At least Damien Sandow is an entertaining stunt double +++ Cesaro is the #1 contender… again +++ Seth Rollins is happy that Dean Ambrose is back +++ Layla is awesome +++ WWE referees are blind

Dean Ambrose_collage

Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to grant the latest NXT episode an own blog post but at least I’d like to mention some interesting and entertaining aspects of it. First of all I’ve put all segments together into the following table together with two videos you find under the links:

Segment Participant Opponent Duration
match Mojo Rawley Bull Dempsey 0:42 min
promo video Baron Corbin —- 0:41 min
match Tyler Breeze Justin Gabriel 3:59 min
backstage William Regal Natalya 1:16 min
match Alexa Bliss Bayley 3:36 min
promo Bayley Charlotte 2:23 min
perf centre Enzo Amore Colin Cassady; Diva 1:42 min
match Marcus Louis Enzo Amore 2:34 min
backstage Tyson Kidd —- 0:56 min
match Lucha Dragons The Ascension 12:52 min

As you might have already noticed there were two segments that were my favourite: of course the backstage promo with William Regal and Natalya but also this promo video of Baron Corbin – really good made little teaser but I do wonder now if Baron Corbin is considered as a heel character because of all this “my breed will destroy your breed” stuff. But that would be actually great because like you may have remembered: really good heel characters with an actual character I usually prefer to all around good guys without an edge.

At least Damien Sandow is an entertaining stunt double

Credit: mylunaticfringe on Tumblr.
Credit: mylunaticfringe on Tumblr.
Dean Ambrose And now for SmackDown. The Main Event had been finished with The Miz beaten up by Dean Ambrose, so he now called him out for a match. Dean Ambrose accepted and that’s why we kicked off SmackDown with Dean Ambrose vs The Miz. Once again it was a very entertaining match of just over ten minutes with many fun moments and good moves. Credit here also belongs to Damien Sandow who was only on ringside but tried to interfere here and there, then ran cowardly away or imitated the moves from The Miz. But all in all he really was a bad stunt double because he didn’t save The Miz from any beating to his face, the so-called Moneymaker. If the beating goes on like this, his face won’t be his moneymaker for very long.

Credit: dritydeeds on Tumblr.
Credit: dritydeeds on Tumblr.
Dean Ambrose These two Gifs actually showing Dean Ambrose announcing the finish of the match. I know it rather looks like he’s about to cum (and it even sounded much more like it) but yes, it seems like he doesn’t do the fake pistol shot on a permanent basis which is a shame. But this here probably fits more his “lunatic fringe” gimmick, so he needed to go back to this. At least there was also a fun moment in this when he interrupted his lunatic behaviour the moment he realized that Kane and Seth Rollins entered the scene. Dean Ambrose was distracted for a moment but was able to counter the attack from behind by The Miz to hit Dirty Deeds on him for the win.

But he couldn’t celebrate because Kane and Seth Rollins of course entered the ring and when Dean Ambrose attacked Rollins first, a little brawl broke lose. It was two-on-one and because of that completely unfair but somehow Dean Ambrose at one point could grab the briefcase and flee the ring. He then went over the barricade into the audience and mocked Seth Rollins with the lifted briefcase from there. I’ve already read that he entered and left the ring with the briefcase on a live event on Friday. So I wonder if he also travels with the briefcase now or if this still is the job of Seth Rollins.


Cesaro is the #1 contender… again
After a little weird backstage promo by Goldust & Stardust for their tag team championship re-match against The Usos, we got another good ten minute match. This one was a 14-men Battle Royal for the #1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship. And this match against Dolph Ziggler also happened later that night.

But first it was this match. The following wrestlers were eliminated in this exact order: first Matador; Sin Cara; second Matador; Justin Gabriel; Xavier Woods; Big E; Zack Ryder; Titus O’Neil; and Heath Slater. So, the last five wrestlers in the ring were: Cesaro, Bo Dallas, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger and Damien Sandow. Somehow Sandow ended up in the middle of the ring circled by the other four guys. He screamed: “I am a stunt double and I am awesome!” and this was the starting gun for the other four to go after him and throw him off the ring. Finally Bo Dallas was eliminated for a showdown between Cesaro, Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger. And after another good moments of action, Cesaro threw Kofi on Swagger and eliminated both this way for the win.

That was a really good match and Cesaro showed once again that he is fun and able to entertain. Anyone who says Cesaro is boring seriously needs his or her eyes checked.

Seth Rollins is happy that Dean Ambrose is back
After another strange backstage interview with The Usos, we finally got to see their tag team championship re-match against Goldust & Stardust. I have to say that I really like the strange Dusts since they turned heel. The match also lasted for just over ten minutes with Goldust & Stardust retaining their titles in good old heel fashion: one Uso was about to pin Stardust when Goldust hit him with his belt to cause disqualification. Consequently The Usos won the match but Goldust & Stardust retained the belts.

We were backstage again where Seth Rollins complained to Kane about Dean Ambrose stolen his briefcase. And he told us that he would repeat the cinder block thingy if Dean Ambrose won’t give him back his briefcase. We will see on coming RAW how this will continue. But if I was Dean Ambrose I would suggest that Seth Rollins will get back the briefcase if Dean Ambrose gets a match against Seth Rollins without any interference by The Authority, i.e. a cage match at Hell In A Cell.

Layla is awesome
The next this time a bit shorter match was a tag team match between Summer Rae & Layla vs Natalya & Rosa Mendes. And it was Layla who stole the show, really. I mean, this was a Total Divas promotion and I couldn’t care less but Layla and her action inside the ring made me watch it twice. Seriously, this woman deserves something better. Instead of handing over the Divas title from AJ Lee to Paige and back to AJ Lee, bring in someone other. And Layla would be a great champion. She also got the win here for her team after just over four minutes.

WWE referees are blind
For the next backstage interview Big Show told us that he would stand in for his friends who were humiliated by Rusev before and especially for Mark Henry.

But before this match as the main event started, we still had to see Cesaro vs Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship.The match lasted for just over six minutes and finished with a very bad decision by the obviously blind referee because Cesaro had clearly grabbed the bottom rope before the ref had finished his three count on the pin. So, I guess we will get a re-match between Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler on coming RAW. Would be nice if Cesaro could actually win there. He so often is #1 contender but never gets the corresponding title that it’s really not fun anymore.

Then there was a backstage interview with Lana and Rusev that wasn’t really an interview because Lana and Rusev most of the time were speaking Russian resp. Bulgarian. But somehow Lana could transmit the message that Rusev will also beat Big Show.

The match itself happened up next and it lasted for almost ten minutes. Rusev was probably about to lose but Lana distracted Big Show with entering the ring, so Rusev could attack Big Show with the Russian flag to cause disqualification. But in the end Big Show was standing tall after he could place a knockout punch to Rusev’s jar. Since this was only SmackDown it was clear that Big Show couldn’t get a clear win. Maybe on coming RAW as well.

EDIT: Alright, my question from above was already answered: a guy who calls himself Alpha Grinion on Instagram just posted a picture there from himself, Dean Ambrose and the briefcase at the Las Vegas airport. So, indeed now it’s up to Dean to take care of the divorce child.


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