There is no Dean Ambrose promo at this episode of RAW but at least we got a match I was long hoping for. And there is this sickening fear that we could get back the anonymous General Manager.

Dean Ambrose_collage

Yes, I’m doing it again: using these posts for slightly other stuff than just writing about the very shows that I advertize in the very headlines. This time and because I’m writing this on Thursday, I will include a short review about the “Art Of Wrestling podcast, episode 226: CM Punk”. Yes, that’s right. CM Punk finally sat down with Colt Cabana to have almost two hours of talk about his reasons he quit WWE. For some reason, iTunes now shows us that the latest episode is episode 225 with Danny Davis. So, maybe some certain people who are mentioned in the podcast weren’t very amused. I can only speculate about it and maybe it will pop up again. But we have it on YouTube and you can find it at the very bottom of this article. Together with my own talk about it. But now first a few lines about this week’s episode of “RAW”.

It’s Crazy vs Deranged

Credit: fuckwrestling on Tumblr.
Credit: fuckwrestling on Tumblr.
Dean Ambrose Now that The Authority is gone, Daniel Bryan came back to be the General Manager of RAW for this very day. He’s still injured and who knows when or if he comes back. But at today’s show he really had a blast, so to speak. It’s still ridiculous to sell Noble & Mercury like two small guys who never ever wrestled but that’s another story. They were put into the main event together with Seth Rollins to have a tag team match against John Cena and Dolph Ziggler. Of course, Cena and Ziggler won.

But the main event for me, of course, was Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper. It was for the Intercontinental Championship but like I said before: Dean Ambrose hasn’t got the gimmick or story line to be a title holder at the moment. Hell, he doesn’t even care if he wins matches when he at least is able to hit the crap out of his opponents. So, this title change wasn’t going to happen. And it didn’t. Because in the end, Luke Harper threw Dean Ambrose into the referee, Luke Harper got disqualified, so Dean Ambrose won the match but Luke Harper retained his IC title.

Finally Bray Wyatt does heel stuff so the people can hate him

Credit: wrasslormonkey on Tumblr.
Credit: wrasslormonkey on Tumblr.
The Deanerang.
The Deanerang.
The match itself lasted for around fourteen minutes with a lot of action, great moves, brilliant expressions and in-ring psychology. Dean Ambrose also showed The Deanerang again as well as The One-Legged Armageddon. I put this kick Gif on the left side in here because the selling of Dean Ambrose here is second to none. His selling is second to none in general. And there is only one guy in the current roster who sells equally as good as Dean Ambrose and that’s Seth Rollins.

After Luke Harper got disqualified, Dean Ambrose once again promoted the next Pay-Per-View with chairs, tables and a ladder. But Bray Wyatt interrupted and beat him down on ringside. Dean Ambrose went flying over the announcers table and got buried with everything Bray Wyatt could grab there. Now, this is how you book heels. Maybe Bray Wyatt somehow can get a real heel. Because his promos or in-ring action doesn’t create much heat for me.

AOW, ep. 226: CM Punk

First of all, I always knew that if CM Punk would speak first, it would be on Colt Cabana’s podcast. He’s perhaps one of the very few wrestling friends he still has. And there are very, very few left out of WWE, I guess. He took his time and now he talked in length and depth about leaving the company.

After his “Pipe Bomb” Punk gets more attention, gets interview and promotion offers from companies probably never thought about WWE. He always tells Vince and the company but they say no. Then Brock Lesnar comes back with his own deals. He could have made more money but not only for himself but also to further promote the company. But still WWE sticks only with John Cena as their main guy who they believe makes all the money for them.

He got offers for movies during European tours while being the champ, tells Triple H and the next day Randy Orton is advertized as the new action hero to be.

From all that Punk slowly but surely got the impression that he’s not really wanted in WWE. But why didn’t they just fire him? Maybe he really made them money but they didn’t want him to get bigger than John Cena because Punk hasn’t got the body type that Vince loves so much. Like Ryback or “Steroid Guy” like Punk called him. And I’m really glad that finally someone talked about the guy like that. Everyone can see it. And when WWE says they are against steroids and drugs they are just lying at us because they want to look good in the public eye.

