Ho, ho, ho! It’s the Christmas edition of RAW which means Dean Ambrose has got another gimmick match to fight. But the Christmas spirit still isn’t with him. I’ll talk about this and add a short summarize / valuation of the Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt feud so far.

"Well, I've been preparing all year long because all year long this year, I've been a really, really, really good boy. Hoping for a present and an opportunity like tonight. And tonight, I went to see Santa at the Mall of America. I don't think I've found him though, but I did find at least a security guard. But he had a white beard and I said: 'Santa Claus... or dude... all I have to do is to tell you what I want for Christmas this year. All I want for Christmas is Bray Wyatt.' And tonight, I'm gonna get him. You know the old saying, 'Every time a bell rings, Bray Wyatt gets a beating!'... Happy Holidays." --DEAN AMBROSE.
“Well, I’ve been preparing all year long because all year long this year, I’ve been a really, really, really good boy. Hoping for a present and an opportunity like tonight. And tonight, I went to see Santa at the Mall of America. I don’t think I’ve found him though, but I did find at least a security guard. But he had a white beard and I said: ‘Santa Claus… or dude… all I have to do is to tell you what I want for Christmas this year. All I want for Christmas is Bray Wyatt.’ And tonight, I’m gonna get him. You know the old saying, ‘Every time a bell rings, Bray Wyatt gets a beating!’… Happy Holidays.” –DEAN AMBROSE.

Before the physical battle there commeth the verbal mockery
Like I already teased in the headline first Dean Ambrose, then Bray Wyatt had just another promo. It’s good that Dean Ambrose now has got the same number of promos but it’s basically irrelevant when nothing new is added to this feud. For this edition of RAW it was alright since it was the Christmas edition and this little extra to their feud was the Christmas spirit. On the other side it was nothing that we haven’t heard before except for Dean Ambrose maybe confusing a security guard with Santa Claus. You were already able to read his promo in the caption above. But as for Bray Wyatt, he was just his usual self. But if you like to, you can read his promo here:

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year. I couldn’t help but notice how people like to surround themselves with everyone they love during the holidays. And that really got me thinking, I started wondering why that is, and I believe that people surround themselves with their loved ones because it makes them feel safe. Now how about you, do you feel safe? Do you feel safe? I hate to be the one to break it, but your safety is an illusion, it is a façade to shield you from the truth! And the truth is, if you look outside out of your bedroom window, there is another world out there, and in this world, there is no Santa Claus, there is no Christmas, there are no sugar plums. In this world, it is the real world, and in the real world, there is only suffering and evil and pain and sorrow! This is my world, this is the world that I thrive in, and in the real world, I, Bray Wyatt am king. I have taken Dean Ambrose to my world once before, and right here before your very eyes, I’m gonna do it once more! But that’s not all, you too can this feel this joyous moment alongside me. All you have to do is look to the sky, and follow the buzzards.”

Yes, he had to ruin Christmas for the little children with telling them that there was no Santa Claus and that the save home was so much better than the evil world outside the home window. When he was finished I was still wondering when exactly Bray Wyatt had taken Dean Ambrose to his own world. And if so, why is he still stuck into this feud? What is it what Bray Wyatt or Dean Ambrose still have to gain from this feud except for ruining their specific gimmick? I seriously have no idea.

It’s a Miracle on 304th Street Fight to destroy all the Christmas decoration

Credit: fyeahambrose on Tumblr.
Credit: fyeahambrose on Tumblr.
Credit: bigelangston on Tumblr.
Credit: bigelangston on Tumblr.
At least we had a great match of exact 21 minutes with the whole segment lasting 25 minutes. And it was the main event. Like I already mentioned before this was a gimmick match, a Miracle on 304th Street Figth to be precise. So, festive decoration was already present throughout the whole show but a few items were added for this match.

Everything started with a fist fight and a domination of Dean Ambrose for the next six minutes followed. First Dean Ambrose played around with Christmas trees, destroys some presents in the process, finally found a TV screen in one of them, tried to get a reaction from the crowd but it didn’t really work (that was probably Vince McMahon’s marvellous idea…) and stuffed the screen back into the package. Then Dean Ambrose played around with a table but Bray Wyatt shoved it back, then Dean Ambrose put a wrath around his neck but Bray Wyatt already had enough and fled towards the ramp. Of course Dean Ambrose followed and mocked Bray Wyatt with a few other presents. Here actually happened to be a wonderful stand-up comedic moment when Dean Ambrose discovered a table into one present, he then wished Bray Wyatt a Merry Christmas but finally gets hit himself and goes flying back first into a table. To calm down a bit a commercial break was up next.

After the commercial break action continued inside the ring with a couple of holds by Bray Wyatt but it got better: festive Kendo sticks were used, a couple of chairs, Dean Ambrose went flying in the two Christmas trees which were still standing there and a ladder made it into the ring. But the match ended with one of the most stupid finishes I’ve ever seen: Dean is shoved into a Kendo stick inside turnbuckle and Bray Wyatt immediately gets the pin from there. So, Dean Ambrose dominating again for the best part of the match but still Bray Wyatt got an easy pin and won clear.

After his win Bray Wyatt went slowly outside the ring but gets back to Dean Ambrose who’s got himself a fire extinguisher to blind Bray Wyatt with it temporarily. Dean Ambrose then put Bray Wyatt on the previous prepared table, elbow dropped him into the table from the ropes. And Dean Ambrose smiled through the end of this and the show to suggest that he’s pleased with this finish again despite losing again.

