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After SummerSlam this is probably my most anticipated Pay-Per-View this year because of Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins in Hell In A Cell. For me there is just one main event even if WWE tries hard to sell this so-called double main event. According to a poll on the WWE site itself three out of four fans are more exited for this very match. And really: it’s not surprising because we have seen this other match a hundred times already. So, I’m trying to do a prediction post once again. But beware: I’m not really good at predictions.

In almost good old tradition already, this article works like this: the lists contain all competitors of the matches. The competitor/s written in BOLD letters are my chosen favourites while the ones in red colour will be the actual winners.

Intercontinental Championship (two / three falls)

  • Dolph Ziggler

Credit: prowrestlingnow on Tumblr.
Credit: prowrestlingnow on Tumblr.
Hell In A Cell_Cesaro Now, this is only my wishful thinking. Because I’m afraid that Dolph Ziggler will win again but I really hope that Cesaro will win. The man had so many title matches this year and couldn’t win a single one. Also, the Intercontinental Championship belongs around the waist of a non-U.S. guy. And Cesaro is the perfect man for that. This match will take place in the pre-show of Hell In A Cell, so if you like to see it and not just interested in the result: be sure to tune in around half an hour before the main show actually starts.

The Bulgarian Brute vs The American Hope

  • Big Show

Hell In A Cell_Rusev Hell In A Cell_Big Show All this Russia vs U.S.A. is getting really boring when it wasn’t for Lana and Rusev. Because both of them are really entertaining while their opponents are not. So, I still think that Rusev will also win for a third time against Big Show. When Roman Reigns comes back, he could made into the big American hero who will finally beat Rusev. Because to throw him just into another title match after being away for a long time would be really stupid. Not that stupid storylines wouldn’t be the strong suit of WWE but maybe they have learned something from the previous use of Reigns. So, just built him up properly, so he actually deserves a title match. As for this very match here, I somehow hope that we will see a good match but I’m afraid that we won’t. At least, it’s Big Show who isn’t the fastest on this planet who we are talking about. So, he will disappoint the good old U.S.A. like his good friend Mark Henry.

The Bella War

  • Nikki Bella

Hell In A Cell_Nikki Bella Hell In A Cell_Brie Bella Do I care? Not really. Yeah, this match has got a nice stipulation to it but that doesn’t make it more exciting. It’s also not important which twin will win. Because like the stipulation suggests: we will have to stand this feud for just another month after Hell In A Cell. I also can’t decide what outcome I would enjoy more because – well, you might guess it – I can’t tell. Nikki Bella wins and Brie will be her slave for a month? Or Brie Bella wins and Nikki will be her slave for a month? In my opinion – if done right – it could be funnier with Brie Bella winning, so I go for this. But I will probably do something else while this match actually happens.

Tag Team Championship

  • The Usos

Hell In A Cell_Cosmic Twins Hell In A Cell_Usos I have only one hope for this match: don’t make The Usos win! I find them really annoying recently and the ‘feud’ lasts for too long now already. I also kind of like Goldust & Stardust but I miss an edge in their gimmick. All this weird talking and behaviour is funny and interesting. But on the other hand a bit exaggerated. Just be a tiny bit more believable and don’t act too weird. I think it’s this slightly just a bit too much out of this world that I can’t connect entirely with them. And I like to see a real feud with real competitors and these aren’t The Usos. Sorry, but I can’t connect with them at all.

United States Championship

  • Sheamus

Hell In A Cell_The Miz Hell In A Cell_Sheamus How strange as it seems but I really looking forward to this match. Because I want The Miz to win it. What happened with me actually? Me want The Miz to win a match and then this title as well? Well, Damien Sandow happened and like I already said in previous reviews, I enjoy his work with The Miz. But anyway, I somehow fear that WWE makes The Miz winning this title only to have a rematch at the following RAW for Sheamus to retrieve the belt again. But what I really looking forward to is that Damien Sandow could be somehow involved in The Miz winning the title which could lead to a feud between Damien Sandow and The Miz. In recent interviews The Miz was repeatedly asked if his stunt double would have gotten too big to be just a stunt double. But The Miz always laughed it off. This match could be the turning point but again: everything in WWE can change from one second to the next. So, everything is possible. But that’s exactly what I like about The Miz & Damien Sandow at the moment.

Divas Championship

  • Paige
  • AJ LEE

Hell In A Cell_Paige Hell In A Cell_AJ Lee Quite the opposite I have to say about this match. It once started so good with Paige coming out at the RAW episode after Wrestlemania to take the belt from AJ Lee. But now this feud needs to be finished. Unfortunately, Paige will join Total Divas for their new season, so this unwritten (?) law of “No Total Diva can hold the Divas title” will throw its shadow on this match, I guess. I hope that Charlotte will join the WWE roster from NXT very soon, so she can take the belt from AJ Lee. Is she still a babyface? Because I can’t stand her at all. So, this time my prediction wasn’t made from my wish for this match but from my knowledge.

Groundhog Day

  • John Cena

Hell In A Cell_Randy Orton Hell In A Cell_John Cena Ah, this exiting match once again! The only thing that makes it slightly exiting is my hope for a Randy Orton win, so we will see Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton – two guys who can actually wrestle. And I would really enjoy this match. As for this one: if they are really the last match of Hell In A Cell, I won’t watch it. I will probably stay awake to play a few more matches on WWE SuperCard for my ambition to get a Dean Ambrose Legendary card but I refuse to watch this again. If Cena wins, we will get just another match of him against Brock Lesnar. Third time lucky? I doubt it.

The Lunatic Fringe vs The Undisputed Future of WWE

  • Seth Rollins

Hell In A Cell_Dean Ambrose Hell In A Cell_Seth Rollins I have just read a funny article on Bleacher Report. It’s funny because it has a catchy headline called “Seth Rollins Needs Hell in a Cell Victory More Than Dean Ambrose” but really says nothing in it why the author of this article thinks so. You can read it yourself and tell me if you find any reason. Because I just think that the author doesn’t like Dean Ambrose and that’s basically the main point of his writing. I have also read about fears that Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins could want to steal the show that much that one of them or both will get seriously injured and then out for 4-6 months. Well, just a friendly reminder that almost everyone thought that a Lumberjack match stipulation would kill a match between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. The result was that they somehow showed one of the best if not the best Lumberjack matches ever. Both guys are part of this business for over ten years now. And I think they know by now what they can do and what they should better leave. I doubt that one of them will jump off the top of that cell just for the sake of it. They will take high risks, of course they will do. But they won’t lose their heads while they do it.

As for my prediction, I not only want Dean Ambrose to win that match, it’s also the only possible outcome. Hell In A Cell is the perfect finish for a glorious feud. Seth Rollins has already won two matches with the help of The Authority. Now on his own (hopefully), Seth Rollins will finally lose in a match that is really the perfect surrounding for Dean Ambrose. On coming RAW Dean Ambrose then can cut a promo about celebrating his win just to be attacked by his next feud opponent. This is just too perfect to do it in any other way. Make it so, WWE, please!

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