Looks like Seth Rollins needs a straitjacket very soon +++ Big Show vs Rusev grows in intensity +++ Cesaro is very funny +++ Leaving Dean Ambrose alone during tag team matches seems to be a regular thing

Ambrose Promo #1:
“Sorry disappointing you, John, but in case you haven’t noticed, you’re not the only one who has issues with The Authority. I’ve got a lot of issues actually, especially as it pertains to Seth Rollins. But I plan on working those issues out because I plan on making Seth Rollins pay.”
–[Cena doesn’t like playing]
“You’re right. You don’t wanna do this with me. And I don’t wanna do this with you. I don’t need to. But Seth Rollins is kinda my thing. On Monday night you got in my way.”
–[Cena explains to DA that he is older than him]
“You lost one night but I almost lost my whole career because I got my head put through cinder blocks. And I’ll be damned if I’ll let anybody else wipe that smug look off of Seth’s face for good but me, especially you.” –DEAN AMBROSE.
Ambrose Promo #2:
“How do you feel about teaming with John Cena again tonight?”
“I’ve got nothing to say about John Cena. I’ve got nothing to say to John Cena. But let’s talk about the guy that’s in both of our cross hairs: Seth Rollins. Now, ass kickings are part of our business. Seth knows that’s what he’s signed up for. But embarrassing Seth Rollins, stealing his Money In The Bank briefcase, spraying him with a mysterious green mist, that’s the kind of thing an egomaniac like him just can’t stand. And all that’s fun for me. No amount of embarrassment I can put Seth Rollins through will erase the memory off my head getting driven through cinder blocks. So, I will go through everybody The Authority wants to put in front of me: Kane, Randy Orton, Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury, The Bunny, The Gator, all of them. Nothing will get in my way and nothing will stop me from getting to Seth Rollins.”DEAN AMBROSE

Looks like Seth Rollins needs a straitjacket very soon
Decided to do a very short summary for this episode of SmackDown, completely without Gifs; just with my collages and my usual conspiracy theories. Because I really don’t feel the need to write much about this topic today. But, this has nothing to do with SmackDown itself because apart from the usual lengthy replays it was a really good and fun show.

We kicked off SmackDown with John Cena inside the ring with a promo. First of all he tried to kiss ass to the people of Milwaukee, Wisconsin with talking a bit about the city. Then he told us a bit of history we have already heard a few times and finally challenged Seth Rollins to come out for a match against him, because all young guys would have to go past him to make it in WWE.

But out came Dean Ambrose to tell him what you might have already read above under Ambrose Promo #1. He still doesn’t want for John Cena to sneak his way into his own business and he also didn’t want to accept the truce John Cena offered him.

Now, that was the point for Seth Rollins, Kane and Randy Orton to appear on the titantron. Randy Orton expressed his liking for their new found “bromance”. He then went on to notice that both, Dean Ambrose and John Cena, would have needed a friend and that they deserved each other. Kane then added some fuel into this “bromance” by revealing what Dean Ambrose apparently said about John Cena while he was still in The Shield with Seth Rollins:

“John Cena is nothing else than an over hyped action figure, who couldn’t wrestle his way out off a box of cereal.”

Well, I couldn’t agree more. And Dean Ambrose apparently only acts crazy to make a unique character in WWE. Couldn’t be nearer to the truth. The heels always tell the truth, right? Now, Kane asked Seth Rollins if he would like to add something but he only looked like he would need a straightjacket very soon.

Big Show vs Rusev grows in intensity
The first match of the evening happened between The Miz & Damien Sandow and Dolph Ziggler & Sheamus. It lasted for a decent seven and a half minutes with a few indications that The Miz vs Sheamus could be in the line because The Miz attacked Sheamus with a chair at ringside. And after Ziggler and Sheamus had won the match, Sheamus hit Damien Sandow with the chair. Bit of staring at each other between The Miz and Sheamus afterwards.

