I’m bored already +++ Mizzz’s entourage grows in numbers +++ Nikki Bella brings up some whiny home stories +++ I want to see the WWE Heavyweight Championship belt – dead or alive +++ The bunny saves RAW +++ We want Rollins

Dean Ambrose

I’m bored already
Initially, I didn’t really felt the need to write about this episode of RAW. Not just because Dean Ambrose was obviously still “missing” but also because this episode of RAW didn’t felt really worthy to write about. I will keep it short then and add a poll that was the main reason why I write this review anyway.

So, this episode of RAW started with Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel and JBL somehow made up the motto of this show when he mumbled that he was bored already when Jericho blasted out his “RAW is Jerichooo!” Jericho then invited the man who is handed everything on a plate, The Viper Randy Orton. But instead of just him alone, the whole Authority in suits came out. The main point that followed was that Triple H suggested that Brock Lesnar vs Super Cena for Night Of Champions wasn’t a done deal, that there was still competition for the #1 contender. Funny.

So, everyone inside the ring thought they still had a chance to be in this match – hey, funny idea: what about a Fatal-7-Way match for the title, in the end the bunny comes out, pins anyone participating in this match to win the title; the bunny takes off his head and it appears Dean Ambrose – until Super Cena joined in the reel, and Triple H made up a tag team match as the main event to look which participant would be best for business as opponent for Brock Lesnar.

Of course, Super Reigns also had to join to speak up for his so-called “buddy” Dean Ambrose. No word to Seth Rollins that he was mad about the betrayal or something. Reigns actually acts like he would never had been in a team with Rollins. But Rollins hadn’t forgotten that he almost hit him with a cinder block last week, so he tried to hit Reigns with the briefcase. Of course, this always works on Dean Ambrose but since Reigns has got his eyes everywhere, it didn’t work on him. So, he took the briefcase and made fun of Rollins to finish this segment. Ridiculous.

Mizzz’s entourage grows in numbers
The first match of the evening was a tag team match between Sheamus & Dolph Ziggler and Cesaro & The Miz (w/ stunt double Damien Sandow and a make-up artist). Mizzz actually done something inside the ring on his own but it really become only interesting when Damien Sandow tried to participate in his role as Mizzz’s stunt double. The referee somehow thought that this was against the rules, so Sandow had to leave the ring again. But the distraction was enough for Mizzz to win the match for his team against Dolph Ziggler.

Nikki Bella brings up some whiny home stories
During the whole show we got three parts of whiny home stories about Brie Bella told by her sister Nikki Bella: Brie took Nikki’s boyfriend, boo hoo – I forgot the other two whiny stories. Later in the show, Stephanie McMahon came out inside the ring to call out Nikki to tell her that she’ll have a match for the Divas Championship belt. Out came Brie to complain followed by AJ Lee to have a stare-down with Stephanie and finally Paige to use the word “bloody” on PG television. So, the main point of this segment was that Brie was an egoistic bitch in the past, so Nikki will be an egoistic bitch in the future. I don’t really get the difference but anyway. Basically, the discussion we got for who’ll be #1 contender for a title match was the same we had at the beginning of RAW. Very creative, creatives! Anyway, after some annoying CM Punk chants, Brie finally hit Nikki. But apparently we will have Paige vs Nikki Bella for the belt at Night Of Champions.

After we got a reminder about the “death” of Dean Ambrose, we got just another tag team match of Big Show & Mark Henry vs Luke Harper & Erick Rowan. I kind of like Show and Henry together because these two really seem to like each other. Their matches are quite slow but still, I like watching it. On the other side, creatives seem to have lost creativity about what to do with Harper / Rowan. I somehow miss their early days when they were a three-men tag team with Bray Wyatt. But since there is no other three-men tag team out there any more, the use for them is limited. I can’t see just Harper / Rowan work as a tag team. I more like to see Harper on his own because Rowan doesn’t do anything for me. So, as long as WWE don’t create another three-men tag team, I wonder what they have in mind for all three Wyatt guys.

