Dean Ambrose fought Rusev for the first time and it was a good match with a dead audience until Bray Wyatt appeared on stage. Also in this edition of my very late review of SmackDown are some words on the bonus material of the forthcoming DVD “Destruction Of The Shield”.

Dean Ambrose_collage

The United States Championship belt stays were it was before this match
Half an hour before the after Christmas RAW starts, I’m beginning to write this. So, it will be just a few notes about the Dean Ambrose segment.

Hulk Hogan once again was General Manager and he announced a match for the United States Championship as the main event this night. He didn’t tell Rusev who would be his opponent but spoilered like I was I already knew that it was Dean Ambrose. Just another mid-card championship match. But at least it was for the U.S. belt, so the commentary team had to talk about his 351 days reign. The match itself lasted for twelve minutes (including one commercial break) until the fight shifted outside the ring. Somehow Bray Wyatt had to attack Dean Ambrose again, so Dean Ambrose won the match but the belt still remained with Rusev.

My serious advice to the WWE is this: if you want to protect Bray Wyatt so desperately, don’t use Dean Ambrose for it and waste his chance for a real exciting feud. I don’t really care about the potential match between The Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt — two even more similar characters stuck into a match that will bore everyone. I can’t really wait for it… to be over. So, with letting Bray Wyatt win, WWE seriously thinks they are making Bray Wyatt look strong. But it’s Dean Ambrose who dominates the best part of their matches. And after Bray Wyatt’s attacks Dean Ambrose usually stands tall inside the ring — like today. It’s like WWE doesn’t want do harm both men. Just seperate them and put both into feuds with mid-carders. What about that? Just a tiny thought.

The Shield DVD will also be un hommage to the Ambregal feud in FCW

Pic Credit: WWE on Twitter | Edit: Eire + Alba.
Pic Credit: WWE on Twitter | Edit: Eire + Alba.
It has been revealed here what exactly we’ll get to see as bonus material on the Shield DVD “Destruction Of The Shield” together with the documentary “Road To Summerslam” that was aired for the first time in late August this year. I still don’t get it why the blue-ray DVD gets even more material than the common version but that’s not really important. You can click on the link and you’ll see that you don’t miss much if you “only” buy the common version because you still don’t have a blue-ray player.

The stuff that really excites me on these DVDs I list in here:

  • Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins (FCW • August 14, 2011) — William Regal on commentary;
  • Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins vs. Leakee (FCW • February 5, 2012) — William Regal on commentary;
  • Dean Ambrose on William Regal FCW Rivalry;
  • Dean Ambrose vs. William Regal (FCW • July 1, 2012);
  • Deleted Scenes: The Dean Ambrose – William Regal Rivalry

That’s finally some recognition for the great feud between Dean Ambrose and William Regal at FCW. It’s far from being the complete feud and I already have all these videos. But it doesn’t matter when I know it and the common WWE fan is too ignorant to watch anything else without the label “WWE” on it. So, maybe some of these fans will get an idea not only about this feud but also about Dean Ambrose in general. Because recently I’ve read opinions about his silly character, his botched moves, that he basically can’t wrestle etc. I’m not really sure what these people see. Maybe one of these people who somehow stumbled upon my blog, is able to enlighten me because I really want to see it with their eyes. Yes, I’d also really like to see his character as more mature, more edgy and less lunatic. But that’s his current character in WWE. It’s not Dean Ambrose’s fault and I wish people would understand this. If Dean Ambrose just shows punching and five moves during a match, it doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of anything else. Just watch one or two Moxley matches and you will see that Dean Ambrose has got an overflowing arsenal of moves into his back pocket. It’s the WWE that limits him, not the man himself.

So, with these matches and the commentary by William Regal, I hope that this feud will get more public attention and maybe someday we’ll get a whole DVD about it. But as of right now I couldn’t be more happy about this little recognition.


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