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It’s hilarious. Every single month I’m doing this post for the very WWE Pay-Per-View. Every time I think my predictions aren’t that bad. And every single time it’s getting worse. If you are into betting, please don’t take my predictions seriously. In fact, just take the one guy or team I’m opting strongly against and it might be right.

In almost good old tradition already, this article works like this: the lists contain all competitors of the matches. The competitor/s written in BOLD letters are my chosen favourites while the ones in red colour will be the actual winners.

Pre-Show Match (unknown opponent)

  • Fandango (w/ Rosa Mendes)

Credit: WWE on Facebook.
Credit: WWE on Facebook.
I’m quite late with this preview so I’ll keep it short. The usual pre-show match certainly will be a very short one. Only one opponent is revealed so far: the returning Fandango. So, he isn’t the bunny. Or is he? And the opponent is Adam Rose? But since we know already that Fandango is one competitor, he can’t be the bunny. Because revealing who the bunny is, needs to be kept as a secret. Now, if Adam Rose comes out first as the secret competitor, and then The Bunny, we all would know that it’s actually Fandango. So, who knows what reason or storyline WWE had in mind for this match. Just for the fun of it, I predict that the secret opponent will win also keeping in mind that returning wrestlers usually have a warm welcome. So, if you are into betting, place your money on Fandango. You now know how to take my predictions, right?

Also on the pre-show Wade Barrett will return. Only for the panel, I guess. But hopefully with a teaser for his next opponent.

Tag Team Championship (Fatal 4 Way match)

  • The Usos
  • Gold & Stardust
  • Los Matadores

Survivor Series 2_The Usos_The Dusts Survivor Series 2_The Mizzes_Los Matadores This match will be decided by the teams that stand right beside this very paragraph: the current title holders Gold & Stardust and The Mizzes, like I call Damien Sandow and The Miz. And I can somehow feel it that The Mizzes could take over this title from The Dusts. Damien Sandow’s popularity has grown that much in recent months now that it would be a missed opportunity to not hand him just a bit more spotlight. And he would be able to finally hold a real title belt, not just a cheap replica of the real belts of his master.

Total Divas Brawl

  • Emma, Naomi, Natalya, Alicia Fox

Survivor Series 2_Emma, Naomi, Natalya, Alicia Fox Survivor Series 2_Paige, Cameron, Summer Rae, Layla I long lost track with this one. I mean, is there any stipulation to this match to add some meaning to it? What exactly does the winner gain except for a few seconds of joy? It’s great that the female wrestlers get their own Survivor Series match every year but really, make it interesting with adding a stipulation or title opportunity. Maybe that’s the case. I’m not sure. But I will get to know in a few hours. As for the outcome, I hope that Team Paige will win but not with Paige as the actual winner. Anyone is alright when it’s not the usual suspect who gets it.

The Lunatic Fringe vs The Eater of Worlds

  • Bray Wyatt

Survivor Series 2_Dean Ambrose Survivor Series 2_Bray Wyatt It comes with a heavy heart when I need to admit that my highlight of this feud so far is the Trick or Street Fight of Dean Ambrose vs Cesaro on the Halloween edition of SmackDown. It was basically a fight with words, a few brawls here and there and Dean Ambrose did really well. I liked his part of this feud but I also missed a few more matches against other competitors. I still hope for a long street fight against Luke Harper but I would have liked it to happen before Survivor Series.

As for the promos of Bray Wyatt, I just can’t connect with them. Often, when I re-watch some segments, I just skip over his part and go straight for the one of Dean Ambrose. Is it his wrong breathing technique? Is it his sometimes meaningless babbling? As the patriarch of his family, Bray Wyatt is great. He’s just no singles competitor in my opinion. The bad thing for him is that both, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan can stand alone for themselves. So, I doubt that Bray Wyatt will be a great singles wrestler in the future. Give him two other guys whom he can lead and fix or whatever he does with his guys. That’s what works for him.

For sure we are also still trapped in this huge hangover from the Dean Ambrose / Seth Rollins feud. We didn’t get a clean finish and as for me, I still wait for the day when Brock Lesnar comes back, Seth Rollins wants to cash in just for Dean Ambrose to hunt him again. That’s what’s in the back of my mind when I see Dean Ambrose. And Bray Wyatt doesn’t belong to this feud. He’s just like the fifth wheel on a car in my opinion. Maybe that’s why I can’t connect to this feud. Hopefully – tonight – Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt are getting a lot of time for a great and entertaining match that makes up for the lack of fights within the last month. And hopefully it finishes with a clean win for Dean Ambrose. He needs this much more than Bray Wyatt.

Divas Championship

  • Nikki Bella
  • AJ LEE

Survivor Series 2_Nikki Bella Survivor Series 2_AJ Lee Lets face it: AJ Lee being the divas champion is boring. Someone else has to be the champion. But Nikki Bella? No way! So, I hope that AJ Lee will retain her title just to finally lose it on tomorrow’s edition of RAW to Charlotte, who could make her WWE debut. Sounds familiar? Yeah, we had this with Paige already, taking the title off AJ Lee at her debut. But you know what? Since the WWE gives a damn about the divas, they could do this again, so they don’t need to think about something else.

Team Cena vs Team Authority (losing jobs vs losing power)

  • Seth Rollins (c), Rusev, Kane, Luke Harper, Mark Henry

Survivor Series 2_Team Cena Survivor Series 2_Team Authority The main event and I couldn’t care less. Yeah, I didn’t follow this storyline that much since the last Pay-Per-View but it’s clear that The Authority will lose, so the outcome won’t be a big surprise. I’m more looking forward to the RAW edition tomorrow to see if there is already a new General Manager. I’ve got my favourite guy for it and you will know who that is, but he can’t take two jobs, so it will be someone else. Maybe Mick Foley. And that would be okay for me. At least, I’ll be able to do something else if this match turns out to be as not very much fun.


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