After eleven minutes Rusev had hit Henry in the face when he was about to hit his finisher. But Big Show saved the match for his team and later stood tall inside the ring with a chair. Later on, we sa Mark Henry backstage with Big Show. Henry told Show that he would deal with Rusev alone and Big Show was a good friend to accept this decision but still had a little motivation speech for his partner. Nice segment.

I want to see the WWE Heavyweight Championship belt – dead or alive
And then there was Paul Heyman again to cut a promo for his client Brrrock Lesnarrr who of course wasn’t present himself. I mean, what’s the point of creating an all new WWE Heavyweight Championship belt when no-one will ever see it again after the one and only presentation? I mean, it’s great not to see Super Cena with these belts day after day but don’t see it at all isn’t a likable alternative. I’m sure the only idea behind this is that fans should finally wish for Super Cena to get the belts back so we can see them again. Somehow, I’m at the point of hoping that Seth Rollins will get the belt, so we could have just another title holder. Making the belt moving from one 10-time-holder to another 15-time-holder back to a 14-time-holder is nothing but boring.

After that, Jack Swagger (w/ Zeb Colter) finally won another match against Curtis Axel within two minutes but Bo Dallas came out to spoil the celebration. With him he brought three random Americans, Ritchie, Angelo and Jennifer who all had to suffer in their own personal way because of Swagger’s loss at SummerSlam against Rusev. This will certainly end up with Bo Dallas vs Jack Swagger at Night Of Champions with a win to Bo Dallas.

The bunny saves RAW

Credit: hbshizzle on Tumblr.
Credit: hbshizzle on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
And what you can see here was basically the funniest segment of this episode of RAW. It was a match between Adam Rose and Titus O’Neil but this match was quite irrelevant when the bunny of the Exotic Express made its way to Heath Slater to mock him and finally beat him down. Because of this beating sequence I thought that the bunny could have been Dean Ambrose but I had a closer look to its hands (the only thing you could see from the person hidden under the fur) and these hands aren’t the hands of Dean Ambrose. Would have been slightly strange to have him there in Iowa when he’s currently on his film set in Vancouver, Canada, but you’ll never know with Dean Ambrose, right? At least, this scene caused some distraction and helped Adam Rose to win the match within just under two minutes.

Rusev then had to fill another minutes of air time with his win against Zack Ryder. Mark Henry came out running for him but Rusev fled the ring. After that we had this Divas segment I’ve already talked about. Bray Wyatt backstage talked about a steel cage match against Chris Jericho that will happen next week on RAW. And finally Goldust wanted to apologize to The Usos for his and Stardust’s behaviour against them last week. But a brawl broke lose and somehow we still got a singles match between Goldust and Jimmy Uso that ended after around two minutes with a win for Goldust. After the match, also Stardust had to show his evil side in hitting Jay’s knee with a “steel” chair. Jay’s selling here was extraordinary.

We want Rollins
And the last segment of RAW was this 6-men tag team match between Super Cena & Super Reigns & Y2J and Seth Rollins & Kane & Randy Orton. It lasted for just over twenty minutes with Super Reigns winning over Kane. The most memorable thing about this match was JBL stating that it was unfortunate that we won’t see Dean Ambrose again because he liked Dean Ambrose. After the scene with Heath Slater and the bunny, this statement was the second scene I have laughed really hard about. After the match, Super Cena argued with Triple H and Seth Rollins ended up on the announcers table by the hands of Super Cena.

And now for this poll regarding Dean Ambrose. In recent days I have read some theories or opinions about what will happen to him when he comes back. If you are a regular reader, you already know my own opinion. For everyone else who isn’t familiar with my mind, I just say: don’t be afraid. But for the fun of it I have created this poll anyway. So, you can vote and / or comment on it. Just don’t forget: wrestling is fun and you should have fun watching it!

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