This time I have seen the whole show of SmackDown plus even the dark main event but like it is some good old tradition already, I’ll keep my focus on the Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt feud because this is getting really interesting now and needs a few more words.

"Bray Wyatt playing games. I'm sick of games. I'm sick of this crap. If Bray Wyatt is gonna get inside of my head, he's gonna regret it." --DEAN AMBROSE.
“Bray Wyatt playing games. I’m sick of games. I’m sick of this crap. If Bray Wyatt is gonna get inside of my head, he’s gonna regret it.” –DEAN AMBROSE.

Bray Wyatt probably cuts the best promo I ever heard from him
After his easy won match against Sin Cara, Bray Wyatt cut a promo inside the ring. And finally these strings that I accused of being too lose to come back at each other in the end, indeed came together tonight. Actually this was one of the few promos by Bray Wyatt that I really liked. Because it not only had a story that fitted to the feud but also it brought some depth into the whole scenario. I really could write more about all that than I will actually do here. But let’s hear Bray Wyatt first:

Credit: fyeahambrose on Tumblr.
Credit: fyeahambrose on Tumblr.
“I can hear you, Dean Ambrose, I can feel you in my chest, in my heart. I can hear you screaming for help. Cause I know, Dean, I know about all those lonely nights that you felt, and I know you felt unloved and unwanted. I know about how every Christmas morning you would wake up praying that this would be the day, today would be the day, that daddy comes back for me. But when you came downstairs, all that was waiting for you was darkness. And the darkness that has become a way of life for you, Dean Ambrose. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Here I am. Embrace me, Dean Ambrose. For I am the light that you have been searching for your entire life. Let me fix you, Dean. Let me fix you, Dean! Salvation is in hand. Let me fix you, Dean!”

Yeah, he really wants to crawl under his skin, doesn’t he? But apparently he already knows that Dean Ambrose won’t give in and let Bray Wyatt fix him. At least, that would be one stupid finish to this feud. No, I think I slightly guess where this is going: Dean Ambrose loses once again at a Pay-Per-View but will hopefully finally get his first win at the next Pay-Per-View in his re-match against Bray Wyatt. Now, this first part of his promo was clearly done to get some flesh to the bone of this storyline. We are now completely into the history of Dean Ambrose and his father. But this certain “she” Bray Wyatt had mentioned before, Bray Wyatt hasn’t mentioned since. And I’m still slightly confused about it. Was it just a mistake at the beginning of this feud, never mentioned again, so we need to forget? Or is this “she” Dean Ambrose’s mother who also had to suffer because of Dean Ambrose’s father? But why would she cry for him? Because Dean Ambrose has been grown up and became just the same guy like his father? That’s just my thoughts so far because I desperately want to integrate this “she” into this story. So, please, Bray Wyatt, don’t leave me here hanging, alright? Give me something I can work with.

Now, called out like this, Dean Ambrose of course made his way into the arena and then the ring. But Bray Wyatt went outside, microphone still in hand. Somehow he now looked like slimy Smeagol, playing games with Frodo. And while Dean Ambrose was pacing in anger inside the ring, eyes focused on Bray Wyatt, the Eater of Worlds continued speaking to Dean Ambrose:

Dean Ambrose “And there you are. There he is, right on time. So hostile. What a hero, already to change the day at any time. Now, Dean, I don’t know if you realize this but, how predictable are you? I mean, every time I wanna see your shining face, all I have to do is push your buttons, pull the strings enough for you to come, filled with rage. And I know what you are here to do. I know what you’re here to do. You wanna hurt me, don’t you, Dean? You wanna hurt me, don’t ya? You wanna punish me! Go on, punish me! Cause I know, you just wanna punish me like you wanna punish your daddy.”

Now, this has taken a real u-turn, doesn’t it? I mean, at first Bray Wyatt attacked Dean Ambrose because he thought he was a kindred spirit that needed to be fixed. Bray Wyatt had separated this weak spot of Dean Ambrose: his father. And now the way Dean Ambrose can be fixed could be by punishing Bray Wyatt at the hands of Dean Ambrose? Like some substitute father because the real one is nowhere to be found? Is Bray Wyatt willing to sacrifice his body for Dean Ambrose to be sane again? I have to admit, that finally my mind was wide spread and is embracing this feud with a lot of questions.

So, since Bray Wyatt apparently knew what Dean Ambrose wants, he indeed offered himself by crawling back inside the ring. Both men were facing each other, Bray Wyatt wanted to attack him but Dean Ambrose caught him with a great right hook that – of course – reminded me on the left hook Dean Ambrose got from William Regal when he had attacked the older men back in November 2011. And like Dean Ambrose back then, Bray Wyatt could flee the ring and instantly back off to the ramp. But he still wasn’t finished talking:

Dean Ambrose “Yeah, there it is, Dean. There it is, Dean. You wear the mask of a lunatic. But I know that you are just a child screaming for someone to show you the way. But I know fear, Dean, cause I am the key to the light. Follow me and you will never be in the dark again.”

And back to the original, slightly cloudy idea: now Bray Wyatt again offers Dean Ambrose the way out of his darkness to the light. But not by beating him up? No, because offering himself before was just a hoax to play his games with Dean Ambrose. The poor boy.

Dean Ambrose has more than enough of Bray Wyatt’s games
Later on we saw Dean Ambrose storming off backstage right into the arms of Byron Saxton who was slightly nervous of asking Dean Ambrose if Bray Wyatt’s twisted messages started to have an effect on him. What Dean Ambrose had to scream at Byron Saxton, you could already read in the caption to the collage above. To conclude his feelings: I guess he got the point of Bray Wyatt but just don’t want to hear anything else of it.

And just like a little brat, Bray Wyatt doesn’t have ears for Dean Ambrose messages. Because Dean Ambrose was just finished, when Bray Wyatt attacked him with some random equipment, shoved him into the railing of a stairway in his back, hit his head on the equipment plus Sister Abigail into the wall. Then Bray Wyatt settled down and started a weird cuddle with Dean Ambrose, telling him the following:

“It’s wrong. It wasn’t meant for people like us, Dean. Once they put a label on you. That’s the way they put you in a box. And once they get you in that box, the next one will be underground.”

It’s really hard sometimes to always get every word Bray Wyatt is saying. So, I hope I got this message correctly. I’m not sure if Dean Ambrose got it since he was just hit into the wall, then cuddled by Bray Wyatt. I guess there are other ways to end an evening on good terms.

I bet Chris Jericho is already on Dean Ambrose for a three-part special for his podcast
Indeed, there are. Because the dark main event of SmackDown happened to be a match between Kane & Bray Wyatt vs Dean Ambrose & Chris Jericho. I’ve seen a video from some generous attendee of the show in Liverpool on YouTube. Just search for it. Maybe it’s still there. The best of these fan videos is that they are without Michael Cole on commentary. A real blessing sometimes. Now, the match went on for just over five minutes with action back and forth but nothing really special. Chris Jericho in the end won the match for his team against Kane.

Something really special happened to take place on Thursday in Glasgow, when Chris Jericho after the match praised Dean Ambrose as the next big thing of WWE. And a hug between the two guys later, Dean Ambrose was seen playing air guitar on a Kendo stick. Chris Jericho was still smashing chairs into the mat at the time but then caught one of the chairs to play air guitar alongside Dean Ambrose. Thankfully the WWE photographers caught this scene:

Dean Ambrose with Y2J in Glasgow


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