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My expectations for this show are exorbitant! I’m telling you. One of the reasons is that I’ll watch it live and go to work just two hours later. So, me basically putting myself in some sort of a jet lag needs to be worth it. Much will depend on Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins and I hope it is scheduled for as late as possible. On paper, most matches look interesting but most importantly are unique and not done already for a couple of times. This really could be a great PPV. After the disappointment that was Battleground, improvement isn’t very hard this time anyway.

In good old tradition already, this article works like this: the lists contain all competitors of the matches. The competitor/s written in BOLD letters are my chosen favourites while the ones in red colour will be the actual winners. For the Lumberjack match I also predict who will appear as the twenty lumberjacks. The pictures and the order of the matches I have taken from this site from WWE.

Lumberjack Match

  • Dean Ambrose
  • Lumberjacks: Cesaro | Damien Sandow (hopefully dressed as a lumberjack) | Luke Harper | Erick Rowan | Fandango | Curtis Axel | Ryback | Bo Dallas | Sami Zayn | William Regal (dressed as the Man’s Man, please!!) || Sheamus | Jimmy Uso | Jey Uso | Kofi Kingston | Goldust | Stardust | Zack Ryder | Mark Henry | Big Show | Adam Rose
    SummerSlam_Ambrose vs Rollins How long we had to wait for this match! And since Dean Ambrose will be most certainly off WWE for just over a month due to him filming his first movie, WWE this time will let this happen. But, Dean Ambrose maybe still appearing on RAW after SummerSlam but then being off that long, needs to be in mind for the speculation what might happen during their match at SummerSlam. Of course, the lumberjacks won’t just hang around outside of the ring, admiring and enjoying the match. One or another, or even all of them, will interfere at some stage, most likely at the end of the match that is rumored to last for around fifteen minutes. Not long enough for my liking; had hoped for at least twenty minutes. But you have to take what you get. And: rumors are just rumors and also plans can change just minutes before an actual match.

    So, lets just talk about the match itself. With these twenty lumberjacks lurking, I can’t see a clear winner here. I only have chosen Seth Rollins because a feud never ended with just one match. This feud needs another one, then with a clear winner in Dean Ambrose, which will finish this feud. But it’s a long path towards then. Much of the talk during their feud was about Dean Ambrose need to be locked away in an asylum because he’s a lunatic and insane and deranged etc. You name it. Or ask JBL for other crazy vocabulary. So, why not explain Dean Ambrose’s absence with him indeed locked away because of what will happen at SummerSlam? At RAW he could cut a really weird promo and some psychiatrists with straitjackets could take him away. Seth Rollins could have fun, thinking this was the end of it and then, somewhere after 21 September, Dean Ambrose will appear out of nowhere again to re-start their feud. Really, WWE, this is the perfect scenario! And dare you not to fuck this up!

    For stepping across the line of being “normal” crazy to “needed to get locked away” insane, Dean Ambrose has to lose this match in ridiculous circumstances. The lumberjacks will do their part and since basically all heels are more or less part of The Authority, Dean Ambrose will have more enemies waiting for him around the ring than Seth Rollins. In the world of WWE, you can buy everyone’s loyalty. But only the heels will do that. Anyway, I’m hoping for an interesting and entertaining match with one or two surprises and mainly Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins won’t disappoint me.

    EDIT: Have just read that there are rumors (yes, this ugly, ugly word!) Dean could be on for the main WWE shows during the filming, which means basically RAW and maybe some pre-filmed snippets on SmackDown, so the feud is able to continue. But I still think that he will lose because if Dean would get a clean win (highly impossible with all the lumberjacks around the ring), there was no real need for him still being after Seth. At least, with this scenario, the asylum idea might be off. Which would be a shame somehow.

Divas Championship

  • AJ LEE
  • Paige
    SummerSlam_AJ Lee vs Paige It’s really funny: the path towards SummerSlam was heavily prepared for Paige to get the title again: she’s getting under AJ Lee’s skin, get her crazy side out, make her lose simple matches. But in the end, AJ Lee will retain her title – again. But, at least, we could see a good fight for it.

The Ayatollah of Rock ‘N’ Rolla vs The Eater of Worlds

  • Chris Jericho
    SummerSlam_Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt Yeah, it’s Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt again. How exciting! Really, there is nothing else to say about. This feud was lame right from the start and it’s going on for far too long. Hopefully, it will be over on Sunday but I’m afraid that Bray Wyatt will win and Jericho could go for revenge despite having won the first match. I’m also afraid that creatives have just no idea how to use Bray Wyatt, so Y2J has to stay crazy for just a while longer.

Flag match

  • Rusev
    SummerSlam_Jack Swagger vs Rusev What better for the good old USA than a victory over Russia at SummerSlam? Really, there isn’t much prediction needed for this specific match. The legacy of America will be restored and everyone in the arena will be happy, except for Rusev and Lana. Will be interesting to see how Rusev will be used after this feud.

Intercontinental Championship

  • Dolph Ziggler
    SummerSlam_The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler The only thing I wish for this match is that it will be over very soon. Because I couldn’t care less. Like I’ve already written in my latest SmackDown review, Roman Reigns could be after the IC title after he’s finished with Randy Orton. So, in the end this could lead to Reigns vs Wade Barrett when the latter comes back to claim his belt. And since I’m going for no title change for this PPV (like I’ve guessed for a couple of PPVs before but still hoped for a surprise or two), Mizzz will retain his title and Dolph Ziggler will go back to mid-card.

Mr Nice Hair vs The Viper

  • Randy Orton
    SummerSlam_Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton At least, this could be a good match. But it could also be boring as hell. Depends on the mood and ability both men are in the very moment. Both had several matches against each other in live shows that were called not very exciting.So, I’m just hoping for a decent match. And, of course, Reigns will win, given all the beating and abuse he received recently.

Fired Forever -OR- Humiliated Principle Owner

  • Stephanie McMahon
    SummerSlam_Brie Bella vs Stephanie McMahon This one is quite hard to guess. But despite The Authority will do all the tricks possible to make Steph win, it will be Brie Bella in the end. Don’t ask me why. It’s just a feeling. And I still have a fifty-fifty chance, right? And from the pictures and little videos it seems that Steph can put on a really good fight. So, hopefully this will be a good match as well.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship

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