In the dark segment Dean Ambrose further punished Bray Wyatt and elbow dropped him again through another table inside the ring from the top of the ladder. Some people even threw out the rumour that Bray Wyatt had been taken to hospital because he would have been injured for real. But that was just a hoax and I didn’t believe it for one second. But many people believed it and it started some kind of a fan feud between Dean Ambrose fans and Bray Wyatt fans: Dean Ambrose fans said that Bray Wyatt deserved it while Bray Wyatt fans wished Dean Ambrose fans all the evil of the world because they said he deserved it. All I have to say about this is: Oh dear with a huge sigh.

Some thoughts on the Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt feud so far

Credit: kennythecleaner on Tumblr.
Credit: kennythecleaner on Tumblr.
Because I like to write a little conclusion so far to this Dean Ambrose / Bray Wyatt feud I have to repeat myself in stating that I wasn’t that enthusiastic about it right from the start. And since it lasts now for exactly two months (I’m writing this on the 25th December), maybe some people might agree with me now. Most of the people expected glorious verbal battles and they were litteraly only talking about that. No-one really seemed to expect glorious battles inside the squared circle. I know, WWE also means entertainment but that doesn’t mean just concentrate on the promos and forget the rest. After all, it’s still a wrestling show. At least creatives could have come up with a bit of variation in the promos.

I have to confess that from time to time there was some light at the end of the tunnel, especially when Bray Wyatt talked about Dean Ambrose’s past, his father being in jail and a certain female someone we still don’t know who Bray Wyatt was exactly talking about. But going for Dean Ambrose’s past was still failure right in the beginning because Dean Ambrose just didn’t care. When your counterpart tries to get under your skin but you simply don’t care, this strategy can’t work. So, when Bray Wyatt recognized that Dean Ambrose’s wall is just too high for him to climb over it and too thick to break him free and save him, he went for another strategy. Now his main target was to destroy Dean Ambrose. He used some biblical, religious references and promoted himself as the Devil. Nothing knew here. That’s Bray Wyatt’s gimmick right from the start. And from now on his promos were just spinning in circles – on and on and on.

So, right now we have the Devil who wants to frigthen people but his talk is just repeated on and on, so no-one is frigthened. Because when he listen to the same stuff on and on it just becomes boring. So basically Bray Wyatt promos inside the ring have turned into toilett breaks for me. I’d rather watch a terribly booked Divas match than a Bray Wyatt promo. And it’s not just boring because it’s repeated but also because it doesn’t matter that Dean Ambrose is Bray Wyatt’s counterpart. You could take Bray Wyatt’s promos and point them at any random wrestler and the story told would make sense. Bray Wyatt’s promos therefore are 1) always the same; 2) interchangeable. And for a feud that was meant to be groundbreaking and entertaining it’s just horrible, without any sense and meaning anymore.

The only point I’m still looking forward to and I hope will still happen, is a clean win for Dean Ambrose. I’m really bored with these so-called professional websites with opinions and explanations about wrestlings. All these people pointed out why Bray Wyatt needed the Pay-Per-View wins so badly. Now the same people complain about that all those losses are bad for Dean Ambrose because they make him look weak and not able to get a win. Basically all those losses don’t make him appear as a serious competitor for a championship belt, not even the Intercontinental Championship, not even to talk about the WWE WHC. The argumentation or rather babbling on these pages just make me laugh because this argument was visible for me two months ago already. You can’t make a feud based on promos that can’t work because of similar characters. Both are crazy in their own way, both don’t care about anything but only one is capable to put on a great match inside and outside of the ring.

If you have two characters who can talk, let them talk but from different places with interruptions by the counterpart now and again, add some spice or meaning or an edge to the storyline. And do this only with different characters, i.e. one crazy and one sane or one educated and one dumb. You can do so much with different characters but you can do so little with similar ones that it hurts at some stage because both their talents and gimmicks are wasted when both could be part of an interesting feud with another character.

But saying all this there is still a glimmer of hope that maybe these rumours are true and WWE now considers three wrestlers as winners of the Royal Rumble, not just Roman Reigns but now also Dolph Ziggler or Dean Ambrose could win. I’m still not over-positive about this rumour because WWE could have thrown out this one because Roman Reigns as winner is all over the internet already. So they add another two wrestlers as possible winners and Roman Reigns as winner wouldn’t be that surprising anymore. I still think that Super Reigns will win but if Dean Ambrose indeed wins that could be his first win at a Pay-Per-View as a single competitor in WWE. Dean Ambrose at this point desperately needs this win. I just don’t know how WWE would manage that because a third (and final) match between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt has to be at the Royal Rumble as well. Or WWE finishes this feud mid-way through the Rumble so Dean Ambrose would be free for another feud or going into the Rumble on his own, targeted later by Brock Lesnar and then has got a promo battle until Wrestlemania 31 with Paul Heyman. As you may have noticed I’m still not too fond about Bray Wyatt’s promo style but I love Paul Heyman’s promos. He is also a very sane and composed character and because of that could very much get under Dean Ambrose’s skin. That would be a great promo battle, not the one we currently have. But I still fear that no-one in WWE wants this because they still think that Roman Reigns is something special.

PS. Just before Christmas WWE remembered that Dean Ambrose made his first match in WWE in 2006. Actually it was his alter ego Jon Moxley who participated in Velocity back these days. But WWE made a little video of that, so I put this in here as well:

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