The day was finally there when the Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt feud was finished and basically done, dusted and sealed. I’m very glad for it and I already knew how it would end. But that doesn’t take away from my anger about this whole feud in general.

"Bray Wyatt, I've never been one to make New Year's Resolutions. I don't need to lose any weight; I'm not worried about saving money; I don't need to become a better person. I mean, that's a lost cause anyway, right? All I care about tonight is kicking your ass all over this building and tossing you into the back of that ambulance. There's no happy ending to our little fairytale. This match will be ugly; this match will be brutal; this match will be dangerous. That's the way I live my life. And that's the way I'm gonna end yours." --DEAN AMBROSE.
“Bray Wyatt, I’ve never been one to make New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t need to lose any weight; I’m not worried about saving money; I don’t need to become a better person. I mean, that’s a lost cause anyway, right? All I care about tonight is kicking your ass all over this building and tossing you into the back of that ambulance. There’s no happy ending to our little fairytale. This match will be ugly; this match will be brutal; this match will be dangerous. That’s the way I live my life. And that’s the way I’m gonna end yours.” –DEAN AMBROSE.

The devil is dead, long live the New Year’s resolutions

Credit: on Tumblr.
Credit: on Tumblr.
Dean Ambrose It’s finally here: the last chapter of this feud that really bored me off lately. There were still a few good matches and segments in this feud but for Dean Ambrose doing all the work during the matches just to take a stupid loss while Bray Wyatt got beat up all the time and not taken seriously at all didn’t do good for neither of these two men. As for the last gong of their feud, Bray Wyatt was the first to have his final say with a backstage promo that sounded like this:

“What is your New Year’s Resolution, Dean? Is it to become a better person? Is it to get to know your criminal father a little bit better? He did his time, Dean, which is unfortunately, the same thing that must now happen to you. You’re going away, Dean! You’re going to do your time. You made your bed, and now you will rot in it! And tonight, when I slam that ambulance door shut with your lifeless body on the inside of it, it will mark the end of our great journey. Your ‘lunatic fringe’ will be nothing more than a lost soul forever trapped inside of his own nightmare. Hi, kids, the devil is real, and he’s not just a man with red horns and a pointed tail, he is suffering, he is pain, and tonight, he walks beside me. Run!”

I’m not quite sure why Bray Wyatt still advised Dean Ambrose to run away from him when he should have known by now that Dean Ambrose more than happily will go the right opposite direction to beat the living hell out of him. And who exactly should frighten this talk about the devil? Sorry, but WWE should re-create Bray Wyatt very fast, when they don’t want to risk creating heavy boredom around him. The big strength of The Undertaker is that he has huge presence and he doesn’t talk very much. Bray Wyatt just babbles on and on all the same again and again. When you repeat some phrases on and on, the once maybe frightening points getting used to people, so no-one takes the character seriously any more. I do understand that Bray Wyatt isn’t Undertaker 2.0; he is and should be his own character but if he gets five minutes of talking at every single WWE show, then it does create boredom. You get used to it when it should be something special.

Dean Ambrose later on got to answer Bray Wyatt with a slightly shorter promo, also backstage. Not only since I’ve heard from him that he likes backstage promos better and basically hates promos inside the ring, I’ve always enjoyed his promos from dark backstage areas the best. But I would enjoy it even more if these were his own words. I still can’t believe that he still gets his promos from WWE creatives. I bet we will get even better promos from him if he could actually cut his own promos, his own words and feelings into these segments. Why isn’t he allowed to do such things? Why don’t they trust him to get to the point if they just tell him a vague direction? But we probably won’t ever get a natural and pure Dean Ambrose promo because there are always still too many phrases to work into. With all people and companies and benefactors involved who need to be pleased with mentioning their names or products, we will never get Jon Moxley styled promos. But at least we have these old videos. And that’s at least something.

But I don’t want to sound too depressed. Because we still have his expressions and his variations in his talking, the way he blasts out his messages. Actually, I still like his promos while his character inside the ring still lacks a bit of this anti-hero he could be if WWE wouldn’t make him into this fool who loses matches because he acts like a dumb child. But there is some kind of hope like I will point out in the next chapter of this kind of review.

Once again Dean Ambrose loses because he’s just a little too enthusiastic

Credit: prowrestlingnow on Tumblr.
Credit: prowrestlingnow on Tumblr.
First of all: if I ever read again that Dean Ambrose can’t sell or can’t act or can’t wrestle I will seriously doubt this one’s mind or eyes. Maybe he or she never have seen a match with Dean Ambrose, just repeating stuff that couldn’t be further from the truth. This time he had to sell his left knee and he did it in a way that you could well believe him he could be indeed hurt. He then sold every little blow or punch from Bray Wyatt. But when Dean Ambrose set a punch: nothing happened.

The first two minutes or so belonged to Dean Ambrose. He brawled Bray Wyatt outside of the ring, over the barricades and to the ambulance. But since it was scheduled as the last match of their feud, it didn’t happen to last for just a few minutes. In fact, it was now up to Bray Wyatt to initiate the left knee injury. And from there on it was selling by Dean Ambrose at his best. And he made it believable that he could still throw out blows, punches and a few moves just able to barely walk with one leg, slowed down a bit but still with the willingness to get this win. I have missed this attitude quite a while now. This attitude to actually care about a win or a loss.

