Kane and Seth Rollins share their orgasm about the start of RAW +++ Dolph Ziggler has got to share some interesting private photos from The Miz +++ Why do people still chant for CM Punk? +++ Cena Sucks! Cena Sucks! Cena Sucks! (continue for as many times as you like) +++ WWE should do a remake of “The Full Monty” with Cesaro in the lead role +++ Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn, Tyson Kidd and Tyler Breeze are taking over +++ The Jerry Springer Show finishes like any other Jerry Springer Show +++ The Season Premiere almost finishes with a terrible accident

Dean Ambrose

Before I go any further and write something about the really good episode of RAW this week, I have to express my feelings on another subject: U2. Two days ago they handed out eleven songs from their new album – officially to be released on 13 October – on iTunes FOR FREE. I mean, how cool is that! And it’s not just rubbish – these are great songs, the best they have created for years. Didn’t know so far? Here is the link with everything you need to know. And why did I need to put it in here – my review for RAW? Well, because there is one song of the eleven that is called “Raised By Wolves” – it’s the best from the new album in my opinion and, of course, it reminds me on Dean Ambrose. Just because of the title though because the whole lyrics refer to the 1974 Dublin / Monaghan bombing. But since in Dean Ambrose’s movie “Lockdown” will be lot of explosions for sure, you can draw a quite narrow line to it as well, I guess. And now, go on iTunes, give “Songs Of Innocence” a listen and read my RAW review. Hope, you enjoy!

Kane and Seth Rollins share their orgasm about the start of RAW

Credit: WrestlingWithText (all GIFs in this review)
Credit: WrestlingWithText (all GIFs in this review)
Yes, indeed, there are also seasons in WWE shows and this one was the first of season 2014 / 2015. I guess, that’s why the last episode was that bad, so this one could bright up your night even more, so to speak. But it was outstanding on its own. And it already started the right way: with a match. I mean, it’s great when these twenty minutes of Hunter talking about and praising himself go by right from the start of RAW, so that’s behind all and every one of us. But it’s even better when nothing of that happens during the whole show because instead we kicked off the show with this steel cage match between Chris Jericho and Bray Wyatt that was surprisingly good.

I have to be honest when I have to say that I didn’t expect much. Both, Bray Wyatt especially but also Chris Jericho didn’t much to entertain me recently. But they did tonight. They got 16:28 minutes to convince me that they still could put on a show and exactly that happened. There wasn’t just this jump from the top of the steel cage, also the drama at the end when Y2J tried to escape through the door for the win but instead it was Wyatt who Chris Jericho basically threw into victory. But because that wasn’t enough humiliation to Chris Jericho for Wyatt’s liking, he still needed to hit Sister Abigail on Jericho inside the ring for the final end of this feud (hopefully).

Backstage, Kane and Seth Rollins shared their thoughts about the match and almost went too emotionally when Triple H interrupted the tete-a-tete. He reminded not just Kane and Seth Rollins but all of us that it was the season’s premiere and that everyone needed to put on a show that no-one would ever forget. Randy Orton strolled by to get Hunter’s permission to do what Hunter already demanded. Later on, he appeared again while Chris Jericho was checked by the doctor after the beating by Wyatt before. Now, Orton beat up Jericho without any reason but that will turn into a match between these two at <em<Night Of Champions. Seth Rollins would then have his match against Roman Reigns, so Orton needed another opponent. So, just beat up a random guy to get a great match. WWE always does such kind of scenarios.

Dolph Ziggler has got to share some interesting private photos from The Miz
The Miz & Damien Sandow That an episode of RAW must be really good you recognize when even these people who you usually try to ignore appear good. I mean, alright, The Miz still didn’t convince me that I should like to watch him but at least I could laugh at him. But Damien Sandow hat lot to do with that.

Actually, it’s great that WWE sometimes build in some real life stories, so when watching back in two or three years time on the WWE Network (for just 9.99… apples, cup cakes, pencils… whatever) you will remember that around this time some cell phones were hacked and now lot of so-called celebrities were sweating over some apparently leaked photos of themselves nude. I mean, I don’t really get it at all. It’s bad to hack someone’s cell, there is no doubt about it. But, who for God’s sake has got nude pictures of her- or himself on his cell (or in the cloud)? You can maybe do that when you aren’t popular (even then I wouldn’t understand) but as a popular and well known person you now crying about maybe leaked photos? Because The Miz very much represents such people and his behaviour was quite fitting, I almost died laughing about this segment. Damien Sandow (still the stunt double of The Miz) with his mirroring hand gestures from The Miz was just the topping of the cake here.

