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Ambrose Promo no.1:
“Where are you running for, Seth? Where are you running for, Seth? I’m just here to talk, let’s chat, brother! Let’s chat about this. I’ve finally got what I’ve been foaming at the mouth for, and that’s you trapped inside Hell In A Cell; the most demonic structure in WWE history. And I’m going to make the most of it. I’m going to turn you inside out. I’m going to rip your face clean off! I’m going to take my left boot, I’m going to jam it down your throat! I’m going to take my right boot, that’s my lucky boot, and I’m sticking that one where the sun don’t shine! And after that, after that what I’m going to do next I can’t even say on this show!”
Ambrose Promo no.2:
“Before I was rudely interrupted by Kane earlier, I was explaining to Seth Rollins what was going through my mind. And that’s what I am gonna do to him at Hell In A Cell… rip his face off! See, Seth Rollins thinks he’s prepared for a match with me but I got news for him: you can’t prepare yourself for the unknown. And once that cell door locks, it’s just me and Seth. Even I, I don’t really know what I am gonna do. And Kane, Kane says, he’s aggressive, says he wants to hear me scream in pain. Shrieks of horror help him sleep at night. And I think Kane has starred in one too many horror flicks. This ain’t Hollywood. This is Birmingham, Alabama! Let’s make this movie an action flick. Yippee Ki-Yay!” –DEAN AMBROSE.

Something new again – like at almost every other issue of my wrestling reviews. This time, before I say something about the last episode of ‘SmackDown’, I’d like to comment on a wrestling article that discusses five things Dean Ambrose has to change to cement himself as the next face of WWE. It’s this article from David Wilcox in ‘The Citizen’. For a better overall view I will break down the five points in short summaries with my opinion to it right after:

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin said, Dean Ambrose needs to get bigger, so chances are Vince McMahon and Triple H think so, too. It wouldn’t take much on Ambrose’s part — even just a return to his Shield days, when he appeared to carry a little more weight, would probably sell his superiors on him that much more convincingly.
    So, I get it that Steve Austin is well liked and respected by WWE fans and rightly so. But, everything he says doesn’t mean it’s right and consequently you have to do. Dean Ambrose for me just isn’t this bulky looking monster and not every WWE superstar has to look like Ryback (where is this guy these days by the way?). What makes WWE so good is variety. You have the big guys, the highflyers and the great talkers. It’s called ‘Face of the WWE’, not ‘Muscle of the WWE’. And we don’t need just another muscle but a guy who stands out. So, NO to this demand.
  • Find better gear, ditch the shirt and keep his jeans á la Diamond Dallas Page could improve Ambrose’s presentation in the eyes of WWE’s higher-ups.
    One thing I don’t like at all are all these comparisons. Is Dean Ambrose the next Stone Cold, Roddy Piper, Jake Roberts, Brian Pillman, now DDP? No, he’s Dean Ambrose and this is his style. It’s something he chose himself to wear – except for the recent change to his slightly improved merchandize shirt, I guess. This article suggested that Dean Ambrose should wrestle in trunks again, the way he did in FCW. So, how many other WWE wrestlers we have just in trunks? Exactly, there are a lot. Dean Ambrose stands out here as well. So, why change a unique style to something common?
  • Punch better because he tends to wing them a little too much. Other times he throws fists a little too fast, at the expense of their snap.
    Dean Ambrose actually has got a good punch. But, like the clever writing guy in this article noticed, when his action steps up in speed, it’s a bit inaccurate. Maybe that’s why we never see Dolph Ziggler from his front when he throws out his punches high up the ropes, because it’s inaccurate as well. Moaning on the highest level, I guess. For me, Dean Ambrose isn’t a boxer and I don’t need him as a boxer. I like his storytelling far more than of any other guy in WWE. And throwing punches like the best boxer out there wouldn’t step up my excitement for watching this guy.
  • Turn in a signature performance.
    I probably need to translate this demand: have matches look all the same and bore your audience to hell. It’s exactly these statements that make me really angry. Because what makes Dean Ambrose unique is his ability to be the perfect opponent for any wrestler he is in the ring with. He’s got his signature moves like the Pendulum Lariat (even if it’s borrowed from Nigel McGuinness), the Tornado DDT, the Snap Elbow Drop and a few others but what makes him unique is that he tells stories and he puts on just the perfect fight to fit his opponent at the time. So, I just don’t get what this demand is all about. At least, you want him to do matches like Roman Reigns who has exactly one style and he’ll show it, not caring if it fits his opponent or not.
  • Suck it up and coin a catchphrase. As talker traditions go, he’s maybe most like Roddy Piper in that regard. But just one mantra, one phrase for audiences to hang on, could turn him into an Austin.
    Just one word: No! Please, no. Never. NO!! I mean, what’s this obsession with some wrestling fans to make Dean Ambrose ‘the next’ Stone Cold Steve Austin? You talk about this and you demand changes, even want to have a stupid catchphrase for him. You know what? You probably will talk and demand and hope and while you wait for Dean Ambrose to turn into Stone Cold Steve Austin – which will never happen -, you will completely miss all the fun and unique and one and only Dean Ambrose.

