WWE makes John Cena even more hated +++ The Swiss Superman will go against the Irish Brawler for the U.S. title +++ Roman Reigns ruins the eulogy of Dean Ambrose +++ The cosmic key says: beat down The Usos +++ Damien Sandow is the stunt double of Mizzz +++ Kofi Kingston is one of us

“I was the leader of the most dominant group in the history of WWE, The Shield. And there is a reason that I handpicked Dean Ambrose to be a member of The Shield. Pain was never a factor of Dean; fear was never a factor for Dean Ambrose. Dean Ambrose was a courageous fighter. But last weak, I had to prove at his expense that once again that The Authority always wins. And now, with a heavy heart, I would like to take a look back at what happened in the match that you, that you, the WWE Universe, chose as a demise for Dean Ambrose… -[snippet from the last seconds of DA being alive; after that, SR breaks out in laughter]- …Can you imagine, can you imagine the moment of impact when I crushed Dean Ambrose’s skull, when I pulverized his head in those cinder blocks? I wonder what was going through his mind. D’you think that it even dawned on Dean Ambrose? That he was in way over his head? D’you think that it even dawned on him that he’d been outmatched not only physically but mentally as well? You know, it’s no secret that those cinder blocks weren’t out there by accident. But d’you know what else? That headache that Dean Ambrose is gonna have for the rest of his life, that’s no accident either. And it saddens me that the casualty that has become of Dean Ambrose’s career can now be summed up into simple words: what if? What if Dean Ambrose had known his place? What if Dean Ambrose had recognized my superiority? What if Dean Ambrose had simply walked away when he had the opportunity? The real tragedy in all of this is that we’ll never really know the answer to those what ifs because as far as I’m concerned, it is highly likely that you will never see Dean Ambrose again. I am the one who created The Shield. And I am the one who has destroyed it.” –SETH ROLLINS.

WWE makes John Cena even more hated
So, here we go: week one after Dean Ambrose died and WWE has got nothing better to do than to make RAW a special John Cena edition. It’s ridiculous and I can only think of one reason why they did what they did. For weeks or even months now, WWE and Cena tease for a Cena heel turn. But if that really happens, it will only be done halfway, i.e. Cena as tween. I could imagine – since Cena is the main attraction for little children – that he would turn on all the guys who are already fed up with him: the most grown-ups. At the same time he’ll be still face for the children. Could be some scenario like that: children, I’m on your side; grown-ups suck, right? Clean your room, eat your dinner, wash your hands, be silent while we grown-ups talk. Grown-ups suck but we (children and Cena) rule. In the process he’ll give bad advice to all the children out there to create anarchy at home against any grown-up. So, now the grown-ups would boo for a reason while the kids would still have fun. Cena would keep his main fanbase while the heat against him would be even louder than it is right now. Everyone wins – except for all the wrestlers in the WWE who can wrestle for real.

Anyway, back to the actual show that started with a so-called Hall of Fame Forum, consisting of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels. And the discussion was all about Cena vs Lesnar since Cena wanted to have his re-match for the WWE Heavyweight Championship at the Night Of Champions PPV. The main point now was that John Cena is a super guy but he can’t overcome Brock Lesnar. Turning point of his career, blah; character test, blub. Shawn Michaels even claimed that everybody would like John Cena.

I just don’t know. Are creatives, officials and everyone in charge deaf on all the booing and “Cena Sucks” chants? There was a time when there were still “Cena Rules / Cena Sucks” chants. But as far as I listen rightly there isn’t much “Cena Rules” left. The only way I can explain this to myself is that WWE creatives want actually create a scenario that I have examined above: Cena hated by grown-up people but loved by children so they can turn him tween. As for this show, Cena came out when the whole panel doubted that he would overcome Lesnar at Night Of Champions. He told them something about a “change” and I was hoping for retirement; but in fact he meant that everything would stay the same, i.e. Cena winning again. So, where exactly is the change in this scenario? Maybe someone can explain this to me. But it would also help if some people would just confess that they are as confused as I am. Cheers in advance for any answer!

The Swiss Superman will go against the Irish Brawler for the U.S. title
After this first segment of RAW we got the first match between Rusev and Jack Swagger. Zeb Colter was still absent and Swagger was made into a very weak guy, at least JBL was trash talking his usual trash talk of Swagger letting his whole country down. But, despite this and Rusev now shamelessly billed as being Russian (how do you explain the Bulgarian flag tattooed to his right shoulder?) this was a good, long match of almost twelve minutes. But Swagger still couldn’t beat Rusev. The exact opposite happened: Swagger was heavily beaten but he didn’t give up or was pinned; the referee had to stop the match to save Swagger from further beating.

