Kane is a lap-dog and a bitch +++ Harper & Rowan only win the meaningless matches against The Usos +++ And now for the Match of the Century +++ Fandango distracts Ziggler with his dance +++ Damien Sandow is Bret “The Hitman” Hart +++ Y2J can’t wait for his match against Bray Wyatt +++ Paige fangirls on AJ Lee +++ Seth Rollins can’t cash in – again

There was no promo today. Just some sleazy muttering and insulting Randy Orton.
There was no promo today. Just some sleazy muttering and insulting Randy Orton.

Kane is a lap-dog and a bitch

My feelings during the first segment of RAW.
My feelings during the first segment of RAW.
After some replay snippets from the explosion the former Shield members caused at the latest WWE shows, for some reason Roman Reigns kicked off RAW with a promo inside the ring. And the suggested hashtag for Twitter to talk about was #RomanIsRaw. Really, at first it was quite annoying. Now, I’ve only got a pale grin for it. Let it go, WWE, I won’t jump the Roman ship. The only effect this hard pushing for Reigns on me has, you’d guess it, me turning towards Dean Ambrose even more. And this episode of RAW totally proved me right once again.

As for the actual content of Reigns’ promo (at least, he is able to remember what he had to say but still doesn’t make it like he means it) he was obviously talking about the Fatal-4-way match at Battleground. He was selling himself as the smart guy who got Triple H’s plan that Reigns would neutralize Super Cena with Kane making Orton champion again. But, of course, he, Super Reigns, wasn’t just able to recognize but will be able to get the belt collection anyway. Then Kane came out for a little staring at each other, and Reigns took the opportunity to manipulate Kane with calling him Triple H’s lap-dog and Randy Orton’s bitch. A little brawl between the two men later, Reigns got his spear on Kane. The funny part of this segment – and there was indeed one! – was that heel commentator JBL, who always bashes his foul mouth against the faces, praised Reigns into cloud nine. Like WWE does with Super Cena, they also over-push Super Reigns to a degree that is both, embarrassing and annoying.

Harper & Rowan only win the meaningless matches against The Usos
I have a feeling that we’ll need a tag team name for Luke Harper and Erick Rowan very soon. Because the two of them are more and more separated from their master Bray Wyatt. And not only this, they already have their own music and appear like this inside the ring. I still wonder how they are doing it inside the arena. Do they black out the whole arena (bar the emergency lights, of course)? Do Harper and Rowan hide under the ring for the whole show until their segment is about to happen? Or do they walk in for the live audience? Tell me, I’m really interested since I live in Europe with near to NIL percent of a chance to see a live show at the moment. The good part of the match of just over eight minutes was that Luke Harper got the win for his team. The bad part was that it wasn’t a title match.

After another ridiculously hyped promotion for the WWE Network, there was a backstage segment with Kane and Randy Orton first. Then Seth Rollins strolled by to create some tension. And when he had left, Kane and Orton admitted to the other guy that they would hate each other. It’s funny how the heels always hate each other but the faces almost certainly stand by each other. If that would be reality in the real world, we wouldn’t have any problems. But that said, we all probably have a different opinion about what’s good and what’s bad. But this is philosophy and not wrestling.

Anyway, I think with this little backstage segment we were teased for the possibility that Seth Rollins’ betrayal on The Shield indeed could have been fake to undermine The Authority from the inside. And that all will culminate in Super Reigns will get the WWE WHC belt collection while Dean Ambrose ends up with retaining the United States championship again and Seth Rollins the Intercontinental championship. How about teaming up Dean Ambrose with Reigns for just one match to gain the Tag Team championship, too? I know, this is some ridiculous scenario already but at least the part with the WWE WHC belt collection will indeed become true. And when Seth Rollins finally will be able to cash in his contract because Dean Ambrose was beaten up backstage before, he’ll refuse to do so because this whole split scenario was only supposed to make Reigns the champion. I’m sure that this will happen. I’m not happy about it but at this stage this is the only possible scenario for me. Unless, creatives change their minds again. Wouldn’t be for the first time.