That was it. And now for my take on the latest episode of ‘SmackDown’. Because it’s almost ‘RAW’ time again, I’ll try to keep it short and only write something about the Dean Ambrose segments plus summaries about the good, the bad and the ugly of ‘SmackDown’.

Dean Ambrose has got a lucky boot

Credit: nattyambrosemoxley on Tumblr.
Credit: nattyambrosemoxley on Tumblr.
Dean Ambrose After four minutes of replay from previous shows, we finally got to SmackDown and started off with Seth Rollins cutting a promo inside the ring. He told us that honour doesn’t pay the bills and that everyone would sell anybody for the opportunity he got. The question only is where this opportunity brought him so far? He got a briefcase that is more dented week after week and with the WWE World Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar nowhere to be seen, he can’t cash in for the foreseeable time. Plus: he isn’t able to sleep anymore because he always has to expect Dean Ambrose hiding behind the next corner. I’m trying to be honest, Seth, even some people of my family I don’t really like would I sell for this opportunity!

But anyway, Seth seems to like it this way and he further told us that he will leave Dean Ambrose at Hell In A Cell as a hot, sweaty, smelly mess. I guess, the ladies out there would appreciate that. He also told us, yes, he sold out but at Hell In A Cell he will put Dean Ambrose out. But before that, Dolph Ziggler came out now to teach Seth something about you can’t buy self-respect. We remember that Ziggler was curbstomped by Seth Rollins at the last episode of RAW, so he got his revenge, when he dropkicked Seth Rollins now.

And that was followed by a little brawl to finally have the first match of the evening between these two. Within these over 13 minutes, Seth Rollins didn’t look like a winner at all. Dolph Ziggler dominated huge parts of the match. Seth Rollins had to sell a tweaked knee again but in the end he got the upper hand and won with the Curb Stomp.

But Seth Rollins wasn’t able to celebrate his victory for long because this time Dean Ambrose interrupted him. He came out with his contract for the match at Hell In A Cell and went inside the ring. But Seth Rollins, of course, avoided any physical contact with backing away and moving towards the ramp. Dean Ambrose still had a few words to say that you can read under Ambrose Promo no.1 including a slightly modified quote from “Dirty Harry”. After that Kane came out to announce the main event match for tonight: him against Dean Ambrose because Kane wants to hear Dean Ambrose scream in pain.

Later on we saw Kane together with Seth Rollins who begged Kane to leave him just one tiny bit of Dean Ambrose, so he can finish him off for himself at Hell In A Cell. He already had this chat before SummerSlam and Kane told Seth Rollins that he just should watch and learn. Because both of them, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, wouldn’t have any experiences with something that demonic like the steel cage at Hell In A Cell. Perfect opportunity to put on a video in here to show you that WWE clearly lives in its own world with only its own history:

Just before the main event match, Dean Ambrose had still something to say backstage. This time he quoted “Die Hard” in a PG way. And you can find this promo under the file Ambrose Promo no.2. The next we saw was Kane coming out for the match with Seth Rollins by his side. And the official announcement was made that we will get to see a 3-on-2 street fight between Kane & Seth Rollins & Randy Orton vs John Cena & Dean Ambrose. I’ll be relieved when Hell In A Cell actually happens because all these always the same line-up matches will be over at last.

