With NXT Takeover 2 right around the corner, I’ll keep my NXT review short (really!) just to write a few more words about my predictions for the second big event of NXT and the first one with William Regal as General Manager. So, the last episode of NXT before the Pay-Per-View was basically just a promotion for the three big title matches: the matches were short while the promos included the usual stuff. Much more effort will be put on NXT Takeover 2, that’s for sure!

Charlotte really doesn’t want to shake Bayley’s hand
The first match of the last NXT show before NXT Takeover 2 on coming Thursday was between Alexa Bliss and Charlotte. It’s basically an unwritten law in wrestling that competitors of the big Pay-Per-Views have to appear strong in their last matches to create some hype and to make the forthcoming matches really competitive and not foreseeable who will actually win. So, for this match Charlotte got the win within just 2:32 minutes in a not very hard fought match.

But this first segment became interesting again when Bayley came out to demand respect from Charlotte. Somehow I just don’t get it why Bayley wants to be taken seriously by Charlotte. I mean, let her underestimate you and make her act arrogant towards you. That’s basically an advantage you should use to get this title. So, Bayley once again wanted to shake hands with Charlotte but she refused again but slapped her right into her face. But Bayley hit back, Charlotte flew the ring and left her Women’s Championship belt in the ring for Bayley to take and lift it.

Charlotte vs Bayley Prediction
charlotte vs BAYLEY

If you are a regular reader, you should know by now that my predictions aren’t the best. But I like to believe that for this match there is only one possible outcome: Bayley leaving as the new champion. I mean, Charlotte isn’t taking her opponent seriously and so she won’t take this match seriously which will cost her the title. There are rumours that Charlotte will be soon added to the WWE roster, so it could be that she needs to lose the title before and this could happen at NXT Takeover 2. This show, differently to WWE shows, isn’t really an added show but just an expended regular NXT show. So, title changes are more likely, I guess. But at least, we could get a really good match and this is the main reason we’ll watch it after all.

Two pin falls vs two submissions
Because statistics matter to me and I still believe that I can read some meaning into such a table, I will force you to have a look on it at first:

Participants Opponent Match Duration Win Via
Tyler Breeze Tye Dillinger | II 2:43 | I pin fall | I
Tyson Kidd Adam Rose | I 4:11 | IV submission | II
Sami Zayn Marcus Louis | IV 3:03 | II submission | II
Adrian Neville CJ Parker | III 3:06 | III pin fall | I

Adrian Neville vs Sami Zayn vs Tyson Kidd vs Tyler Breeze Prediction

  • adrian neville
  • sami zayn
  • tyson kidd

The most important facts you already got in the table. Due to their short duration, all four matches weren’t that spectacular, so I jump straight to my prediction on the outcome of the Fatal-4-Way match at NXT Takeover 2. But first I still need to explain the table or maybe just what these Roman numbers mean. This is basically my own scientific coefficient of the individual importance and ranking of these three categories. Actually, it’s a very personal ranking with just a glimmer of science, but anyway.

The first category – the opponent – is the most personal ranking I used here: so, I ranked Adam Rose as the most important, hardest to beat opponent, so he got a “I” and so forth. You can certainly challenge me in that category for a complete different order. The second category – the match duration – and its ranking was based on the thought that a shorter duration for the win would make a stronger winner. Here, Tyler Breeze only needed 2:43 minutes time to defend Tye Dillinger, so I had to place him on top in this category. And finally the third category – the winning way – was only based on whether the competitor got his win via pin fall or submission. After a long and hard thinking process, I’ve decided that pin fall was more valuable than submission, so you got the appropriate ranking.

And now you only need to determine the coefficient from all three numbers for each participant and the lowest result here belongs to the scientifically determined winner of the NXT Championship: Tyler Breeze, because he got 1.33 while Adrian Neville and Tyson Kidd got 2.33 and Sami Zayn just 2.66.

First, without doing this kind of scientific research, I thought about Tyson Kidd to be the winner, then Adrian Neville regain his title or even Sami Zayn turning heel to get the title via pin fall on Adrian Neville. But now it’s Tyler Breeze and I’ll do such kind of stuff for any Pay-Per-View if this calculated outcome will indeed become true.

No Vaudevillians on the Pay-Per-View
The final match for the #1 contenders for the Tag Team Championship of The Ascension also happened to be the final match of this episode of NXT: Kalisto & Sin Cara vs The Vaudevillains a.k.a Simon Gotch & Aiden English. To make this review really short: the match lasted for 5:19 minutes with Kalisto & Sin Cara getting the win. I really hoped for The Vaudevillains because these two are just fun to match but for some reason (maybe because The Vaudevillains are heel – really?) Kalisto & Sin Cara had to win for their chance to get Tag Team Gold on Thursday.

The Ascension vs Kalisto & Sin Cara Prediction
THE ASCENSION vs kalisto & sin cara

The reign of The Ascension as NXT Tag Team Champions will be an impressive 344 days reign. And I hope and think that it will continue despite another possible scenario I’d like more to happen: Kalisto & Sin Cara winning, and in three or four weeks time, The Vaudevillains will beat them in another title match.

And because we’ll have another two matches, you will get a quite short prediction for these two as well.

Enzo Amore vs Sylvester LeFort Hair vs Hair match
ENZO AMORE vs sylvester lefort

Hair vs hair matches are always fun because the loser immediately loses his hair. Usually this refers to the hair on someone’s head but I guess this time it means, the loser could make rid of his beard and chest hair. Because I would really like to see Sylvester LeFort without any body hair, I basically hope that he’ll lose.

Mojo Rawley vs Bull Dempsey The Filler Match
MOJO RAWLEY vs bull dempsey

I’m still not sure what this match is all about. Is there a history between these two? I’ve only watched NXT since last week again. So, maybe there is. But actually, I can’t think about this match is more than a filler between two title matches. It won’t be very long and not very exciting. Somehow I hope that this chain will be involved to make it vaguely interesting but I doubt it will be a part of it. Nevertheless I also hope that Mojo Rawley will win just because Bull Dempsey bores the hell out of me.

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