Bray Wyatt apparently wants to help Dean Ambrose to fight his demons. What better to fight the demon Kane? Even if he was recently degraded to Concessions Kane.

Dean Ambrose_collage

Dean Ambrose still has nothing to say to Bray Wyatt

Credit: fyeahambrose on Tumblr.
Credit: fyeahambrose on Tumblr.
Credit: on Tumblr.
Credit: on Tumblr.
After he was buried alive under a lot of chairs in the commentators area by Bray Wyatt yesterday on RAW, Dean Ambrose showed up the day later for his match against Kane at Main Event. And whether he liked being buried alive or if this burial left constant marks to his brain, he somehow appeared almost crazier than ever before. In a match more than ten minutes long, he not only pulled a lot of goofy faces but also used his arms and legs extensively like the Gif on the right side might slightly suggest. He showed the Tornado DDT once again, what was great. And also fooled Kane at one point when he hit him with his right fist a few times only to slap him with his left shortly after to set up the dropkick into the ropes. The finish was slightly botched, I guess, with Dean Ambrose probably wanted Kane get off his feet with this kick but he then fooled him anyway with a counter for the win. Not with his finisher though but still a clean win.

What I’m really fed up about most WWE shows and what was clearly to listen during this match was the poor commentary. There was talk about Kane’s past; there was talk about Roman Reigns coming back soon; there was talk about Daniel Bryan. But what was really needed was the calling of the very match. If I needed to summarize what they had to say, it would be “Ooh, aah, what a clothesline, ooh, aah… Kane! ooh… Ambrose! aah”. What exactly is that? Definitely not calling a wrestling match. If I want to know something about Kane’s past, I have a look on Wikipedia. And do I want to know that Roman Reigns is coming back? Well, I already know. And Daniel Bryan made Kane into Concessions Kane on Monday. Yeah, you’ve already showed a replay from it. I definitely can remember things that happened just a few minutes ago. So, what exactly is it that stops you from calling the very matches? Maybe, some people just can’t describe things fast they see? Then you should make place for someone who is able to do this. Or are you reliant to do so? To basically ignore the matches but talk about something else? Excuse me while I go and watch old NXT shows with William Regal on commentary and cry a little bit.

Bray Wyatt’s obsession with Dean Ambrose is taking over his mind
The main event match of SmackDown happened to be between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt which Dean Ambrose won. But I don’t talk about it because it didn’t appear on television. It was just the dark main event, happening right after the televised show. So, Dean Ambrose didn’t appear on TV but Bray Wyatt still cut a promo on him, so I’ve got that here:

“As you started to climb that ladder at Survivor Series, Dean, you looked just like an angel ascending to the heavens, and for a moment, for only a moment, you almost put a smile on my face. But it’s just like I told you before, Dean, they ain’t got much room for people like us, up there – no, people like you and I, we belong somewhere different. And as I laid there, suffering alone with only my own thoughts, I started to feel those steel chairs crashing down on me, and the pain, man, the pain, the pain, the pain, it started to feel euphoric, and it was right there at that moment, for the first time I felt like I failed you! But I only failed myself. See, Dean, if you want to spend all of your pathetic existence wallowing in a pit of your own misery, then be my guest! Your demons mold you. But understand, Dean, I mold the demons, and they march on my command! I’m sure you think that you got me all figured out right by now but the devil works in mysterious ways, Dean. What is mine, is mine, and it will always be! So, congratulations, Dean, this is a celebration! For we have finally reached the point of no return. And what happens next, that will change you. Tables, ladders, and chairs. Tables, ladders, and chairs. Tables, ladders, and chairs, oh my! At TLC, Dean Ambrose, as I smash you through tables, and I dissect your body with steel chairs, I’m gonna teach you, boy. I’m going to climb up that ladder, look down at your lifeless body, and I will finally be able to smile! And I will smile, because I finally put you back where you belong, in the dirt with the rest of the insects. Follow… the buzzards.”

Now, what do we get from that? Bray Wyatt has almost lost patience, I guess. So, he’s still obsessed with Dean Ambrose but he apparently doesn’t want to heal him anymore but sent him back there where he suffered all his scars to his body and soul. What logic is that? The logic of a rejected lover? And indeed this feud more and more turns into a gay love story with one part heavily obsessed with the other who doesn’t want to be part of this story at all costs. Because some stuff that Bray Wyatt has said during this feud can really be read like this. I’m not really sure how this feud will be finished. I just hope it’s not with Roman Reigns coming back at TLC, saving Dean Ambrose from Bray Wyatt and claiming that “This is my boy. Nobody can touch him!”


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