During his media tour on the day of RAW Dean Ambrose promoted a really good main event for this show: a tag team match between himself with John Cena and Bray Wyatt with Seth Rollins. I definitely would have watched this. But instead we got something else. And this wasn’t the only surprise about this Slammy Awards show.

"Take a good look... take a good look at that ambulance, Wyatt! The only way you're gonna leave TLC this Sunday is in the back of one of those. And when it's tables... and when it's ladders... and when it's chairs... you're gonna know who exactly you're in here with. This Sunday I become the monster. And I'm gonna eat you alive!" --DEAN AMBROSE.
“Take a good look… take a good look at that ambulance, Wyatt! The only way you’re gonna leave TLC this Sunday is in the back of one of those. And when it’s tables… and when it’s ladders… and when it’s chairs… you’re gonna know who exactly you’re in here with. This Sunday I become the monster. And I’m gonna eat you alive!” –DEAN AMBROSE.

I still don’t really get why Dean Ambrose had to suffer this neck injury (well, actually I do)

Credit: Ringside Collectibles on Twitter.
Credit: Ringside Collectibles on Twitter.
What you see on the left side is perhaps the only “photograph” we will get from Dean Ambrose with his Slammy for “Breakout Star of the Year”. And, yes, I strongly believe that him being out injured storyline-wise was only done, so he couldn’t be live on stage to accept his award in person. Since the Slammys that were handed out during the pre-show were voted for on the internet for a couple of days and WWE maybe didn’t manipulate these ones, they noticed that Dean Ambrose would take this Slammy. Or they feared that way before the voting started. So, they did that angle with Dean Ambrose suffering a severe neck injury for him being unable to appear on stage. I know, this sounds like some weird conspiracy theory but because Super Reigns came back to get his screwed Slammy for “Superstar of the Year”, no-one had to steal his show, even if the WWE Universe in the arena weren’t that enthusiastic like WWE and Vince McMahon certainly thought.

Alright, I know what you are thinking: this Dean Ambrose fanboy is just angry because his favourite hasn’t won the Slammy. Yeah, I am, that’s right. But I’m more angry about Reigns got it because he is literally the least one from the list who deserved it. Even John Cena and Brock Lesnar made a bigger impact than Reigns this year. I got it several months before that WWE had chosen Reigns as their next big thing. But wouldn’t it be that tragic handing Reigns this Slammy next year when he will win the Royal Rumble, then take the WWE WHC belt from Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania and winning every Pay-Per-View match with just an impressive Spear and a few other moves? If WWE didn’t want to hand Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins this Slammy, even if both of them would have deserved it, then they could have handed it to Cena like they always do. But, no, it had to be Reigns who got a new record at the Royal Rumble because WWE wanted that to be, who won several matches for The Shield because Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins made him look strong and who was protected in tag matches and was boring in singles matches after the break-up of The Shield. I could go on and on about this topic. But I leave that here. Also a few days later I just don’t understand, even storyline-wise it’s just ridiculous because unjustified. But the clearest vision I now really get about this Dean Ambrose injury angle: keep him out for most of the show, so he can’t steal Reigns’ spotlight.

Bray Wyatt loved his chair as much as Mr. T loves his mother
Super Reigns will make his comeback very soon and there are already some strange theories / rumours out there. Some people think that Reigns will take the spot of Dean Ambrose against Bray Wyatt at TLC. Well, if WWE wants to have Reigns out injured for several months again, they won’t hesitate to do that, I’m sure. Then I have read just now that Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt is planned for Wrestlemania 31. And I thought Undertaker wouldn’t have another match, that he has already retired. Anyway, all these rumours are certainly to a disadvantage for Dean Ambrose. And I can already hear some voices that repeat themselves in knowing that Dean Ambrose will be buried now and shoved to mid-card.

And I’m sitting here, yawning heavily because it’s almost 4 o’clock in the morning and I need to hit the sheets. No, really, haven’t you learned anything from watching Dean Ambrose since the break-up of The Shield? This man can’t be buried. And even if he only gets three minutes of brawling and shouting a few phrases at his opponent, he will still be the most entertaining part of the show. At least for me. And I know that I’m not the only one.

Now, for this little segment he still had at this episode of RAW, we first had to stand Bray Wyatt holding a swan song on his broken chair that was destroyed by Dean Ambrose:

“I will never forget the first time that I saw her. She was sitting in that rocking chair underneath the cypress tree. That was her chair! Dean Ambrose destroyed a piece of me that night. He took something that did not belong to him. He took something from me that I could never replace. So, I decided that perhaps, I should take something from him. Does that shock you?! Does that frighten you?! I don’t think anyone here has any idea who they’re dealing with, man. I am a monster. I am fear incarnate. And I despise each and every last one of you! To me, you are merely moths drawn in by my flame but be careful because if you get too close to me, I will burn you. And this Sunday, at the TLC Pay-Per-View, all of you will bear witness to my fire as I stand on top of that ladder, victorious conqueror! I will look down at Dean Ambrose’s mangled body and none of you will shed a tear. Nah, I will not allow you to cry for him, because he deserves everything that he’s got coming to him, man. The end is near. Tables, ladders and chairs. Tables, ladders and chairs. Tables, ladders and chairs.”

Well, Bray Wyatt, I hope we won’t shed tears on Sunday because that would mean that Dean Ambrose will win that match, that he will stand tall upon you. Somehow I still fear that Bray Wyatt will win again. Disqualification isn’t possible this time, so someone has to get the three-count. Or what about this: Dean Ambrose will lose because his next feud counterpart will interfere. But with reading spoilers there are still matches of Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt after TLC, so this feud isn’t over. Also possible that Dean Ambrose indeed wins this time, so Bray Wyatt doesn’t get his revenge for this chair and he is the one who still wants to stalk Dean Ambrose around. Well, we will see.

This won’t end well

Credit: dxmas on Tumblr.
Credit: dxmas on Tumblr.
Credit: fyeahambrose on Tumblr.
Credit: fyeahambrose on Tumblr.
Now, like I already said, Dean Ambrose indeed appeared: in an ambulance. At first I thought Cesaro would come out to his sirens but no, an actual ambulance appeared and then out of the light there cometh Dean Ambrose to maketh fun of Bray Wyatt. So, he still had a neck brace on but only to show it and rip it off very fast. For some reason there were a ladder and a table inside of this ambulance and together with a chair, Dean Ambrose carried this stuff to the ring to basically scare Bray Wyatt to death. A few antics inside of the ring later, Dean Ambrose shot the warning towards Bray Wyatt that you could already read in the caption to the collage to this post.

From one show to the next one there are far more questions around this feud inside of my mind then answers given. I mean, first Bray Wyatt wanted to save Dean Ambrose and now that Dean Ambrose acts even more lunatic and strange, Bray Wyatt just wants to destroy Dean Ambrose. Now, Dean Ambrose promises Bray Wyatt that he’ll become the monster that eats Bray Wyatt alive. So, maybe that was Bray Wyatt’s plan from the beginning: making a monster out of Dean Ambrose like himself, so he’s got a willing companion? I’m still afraid that we won’t get any explanation or clean finish at TLC but just more questions. Somehow I’m afraid that WWWE creatives are more busy with preparing Super Reigns’ glorious return than caring for Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt anymore. Well, like I said before: we will see… maybe.

Dean Ambrose was indeed answering several questions and talking about his new fondness about mountain biking as well as some new stories about filming “Lockdown” in the newest episode of “Talk Is Jericho“. Have a listen from 23:10min for the actual interview. Enjoy!


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