The next match was between Paige (w/ Alicia Fox) and Naomi which Paige won after almost two minutes. Because she was beat up on Monday Night Raw by the two of them, AJ Lee came out after the match to beat up Alicia Fox. Paige fled to JBL, took his hat to put it onto her own head like some magic hat that could make her invisible. CM Punk chants, of course, to my annoyance.

It was announced before that WWE had apologized to the Russian people for pulling down the Russian flag on Monday Night RAW. And now Big Show came out, dressed in a suit, to apologize himself to all Russian people who may have been offended by his actions. Rusev and Lana now came out immediately to demand an apology face to face. Side note: Lana was wearing pink lipstick as promotion for the breast cancer awareness month. But Big Show told them, he offended them on purpose and he wouldn’t apologize to them. Well, that was a mistake for now because after Rusev have told him and the whole arena that him and America would suck, he also beat Big Show down with a smaller version of the Russian flag. But Big Show stood back on his feet very soon, took off his jacket to show off his rage towards Rusev. All set up for their match on coming RAW apparently.

Then it was time to have a little bit of fun again with a match between Slater Gator (w/ Mini Gator) and The Usos. Only seconds into the match, The Bunny came out to mock the Mini Gator at ringside and the match ended with a Triple Splash by The Usos & The Bunny on Slater Gator & Mini Gator. Only 1:45 minutes had passed at that time. And afterwards Adam Rose & The Exotic Express came out to celebrate inside the ring.

Cesaro is very funny
Up next was the backstage interview with Dean Ambrose that is filed above under Ambrose Promo #2. Shots were fired again in the direction of The Authority and John Cena.

Then, before his match took place, Cesaro told us a joke backstage:

“You know, Dolph [Ziggler] was born on the highway because that’s where most accidents happen.”

Because I really like Cesaro but can’t stand Dolph Ziggler, I thought that this was very funny. But apparently R-Truth doesn’t have any sense of humour because he couldn’t laugh and he said that Cesaro isn’t funny. So, that was the set-up for the match. It took just over two minutes, Cesaro won it with the Neutralizer, so he quite literally had the last laugh.

Leaving Dean Ambrose alone during tag team matches seems to be a regular thing
And there we were with the main event match again: Kane & Randy Orton vs Dean Ambrose & John Cena. Same match as on past RAW but very different in choreography. This time Dean Ambrose started the match off against Randy Orton but he tagged in John Cena very quickly. The first few minutes Dean Ambrose and John Cena really tried to work together and they did just fine. But from around four minutes into the match, Dean Ambrose got the same treatment by Randy Orton and Kane, John Cena got on Monday. He had to stand a lot of punishments but also gained momentum a few times. Highlight, of course and once again, was him biting Kane into his hand.

Just over nine minutes into the match, Dean Ambrose was about to tag in John Cena but the fool let Seth Rollins distract himself. The puppy to The Authority appeared on the ramp when John Cena ran away from the ring to hunt Seth Rollins backstage. And Dean Ambrose was left alone. Somehow he was able to fight back against Randy Orton and he even set up Dirty Deeds when Kane interfered with a huge kick to Dean Ambrose’s head to cause disqualification for a sudden finish to the match and consequently a win for Dean Ambrose and the still not present John Cena.

So, the match lasted for 11:11 minutes with Dean Ambrose in it for the last 8:22 minutes. But now the 2-0n-1 assault on him started. He had to eat a Chokeslam by Kane and a RKO by Randy Orton before John Cena was seen again. But when he finally made it into the ring, Randy Orton and Kane had already fled the ring.

Now, some people on social media have the idea that John Cena leaving the ring was heel behaviour. Not at all in my opinion. It was just stupid behaviour because he did exactly what Seth Rollins had in mind he would do. He could have let Seth Rollins coming to the ring to cause disqualification. Then it would have been 3-on-2, which is always better than 2-on-1. So, going after him was just stupid. And I would be very disappointed if this won’t be addressed to him by Dean Ambrose on coming RAW.

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