No word once again that Dean Ambrose ever held the United States championship title +++ Seth Rollins fanboys on Dean Ambrose +++ What are Stardust and Goldust talking about? +++ Chris Jericho wants to be crazy +++ Cesaro is on some kind of a mission +++ Damien Sandow is Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen +++ Dean Ambrose is crazy but fun to watch

"You're delusional, Rollins. You're talking crazy. Do you really think you're gonna get your hands on those titles? No! No, not when I'm around. I've warned you: no matter where you are; no matter what you do; no matter how much of a plan you and your sugar daddy, Triple H, can cut, I'm gonna be there - every time. I mean, hey, how did your little championship coronation play out for you last Monday?" --DEAN AMBROSE.
“You’re delusional, Rollins. You’re talking crazy. Do you really think you’re gonna get your hands on those titles? No! No, not when I’m around. I’ve warned you: no matter where you are; no matter what you do; no matter how much of a plan you and your sugar daddy, Triple H, can cut, I’m gonna be there – every time. I mean, hey, how did your little championship coronation play out for you last Monday?” –DEAN AMBROSE.

No word once again that Dean Ambrose ever held the United States championship title
This time I knew not much from the spoilers about this episode. So, several segments came by surprise. And right for the first one, when Sheamus came out to kick off SmackDown, I had asked myself when Sheamus had to defend his United States title for the last time. I just couldn’t remember and it’s funny how people don’t seem to care right now. Just because it’s not Dean Ambrose who carries the belt around anymore. In fact, the commentators were talking about the “prestigious” title but since Sheamus won it against Dean Ambrose it’s more or less irrelevant. I mean, the United States championship title held by an Irishman? Give me a break. At least, he had to defend it today against Alberto Del Rio. And he did within a bit over eight minutes. Very annoying part here was JBL remembering us all that these two know each other so well – thrice!

Seth Rollins fanboys on Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrose After a lengthy replay once again from basically all that happened between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, Super Cena, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H at MITB, Seth Rollins came out to his noise for a promo inside the ring. His speech was more or less directed towards Super Cena as a threat that he will be the new face of the WWE because every MITB briefcase holder in the past would have had cashed in at any stage. That wasn’t the entire truth because it was in fact Super Cena himself who couldn’t cash in at his opportunity. But since the WWE champion at the time was no other than CM Punk, this fact was thrown under the table. Opportunity missed by WWE because that could have been a nice fact to mock Cena about.

Anyway, Dean Ambrose couldn’t stand his delusional speech anymore. So, he came out to tell his former brother right this. He started with a variation of what he had to say on Monday night RAW. We got to see some footage from what happened afterwards with Seth Rollins’ failure to cash in. And then he went on with this:

“Watch that footage. Watch that footage. And watch it over and over and over again. Because that’s your life for the next year. Do you think that briefcase is a blessing? No, that briefcase is a curse. Cause it’s every excuse I need to ruin your life, to ruin your future, to ruin that precious face of WWE.”

During this promo it was fun to watch Seth Rollins desperately trying to hold his act together. I don’t know what happened inside the arena while said footage was shown. But when cameras were on Seth Rollins again it was pretty clear that he was in some mood to burst out in laughter any time soon. Could also be that him laughing was indeed in character to show Ambrose that he thought that he was a laugh to him but he just didn’t act this way. So, he tried to collect himself but was still grinning when he answered Ambrose:

“Yeah? You think I care? You think I care if you show that video over and over and over? Look, I know you better than anybody. And I know you don’t have what it takes to keep that up for a year. You got lucky on Monday night. You can’t keep that up for a year. And you can’t stop me from cashing in that contract and becoming the next WWE World Heavyweight champion.”

A few days ago I’ve read some fabulous idea / prediction / fantasy scenario for what’s to come between Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and this briefcase. Unfortunately I’ve lost the link because it was late at night when I’ve read it and can’t find it again anymore. But I do remember the scenario: The idea was that this feud between Ambrose and Rollins was too good to just have a finish at a minor PPV. So, it has to end at Wrestlemania 31 next year. Roman Reigns will be the new WWE World Heavyweight champion and Seth Rollins wants to cash in immediately. But he is distracted by the music of Dean Ambrose who eventually doesn’t come out. But that’s enough for Reigns to spear Rollins and to retain his new belt collection. Afterwards, Dean Ambrose indeed comes out to tell Rollins that now both of them were even.

I have to say that this is one superb scenario I’d really like to see (except for Reigns holding the belt collection). But, there is something in it that makes it impossible: time. Because Wrestlemania 31 only happens to be on 29 March 2015. That would be another eight months for this feud to continue. And that’s just unrealistic. I don’t doubt that Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins could keep it interesting. But I doubt that WWE creatives and also the WWE Universe have the patience to stand such a long feud. The feud between Dean Ambrose and William Regal did indeed last for almost a year. But that was an on and off feud. If Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are part of basically every WWE show from now on, that would be too much for an almost a year lasting feud.

