It looks and sounds like believable and fitting, and yes, I seriously want WWE to send him out on the streets or the nature or whatever with his own camera to do promos like the one of Rusev and Lana today. Like the ones, William Regal once did. Just go back to hand wrestlers, who can do something on their own, the freedom to create some unique stuff. You know, that Dean Ambrose is capable of doing that. So, let him do so! It will be epic.

The Gifs to this once again epic blog post were brought to you by pathfindertifa, part 1 / part 2.


19 thoughts on “RAW 14/06/23: Dean Ambrose is the best at over-aggressive brawling -OR- Abe Lincoln lives

    1. Thank you very much, Iris! It’s very appreciated. I always do my best with writing and the collages. I also try to keep my reviews as short as possible but somehow they are becoming longer and longer. Hope, you’ll keep reading regardless.


      1. Hello again! (What’s your name btw?) You are very welcome! I think your writing is very interesting and I love the art. It was like a treasure box that I found. 🙂 I’m very new to WWE, so I have a lot of back-reading to do! I mean I just saw it on tv very late at night the other day, it sparked my interest. Actually it was Reigns who caught my attention, cos he was on at that moment. But as soon as I saw footage from The Shield online, Dean Ambrose totally won me over. I really don’t know anything yet about WWE, a lot of things are confusing to me, so maybe I can read and learn from your wise (and long) words 😀 too bad my friends don’t like WWE… >< I will keep reading! And again, really great job on the flawless collages!!!


        1. You may call me Shay. And I recommend (very shamelessly) my little own Dean Ambrose section if you haven’t found it already. There are also a lot of hidden extra pages you can find via clicking the black button with the three white lines on the left side of this page.

          And, yeah, WWE can be a bit confusing, even when you are already watching for quite a while. I think they do it on purpose, so people will talk a lot more about it. But I also only came to watching WWE again around Summer of last year. I watched it as a child when it was on TV but years went by when I haven’t watched it. And I also don’t have anyone I can talk about wrestling. That’s probably the reason why my reviews are that long 😉

          Regarding the collages I always use a certain kind of style for a while until I come up with another idea. Probably when DA returns, I might think about another change.

          Btw: most video links aren’t working at the moment because the Vimeo page I was linking from, is down at the moment. But I really recommend this video collection for FCW matches from DA and esp. his two matches and the whole feud with William Regal there. My personal absolute favourite.


          1. Hi Shay! (sorry, are you a man or a woman? it doesn’t matter, but I am curious…dumdum) You may shamelessly recommend anything DA to me! I need to learn and know everything. Like about a feud with William Regal? I believe that Regal is also a wrestler or used to be? // Yeah I’m very noob as you can tell. Just 4 days or so into WWE 😀 I can dream the “DA addresses Rollins” speech because it’s so GOOD. The black button huh? Well, I’ve been lurking around a little bit already because you got me curious. You seem to be very creative and then as it turns out you’ve written a book! And you make the best collages ever. 🙂 Way awesome. You also don’t have anyone to share WWE with? No way. Maybe it explains the long reviews but I don’t think that’d work for me. I don’t write reviews but on livejournal or wherever, I wouldn’t write long stories like that because I just always feel the need to share things with someone and have that someone RESPOND. Livejournal never talked back to me. 😛 I’m going to check out everything you recommended to me! Oh btw if you don’t mind I will continue to use my FB account to log in here and post comments. No clue how to create a WP account and probably if I do create one, that means I’ll have a WP page too, which I’ll probably never update. Like my dead twitter and tumblr… 😡 Y’know what’s funny by the way? I clicked around here and there and it seems like you have several personalities or several masks. Sorry this might sound super strange to you, but it intrigues me ^^. Oh and sorry for spamming your WP full with so much spammage! Feel free to remove it though if you don’t like it. -bounces- I’m excited for DA return. I read it should be next week ish! 🙂


            1. Phew, that many questions.., I’ll try to answer quite short because I still have other things to write right now. First of all: no, I have just one mask that I use for the internet if that answer is enough for you. But I’m male and creative regardless. And maybe a bit strange. That’s probably why I like Dean Ambrose because I can relate myself to him 😉
              William Regal: yes, he was a wrestler and currently is General Manager of NXT. I still hope for a last match against DA at WWE but I doubt that it will happen because WR had to deal with some health issues as of late. Their feud was very intense; their two matches storytelling at its best. Still my two favourite matches, despite having watched now so many other DA matches. WR was on commentary at the time when DA joined FCW and during his matches, WR praised him to heaven like no-one else. Then, DA attacked WR and their feud began. It’s the old story of chasing for respect, maybe some kind of a father, DA never really had (also in real life). But at some point these feelings in the younger man turned when he didn’t get what he wanted. Love became hate but with just a glimmer of love left. It’s almost similar to the DA vs Seth Rollins feud right now but with SR acting as the stupid brother who doesn’t know where he belongs.
              As for his return: DA will definitely be back at RAW in a week. I have several scenarios in mind how he could appear during the “Night Of Champions” PPV but I tend more to the RAW for the first appearance after him went “missing”.
              As for Livejournal: it was great before the Russians came and bought it. I still have my account there but haven’t used it since. I think there is still the old CM Punk LJ, if you are interested in this. I mean, the LJ written by the man himself around 2005.