Just minutes after the match, Swagger was seen backstage with the doctor to check on him and especially his ribs when the highly annoying Bo Dallas joined them, so he could tell Swagger that he should just bolieve. Swagger, of course, wasn’t amused but kept his calm so far.

We went back to the ring where Cesaro was already as one half of the #1 contender match for the U.S. title. The other half was Rob Van Dam, and Sheamus, the current title holder, was on commentary. It’s quite funny how this title now slightly turned into a European title. I like to repeat myself but with all the current success in Europe, this European title should be brought back. The U.S. title should be for actual U.S. competitors while the European title should be for Europeans. You could then create a feud between those title holders, irrelevant who exactly the holder is: bring in some stereotypes and fun – that could be good. But right now, Cesaro won this match within just over three minutes. He still had time to joke around with Sheamus. And after the match played around with the U.S. belt, throwing it into Sheamus’ face before backing off. And again, there was no word about Dean Ambrose being the former U.S. champion.

Up next was the still ongoing but growing in weirdness feud between AJ Lee and Paige. I mean, it was great at the start of it but the two of them acting crazier every other week makes me some kind of sad. They deserve better because it’s far from believable. It’s not even funny. It’s just weird. Maybe some guys out there love the way both of them act at the moment. Let me know if you are one of them. I’m always interested about different opinions. Today, Paige had a short match against Natalya. Paige lost because of distraction by AJ Lee. The latter then called Paige her little English muffin, hugged her, kisses her… CM Punk chants. Creepy.

Roman Reigns ruins the eulogy of Dean Ambrose

Credit: @forever_ambrose on Twitter.
Credit: @forever_ambrose on Twitter.
Nowadays it’s really hard to keep the kayfabe story the only one out there. Because, with all the rumours, backstage stories and other hints on the internet, it’s almost impossible to make fans really believe what they are told through WWE shows. So, regarding Dean Ambrose being Curb Stomped into cinder blocks, refusing medical treatment and being missed since last RAW is the story. And I slightly laughed when I read some questions around the internet about if Dean Ambrose is really dead or if he really never comes back or something similar. But I had a second thought about it and came to the conclusion that these questions are quite romantic, so to speak. Because they take WWE seriously plus the people behind these questions really care about the characters.

I can’t say that for me because I really like to dig deep until I’ve found what I want to know. The curse of my profession as a historian! We can’t leave something alone until we know what we wanted to know. So, of course, Dean Ambrose isn’t dead; he’s not even missing; and the cinder blocks weren’t really cinder blocks but far softer material. This knowledge doesn’t take away from matches that involve great actors but it takes away from the WWE background stories, i.e. kayfabe. People are always curious and they want to know. But years ago they just followed the storylines and let surprise themselves. Today they watch the shows and instantly go to Twitter or Ask or anything else to post their questions to get the real story behind the kayfabe story. WWE itself posted an article that they would do the movie “Lockdown” with Dean Ambrose, so they arrived in the 21st century even if they also made a poll asking where Dean Ambrose might be at the moment. But this is just separating Dean Ambrose, the character from Jonathan Good, the actor. You can still ask where Dean Ambrose, the character, might be at the moment, while stating that his alter ego is doing a movie, i.e. being another character at the moment.

Like I said last week: I indeed created an own page for “Lockdown” in here with a special page just for dates, names and facts around the movie. As of right now, this page got way over 1.6K clicks within not even a week. Just because people are curious and they want to know. People obviously don’t like to read long texts anymore, so all of my wrestling reviews killing people’s interests just with them scrolling up and down my pages. At first, I was a bit frustrated that one page that hardly contained fifty words were getting such an amount of attention but yesterday I thought about using this to my advantage. Personally, I hate headlines like these, headlines that create wrong expectations or promise something the specific article won’t fulfill. BUT: this was just a little experiment – like I said: to prove a point to myself. I won’t do this very often.

And since I’m done now with my personal stuff, I’ll add some others about this actual segment that was the eulogy of Dean Ambrose. Kane and Seth Rollins came out in mostly black suits into a nice decorated ring to remember and celebrate the life of “the unstable lunatic fringe”, Dean Ambrose. Seth Rollins held his eulogy like you may have already read above in the capture to the big picture but was then interrupted by Roman Reigns when he told us again that he was the creator of The Shield. So, in the last weeks, when Dean Ambrose was beaten up and humiliated, had handicap matches etc., Roman Reigns was nowhere seen. Now, that Dean Ambrose is no more, he comes out to stand tall for his buddy? Storyline-wise this angle isn’t something for Roman Reigns to appear like this strong character who fights against everyone in WWE. In my eyes, this makes Reigns a coward. Maybe this is his weak spot. But in reality this angle is just a repeat of the start of the Rollins vs Ambrose feud to fill the gap until Dean Ambrose comes back to continue his feud with Seth Rollins. And this could be at Night Of Champions when Rollins and Reigns very likely will have a match against each other. Maybe someone from The Authority will come out to help Seth Rollins. And in the end, Dean Ambrose makes a surprise appearance to help his buddy Reigns for the win or to stand tall inside the ring after the match is finished.

