Dean Ambrose

The next PPV is rolling on and I’m doing just another preview. By now you already know perhaps that I really suck at predictions. Usually because I create my own storylines in my mind that will never happen but somehow that influence me thinking about the outcome of certain matches. The good thing is that even creatives, not to mention the wrestlers themselves, often don’t know until five minutes before a match, who is going to win. Take this here as just another possible storyline in an alternate dimension. It might not happen here but maybe somewhere else.

In almost good old tradition already, this article works like this: the lists contain all competitors of the matches. The competitor/s written in BOLD letters are my chosen favourites while the ones in red colour will be the actual winners. With twenty competitors in the Battle Royal match for the vacant Intercontinental Championship title I’ve done five groups of five resp. two competitors. It’s listed from ‘most likely to win the title’ to ‘basically irrelevant / only there to fill the number’.

Fatal-4-Way for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

  • Randy Orton
  • Kane
  • Roman Reigns

  • Dean Ambrose | Tokio, Japan With all the tension between Orton and Kane recently, with our knowledge that Cena’s presence is cancelled for upcoming WWE events due to him doing some filming and with Paul Heyman offering Triple H a Plan C backstage, the outcome for this match is hard to guess. Like it is usual for a PPV for quite some time now, there won’t be a title change, so Cena might stay champion, just for the following RAW him losing the belt in a Fatal-4-Way re-match probably. There is also still Seth Rollins with his briefcase but maybe he’ll have to sell his knee injury with him cashing in could be paused for a while. Initially I always think that this could be the time when Reigns could be handed the titles on a silver plate but maybe WWE wants to make him just a bit more famous and over with the audience, so Reigns won’t grab the titles (or just one title now, given Cena basically presented Ric Flair the WHC belt during past RAW). Kane may not help Orton the way he did Rollins; the two of them might eliminate each other for the outcome of this match. So, most certainly it will be another showdown between Super Cena vs Super Reigns with Cena retaining.

20-men Battle Royal for the vacant Intercontinental Championship

  • Cesaro | SHEAMUS | Bo Dallas | Rob Van Dam | Alberto Del Rio
  • Kofi Kingston | The Miz | Dolph Ziggler | Curtis Axel | Ryback
  • Fandango | R-Truth | Great Khali | Big E | Heath Slater
  • Diego (Los Matadores) | Xavier Woods | Zack Ryder | Titus O’Neil | Sin Cara
  • Damien Sandow | Adam Rose

    Dean Ambrose | Osaka, Japan The most exciting aspect for this match is that Wade Barrett will hand over his title to the actual winner, probably telling him some bad news according to him most certainly coming back very soon to demand his re-match and take his title back. Could be that Wade Barrett will come back as face since he’s practically one of the most popular guys right now but still considered as a heel. If that will come true, the winner has to be a heel and who better than Cesaro could that be? I’m just afraid that the push for him recently is on its way back down. And WWE as of right now likes less title belts in the company, my guess is Sheamus to unify the U.S. belt and this IC belt. Another interesting but negative aspect about this match is the previous inclusion of Damien Sandow and Adam Rose who aren’t part of it any more. Can’t think of them got injured during this ridiculous live commercial at past RAW, so one certain Kevin Dunn might have told Vince that both of them aren’t worthy. This man has to go, really! If you can’t see the potential of both, Damien Sandow and Adam Rose, then you should be no-where near a wrestling company. None of all of them!

Mr Money In The Bank vs The Lunatic Fringe
Dean Ambrose / Seth Rollins | Osaka, Japan

  • Dean Ambrose

    Dean Ambrose | Osaka, Japan It won’t be with any surprise to my humble readers that this is the match I’m looking forward to this Sunday. The question now is if both of them are forced to sell their respective injuries: for Dean Ambrose basically his whole body but most of all his left shoulder and his head (sounds ridiculous for someone who is called The Lunatic Fringe, I know!); Seth Rollins possibly a knee injury. And this could result for them not made able putting the match inside the squared circle both of them would be capable of. Just because of one reason: so they can’t take away too much attention from the actual main event of the show: the Fatal-4-Way.

    The outcome of this match has almost certainly to be Seth Rollins to be the winner, and this with some cheating or distraction in any kind of way. Could also be disqualification in case Dean Ambrose uses a chair or a Kendo stick or some other item to hit on Seth. And afterwards Dean Ambrose will be even more obsessed with Seth Rollins, wanting another match but to other conditions: steel cage would be great, so no-one from the outside, i.e. The Authority, could interfere; also very much needed would be a No Disqualification stipulation and / or No Holds Barred. Also great: two out of three falls, because a match like this could be very long. And what better than Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins in a 30-minute match (or even longer)? But these are possibilities for the far future. As for Battleground and this very match, I’d really love for Dean Ambrose to win this one, primarily because of all the recent beating he had to suffer at the hands not only of Seth Rollins but the whole Authority. So, a win is overdue. But like I said: the fans will be orgiastic for Dean on coming shows if he has to suffer just another injustice. And this will certainly happen.

The Bulgarian Brute vs The Real American

  • Rusev (w/ Lana)
  • JACK SWAGGER (w/ Zeb Colter)

    Dean Ambrose | Osaka, Japan The set-up for this match was actually planned for months. Because what else could be more fitting to send out a Real American against the hero of Russia? And, yes, I’m also looking forward to this match. Jack Swagger will certainly win but I basically hope for a match that lasts for around ten minutes. And just imagine Zeb Colter and Lana bickering at each other like little children in the playground. This match is scheduled for fun. I will probably die laughing here.

The Eater of Worlds vs The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla

  • Chris Jericho

    Dean Ambrose | Osaka, Japan This match comes a bit too early in my opinion because Chris Jericho isn’t ready so far to put on a great match. But PPVs always were mediocre at best, right? But since this feud has just started a few weeks ago, I think Chris needs to lose to step up his game and put on a great show in the re-match. Hopefully, Bray Wyatt won’t talk that much at Battleground. Initially I liked his promos but recently I find them highly annoying because he’s got no variation in his style. It’s always this wrongly breathed talking and his so-called riddles are basically meaningless right now. Stardust & Goldust making more sense than Bray Wyatt at the moment.

Tag Team Championship (two / three falls)

  • The Usos

    Dean Ambrose | Osaka, Japan Somehow I doubt that there will be a title change at this PPV (like it was the case for the last PPVs as well) but I still prefer The Wyatts to get the titles. And, who knows, maybe to surprise anyone WWE could make this title change at a PPV come true. You just never know. I only hope that if The Wyatts lose that we won’t get just another re-match between these two factions at the next PPV. Because that would be really boring.

Divas Championship

  • AJ LEE
  • Paige

    Dean Ambrose | Osaka, Japan For the last few WWE shows, AJ Lee and Paige acted quite friendly against each other. Maybe – and hopefully – at Battleground it will be all about their real feelings for each other. So, we could have a great match for the title which AJ Lee will certainly retain (does she already have another tattoo for the date she got the Divas title for the second time?), if they are allowed to. At least, I still wait for the first really good match from AJ Lee. Except for many short matches and longer ones when Tamina Snuka did all the work, I haven’t seen anything from AJ that would have impressed me. Actually, chances are basically 50 / 50 for Paige to win the match and the title as well. Because that could fuel their feud. But there is still this unwritten rule as of late that there shouldn’t be a title change at a PPV. So, I root for AJ Lee only because of this.

Battle of the former Funkadaktyls

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