But, why waiting for Wrestlemania 31? What about Summerslam on 17 August 2014? There is already a WWE WHC match announced for Battleground: a Fatal-4-way match between current champ Super Cena, Randy Orton, Kane, and Roman Reigns. Same scenario as written above: Reigns wins, Rollins wants cashing in but Ambrose interferes, so Reigns stays champ while Rollins loses his briefcase. And at Summerslam Dean Ambrose gets his one-on-one match against Seth Rollins. Sure, Summerslam isn’t as prestigious as Wrestlemania but it’s a very close second.

It’s just one little piece I miss about this feud so far: the actual match between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. And not just one but two – like it happened in the Ambrose / Regal feud. the first match Ambrose has to lose but gets his re-match which he wins and this will be the end of the feud. There needs to be a PPV for both of these matches. And here, once again Wrestlemania 31 comes to mind. Maybe, time all of a sudden is some advantage for this feud, so it can be molded into a back and forth feud with this first match between the two guys taking its time until it actually happens. The WWE Universe will be all over it when it will happen in the end. So, this obviously needs some time. As of right now, I still hope that WWE creatives will do it right. And maybe, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are allowed to throw in own ideas to make this one of the greatest feuds ever happened.

Dean Ambrose But back to this actual SmackDown episode and what happened between Ambrose and Rollins after the latter doubted Ambrose’s abilities to keep his strategy going for one year. Dean Ambrose so just made his way towards the ring and just told Rollins:

“Of course, I can. I’ll start right now.”

A little brawl inside the ring followed but didn’t last for too long since Randy Orton came out to help his new buddy Seth Rollins. But that didn’t last for too long either because the new arranged Shield music hit. I slightly feared that it would take ages until Roman Reigns would have made it inside the ring but he didn’t came through the audience but from ramp-side to help Dean Ambrose. Commentators questioned why Reigns did get involved anyway. And also Triple H later wondered why Reigns had to stick his nose into everyone’s business. Well, it’s only been one month but we still know that The Shield once existed, alright? And we also know that Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns were part of it. So, there might be still some kind of connection between these two characters. You know, still brothers helping each other when it’s needed. But that’s supposed to be something The Authority will never understand. Loyalty and friendship that is.

Anyway, Triple H noticed again that Dean Ambrose was up for a fight. So, he’ll get one *looks towards Seth Rollins* against Randy Orton and that was supposed to be the main event of SmackDown. Reigns was banned from ringside for this match. Otherwise he would lose his spot in the Fatal-4-way match on Battleground. The only thing that angered me a bit was that Reigns’ music was played when Orton and Rollins were thrown outside the ring. I mean, he was only there to help; but the segment itself was all about Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins. I’m really glad that Dean Ambrose and Reigns are on different schedules from now on. So, we might get to listen to Dean’s music more often. And I have to say that I really like it now.

What are Stardust and Goldust talking about?
As for the next segment that followed, I can’t say that much. It was a backstage promo by Stardust and Goldust. And I just don’t have any idea what they were talking about. Something about the universe, stars and dust. I just don’t know. I quite liked the gimmick at the start but this is not just becoming crazy; it’s becoming weird. And I think that this tag team won’t be there forever if nothing changes.

In another backstage interview Roman Reigns told us that he won’t throw away his Fatal-4-way match spot. And after that Bo Dallas extended his winning streak to 12-BO against Diego of Los Matadores. Like it’s some ritual already, the match only lasted for just over one minute. And after the win, Bo Dallas taunted El Torito talking crap about his height, that he will grow if he only BOlieves. Bit of assault on El Torito and that was that.

Chris Jericho wants to be crazy
Next up was Chris Jericho inside the ring to talk about the attack by The Wyatt Family on past RAW. First of all, he had to thank the Wyatts because they got him back to reality, back to the WWE business, so to speak, where you can’t trust anybody. So, back from the Rock ‘N’ Roll circus, he challenged the Wyatts to be as crazy as they want. Because he was going to be even crazier. It’s the Crazy Era now, I suppose.

The Wyatts answered immediately via the Titantron. And Bray maybe wanted to fear Chris Jericho with telling him that people call him Bray Wyatt but he’s got many names and many faces. Ooh, the devil gimmick once again. I’m sure, Chris Jericho knows how to deal with the devil. But first, he’ll have to deal with one even more annoying character: on coming RAW Chris Jericho will have a match against The Miz who came out instead of Bray Wyatt, just to get hit with Jericho’s Codebreaker.

