Match of the night was the first one +++ Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins, part 1 +++ Good Divas match horrendously misplaced +++ Russia is still better than the United States +++ Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins, part 2 +++ Chris Jericho’s win isn’t best for business +++ Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins, part 3 +++ However, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news +++ Only Paul Heyman’s ‘Plan C’ is able to save us from the WWE WHC title stasis

Dean Ambrose collage

Match of the night was the first one
Sine every RAW after a PPV will be epic, phenomenal and spectacular, I will keep this review short. Or at least, I’ll try to keep it short. Because, honestly, I await now this Plan C, Paul Heyman was talking about, as Brrrock Lesnarrr – that’s no big surprise, I know. But what about this: send Brrrock after Dean Ambrose to get finally rid of him. And the both of them pull out a match that the WWE haven’t ever seen? But because Dean Ambrose is a cockroach that is almost unable to kill, he will somehow survive to attack Rollins on the RAW next week when Rollins wants to cash in again. That would certainly make up for some disappointments we had to suffer on Battleground.

The first match of the night wasn’t a disappointment though. I had almost enough of these Usos vs Wyatts matches. But this one was actually great. The best match of the night by far. The first thing I thought about the match was: Is there an actual seller for these stained tank tops Luke Harper is wearing? Or does he have his own fashion line? Someone needs to ask him that question. It’s really amazing: his new tank looked almost identical to the last one that Chris Jericho had ripped into pieces.

But this time it was against The Usos for the Tag Team Championship. I knew that it was a 2-out-of-3 falls match but since stipulations and variations are rarely seen these days in WWE shows, after the first fall created by Harper, I was in joy for one second. Because then I remembered that The Wyatts needed two falls to win the titles. Certainly now The Usos came from behind, got the two falls and retained their title belts. Like I said before: no title change at a PPV (and it went on like this) but I still had wished for The Wyatts to get these belts. At least, they put on a great show and though were at fault that it was all a downfall from now on.

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins, part 1
Dean Ambrose The very next match was scheduled to be Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins and the first thing I’ve thought about this announcement was: “Already?” Because I really had expected this match a bit later on. We got a lengthy review on the betrayal of Seth Rollins on The Shield. This video was actually a good one but everyone was looking forward to see that match, of course. But before that we got to see Seth Rollins backstage with Tom Phillips. Seth talked about Dean Ambrose as this cockroach he finally wanted to stomp out. He knows he’s hard to finish off but he went on to talk about his briefcase and that Tom would most certainly look at the next WWE…

He couldn’t finish his sentence because from the off there came the flying cockroach to brawl his way with Seth into some backstage equipment that always seems to be at hand when something like this happens. A lamp was thrown by Dean Ambrose just before Triple H came out of nowhere to tell the referees and security guys that they should throw Dean Ambrose out of the arena so he couldn’t screw off the PPV. And because of that the match between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins was apparently off.

Good Divas match horrendously misplaced
Back inside the arena there was a lot of disbelief around the announcers table. Talk wasn’t very clear if the match was indeed called off. It certainly wasn’t up next because both competitors were temporarily unavailable. So, when Paige’s music hit I instantly thought that this was some horrendous booking / writing of the show. Because the crowd was basically pissed off due to Ambrose vs Rollins apparently being called off. And instead they would have a Divas match. It didn’t really matter that these were the best two Divas at this time. The crowd just didn’t care that much as they would have if Ambrose vs Rollins would have been happened.

As of right now when I’m writing this stuff here, I have thought about the scenario, the possibilities for Ambrose vs Rollins now that will most certainly show off at Summerslam. But at the show, when I have watched it live, I couldn’t care less about Paige vs AJ Lee. So, I haven’t seen much of it. It lasted for around eight minutes. And the good thing about it probably was that there weren’t any CM Punk chants. And because there isn’t any title change at a PPV, AJ Lee certainly retained her title.

Russia is still better than the United States
Up next was a little tete-a-tete backstage between Randy Orton and Kane. Because Orton was slightly afraid that Kane couldn’t be on his side during the Fatal-4-Way match. So, he apologized for his recent behaviour and hoped for Kane doing the same. But the devil’s favourite demon refused and the situation was the same like before.

Before the match between Rusev and Jack Swagger could start, there needed to be just another promo between Lana and Zeb Colter. And there was some controversy because Lana apparently referring to MH17, the airplane that was shot down over Ukraine, when she asked the audience if they would blame Russia for “ongoing events”. Praise of Putin again. And maybe because WWE creatives don’t know anything other Russia related than Putin, this storyline probably will go on longer than we want to. The match itself was still a bit overshadowed with me slightly disappointed that we wouldn’t get a match between Ambrose and Rollins. So, I only caught the finish when Swagger’s head met the ‘steel’ post from outside the ring and the referee counted to ten for Rusev to win via count-out. I really thought that Swagger would win but he wasn’t made too weak. So, he’ll probably win their next encounter.