The next segment was quite hitting us all with Triple H’s sledgehammer for guessing the outcome: Alicia Fox was supposed to have a match against Nikki Bella but there was a stipulation. Both competitors should have one hand tied against their backs. Of course, Nikki Bella allowed the referee to do exactly this. But Alicia Fox had no intention to accept this as well. Instead, she went for Nikki Bella without the match was even started to beat her up. The referee though wasn’t very helpful for Nikki to save her from the furious Alicia Fox. And commentators made up their own theories that Alicia Fox could have been sent out by The Authority to punish Nikki for the behaviour of her sister Brie. After some beer (?) spilling on Nikki Bella, the referee finally untied her and this segment was over.

The next segment was supposed to be another lengthy ode on Vladimir Putin but RVD interrupted Lana very quickly. And his match with Rusev lasted indeed for almost five minutes. Still, Rusev won and because it was RVD, his opponent wasn’t made totally weak. The reason behind this – and his match against Super Reigns on SmackDown later this week – obviously was to further push Rusev’s invincible status. So, his loss against the Real American Jack Swagger on Battleground will be even more celebrated. What honour will Swagger receive for his win, btw? I mean, Rusev got his Gold Star Medal. Or will Swagger receive this very medal from Rusev? And the next opponent who’ll defeat Swagger will get the medal from him. I could go on with this, but there are more important things to write about.

And now for the Match of the Century

Come on, Randy, take my arm home with ya!
Come on, Randy, take my arm home with ya!
Hey, if WWE hypes Super Reigns on every single occasion, I am pretty much able to do the same for Dean Ambrose. It certainly wasn’t Match of the Century what both men have done to each other within 16:17 minutes but it was very close. And this is also exactly this what you get when you put Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton together in the ring. I now want a steel cage street fight no holds barred 40 minutes match. Thank you! PS. With William Regal as referee.

The hashtag of the match was #OrtonVsAmbrose and I was slightly surprised that it wasn’t #RandyVsAmbrose. Like I already said, this match was by far the longest of this episode of RAW and with a long distance to the second placed also the best. It had just everything: bit of teasing and mocking by Dean Ambrose at the beginning; selling his shoulder for the entire match and creating the story of the match out of it; some fun by Dean Ambrose, especially when he countered the beating in the corner to show Randy Orton how it’s done right; this scene with the chairs whom Dean Ambrose threw inside the ring; the overall very entertaining action outside the ring; and there was the figure-four lock made really interesting by both men.

Dean Ambrose And this hold led to this what you can see on the left side. The supposed botch by Dean Ambrose. Actually I think it was more a botch by Randy Orton with him standing too far from the corner so Dean Ambrose wasn’t able to do his move. Since Randy Orton’s knee was hurt from the figure-four, Dean Ambrose obviously wanted to hurt it even more. So, he was supposed to do his dropkick to the knee. But he didn’t do it. Instead he just jumped back into the ring and it didn’t look pretty well for Dean Ambrose, of course. But from that far away he couldn’t tell Randy Orton that he should move a bit nearer to him so he had to cancel the move. At least, he could sell it with his Lunatic Fringe gimmick. Shortly after this, Dean Ambrose announced his finisher again with self-slapping. But Dirty Deeds didn’t happen. Instead it was the start of the very intense last three minutes of the match outside the ring. And finally back inside the ring, Dean Ambrose was able to counter Randy Orton twice before he had to eat the RKO from his Pendulum Lariat. And Randy Orton got the win.

PS. Referee Charles Robinson is a joy to watch. I’d like to have him as referee for every match Dean Ambrose is involved! You can watch him and the actual match, of course, here:

Fandango distracts Ziggler with his dance
After Super Cena vs Super Reigns had happened backstage, we got an almost five minutes long match between Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler for a match against Sheamus at Battleground for the U.S. title. Fandango was on commentary, told us that he should be in that match and later distracted Ziggler with his dancing on the announcers table for Del Rio to win. Needless to say that Sheamus will retain his title.

