I should have known it +++ The Flag Match wasn’t a Flag Match +++ Just another Match of the Year contender +++ Blackout +++ The part-timer is handed another present

"I love you, alright? I love you, brother!" --DEAN AMBROSE.
“I love you, alright? I love you, brother!” –DEAN AMBROSE.

I should have known it
This time, my review will be a little bit different to the other ones. Most part will still be consumed by Dean Ambrose but I won’t say much about matches I’ve literally missed because of some reasons I’ll explain, of course, under the specific caption. And because RAW is about to start within one hour and I can only finish this review tomorrow, I will also try to keep it short this time. We will see how far I’ll get with this intention. So, it will be more of a personal entry than an actual review. Hope, you enjoy anyway.

First of all a few words on my personal experience with watching SummerSlam and any other PPV: this time I went to bed just before 10pm (far too late), went up again just before 2am just to see the last part of Hulk Hogan’s aggressive 9.99 promotion for the WWE Network. I still don’t really get if people will more likely get the Network when they see some aggressive self irony promotion for it. The only thing I get is that you talk about something that is permanently mentioned. Would be interesting to know about some statistics of the numbers of subscribers to the Network before and after WWE started with this self-promotion.

The first match of the night was between Mizzz and Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship. And here I have to say a few words about my prediction preview to SummerSlam. I just got 3 / 9 guesses right which is pretty normal for me. I’m terrible at such things because usually I’ve got too many of my own storylines in mind. Or maybe I should pay much more attention to other storylines like I do for Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins recently. Or I really thought that SummerSlam would end like any other PPV this year: with no title change. But this time, every title match did indeed saw a title change. And the first one happened to be in this very match. Dolph Ziggler got the Intercontinental Championship after a match of around eight minutes, I didn’t pay much attention about.

And the next title change came just in the next match: the new and second time Divas Champion is Paige with a win against AJ Lee. There were some decent moves in it but five minutes for a title match between these two was pretty low by creatives and WWE officials in general. I also don’t get it why this should mean the end of AJ Lee in WWE. Have seen rumors of her finally focussing on her private life with CM Punk, maybe starting a family or something like that. For a woman that loves wrestling so much, not very likely. She’ll definitely come back.

The Flag Match wasn’t a Flag Match
This supposed Flag Match was quite disappointing for my liking. Because I hoped for a match stipulation not just playing of the winner’s anthemn after the match. A real fight for the flag, something for honor and pride. Not this lame try with a few military people from a cavalry regiment to create some hype. I also don’t get why Rusev again won this match. I really like Rusev but for storyline reasons I just don’t get it. Because now it will continue what happens to last for too long already. I also wonder if Rusev has to carry this Russia bag with him for his entire career in WWE. I know, WWE wants to keep their storylines simple, so him being from Russia is easier to create some heat than refering to Thrace, for example, the old Roman province, the former Bulgaria. There is so much own history in Bulgaria to take from but instead, WWE goes for the easy way. And now this storyline continues. I’m not excited.

Just another Match of the Year contender
Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose I still have to update my guess for the lumberjacks, i.e. who was indeed involved and who not. William Regal, of course, wasn’t around. But this was just my little hint towards WWE to get him involved in some way or another. Even with his sickest heel antics, I would enjoy him more than Kane interfering in anything and everything, Seth Rollins is involved. It’s terrible, really, and highly annoying. For my liking, this creates not even real hate but only stops great matches or destroy opponents of Seth Rollins.

Much talk before this match was that virtually no-one could remember about one decent Lumberjack Match in the past. After this match they can remember one but not just a decent but an exellent one with much emotion and action all around the arena. Plus: the lumberjacks were involved in the match for exactly the right amount. So, the only official task for the lumberjacks was to get both opponents back inside the ring should they make their way outside. I have tried to watch the entire match for at least three times now but I always end up with wathcing the very finish over and over again. Because it was just everything. I’ll still try and I’ll have the time for that considered the end of RAW (that I roughly know so far) and I still need to watch the specific lumberjacks involvement into this match. At some point this got quite a bit confusing.

Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose This feud now reminds me very much on the Dean Ambrose vs William Regal one at FCW. Because his feud is so similar to the one Dean Ambrose now has got with Seth Rollins. He already had his feud with Seth Rollins at FCW but this one was overshadowed with the William Regal one, in my opinion. Back then, Dean Ambrose was “obsessed” with William Regal. But obsessed isn’t really the right word. I’d say he just wanted to be loved, have some meaningful part of his own little chosen family. William Regal was his chosen dad but Regal refused to play this part, so he got the full Ambrose power against him at the end. Now, Dean Ambrose has chosen Seth Rollins to be his brother. But he’s constantly pushed away. And at some point this will end up ugly, too. It’s hurting because everyone can associate with this storyline. Everyone has got a family and maybe many people have got this one person who they adore or want to be related with. But the person thinks he’s not worthy. And this hurts more than any lover you quit in your life. And it’s acted that intense by Dean Ambrose because it’s quite autobiographical to him. This is real in some way, it really comes from the heart. That’s why it’s so good.

Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose 1581 Within just eleven minutes this match lasted there was so much going on in intensity and emotions and action as well that I can’t write down all my thoughts about it. That would be far more than anything I have already written about it. But sometimes you don’t need to write much. Sometimes you just need to watch some little Gifs or a scene from a movie to understand the depth of a whole storyline. Like these Gifs I have put in here. Tumblr is full of Gif sets just around this little scene. It’s flooded basically. So, I had to choose one for my own little archives. I took this one with no particular reason. Maybe because there is no added commentary on them. So, you can concentrate on the very scene.

Dean Ambrose Dean Ambrose The match started off like you would expect: with Dean Ambrose going straight for Seth Rollins. A few times both men were thrown outside the ring and Dean Ambrose of the two was more against being touched and thrown back in because he wanted to do that himself because he had no reason to back off or flee the match, opposing to Seth Rollins. Around the middle of the match, Dean Ambrose chased Seth Rollins up through the crowd. And the lumberjacks at this point weren’t very helpful. Sidenote: add Rob Van Dam to the growing list of Dean Ambrose fanboys (also later on Heath Slater). So, Kane felt the need to come out and advice the lumberjacks to get both men back inside the ring. But for once this was a great idea because what followed was the best part of the whole match: first, Dean Ambrose – already back inside the ring – took out all lumberjacks that brought Seth Rollins back to him. Back inside the ring, Dean Ambrose announced his finisher in some kind of vintage gesture: imitating a gun shot to Seth Rollins’ head. In some way, I hope that this will be his usual announcing gesture when he comes back after filming “Lockdown”. But this time Dirty Deeds didn’t work because Seth Rollins countered with a scissor kick, just for Dean Ambrose to go for the Pendulum Lariat – one of the best I have ever seen from him, also due to the intense selling by Seth Rollins.

But, of course, Dean Ambrose couldn’t win the match with this move. Instead you could basically see his thinking process: I still need to come to terms what it means for me but you could see that he struggled with his decision making. He knew what he needed to do to finish Seth Rollins off: hitting his own Curb Stomp on him. He wanted this match to be over because it already hurt him too much, fighting his chosen brother. So, he told him that he loved him, placed a kiss to his forehead and hit the Curb Stomp on him. He wore his heart basically on his face afterwards and he would have won this match if Kane wouldn’t have interfered.

The emotion continued when Goldust stood up against Kane and hell broke lose after Kane hit Goldust. After some brawling between all lumberjacks, Dean Ambrose did the final cleaning of the ring from Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. But just one moment later, Seth Rollins hit the briefcase to Dean Ambrose’s head and that was it. Seth Rollins got his win and also commentary went fast to the next match. But because I’ve made up my very own continuation to this storyline after that, I’ve written a little text about their final match against each other. It’s called “When It Is Over” and you can find it with clicking the link. It’s really a massive storyline whith great depth and deep emotions that it’s quite a shame that Dean Ambrose is put off television for quite some time now.

This next match the commentators were so fast jumping at, was Bray Wyatt vs Chris Jericho. But, really, I couldn’t care less. Not because I’ve already seen it and this time basically knew that Bray Wyatt would win but also because my mind was still too much with the previous match that I just couldn’t pay attention. I was all over Tumblr and Dean-Ambrose-net to look after some Gifs resp. if I would have the chance to already watch the match again. I did have one or two glances to the ongoing show but there wasn’t much that was worth my attention. At least, I did notice that the match lasted for 13 minutes and Bray Wyatt indeed won it.

And then we had three matches left. First was Stephanie McMahon vs Brie Bella. Same game here: I wasn’t focussed really. But there were stell some points I noticed. First of all that this match lasted for a whopping eleven minutes. Quite much for a Divas match but, hey, one competitor is your principal owner of WWE and third generation McMahon, so… With her attire, Steph looked like the older sister of Seth Rollins and the parts of the match that I have seen, disappointed me mostly. The best scene of the whole match was Brie hitting Triple H, who certainly had to interfere at any point. Brie’s sister Nikki came out and, of course, turned on her to gift the win to Stephanie. The next one, who sold out to The Authority. Or bought in like the shirt of Seth Rollins says.

The second match before the show closed its doors was Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns. The end after around 17 minutes was hyped as the Roman Empire begins now. Yeah, I guess that’s why Dean Ambrose has to do this movie right now, so he can’t be a distraction or take away some fan support from Reigns. The most impressive thing I have seen in this match was Randy Orton countering the spear from Reigns into a RKO. Apart from this, the match wasn’t very exciting and I can’t remember anything specific even though I’ve paid a bit more attention to it than to the previous matches. And this match was one of the three matches, I knew who would be the winner. Of course, Reigns had to win.

The part-timer is handed another present
After the match, the crowd was chanting “Thank you, Lesnar” which I think was a bit harsh to the title, also a bit too much laurels for Lesnar himself. I was on his side but only because he was in a match against Cena. And now Lesnar holding the title again is only good for one person: Dean Ambrose. Because he doesn’t need to be around for the whole time now to prevent Seth Rollins from cashing in his briefcase. Brock Lesnar was the Plan C of The Authority to get the title back, so Lesnar is kind of associated with The Authority. Which means that Triple H & Co. will do anything to prevent for Seth Rollins cashing in on their own. Because the title is just really save in the hands of Brock Lesnar. Seth Rollins in realation isn’t really serious competition or worth a comparison. So, it’ll be interesting what will happen to Seth Rollins now and how he’s kept in a distance to Brock Lesnar and the title.

The Gifs for this review were made by cm-punk-rko / leyladona / thashield.

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