Titus O’Neil wants to make a statement +++ Emma is back +++ The Ascension kills Hideo Itami +++ The current music of Dean Ambrose would be more fitting for Baron Corbin +++ Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville have got some disagreements

“Now, gentlemen, please. This is a fighting show, not a whining show. So, I suggest we somehow get to fighting. Now as General Manager I think it would be definitely best for business if the NXT Universe get to see all four of you men compete tonight. Titus, let me just tell you one thing: I like your initiative and, yes, you will get to make your statement tonight. Because you’ll be teaming with Tyson Kidd. And you’ll be facing the team of Sami Zayn and the NXT champion, Adrian Neville. And that will be our main event.” –WILLIAM REGAL

My first wrestling review after “NXT TakeOver 2” last week. Will be hard to get in all that fast again. I missed RAW, haven’t even seen it. But I didn’t do that on purpose. Had already prepared my “4th RAW without Dean Ambrose” picture but then I had some other texts to write (one of them was a court decision I had to summarize; another one was the prologue to some fabulous creative text I will probably never finish). So, I was full on work otherwise and slightly distracted. But then, I also didn’t have much intention to watch RAW. So, this tiny break was good in some way.

Of course I updated my Lockdown section in here and I also finally created an appreciation page for William Regal. But that just started, not finished at all right now. What will be finished tomorrow is filming “Lockdown”. And regarding director Stephen Reynolds the movie will be good:

Yes, Stephen, we missed him the whole month. It’s time for you now to hand him back to us. In a few months you will have the movie you can watch every night. And, of course, you can watch the WWE.

And in my effort to always connect Dean Ambrose with William Regal in any of my reviews (I bet you’ve already noticed) there was also something charming from the old English villain himself:

Titus O’Neil wants to make a statement
And now for something not that much different: last Thursday, NXT TakeOver finished with a cliffhanger, i.e. reading a tweet from Titus O’Neil who complained about NXT stars would have stolen him his RAW time. Now, he was the one who opened this week’s episode of NXT and told us that he would steal time from NXT now. And he want to re-name the show to NXT I T U S. The first guy who didn’t like that concept very much was Sami Zayn who came out to remind Titus that he was beaten up by a bunny a few days ago. Just for Titus to counter that he would give Sami Zayn the beating of a lifetime. To that phrase Adrian Neville came out to tell Titus that at NXT he should fight the NXT Champion, i.e. Adrian Neville. Sami of course wanted to know if only he could defend NXT because he was the champ. Well, there was also Tyson Kidd who came out now.

Somehow, Titus O’Neil have had enough of this talking. So, he wouldn’t care about losers but was there to make a statement. Great here the reaction of the audience who answered Titus with a “hoo-a hoo-a hoo-a” chant. And now it was about time that the most villainous WWE music was played for William Regal to come out and declare this childish bickering for being finished. You have certainly already read what he told us in the caption to of the collage above. So, I don’t need to repeat. Just a tiny reminder that the main event would be Titus O’Neil & Tyson Kidd vs Sami Zayn & Adrian Neville.

Emma is back
Before the first match of the evening we were welcomed by the commentators, Alex Riley and Rich Brennan. Then, the NXT Women’s champion, Charlotte, came out for her match. And then her opponent, Emma, made her comeback. It’s really good to have her back. It’s also good to have her back at NXT, so she can really show what she is capable of and not being stuck into a ridiculous storyline with someone like Santino Marella. The match itself was a decent one. Just over four minutes but with some fun moments. Very enjoyable to watch with Charlotte of course being the winner.

The Ascension kills Hideo Itami

Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Apparently there was talk before if wrestling fans would still chant for Kenta instead of his new name Hideo Itami. And the NXT audience made a fabulous statement with loud chants for Hideo Itami. A name is just a name. Yes, the gimmick can change but if you can wrestle all that won’t matter. So, Hideo’s match against Justin Gabriel was also a short one, just about 3:35 minutes but it was quite entertaining with good high flying moves and Hideo Itami of course won the match.

But that wasn’t the whole segment. Because from out of nowhere, The Ascension came out and basically killed Hideo. I can still see a 2-on-1 handicap match between these three guys. It wouldn’t be fair on Hideo’s behalf and it would weaken The Ascension but I would somehow like to see that. I hope you read that, William Regal!

The current music of Dean Ambrose would be more fitting for Baron Corbin

Credit: rollinziggler on Tumblr.
Credit: rollinziggler on Tumblr.
A few weeks ago I have read somewhere the statement that it would only possible in the U.S.A that a hippie nature boy who wants to save the Earth is sold as a heel character. So, for me, I can’t feel hate towards CJ Parker. He is slightly off apparently but has got some serious statements about Earth, climate etc.

On the other side we had this really cool lone wolf (with an actual wolf on the back of his jacket) Baron Corbin. And I could really hear the music of Dean Ambrose to his entrance film. He’s got this route 66, Easy Rider flair around him, that makes him and his gimmick interesting within a second. He hasn’t said one word so far but he tells novels with his eyes and all around facial expressions. I already want to see a 30 minute match of Baron Corbin vs Dean Ambrose.

Today we just got 41 seconds and CJ Parker had lost again through Baron Corbin’s finisher “The End Of Days”. And the big guy had just another epic walk backstage. Can’t wait to see more from him.

Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville have got some disagreements

Credit: ironcladfolly on Tumblr.
Credit: ironcladfolly on Tumblr.
NXT 2014-09-18 Adrian Neville Now this main event match was really storytelling at its best. You had to have watched NXT TakeOver 2 to get it because the mocking and cocking between Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville continued. It was supposed to be a tag team match but really: that Titus O’Neil and Tyson Kidd were are a part of this match didn’t really matter. Because it was all about Sami Zayn vs Adrian Neville. This already blossoming feud will hopefully culminate into a match between these two for the NXT Championship with Sami Zayn taking over from Adrian Neville. That would be really great.

But as of right now it’s still only some mocking between these two. Like you can see in the first two Gifs: Sami Zayn hitting a Moonsault – one of Adrian Neville’s moves – on Tyson Kidd. And then Adrian Neville counters with a Corkscrew. Sami Zayn was even applauding that move because so far they are still slightly on the same page.

Credit: hbshizzle on Tumblr.
Credit: hbshizzle on Tumblr.
NXT 2014-09-18 Sami Zayn vs Adrian Neville And this was a nice little reminder on NXT TakeOver 2: this time Adrian Neville had kicked Tyson Kidd out of the ring and wanted to do a suicide dive through the ropes. But Sami Zayn interrupted his move with doing a Moonsault from the top rope on Tyson Kidd himself. Eye for eye. Tooth for tooth.

NXT 2014-09-18 Adrian Neville NXT 2014-09-18 Sami Zayn At some point Titus O’Neil got involved and appeared as a really strong competitor. O’Neil and Kidd played a good tag team while Zayn and Neville only tagged themselves to mock each other. That’s a nice variation though because at WWE shows it’s usually the heel teams that can’t work with each other. In the end, Adrian Neville was about to hit his Red Arrow on Tyson Kidd but Titus O’Neil shoved him from the top rope. Adrian Neville connected with the knees of Tyson Kidd and got pinned after 14:10 minutes of a very entertaining match.

Of course, Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville had to argue after the match. And this heated relationship will certainly be burning hot within a couple of weeks.

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