We got another weird Stardust & Goldust promo backstage and after that Fandango was seen backstage as well, together with Layla who wanted to know if he was jealous on Ziggler because of Summer Rae. The latter then was seen teasing Fandango while Layla supposedly didn’t see what happened in her back. I’m sure, the both of them already worked together for the big showdown on coming SmackDown.

Damien Sandow is Bret “The Hitman” Hart

For the next segment, Jerry Lawler was inside the ring to announce Bret “The Hitman” Hart as a special guest. Since we were in Montreal, Canada hw got a big pop, of course. Now, Bret told us that he was ready for a last match and he couldn’t wait for his opponent. And, drum-roll, Damien Sandow came out to Bret Hart’s music as his latest incarnation: Bret “The Hitman” Sandhart. Damien Sandow looked pretty good in pink / black and after some insulting of Bret Hart, he got punched by him plus had to lose against Sheamus. But, hey, at least he finally got another match. And it even lasted for almost five minutes.

Y2J can’t wait for his match against Bray Wyatt
For the next segment there was another annoying character backstage: The Miz. His match against Chris Jericho lasted almost six minutes with Jericho winning. Sorry for not writing much more about the match itself but I just can’t stand watching any matches with The Miz involved. So, I’m basically very much looking forward to Y2J’s match against Bray Wyatt on Battleground. The latter came out to tease this match, Jericho went his way outside the ring to get his hands on him already but backed away when Harper & Rowan appeared once again.

Paige fangirls on AJ Lee
The next match was one big fangirling segment from Paige on AJ Lee. It was announced as a tag team match when The Funkadactyls were already inside the ring. Then first Paige came out to announce AJ Lee by herself. That was even worse than the hype Super Cena gets all the time. After almost three minutes Paige & AJ Lee had won and the final break-up for The Funkadactyls began. The most ridiculous aspect of this match was that there will be a match between Paige and AJ Lee for the Divas Title on Battleground. Just think about it.

Seth Rollins can’t cash in – again
After this we first got a little promo inside the ring with Cesaro and Paul Heyman. Heyman started in English but was soon interrupted by Cesaro who announced that Canadians in Quebec should be talked to in French. The crowd was quite delighted until Cesaro went on to insult them in French. He was then in a match against Kofi Kingston. And this finished like the week before: with a very short match of not even two minutes Kofi Kingston got the win surprisingly. And we probably all feared for Kofi that he had to take just another humiliation by Cesaro. Instead, Big E came out to save his brother. And that was obviously a teaser for a match between Cesaro and Big E.

Up next was another backstage promo with Super Cena and Seth Rollins for their main event match later on and Seth even had to say that he’ll beat “you, the greatest WWE champion of all times”. This is really rubbish, WWE, because when it comes to the greatest WWE champion of all times no-one would really consider John Cena for this title. So, why keep saying that (or let say) and embarrass not only the real great guys who are great on the mic and in the ring for sure but also John Cena himself who gets hate exactly because of this strategy? I have written this before but I like to repeat myself on this issue: if you would give John Cena an edge, some kind of an Achilles’ heel, maybe there would be more cheers and less boos for your chosen guy. Just maybe. But without any there isn’t a tiny chance of it that boos will lower. Quite the opposite!

At least, when Seth Rollins was finished and Cena told him that he was full of crap that was a glimpse of self-irony by Cena. And it reminded me on the fact that we didn’t get a Dean Ambrose promo confrontation backstage with anyone bar Seth Rollins so far. Sure, he only has got his feud with Seth Rollins right now and maybe he’s just too crazy to hang out with some faces backstage. But the main reason probably is that creatives just don’t have any idea.