Why do people still chant for CM Punk?
This short little Divas segment could have been a good one regardless the short amount of time that Natalya, Rosa Mendes, Paige and AJ Lee got for it. It was already funny that Paige and AJ Lee were put into a tag team. But then, right at the very start of the match, the audience in Baltimore, Maryland, had nothing better to do than doing the annoying CM Punk chants. I mean, I’ve got nothing against them when they are chanting during a boring segment or there is an obvious reference, so they can chant to show that they understood or whatever. But you still chant CM Punk only during matches with AJ Lee to show her that you know that she is married to CM Punk? This isn’t even annoying. It’s just stupid like hell and it needs to stop! Because the only effect that these chants have is annoying AJ Lee. So, everyone who chants CM Punk probably wants for AJ Lee to leave? Because I probably would if something like that would happen to me every other WWE show. CM Punk won’t come back. He sues the WWE for still selling his merchandize but apparently doesn’t see any wrongdoing in him breaching his contract. So, guess what? I once came back to watching WWE because of CM Punk. But right now he’s basically dead to me because he’s not there any more. Enjoy the current product or leave like him. But, please, in the name of every God the human mind ever created: stop with these stupid CM Punk chants and chant for AJ Lee if you just want to show your appreciation for her!

At least, when the chants stopped, this segment was still a good because fun one. Paige was doing all the work and didn’t want to tag in AJ Lee. But then, AJ Lee tagged herself in and won within a few seconds with the Black Widow via submission. And after the match both ladies played around with the Divas Championship belt. First, AJ Lee kissed it and then Paige on almost the same spot. If that doesn’t give the fanfiction writers any ideas, I don’t know what will…

Anyway, this Triple Thread match for the title between Paige, AJ Lee and Nikki Bella should be a good one. Hopefully, these three are given a bit of time to unfold their storytelling throughout the match.

Cena Sucks! Cena Sucks! Cena Sucks! (continue for as many times as you like)
Up next was the Paul Heyman segment. And he did his best to promote Cena vs Brock Lesnar with the latter again not present. WWE this time included the hate Super Cena always gets from any audience. I’m still not sure how much Cena was in his words because I’ve read for a couple of times that he might not entirely like to be always the good guy. Anyway, in the later stages of these almost 18 (!!) minutes, Paul Heyman suggested that Cena should yell just once at the people to “shut up”. And there might have been a tiny moment when I thought, maybe, this could be the time when Cena would try something different. But at the end he did not, of course. He did not because basically his respect for all the little children is too huge, so he’ll take the heat from the grown-ups until the end of his days. Plus, he told Paul Heyman that he should bring Brock Lesnar next Monday. If Lesnar refuses to come, he’ll have a match against Paul Heyman.

So, maybe, we are getting to see the new WWE Heavyweight Championship belt again. Yeah! I’ve already almost forgotten how it looks like.

WWE should do a remake of “The Full Monty” with Cesaro in the lead role
The next match was between Sheamus and Seth Rollins. But just over two minutes into the action, Cesaro came out to scout with interest from outside the ring. Obviously, Sheamus was distracted and that intensified when Cesaro started playing with Sheamus’ U.S. Championship belt. And so, after nine minutes, Sheamus was Curb Stomped by Seth Rollins for the win for the Corporate Sell-Out.

But that wasn’t the finish of this segment because now Cesaro made his way inside the ring, already got rid of his suit jacket. Inside the ring he continued stripping with getting rid of his suit shirt. So, now he was prepared for hitting his Neutralizer on Sheamus. And like the topping of the cake, he fondly placed the belt on top of Sheamus. I can’t wait for Cesaro getting the U.S. title at Night Of Champions.

To promote Rusev vs Mark Henry at Night Of Champions, Lana came out with a Russian flag swinging Rusev and at the end, the Russian anthem was played – completely. I have to admit, that I really like the Russian anthem. So, I somehow enjoyed this segment as well. Apparently, Jerry Lawler wouldn’t agree with me, I guess.

Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn, Tyson Kidd and Tyler Breeze are taking over
Adrian Neville vs Tyler Breeze Adrian Neville vs Tyler Breeze What better way to not only promote the upcoming NXT Takeover 2 on Thursday but also handing Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn and Tyler Breeze their WWE television debut? Tyson Kidd obviously is already some kind of a veteran but he was also involved in the tag team match between these four. They just got four and a half minutes but they definitely made the most of them. Sami Zayn started off against Tyler Breeze and there was already a lot of action until the finish when Sami Zayn tagged in Adrian Neville. He was on full speed and within around thirty seconds he showed off all the action some other wrestlers wouldn’t be capable of showing within thirty minutes. He then finished with his Red Arrow on Tyler Breeze to win the match for his team. I was already hyped for NXT Takeover 2 before. Now, I can’t wait any longer.

The Jerry Springer Show finishes like any other Jerry Springer Show
As a special guest for this season premiere, Jerry Springer came out with his security guard Jason to host a special Jerry Springer Show with the Bellas. I have seen some snippets from this show and it always ends up equal, I guess: with a lot a beating between the guests of the show. It wasn’t different tonight. Now, Brie Bella came out to new individual music, then Nikki Bella for some arguing inside the ring. Mom and Dad had their say from the titantron. And finally, brother JJ Garcia joined them to tell Nikki that she wasn’t the victim in this affair. All hell broke lose afterwards. Poor Jerry Springer was rolled over by all ladies including Stephanie McMahon. And this security guard Jason was basically useless. But I guess, he’s useless in the real Jerry Springer Shows as well. Finally, Brie and Nikki were only separated when four referees came out. And Jerry Springer finished his show on a stretcher. Lovely little segment.

The Season Premiere almost finishes with a terrible accident
Before the actual main event match, there were a few other little segments, including a short match between Los Matadores (without El Torito) and Goldust & Stardust which the latter won. They were later attacked on the ramp by The Usos to further promote their Tag Team Championship match at Night Of Champions. That was followed by a tribute to Joan Rivers and another short match between Titus O’Neil and Adam Rose. The latter again won with help from The Bunny who attacked Heath Slater at ringside. After the match, Titus O’Neil was humiliated even further when he was Bunny Splashed from the top rope. A fun match between Heath Slater and The Bunny would be great. Or did that already happen on SmackDown?

Seth Rollins Seth Rollins And then there was the so-called main event: a match between Randy Orton and Roman Reigns for almost 19 (!!) minutes. It was a re-match from SummerSlam and it was the least interesting or entertaining of the whole evening. It was slow, so slow. A lot of staring and standing, Reigns did his usual punches, Superman Punch included, Spear. But right when he was about to pin Orton for another win, Seth Rollins and Kane came out with some black dressed staff. First of all, Seth Rollins and Kane caused disqualification to the match when they attacked Reigns. The staff meanwhile brought the steel cage back down that was still hanging above the ring. And then the drama began.

The task perhaps was that Orton and Reigns should end up inside the cage on their own. But maybe Seth Rollins was scheduled to be with them. At least, he was the one who needed to get one steel chair inside the ring before the cage was placed completely on top of the ring. So, maybe his jump from the top of the cage inside the ring was improvised (alright, he could have used the door, but starting off RAW with a jump from the cage by Jericho and finishing with a jump from the cage by Rollins was more impressive, I guess). So, that all might have been planned. But certainly not Seth Rollins almost getting spiked while trying to make it inside the ring with the chair.

So, Rollins jumped from the top of the cage on Reigns to join the fun and Orton offered him to finish Reigns of like he already did with Dean Ambrose. And then, a bit of “I made you, so I can destroy you” and a Curb Stomp later, this segment was finished as well and with that this episode of RAW.

PS. Dean Ambrose is already scheduled for the RAW after Night Of Champions. So, since Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns at this Pay-Per-View is almost a done deal, I could bet that he’ll save Reigns from further beating after their match. A bit of staring and swearing between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins at the end to re-start their feud where it was so rudely interrupted by the so-called architect of The Shield.


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