Cesaro is on some kind of a mission
Just a few days ago I’ve read that WWE Superstars are told that they should be more aggressive during matches, that they should hit punches more effectively. It’s probably this strategy that caused more injuries recently. And also the over-aggressive behaviour by Cesaro recently. Today he was scheduled for a match against Big E. But this match didn’t happen. Instead, Cesaro went straight for Big E to assault him for almost two minutes until some referees stopped this brawl. Chairs were involved; commentators called Cesaro a man possessed and that was almost a repeat of what happened to Kofi Kingston on RAW. I just hope that WWE don’t want to make Cesaro this over-aggressive brawler like he is at the moment. As of right now his behaviour doesn’t make any sense. And if one’s behaviour doesn’t make any sense, the audience will lose interest very soon. I fear that Cesaro, who is incredibly entertaining when used properly, will be buried because WWE creatives don’t have any idea how to make the most out of him.

Just a few words on the segment that followed up next: AJ Lee against Eva Marie. WWE obviously wanted to punish AJ with one crap opponent. Otherwise I couldn’t understand why Eva Marie, who hasn’t got any wrestling abilities at all, got a match against AJ. At least, that lasted for just over one minute, AJ Lee won and Paige, who was on ringside, applauded her almost sarcastically. Hopefully, we’ll get a real, lengthy match between these two in the very near future.

Damien Sandow is Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen
I would have loved to see more of The Boss but more than a greeting to the crowd:

“Hey, New Jersey, is anybody alive down there?”

Sandow wasn’t allowed to say because Rusev’s music immediately was played, Rusev got rid of The Boss only for Lana to start her usual in-ring promo. Of course, Jack Swagger came out with Zeb Colter who did some kind of a history quizz with Lana. When finally all four men and woman were inside the ring, the promo went on with a bit of teasing and staring. I have a feeling that I start becoming quite disinterested in this story.

Dean Ambrose Meanwhile backstage, we witnessed Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton prepare for their match against each other that was up next. Sidenote here: I admire Dean Ambrose for several reasons. But probably the most for him never marking out during any segments except when he’s around some of his heroes. He always stays in character, never messes up a promo. Maybe that’s also because he’s done this gimmick now for almost his entire career plus puts in some autobiographical stuff in it, but it’s still awesome how authentic he is.

Dean Ambrose is crazy but fun to watch

Don't mind. Just selling my left shoulder.
Don’t mind. Just selling my left shoulder.
For this match, Seth Rollins was on commentary again. He’s on commentary for every single Ambrose match now, isn’t he? It would be great if he’d have something different to tell us. But he just keeps repeating himself, telling us that he himself created The Shield and that Dean Ambrose is insane who only works at best when Rollins controls him. If that continues then I’m afraid that at some stage it will get boring as well. I understand that Rollins needs to be out there, so he can distract Ambrose with just his presence. He also is always attacked by Ambrose, so Rollins can justify any humiliation he comes up on Ambrose afterwards. I also understand that Dean Ambrose doesn’t do commentary during matches of Seth Rollins at the moment because he has to attack him surprisingly and out of nothing. Wouldn’t work this way if he was sitting on ringside already. It would just be nice to get some variation. Plus: Dean Ambrose on commentary is always a thing of beauty and something you don’t miss at any costs. So, do it, WWE, reverse the roles for some WWE episodes: make Dean Ambrose doing commentary. He can still interfere into matches, also out of nothing.

Dean Ambrose As for the match between Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton, it was a good 11:28min match until Seth Rollins caused disqualification with hitting Dean Ambrose’s left shoulder with his MITB briefcase. Dean Ambrose got a lot of beating during the match, also sold his shoulder injury quite maniacally. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I really enjoyed that. He’s just the best when it comes to selling. And he’s just so good that Seth Rollins always marked out and showed concern when caught on camera. He still needs to grow into his role as enemy of Dean Ambrose. Right now, he still admires him a bit too much.

Dean Ambrose It was probably this little gem when JBL on commentary couldn’t hide anymore that he enjoyed watching Dean Ambrose in saying that he is crazy but fun to watch. It was actually for the first time since Dean Ambrose turned face with The Shield that I’ve heard something positive from the heel commentator about Dean Ambrose. For me, this was just some goose-bumping scene because Dean Ambrose turned around without any haste, also the cameras were well positioned and his jump over the announcers table was well timed and great to watch as well. Just one smooth movement. Like I already said in some previous review: I enjoy the little details.

Another thing I’ve looking to was that Dean Ambrose indeed announces his finisher with slapping himself into his face. Only for this time it didn’t work because Orton was able to counter. And shortly after, Seth Rollins hit him with his briefcase like I’ve already mentioned before. Then, Dean Ambrose was brought inside the ring again, Seth Rollins and Randy Orton removed his shoulder tape and Rollins was about to finish Ambrose off with jumping on his shoulder when Reigns came out again to save Ambrose. And again, after Rollins and Orton fled the ring, Reigns’s music was played to close this episode of SmackDown.

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