Again, there was a backstage promo with Stardust & Goldust talking about some riddles hidden in an alternate reality. And I was asking myself the whole time: When will they get another match? Or are they trapped in said alternate reality and can’t find their way back to our reality where WWE exists? We’ll apparently never know.

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins, part 2
Dean Ambrose Seth Rollins received a good heel heat when he came out next to his noise and said inside the ring that he’ll accept his win via forfeit but wants it officially announced with some arm raising. He got his demand granted, left the ring but right there something started that made up for the cancelled match. It’s not really the case that we were robbed off one because we got some entertaining brawl instead. But the people who were actually in the crowd or have paid for this PPV to basically see this one match, were indeed robbed in some case. Robbed of a real match. They didn’t come for a brawl through the audience that continued on ringside with at times twelve men needed to get Dean Ambrose away from Rollins. They paid for a match and got a brawl. Yes, it was a good brawl. But still no real match that could have easily lasted for twenty minutes. At some point both men were separated from each other, so the next real match could take place.

Chris Jericho’s win isn’t best for business
We then got a quarter of an hour that I also have only barely watched. I’m really sorry about that but I needed some tea at the time. What I have indeed seen was Jericho escaping from anything Bray Wyatt was throwing at him. And in the end, Jericho even got the win. End of feud? Because what else is in this feud except for another chance for Bray Wyatt to win? If Jericho wins this second match, too, then this will have been one of the most ridiculous storylines I have ever seen.

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins, part 3
Dean Ambrose

For the next segment I had to do this little Gif sequence. Because it very well looked like taken out of some horror / splasher movie. And given the real life fact that Dean Ambrose doesn’t like horror movies, he acts like he has watched hundreds of them to re-creates some shocker scenes. Actually, where else than in Seth’s car could he’d been hiding? Initially I thought he could have been on the back seats of the car. But the trunk was even more effective as you can see in the Gif below.

Dean Ambrose Obviously it wasn’t very clever from Seth Rollins to sent off his two bodyguards and then look around for like ages to basically invite Dean Ambrose to come out from his hiding place. Another brawl took place that ended up on top of Seth’s car, when Seth finally made it inside his car to drive off. The poor briefcase he left alone and it’s a shame really that creatives didn’t draw an angle where Dean Ambrose gets his hands on the briefcase to come out with it tomorrow on RAW to blackmail Seth with it. Or just taking some video footage from another hidden place where he talks at length about the briefcase and where Seth could find it. So, he needs to go after it and another brawl takes place. But since the RAW after a PPV is always quite good, maybe there is something else that’s similar enjoyable. Hopefully.

However, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news
What else did we have? Oh, right, the Battle Royal. It was indeed with Damien Sandow who was probably included because Rob Van Dam had missed out. And Fandango vs Adam Rose happened to be in the pre-show. So, these two also weren’t in for the title shot. Of course, Wade Barrett came out to announce that he’ll be there in time for his chance to take the title back from the new champion. And he was quite serious about it – not his usual cocky style self. The match itself wasn’t that exciting until only a handful were left. It’s always that way I feel about these matches. So, apparently Dolph Ziggler ended up with Sheamus who battled it out for the IC title. At least, it seemed so. Because when Ziggler got Sheamus eliminated, out of nowhere came The Miz to throw Ziggler outside the ring to finally win the belt. This one is basically dead now until Wade Barrett wakes it up again.

Only Paul Heyman’s ‘Plan C’ is able to save us from the WWE WHC title stasis
And finally there was the Fatal-4-Way match. I was quite split here: one one side I didn’t want Reigns to win; on the other I wanted him to win with the help of Dean Ambrose. But the latter didn’t came out again. And Cena retained. He won’t be at the RAW tomorrow because of his filming. And he won’t be around for a few weeks now. So, what’s the point in basically throwing these titles at Super Cena, WWE? Hand them over to a guy who is with the company all the time, who can actually represent these belts.

Dean Ambrose PS. First of all, WWE already had a teaser for Summerslam that also promoted Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. This snippet was quite good. Unlike these two polls, WWE had created while Battleground was still ongoing. The first poll asked if Triple H should have allowed the Ambrose vs Rollins match to go ahead. What a stupid question, really! What else than an overwhelming majority of WWE fans to have voted for the actual match have you expected? And the second one asked us what word besides lunatic would Dean Ambrose describe best? You could choose from unhinged, kooky, maniacal and eccentric. The latter got the most votes but all four words were quite even. So, my choice would have been: basically every word from above.

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