Best spot of the match certainly was Dean Ambrose jumping from the top of the ambulance. Already how he climbed up there was good acting with all the left knee selling. Unfortunately he just made it worse for his knee, so bray Wyatt was basically winning from there on. With all this Wyatt vs Undertaker for Wrestlemania talk it was pretty obvious that Dean Ambrose wouldn’t win again, so I was prepared and not as perplexed or angry as many others. Dean Ambrose’s loss this time wasn’t made that ridiculous, so I could almost take it despite the fact that it was just another loss in a big match for one of the biggest WWE stars right now.

I’ve only read today one scenario that could restore the reputation of Dean Ambrose because let’s be honest: he lost some of his momentum during this waste of time that was this feud with Bray Wyatt. First of all: it’s enough that he’s made into this lunatic fringe / unstable character; it’s not needed to add dumb, stupid and foolish to it. He works so great as the anti-hero who is just slightly out of his mind, doesn’t care and basically hates any kind of authority. Keep him that way and don’t take away from him with childish, ridiculous behaviour. To actually restore his reputation and get him onto a winning streak, he could go onto some kind of a road of redemption like the one of Sami Zayn recently. I already compared his character with the one of Dean Ambrose: both men only lost their matches because of own failure. At the end of it, this supposed failure was the reason that Sami Zayn did win the NXT Championship. Now, it should be the same with Dean Ambrose. He could go on a similar road of self-doubt until he comes to realization that he’s just perfectly fine and that he is actually able to get wins exactly with this way he is and that it works to his advantage. If that would lead to only his first win at a Pay-Per-View on the big stage of Wrestlemania against a worthy opponent (how about a last match for William Regal – I would love you forever, WWE, if you could make that happen!) I would happily take it. Believe me.

Appendix: A few questions that sprung to my mind. Feel free to discuss them into the commentary section

Was it really needed to make Bray Wyatt look ‘strong’ three months before his supposed match against Undertaker maybe takes place?

What does ‘strong’ really mean when the chosen winner can’t contribute to matches, when promos always sound the same, and when the opponent only loses because he’s just a little too enthusiastic?

Was killing Dean Ambrose’s momentum just done, so he can’t take away momentum from the chosen Golden Boy?

Shouldn’t the chosen Golden Boy built his momentum himself and not needing others to kill other one’s momentum?

On business terms: wouldn’t it be better to use someone’s momentum instead of killing this one’s momentum to push another one who can’t built his momentum himself?

Why is there the need for just one Face of the Company? Wouldn’t it be better to have three, four, five different guys with pushes and a huge storyline, so there would be someone for every fan, not just push one guy to hell whom fans will turn their backs on because he’s pushed to hell at the expense of three or four other great guys?

Why just let one guy carry the whole company who clearly isn’t able to carry it instead of let four guys carry the company on four spots, so maybe three hours of RAW every week would somehow make sense?

8 thoughts on “RAW 15/01/05: Dean Ambrose wasn’t buried and he wasn’t a jobber to Bray Wyatt but WWE needs to stop using Dean Ambrose for putting other wrestlers over

  1. Yes, Bray Wyatt had to look strong, because he failed to much times. And I think that WWE booked him against Dean only because it didn’t know what to do with their characters, which is a shame. WWE was keeping them busy, far away from the main event scene, just for Dean not to take away the momentum of the Chosen One. To build only one top guy is stupid, it will backfire WWE soon.
    In my opinion, Reigns is not able to become the Face of the WWE. He lacks personality. He do have a look, but he’s not a showman. He is shy, awkward, certainly likable, but lacks energy and intensy. He can not carry himself, how could he carry the company? I didn’t think such things about him one year ago, but his booking made me dislike him.
    I hope Vince will go away soon, so we can have several top guys. One of them should be one of the greatest anti-heros of all time…


    1. Well, I couldn’t say it any better because I completely agree. Maybe Vince knew what’s best for business twenty years ago. But with the internet and all things connected with it, he just lost connection not only to the people but also to what’s really good.

      You can’t really say that Dean Ambrose is on the path down now that his feud with Wyatt is finally done. He still gets lot of new merchandize, he shines in commercials, gets huge media rounds etc. But his character needs to change back to a more serious one, the one that was compared to Stone Cold Steve Austin. I don’t really like these comparisons. And Ambrose doesn’t like them as well. But during the Wyatt feud he was ridiculing himself, so he could attract more little kids out there. That was mirrored in the merchandize with this “DADA” bib as a negative highlight. But I still hope for a positive route now.


      1. I agree, I don’t want to compare Dean to anybody, he has the charisma to become the first Dean Ambrose. I’d rather see him as an anti-hero than being ridiculed. Though, he ridiculed him less during his feud against Wyatt than when Cena was put in the one against Seth so Dean had to deal with hot-dogs cart and stupid dummy…


      2. … well, I bought a T-shirt for my 4 years old niece. It is never too early to be a fan of a great wrestler! 🙂


  2. * I mean that Reigns booking not allow him to improve. He is shoving down our throats despite being too green. He didn’t earn anything yet. WWE has to make us love him before pushing him. I am not going to love him only because he was in the Shield (in which I would rather have Chris Hero with Seth and Dean).


    1. I still laugh at comments here and there from Reigns fangirls stating that he indeed deserved being Superstar of the Year. And their argument basically is: he’s got a record for eliminating most people from the Royal Rumble. Certainly this wasn’t scripted at all!


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