This RAW episode was disappointing but you could have expected something like that. We were teased since Friday that Bray Wyatt would reveal a secret about Dean Ambrose but nothing happened on Monday. Both men didn’t even talk to each other which is strange because I personally had expected a reply by Dean Ambrose on the lengthy promo by Bray Wyatt on Friday. If WWE can teach you anything than it’s “don’t expect anything – you only get disappointed”.

Dean Ambrose_collage

A feud between Dean Ambrose and Cesaro would be awesome
And I’m not saying this because I’m already fed up with the Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt feud. Because I wasn’t even excited in the first place. And WWE doesn’t make it better with doing literally nothing for this feud. Or slow it down before it even started to pace up. But first things first: Vince McMahon had started RAW with his daughter Stephanie and son in law Triple H inside the ring. His promo was weird to say it quite frankly. Because it was all a promotion for the WWE Network again that should have been launched (for the second time) in the UK now. Should have been because it didn’t happen (again!). Around twenty minutes before launching it, it was short lipped delayed to an unknown date. I don’t know what happened this time that the delay was needed but an apology at RAW wouldn’t have been just a nice gesture but the only appropriate thing to do. If I was living in the UK and about to buy the Network, I’m pretty sure that I won’t do so if there is any time in the unknown future that I might be able to do so. I also don’t know who does have these great promotion ideas in WWE, i.e. blasting out at any impossible time that you only have to pay 9.99 per month and now promoting the month of November to be #freefreefree for all new subscribers when all people of UK aren’t able to subscribe. As I said, I don’t know who is this marketing genius but if I would live in the UK that would sound like making fun on my behalf.

But enough with this. At some point Vince McMahon announced that there won’t be only a match between Team Cena and Team Authority at the next Pay-Per-View, Survivor Series; if The Authority loses there also won’t be The Authority anymore. Vince then tried to hype the masses but the people in the arena were almost dead until Dean Ambrose’s music hit. A bit of confusion followed when both, Vince McMahon and Dean Ambrose, shook hands. So, I’m not sure what to make of it. I’m pretty sure that Team Cena will win at Survivor Series, so will Vince McMahon be the next General Manager of RAW? Or Dean Ambrose of all people? That would create chaos for sure!

Credit: Cesaro on Instagram.
Credit: Cesaro on Instagram.
Now, since Dean Ambrose was out already, he had the first match of the night against Cesaro. And even with the appearance of Bray Wyatt that was a decent match of 11:19 minutes. Not a great one, also Dean Ambrose caused a head injury on Cesaro when he jumped off the barricade on the Swiss Superman to caught his teeth into his flesh. I didn’t know to this date that you were able to create such injuries with a move like that. A bit weird, I have to say. I mean, five staples were needed to close the wound!

Lot of fist fight happened into this match, a lot of grappling, then the action outside the ring. And when Cesaro discovered his head would he smeared the blood all over his head like it was part of the storyline of this match. Somehow he was cleaned a bit during the commercial break when Bray Wyatt appeared in his rocking chair on the ramp. Dean Ambrose and him were sharing some looks and swearing until Cesaro came back in the match to hit Dean Ambrose into the barricades for a few times, much to the amusement of Bray Wyatt.

Somehow the action continued inside the ring, Cesaro was able to get Dean Ambrose into a seated hold but the latter bit Cesaro into his fingers to free himself. I just noticed at this point that Dean Ambrose doesn’t cover his mouth with a hand anymore when he talks to his opponent about the next moves. I’m not sure if he was told not to do so anymore but try to speak without moving lips that much or if he just doesn’t care anymore if people see him speaking.

For the finish, Dean Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds 2.0 on Cesaro to get the win. And Bray Wyatt was just looking from his rocking chair. A bit of staring followed and when Dean Ambrose was about to make his way to him, lights went out again and Bray Wyatt was gone when lights went on.

Bray Wyatt’s secret
Like I already said: we were teased about a secret, Bray Wyatt would tell us about Dean Ambrose. It was even teased on the WWE website. So, Bray Wyatt had mentioned a “she” and I was guessing that it had something to do with his cousin he mentioned in the promo on William Regal two and a half years ago. I’m now thinking that it’s either a complete new and ridiculous story, Bray Wyatt will tell us or he won’t tell us anything because WWE creatives have no clue. It wouldn’t be the first time that WWE teasing something and then we get nothing. Same goes for tag team break-ups and reasons behind them or face / heel turns. People just say then: he attacked me and I have no idea why. But I don’t care, I will beat him senseless anyway. We want reasons, WWE, we want have storylines, we want to have just a little depth into these characters. Yes, great matches are fine and these should be the backbone of a wrestling company. But you haven’t called yourself “World Wrestling Entertainment” without reason. WWE fans aren’t that dumb like you may think they are, alright? So, if the current WWE creatives don’t have the ideas, well, I bet there are lots of creative minds out there who would love to write some real entertaining stuff!

As of right now I fear that this Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt feud won’t be one to remember despite a hell lot of potential.

A few notes of importance

Credit: somejamoke on Tumblr.
Credit: somejamoke on Tumblr.
Rusev US-champ It was quite inevitable that Rusev would take the United States title off Sheamus, wasn’t it? I’m still pretty sure that Roman Reigns will be the one who will finally beat Rusev for the first time in WWE. And consequently he will take the U.S. title. The guy was the chosen one for the WWE WHC title before he got injured and maybe WWE now finally realized that he is far from ready, so they might go for the mid-card title for him first. the prestige for him to beat Rusev for the first time and being the U.S. hero for doing so will be big enough anyway. So, I don’t just believe that this will happen – I know it.

The only crap about this title change was that this match happened on the RAW post show. That’s not really a great strategy to make the U.S. title important again. Because let’s face it: Sheamus holding the title not only did nothing for him but made the belt almost invincible. Now, that people moan about Rusev having the belt, the title could be important once again.

And then, Randy Orton was written off WWE shows with a Curb Stomp by Seth Rollins, so he can go film his next movie.


2 thoughts on “RAW 14/11/03: Dean Ambrose not only wants to taste Cesaro’s head but also his fingers

  1. Reigns is always scheduled to win the WWE WHC title at WM31… it’s silly, but it seems that WWE didn’t realize anything. I hope that currently he’s working to improve.


    1. Worst Wrestlemania scenario for me is this: Reigns winning the WHC title from Lesnar; Dwayne winning the U.S. title from Rusev. When that happens, I’m done with WWE.


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