              1. Hello there… sorry, I didn’t mean to spam your site full of my endless questions and disturb you when you’re busy! 🙂 You are creative and whether you’re strange or not, that’s fine. The comment I made by the way wasn’t meant negative, in any way 🙂 I saw some footage of the DA/WR feud… that was intense! Dean’s return is near and I’m eagerly awaiting what’s going to happen. Somehow it’s suspenseful…


                1. Never thought you meant something negative. Everything’s fine 🙂
                  I’m now almost sure that DA will come back at NOC. Reigns got a clear win on RAW over Rollins, so The Authority will beat him up after their match. And DA will come out to save him. Or: Cena beats Lesnar (which he definitely will!), Rollins tries to cash in his contract and DA will come out to once again prevent him from that. I definitely prefer the second option. But we will see.


                  1. Haha, you’re cool. 🙂 “so The Authority will beat him up after their match. And DA will come out to save him.” <– THIS. Haha, I hope for that. Also, I hope Cena will beat Lesnar. I like Cena, he's cool. Last week, there was so called "Fight Night" at 2-3am…! It was worth it, but I missed Dean. It was actually the first time I ever sat down to watch WWE! But ugh I just found out, there's no mention of any WWE in the coming days in our tv guide. So I guess I won't see anything!??? noooo this can't be. 😦 I'm in NL, so yeah. Hopefully I'll get to see it, been in eager suspense all week!


                    1. Breaking news: we won’t get Reigns vs Rollins at NOC because Reigns needed an emergency hernia surgery. He’ll be out for around three months. I’m very curious now how creative will explain his absence storyline wise. Would be cool if they say “Reigns has already won against you. So, he sent someone else to beat you again…” music by Dean Ambrose and the arena goes nuts 🙂


                    2. Yes! But, I just heard from someone on youtube that none of them (Reigns, Ambrose, Rollins) will be fighting tomorrow? Who knows what’s gonna happen, but I’m only gonna find out when I finally get to see the broadcast on tv anyway… might be in a week or two only! (Btw did you know half of the pics I search on google turn out to be on your site 🙂 this means you got the good pics!)


                    3. Or I know how to be on top of Google 😉

                      Just read that there were already two scripts for NOC: one with Reigns in the match with Rollins, the other Reigns not wrestling. His health condition apparently wasn’t the best for weeks now so it was only a matter of time. But since they were prepared for this scenario, it might be that DA won’t turn up at NOC but only on RAW, so he can get one day off from filming, a bit of rest until he needs to save RAW again 😉


                    4. Poor Roman needs to regain his strength and take proper rest first. 🙂 Whatever DA’s plan is, I just hope I get a broadcast on tv here at some point, or I might never see him return! (and yes, you are on top of Google. The king! How does that feel? hehehe) Would be insane to have DA return immediately after he’s done shooting for the film, one day of rest should be granted lol. Can’t wait until I can see him again. Until that time I’m re-watching vids on youtube…


                    5. I’ve been watching WWE for the past 2 weeks (online, cos the tv broadcasts stopped) and I’m loving it. Dean is pure genius. Just wanted to share 🙂


                    6. Yes, he is. And maybe also WWE finally realized that they are sitting on a gold nugget with this guy. I mean, he’s the poster boy as well as the promo guy for Hell In The Cell. He’s had approx 40 minutes of RAW in the latest two episodes. If it was for me, that can continue for a hell lot of time now. If WWE would only leave out John Cena of the Ambrose / Rollins feud!


  1. Hi Shay! AMEN to your last sentence!!!!! Man, I’m tired of Cena!! He’s so BLAH to me. But I’m glad Dean doesn’t willingly pair up with Cena and gets in his face, too – “right..remember John, nobody takes food off my plate.” Too priceless, and the way he kept his expression super straight and serious. Dean is really something else!! I LOVED last Monday’s RAW. Isn’t green a great colour for Seth? It was so, so priceless. I laughed so hard. 😀 When Dean was among the audience, and Seth had that struggle with his own jacket (lol), did you see Dean’s smile? It was so gorgeous. He had this super genuine smile on his face. It wasn’t acting, he was wholeheartedly amused. I loved it. And despite my dislike for Seth, he is very intriguing in some way. I saw a video on youtube when the Shield was still together and Seth made a good impression on me. I thought hey, despite everything, he’s a good guy somehow! That’s why I hope he’s going to backstab everyone in the authority and then team up again with Dean. 😀 Yeah, I’m weird like that. But I’ve come to the conclusion that out of the Shield original members, maybe Seth is a backstabber, but he sure isn’t a boring person! Seth and Dean are the interesting, intriguing characters here. Roman is perhaps the most boring or bland one! I also don’t miss him right now, I have to admit. Seth and Dean somehow have some kind of particular chemistry… anyway that might sound strange to you, but that’s what I think after I saw some particular moments on youtube. Roman is in another world. Hehe. By the way, if you’d like, I don’t know if you would though, but maybe we could connect on FB? You are the only one I know who also likes WWE and Dean. But if you say no I understand. I’m just a random person spamming your website full of stuff 😀 Take care! 🙂


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