Today, there was already this 2-on-1 handicap match between Reigns and Rollins & Kane. It just lasted for two and a half minutes and Seth Rollins caused disqualification when he hit Reigns with the briefcase. And Rollins & Kane were well-prepared because they had another stack of cinder blocks at ringside. But Reigns could overcome the Curb Stomp to stand tall at the end of the segment with a fearful Rollins staring at him from the ramp. I can’t wait for Dean Ambrose coming back.

The cosmic key says: beat down The Usos
About Goldust and Stardust I was asking myself for some weeks now if they are already heels with them having matches against The Usos. At this episode of RAW it was made clear: the match was for the Tag Team title but Goldust and Stardust only won via 10-Count-Out caused by The Usos. So, they won the match but The Usos kept their titles. Goldust then grabbed the mic to tell The Usos that they did that on purpose, that they want a re-match right there. But, of course, The Usos weren’t fine with that, so they got a beating instead. That will probably lead to another tag team title match at Night Of Champions.

After that we got Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman on some closed location, very likely not even in the very arena in Anaheim, California. Both of them, yes, both of them, Heyman and Lesnar, promised us that it would be Game Over for John Cena at Night Of Champions. I slightly doubt that this will actually happen, unfortunately.

Damien Sandow is the stunt double of Mizzz
And when you thought that the use of Damien Sandow so far was humiliating, strange and appeared like Sandow was punished for something he did several months ago, then his appearance tonight as the stunt double to The Miz even topped that in ridiculousness. While Mizzz was on commentary (I desperately tried not to listen!), Damien “Mizdow” played The Miz in his match against Dolph Ziggler. Thankfully he didn’t take his beard off for his act. Within just two and a half minutes, Damien “Mizdow” lost but since the real Mizzz kept his so-called Moneymaker intact, he was happy anyway. At least, Charles Robinson was the referee for this match.

Then we got another Nikki Bella vs Brie Bella segment inside the ring. Jerry Lawler appeared as some kind of presenter of their encounter but he couldn’t save Brie from an evil beat up at the hands of her sister Nikki. In fact, Jerry Lawler himself got even slapped by Nikki and there were also some evil words directed to Brie when Nikki told her that she hasn’t got a sister anymore and that she wished, Brie would have died in the womb of their mother. Hard on the edge, I have to say – like this whole feud already with this cheating story of Daniel Bryan that surprisingly isn’t mentioned anymore. I can’t connect to this feud; I don’t like it at all; and I don’t feel entertained. This only hurts. Nothing else. Side note: Why isn’t John Cena as Nikki’s boyfriend part of this storyline but only Daniel Bryan as Brie’s husband, who isn’t even there to be able to defend himself. Maybe that’s the point.

After the already talked about match between Reigns and Rollins & Kane, we got another weird backstage promo by Bray Wyatt and after that a short tag team match between Los Matadores and Slater Gator. Los Matadores won.

Kofi Kingston is one of us

Credit: wrasslers on Tumblr.
Credit: wrasslers on Tumblr.
For the match that followed I was looking forward when I saw Kofi Kingston. But since Bo Dallas was his opponent my mood changed instantly. At least, Kofi Kingston mirrored my feelings about this match with his facial expressions. And my fears went reality when Bo Dallas had beaten Kofi within just 1:40 minutes. Bo then told Kofi that he had let himself down for this match. But Jack Swagger had let his whole country down in his match against Rusev. The good thing about that was that Swagger came out to beat down Bo. JBL didn’t like that. Side note: this Black Shield idea with Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods is buried, isn’t it?

The supposed main event between John Cena and Bray Wyatt was up next. Bray Wyatt got a lesson in being beaten up a lot until Luke Harper saved him to cause disqualification after just 4:22 minutes. Of course, Harper and Rowan were now beating up John Cena until Mark Henry and Big Show came out to save the superhero without an edge. During the commercial break a tag team match between these six guys was made up. That lasted for almost seven minutes, Cena came in for the last seconds to win the match for his team on Harper via tap-out.

Michael Cole said that we’ve learned a lot about John Cena tonight. But I don’t know what he was referring to other what we already knew. The last picture we got from this episode of RAW was John Cena gifting away some of his worn merchandize to some fans in the first row. Lovely.


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