Dean Ambrose finally got his win over Bray Wyatt on live television. With a little help by Sgt Slaughter and the great audience of the troops. But who cares? Definitely not Dean Ambrose. And the WWE threw out some magnificent game onto YouTube for you to kill some time until Christmas. Enjoy!

Dean Ambrose_collage

Dean Ambrose finally gets a win over Bray Wyatt on TV

Credit: on Tumblr.
Credit: on Tumblr.
Tribute To The Troops really is a special show. Not only because it’s once a year – now for the 12th time – but also of the special atmosphere. Dean Ambrose himself said it in one of his 265 interviews in the last weeks that there is a special connection with these soldiers that is beyond comparison. They really enjoyed this special event; they were loud, quite into the matches and segments, so all wrestlers got out this special edge you only get out when you feel that the audience is worth it.

So, Hall Of Famer Sgt Slaughter was in the ring to announce a Bootcamp match between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt. Everything was allowed, no disqualifications, and there were already a few toys inside of the ring. In a non-PG match the ropes would have been barbed wire very likely and Dean Ambrose possibly would have felt even more at home. But for the almost 14 minutes that the match lasted there was no blood, just a fabulous match and one I could enjoy from start to finish this time.

There was one moment I enjoyed the most: when Dean Ambrose caught the Kendo stick before Bray Wyatt. Both men were lying on the mat, staring at each other. Then Dean Ambrose looked around, then pointed at Bray Wyatt with the Kendo stick, then hit the stick a few times onto the mat to create the rhythm the audience should clap their hands. And they instantly got it and did like Dean Ambrose wished for. You could really sense that this special connection hyped Dean Ambrose (and also Bray Wyatt) even more to not only do their jobs but put on a great memorable show.

There also were chants for tables right from the beginning and at the last part of their match, first Dean Ambrose was put through one table. Then Bray Wyatt had a little discussion with Sgt Slaughter outside the ring, so Sgt Slaughter handed Dean Ambrose one of his boots (that had some metal to its sole), Dean Ambrose hit Bray Wyatt with the boot to his head and put Bray Wyatt on another table. Then followed the moment you could already see in the Gif above: Dean Ambrose on the ropes, doing the salute and then threw himself elbow first into Bray Wyatt to crash the second table. And with that Dean Ambrose got the win.

After the match Sgt Slaughter joined Dean Ambrose inside the ring, both men saluted each other and celebrated a little with this fabulous audience. Other crowds should really take an example from that. If you give something back, you also get some extra spice from the wrestlers. They usually already give their all. But if you have such a feedback, you just want to give that extra little touch more you always have inside of you but only give crowds that are worth it.

Something to kill some time until Christmas
If you don’t know already how to survive the last days until Christmas, the WWE created a fabulous interactive game on YouTube. It starts with this video:

So, Dolph Ziggler misses his phone, you have to find it and get it back to Dolph Ziggler, so the newly crowned Internet Slammy winner can tweet a message to the WWE Universe before RAW starts. You can solve this mystery in six steps but you might not get it at the first try. Usually you might think you can trust a babyface and better not listen to which advice a heel hands out to you. Not here in this game. And as always: there are several paths to get to Rome. If you can’t wait or can’t get to the finish yourself, then just watch the next video (there is no spoiler in it who actually had Dolph Ziggler’s phone taken):

And because this is a blog mainly about Dean Ambrose, here is the video with hints (or rather non-hints) given out by him. But be careful: if you are playing the game (and you want to solve it): don’t choose Dean Ambrose because he’s a dead end. But the main road in this game isn’t really fun. Some dead end videos are quite funny (especially when you get to meet Wade Barrett or Cesaro). So, starting over and over (or just click the back button) will lead you to some really funny videos that will help to kill time until Christmas. And now for the Dean Ambrose video:

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