And after another useless win by Bo Dallas against El Torito of all animals, the previous teased match between Super Cena and Seth Rollins took place. It progressed to minute eight when Kane came out to distract Super Cena. But it was Randy Orton who caused disqualification with attacking Cena. No bell was rang by the way to finish the match. Reigns also came out, of course. So, we had our four competitors for the Battleground Fatal-4-Way match. At some stage, Seth Rollins hit Cena with the briefcase and he realized that he got another chance to cash in. Charles Robinson was told so but before he could start the “match”, Dean Ambrose once again came out to attack Seth Rollins and beat him out of the arena. Still, The Authority wasn’t able to put Dean Ambrose out of action while Dean Ambrose didn’t wait until the bell was rang. For the very finish of this episode of RAW, Super Cena and Super Reigns were standing tall inside the ring, playing around with the reactions of the audience.

And for all you people who have made it so far with reading, I’ve got a special page for you. It’s a thread from the Reddit wrestling page Squared Circle, called “My psychiatrist best friend had a few words about Dean Ambrose after his promo on Raw” and this is pretty interesting when you are interested in psychology and, well, in Dean Ambrose. We all know that he is a master when it comes to his crazy gimmick but reading about people arguing if he only plays it or if he is legitimate crazy, is quite amazing. Because that’s it basically: acting believable and make people wonder if you are just acting or if you are nuts for real. He couldn’t wrestle or cutting promos like he does if he was insane for real. That’s for sure. But he makes it that believable that you are just in awe when you are into little details like I am.

And today’s Gif credit goes to: cherrybubbles55 / m0xbrose / Wrestling With Text.


4 thoughts on “RAW 14/07/07: If Roman Reigns is RAW, then Dean Ambrose is the WWE

  1. Good article i love reading your articles but i got to say ever since the shield seperated Dean ambrose has silenced many of his haters on how his step up his game its great to watch it unfold he is by far the best face they got look at the pops it beats roman reigns compared to how he is booked his pops feel really organic. All the other faces are either a happy go lucky, goodie good goof like john cena or the super serious roman reigns but I am really annoyed at how the wwe book him he doesnt win often how does that work compared to roman reigns who is standing tall every week beating 3 guys every week and is super protected why dont they protect dean that ticks me off it seems to me he has to get the full crowd support in a similar way to Stone Cold,Cm punk and Daniel Bryan before wwe open they eyes


    1. First of all: thanks for your comment again. Very appreciated as always!

      And yes, with WWE just so over with looks it seems like they can’t see or won’t see that other guys are much better than the ones they like to sell us as being better. Saying that, I’ve always liked the guys or teams rated as underdogs or didn’t get the hype they deserve. On the other side, I always didn’t like the guys who got everything presented on a silver plate. And the more they are hyped the less I will care. This ridiculous treatment for Damien Sandow at the moment for example really got me over for him. WWE maybe wants him out of the WWE with this stupid change of gimmick every other week. The bad thing for the company is that Sandow is just great in every single one and I really enjoy it. But I loved his intellectual jerk gimmick much more, of course, and I’d wish for him to getting it back very soon.

      As for Reigns: I seriously just don’t care any more. I write my piece on it because, well, it happened and I like to express everything that happened in the shows. But I try to cut it very short. The funny aspect of booking Dean Ambrose right now is that in the logic of WWE only the winning guys will be over with the crowd. So, they constantly make Reigns win against as much people as possible while Dean Ambrose basically cost himself all his matches. I’m quite sure, he’ll also lose against Rollins at Battleground or he will cost himself the match again with hitting him with a chair or something like that. But most crowds are smart and they will like what they like not what WWE tells them what they have to like.

      But, yes, Dean Ambrose haters are rarely seen these days. And this is some very satisfying aspect of the current Dean Ambrose booking.


  2. Wow poor Damien Sandow he is literally being buried he must of really done something to upset someone backstage but its amazing how he turn any ridicolous angle hes given into gold


    1. Well, he did his pipebomb against the company a few months ago on a RAW pre-show, I think. I haven’t seen it so far. Have to search for it. It could be that. Maybe it was something different. But whatever it was, WWE should really change their behaviour towards their wrestlers. It’s not some monarchy or even tyranny but sometimes it looks like that. From the outside it really looks like wrestlers don’t have to be an own brain and own opinions.


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