Bunnies can’t talk +++ Mark Henry turns heel and back face within a few minutes +++ Kofi Kingston still doesn’t bolieve +++ With the right people involved Miz TV can be very entertaining

— (…) Your skull was put into a pile of concrete what should’ve shattered your entire head. But somehow you just walked away from it.
“A normal person doesn’t walk away from that. But I’m not a normal person. I’m Dean Ambrose. I might go down. But I don’t stay down. And you may not think that right now but The Authority has picked a fight that they can’t win.”
— (…) What I wanna know is, I want the breaking news. You can trust me. How did you get out of the room? Did you blow it up? Did you have an accomplice? Give me the scoop. Talk to me. How did you get out? How did you pull it off?
“It’s simple. There was a back door.”
— A back door… that’s… That’s cheap. Thanks. That’s the big scoop? That’s… that’s it?
“Yeah. I’m sorry but The Authority put me in a room with two doors. I mean, I’m not Houdini, you know. Sorry, if you feel cheated.”
— Cheated? Oh, you think this makes me feel cheated? You think this is me being cheated? No, no, no, no, no! What happened on Monday Night Raw, that is The Miz getting cheated because Dolph Ziggler cheated to take my Intercontinental Championship. He cheated! He grabbed the tights! You saw it! They saw it! Dolph Ziggler knows it! The referee saw it! I will start a petition, a petition to The Authority! That is being cheated! That is what cheating is all about! Do you hear me?! Do you get it to your thick skull?! Do you understand?!! Huh?!! Do you get it…
“Thank you, Miz, you’ve been a great host. We see you next time on Miz TV!” –THE MIZ / DEAN AMBROSE.

Bunnies can’t talk
I only watch Main Event on very few occasions, i.e. when Dean Ambrose is involved but this episode was great in total. It kicked of with the Exotic Express coming out, lead by Adam Rose and The Bunny for commentary duties. As Adam Rose pointed out later on, bunnies can’t talk. So, it was just funny in itself that the bunny had headphones and a mic on. He then just shrugged away all questions but otherwise did its very own special talking with gestures and head movements.

The match during that time was supposed to be Slater Gator against Los Matadores but Heath Slater as first in the ring was that distracted by all this folk at ringside that he wasn’t even able to start the match. It lasted for 34 seconds but basically was two kicks by one of the Matadores that finished Heath Slater off. Then, El Torito invited The Exotic Express inside the ring for a little dance-off and The Bunny again stole the show. It’s hilarious to imagine Sami Zayn hidden under this fur.

Mark Henry turns heel and back face within a few minutes
When Mark Henry came out in a black suit for a promo inside the ring, I thought it could get even more humiliating for him than after these two matches against Rusev. But I really liked Mark Henry’s talking before and this time his speech was great. In fact, he basically turned heel during that speech with the audience booing him in full voice. So, what did he have to say? Here is the icing of the cake:

“As much as I love our country, there’s one thing that I just don’t get. We love us some winners. But what about people like me who try their hardest, do anything that they can through blood, sweat and tears? America’s obsessed with winning at the expense of people that work harder than you’ve ever thought about working.”

So, for telling the truth straight into their faces, the big man in the ring is booed. What does that tell me about daily life? Fake smiles and fake talking is good behaviour? Just don’t tell people the truth? Lie at them as much as you can because at the end of it their fall will be even harder? It’s a really strange society we are living in, I’m telling you!

Anyway, at the pinnacle of booing The Big Show came out (to no music) to tell Mark Henry that he’s his friend and that he’s got all of his support. He even told him that he’s his brother from another mother! Initially I thought that this could turn into a fist fight between Mark Henry and Big Show because of Mark Henry turning heel. But instead Big Show turned Mark Henry back face with a hug and a promise that he’ll beat the hell out of Rusev on coming SmackDown. Great emotional segment but I’m afraid that even Big Show can’t get a win over Rusev. At least, it’s only SmackDown after all.

Kofi Kingston still doesn’t bolieve
Up next we got AJ Lee on commentary during a match between Naomi and Paige. And I just don’t know any more. I mean, AJ Lee has got a great body, she’s a great wrestler but her gimmick and her talking annoys me more and more every week. She’s not the tallest and she probably won’t grow in height anymore. But she’s still a grown woman who’s still skipping around like she was twelve years of age. And all this crazy stuff is exaggerated and over the top and just feels displaced when she talks like a sarcastic bitch on commentary. I mean, why not a sarcastic bitch gimmick at all? That would make her personality more believable than this crazy skipping little girl gimmick.

For the match itself, it only lasted for three minutes and Paige somehow cheated for the win with using the ropes. And after it, AJ Lee attacked Paige with her title belt. Why? Well, maybe because she’s crazy. Who knows.

We then got a very strange backstage interview with The Usos being asked about their tag team title re-match against Goldust & Stardust on SmackDown. Like always I didn’t really get what The Usos were talking. I also din’t get this Uso Crazy gimmick. It’s not crazy for me really, just confusing. The Usos just shouldn’t talk at all. And by the way: for just getting rid of their titles, they looked pretty happy.

And after that we got a little match between Kofi Kingston and Bo Dallas. Kofi still has the best facial expressions when it comes to express his feelings for Bo Dallas. It was something between annoyance and sickness. Very much the same, probably the whole WWE Universe feels for Bo Dallas as well. At least we got to see Kofi Kingston again what was not very often in the recent past. And thankfully he also won the match within just over two minutes.

With the right people involved Miz TV can be very entertaining

Credit: 0852192821 on Tumblr.
Credit: 0852192821 on Tumblr.
Credit: cherrybubbles55 on Tumblr.
Credit: cherrybubbles55 on Tumblr.
And then there was the highlight of Main Event. Can’t believe that I’m writing this about Miz TV but like the headline suggests: with the right people involved even the most ridiculous concept can turn out as a golden nugget. I even liked The Miz here because he did quite well as the annoying investigative journalist who somehow gets away with his own business and forgets about his guest.

Then we also have Damien Sandow as his stunt double who doesn’t just interfere during matches but does everything now that his master is doing. I very much believe that Dean Ambrose almost marked out during this segment because watching Damien Sandow aping The Miz is just that ridiculous and at some point you just can’t act serious anymore.

Anyway, first Miz was talking about his title loss on RAW and that he was cheated by Dolph Ziggler. But somehow he came back to the point to announce his guest of the evening and out came Dean Ambrose. The following interview you might have already read in the caption to the collage. So, I don’t need to repeat it. It was at the point when The Miz came back to arguing over his cheated title loss when Dean Ambrose had enough. He headbutted The Miz, threw Damien Sandow out of the ring and hit Dirty Deeds on The Miz. What followed was the act you do when trying to clean up a crime scene to pretend that nothing had happened. So, Dean Ambrose got The Miz back into his chair, put his sunglasses on his face and his microphone in his hand. And he used the very mic to close Miz TV and Main Event.

You can watch “Miz TV” here on my Dropbox.


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