Later on in the podcast Punk also asked this question: If they thought that he wouldn’t make the big star they could make money with, why didn’t they fire him? But instead they always promised him big main events for the next Pay-Per-View or Wrestlemania when in reality he always had to wrestle part-timers, had to lose against them when he was the one who would show up the next Monday on RAW.

The Network thing is another point I’ve already heard from him. Let’s face it: they only advertize the Network in such a way they do because it doesn’t sell well. I don’t know the numbers and when WWE makes them public they will be certainly faked like all their polls they do. But for the wrestlers is not great at all because when people already have the Network they get all Pay-Per-Views for free. Wrestlemania before the Network was available for around 70 dollars or so. Now that’s all gone and WWE needs to get money otherwise. And what do they do? They fire staff people who have worked for the company for decades perhaps. And then they still get Hulk Hogan for meaningless promos that are more or less adverts for the Network.

Shield was Punk’s idea with Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Chris Hero. He told Vince and Hunter, they did it but changed Hero with Roman Reigns and then told everyone that’s their idea.

“I’d have to kill myself to get some time off.”

Of course, I also remember the SmackDown episode in December 2013 when Punk shitted himself, because it was his first match with Dean Ambrose in WWE. I also remember his tweets about it. He used the word “shit” in the first tweet but then got orders from Vince McMahon to delete it. It’s ridiculous because he was just telling the obvious and how do you call “shit” otherwise? But he deleted it and then wrote “This poop isn’t fun anymore” what was clearly not just referring on this very situation but the whole dealing with things in general. And he blocked WWE after that.

In conjunction with this story he later on told about the strong medics that caused the diarrhea and that he was almost afraid that this could be his new gimmick. That Vince McMahon could make him wear all white in-ring clothes. That little side note was clearly meant as fun but I think deep down Vince McMahon really is the guy who could have come up with this idea.

On paying strategies CM Punk really said something important: Wrestlemania is the drawer, not The Rock. Which means he knew that he wasn’t paid as much as the guys he wrestled at Wrestlemania and he wasn’t paid as much or the other guys where paid much because of their names or what he did in their past or which audience they could draw. It’s the same with paying at all other businesses: big names get big cash also if they don’t work as much as the guy whose name unfortunately isn’t relevant. But that’s what WWE does: they pull it up into big names’ asses but expect from the young guys to work.

Much talk and that really detailed was about him leaving WWE. Like he pointed out he had an independent contract but couldn’t work anywhere else. But he could leave and that’s what he did on 27 January 2014 mostly because he was really sick and hurt at the time. He said, he badly needed time off but didn’t get it, so he took time off. He said he didn’t quit but that WWE fired him on his wedding day. And that’s why he won’t ever come back to WWE. I had this impression before but couldn’t point a finger on it because I didn’t really know Punk’s side of this story. Now that I know I’m even more convinced that we indeed won’t see Punk in WWE ever again. I’m a bit surprised though that AJ Lee is still part of the company. But all this make me think that we also won’t see her after her current contract is up.

Almost at the end of it all Punk also had a little shot at Chris Jericho. I can still remember that someone asked Jericho about Punk and if he’d heard from him since he left. He didn’t and almost sounded bitter when he said that he thought they were friends. Now I’ve got the impression that it has got something to do with Jericho’s podcast. I mean, a lot of older wrestlers doing podcasts now because, well, literally everyone does it. Colt Cabana does it for years and now because Jericho and Stone Cold Steve Austin are doing it, it’s the hot thing? I have listened to a few Jericho episodes and two of Steve Austin, the ones with William Regal. But I was always something missing. Now I think it’s the whole atmosphere, the friendliness and intimacy of Colt Cabana’s podcast. He started doing his podcasts when everyone in wrestling didn’t even think about it or thought that only nerdy smarks would do it. Now because podcasts are kinda cool, everyone else has to do it apparently. But for me, wrestling podcasts are Colt Cabana podcasts. And this very interview confirmed my previous assumption.

So, go, listen to it. It’s long, almost two hours. But it’s worth it.


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