William Regal is in good shape again +++ Bayley is prepared for being the champion +++ Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn have great chemistry

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be here in Full Sail’s since the beginning of NXT. And it truly is an honour and a privilege to be named the new General Manager.” –WILLIAM REGAL.

William Regal is in good shape again
Yes, exactly, I’ve indeed managed to watch NXT this week like I wanted to do for several weeks now. And I haven’t watched SmackDown and won’t do so again. But that wasn’t really a hard decision.

But the kick-off to the show was just a blink of an eye. You could easily miss it because it just happened to last for one minute: The Ascension basically killed a tag team I still don’t know the name. It wasn’t announced and I have to admit that I’m just too lazy to look after them. I somehow like The Ascension, maybe because of their Oriental / Egyptian mish mash in their clothes and appearance but this match was ridiculous. Next week there will be a tournament for the #1 contender for the tag team title match that will happen in two weeks at NXT Takeover 2. That match will be longer for sure!

Credit: charlesedwardstrickland9778 on Tumblr.
Credit: charlesedwardstrickland9778 on Tumblr.
But this was just the tiny warm-up to my personal main event of this evening. I mean, I was slightly shocked when I’ve seen William Regal in the Shield documentary. He didn’t look very well in health terms, a scar on his neck that I haven’t seen before and his face just pale and a bit bloated. I was really concerned about him, also because he wasn’t on other NXT shows for a couple of weeks now and rarely seen on Twitter.

But: I was spoilered from yesterday evening (watched it the day after) and knew that he was announced as the new General Manager of NXT. So, when the new GM was announced and after a few seconds of silence his entrance music started, the audience went basically nuts. It seemed like everyone was smiling and enjoying this moment. Time for me to show you this little nugget: a 16-bit version of Regal’s music, Regality:

Brilliant, isn’t it? So, William Regal came out and looked as good as ever before. Which was the first relief. Second was that his voice was in good shape, too. Because in this Shield documentary there were some issues with his voice as well. Now, whatever he suffered is hopefully part of his past, done and dusted. And now he’s up for his new position, the GM of NXT. Unfortunately, that means that we won’t hear him on commentary for the foreseeable time but maybe he will be involved in some feud one way or another. At least, we will get some epic matches. Plus: the position of the GM of NXT will be relevant again. Because, who exactly knew that JBL was the previous GM of NXT? He was hardly seen because his main job is trash talking at RAW and SmackDown. So, I’m looking forward to five-minute nuggets at every beginning of future NXT episodes.

As for today, William Regal called out NXT champion Adrian Neville, so he could personal hear his fate for NXT Takeover 2 on 11 September 2014. But William Regal couldn’t announce anything because all of a sudden and not at all invited, Tyson Kidd came out to thank for the opportunity. Still, William Regal couldn’t say what he actually wanted about the championship match because now it was Tyler Breeze who came out to basically mock Tyson Kidd. And last but not least, Sami Zayn came out as well. Now, that we had three potential opponents for Adrian Neville, the man from Newcastle announced that he would step in the ring against all of them. And now, since William Regal was able to speak again, he admitted that this wasn’t what he was thinking but that he would happily granted Adrian Neville’s wish. So, it will be a Fatal-4-Way match for the NXT Championship title at NXT Takeover 2 in two weeks.

And after his initiation inside the ring, William Regal was interviewed backstage to come up with the main event tonight: a tag team match between Tyson Kidd and Tyler Breeze on one side and Sami Zayn with Adrian Neville as their opponents on the other. Good start to his reign as General Manager.

Bayley is prepared for being the champion
Up next was the second match of the evening: Sasha Banks vs Bayley. I know there are many people out there who like Bayley because of her fun and easy going gimmick. I just need to watch more from her. So far, I’m not entirely convinced. And this match didn’t help her cause because with just over three minutes it was short and she only won because of her finisher that was more or less her only real move in this match.

After that she was asked inside the ring about her being the #1 contender for the NXT Woman’s Championship. And Bayley said that she didn’t dreamed about this title, she was prepared for. The current champion, Charlotte, came out for an interesting encounter: Charlotte, being the daughter of Ric Flair, was doing a great heel job in humiliating Bayley and basically not taking her seriously. But somehow Bayley stood up for herself to tell Charlotte that she will be ready for the fight. There are currently rumours out there that Charlotte will soon join the WWE roster, so Bayley could indeed take over the title at NXT Takeover 2.

Up next was another short three minutes match between Bull Dempsey and Angelo Dawkins. The only interesting fact about this segment was that I got the information that Angelo Dawkins was born and is billed as being from Cincinnati, Ohio. Like some unstable lunatic fringe who is currently missing in some Nevada desert. Otherwise there was nothing to remember.

And just before the main event match, there was some weird backstage interview with two somehow very gay looking Frenchmen. Not my kind of humour, I’m afraid.

Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn have great chemistry
This main event match now was really good and teased us with some glimpses we can expect for this Fatal-4-Way match at NXT Takeover 2 in two weeks. You can watch that on the WWE Network, by the way. This tag team match started off with Adrian Neville vs Tyler Breeze and the first few minutes the faces dominated plus showed some great tag team chemistry and action: fast tagging, and the highlight of this match: a corkscrew by Adrian Neville on Tyson Kidd from the back of Sami Zayn. It wasn’t very deep in the match but there were already “This Was Awesome” chants just because of this move.

But at the end of the match, after almost eleven minutes, chemistry went out of the window when Sami Zayn – in his attempt to hit Tyler Breeze in the face – connected his boot with the face of Adrian Neville. Sami Zayn appeared like slightly concerned about Adrian Neville, so Tyler Breeze tried to use his confusion to his advantage. He failed but both men eliminated each other, so Tyson Kidd took over to pin a still dazed Adrian Neville to get the win in this match. But he didn’t have the last laugh because out of nowhere now the face of Tyson Kidd made contact with Sami Zayn’s boot. The latter now was the last man standing. And we finished this NXT show with Sami Zayn and the NXT championship belt. Sami Zayn looked very much like a changed individual.

And for everyone who has read all this (not as much as usual, of course) I have this slightly edited WWE photograph from Dean Ambrose in his SummerSlam match against Seth Rollins. The photo was only published today, so I have one tiny reason to put it in here:

Dean Ambrose

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