Now, this Kane vs Dean Ambrose match was a short one because it only lasted for almost six minutes and it was finished by Seth Rollins when he interrupted Dean Ambrose doing the Pendulum Lariat. Until then it was a quite even match with Dean Ambrose dominating the first two minutes with pace and cockiness. A bit of throwing on the barricade by Kane followed but somehow Dean Ambrose could escape with him biting Kane and just being unpredictable for the big man. After the disqualification, Seth Rollins got a few punches on Dean Ambrose and finally wanted to curb stomp him into a chair that was shoved in the ring by Kane. But Dean Ambrose was able to counter, pick up the chair and threaten Seth Rollins. Kane interfered, so Kane got the beating. So, once again Dean Ambrose was standing tall inside the ring for a stare-down with Seth Rollins to close SmackDown.

The good things from SmackDown

  • I really liked the little promo for Rusev and Lana. Good made, good spoken piece to hype the match against Big Show. I also liked it because I like Rusev. Yeah, there are people who like him.
  • This little flick about WWE in Malaysia was good as well. Because it showed all the happiness and excitement of the people there and all the fun they had. Good review.

The bad things from SmackDown

  • For the second match of SmackDown Paige was on commentary with her new “bestie” Alicia Fox. The match happened to be between AJ Lee and Layla because Layla had abandoned the tag team match she had with AJ Lee on Monday. I didn’t pay much attention to the match, mostly because I knew that AJ Lee would win again in around two minutes. And she did. Paige on commentary was actually quite good but the really bad thing was only revealed today (Monday): Paige and Alicia Fox will be on “Total Divas” when the new series starts. There is an unwritten rule by Vince McMahon that no Total Diva will hold the title. So, since this is stupid enough, it also means that AJ Lee will hold the title until the Earth will cease to be, I guess. Thank you very much! It didn’t help that Paige actually got the upper hand over AJ Lee after the match and a bit of mocking as well.
  • Mishmash made-up tag team matches are never my cup of tea. So it was with this Sheamus & The Usos vs The Miz & Goldust & Stardust match as well. Despite Damien Sandow being at ringside these over ten minutes of match time weren’t exciting for me at all. Sheamus won the match with a Brogue Kick to Goldust in the end. Yeah.
  • The promo of Big Show and Mark Henry. The most notable quote by Big Show here was this one: “I’m not afraid to hug you. You smell good, too.” And I was sitting there, thinking: ‘What?’ Are you heading towards a gay storyline with Big Show and Mark Henry here? I’m not completely against it, you know, but come on, this isn’t funny. It’s just awkward. Also afterwards, when Rusev came out with Lana, Rusev then actually said a lot but Big Show just told him to stop talking in a Schwarzenegger wanna-be accent. Stupid, really, because Schwarzenegger has got a very broad Austrian accent when Rusev in his Bulgarian accent does really well. But that’s just my opinion.

The ugly things from SmackDown

  • We got to see a short replay from Main Event where Sheamus had been able – for whatever reason – to borrow The Miz’s stunt double. Damien Sandow was even whiter than Sheamus and got finally beaten up. But the really ugly segment from this episode of SmackDown was the backstage interview with Sheamus and The Usos. I have said it before and I can’t even say it enough: please don’t make The Usos talk in interviews or on commentary. I am not able to listen to it without physical pain. Really. Please, stop it! And Sheamus wasn’t better because he let them talk.
  • The match Naomi vs Nikki Bella was ugly because I really hate matches that one side dominates but still loses in the end. And this goes for both outcomes. This time here Naomi dominated for the whole two minutes but Nikki Bella won the match. Also revealed as the stipulation for her match at Hell In A Cell against her sister Brie was that the loser becomes the winner’s personal assistant for one month. If done right or with the right people involved, this can be lots of fun. But I doubt that the Brie twins are the right people for that kind of stuff. And WWE will also throw this opportunity away storyline-wise.

As a bonus you get this little interview by Sam Roberts that he did with Dean Ambrose at the Ringside Collectibles’ Ringside Fest on 04 October 2014. It was only published today, so it’s brand new:


2 thoughts on “SmackDown 14/10/17: Dean Ambrose quotes Dirty Harry and John McClane this time

  1. I agree with you! Dean Ambrose doesn’t have to change anything to cement himself as the next face of WWE, he only has to be himself. He’s doesn’t need any stupid catchphrase because he always knows what to say, he doesn’t need to get bigger, he’s just PERFECT!


    1. Thanks for your comment! It’s good to know that there are still people out there without this obsession of turning Dean Ambrose in someone else. And he himself reacts allergic to any of these comparisons, so I don’t feel the need to rub it into his face during any interview he does.


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