The first match after the disappointing feud with Bray Wyatt was finished and I am already more excited about the booking of Dean Ambrose, even if he teamed up with Roman Reigns. The direction isn’t straight to a known target right now but that only adds to the slight hope of it all.

Dean Ambrose_collage

Bray Wyatt just can’t get enough from Dean Ambrose
For some reason Bray Wyatt still had to say something about Dean Ambrose. Maybe to make it completely clear to the WWE Universe that this feud is now really completely over, done and dusted. This is what he had to say:

“When I first saw him, I thought I was staring back at my own deranged reflection. I thought Dean Ambrose was different, man! But I was wrong. Turns out, he just like the rest of em; Insect, trying to climb his way out of a jar. And Dean Ambrose found out all too quickly, that you, you can’t hurt a stone, and you cannot out run fate. For fate is a pretty girl with a sword in her hand. She’s watching, man! She’s always watching, and as fate closed in on Dean Ambrose, that ambulance door shut! But when one journey ends, another must begin, and this long winding road will lead me to a new destination. For in three weeks time, Bray Wyatt will arrive at the Royal Rumble match. 29 others will join me, and 29 others will fall. Run!”

So, is Run now his catchphrase instead of Follow the buzzards? I don’t know. I don’t care. I’m glad that it’s over and Dean Ambrose is now able to move forward.

Who the hell writes these alliterated promos for Roman Reigns? The one responsible should be fired
Seriously, I have to ask this. Usually I like to quote stuff I’m talking about but this is just too ridiculous to put on here. If you haven’t seen it but desperately want to cringe over it, just go ahead, right this way. Since I created this brilliant sub-headline, I’ve heard rumours that Vince McMahon himself wrote not only this promo for Roman Reigns but also some (or most) of his previous ones. If that goes on like this, everyone in the WWE Universe will have a laugh at Reigns – but not with him but on his expense. These promos are maybe meant to be funny but they are not. They are ridiculous. They are childish. And they are just bad. Reigns still and probably won’t ever be really good at promos.

But even Dean Ambrose couldn’t make anything good out of these lines if he was forced to recite them. And in the hands of Reigns they are also bad delivered. Right here I can’t even blame him for it. Many people probably would have trouble bringing life into such half dead promos. If you really want to make Reigns look strong, just make him say “I’ll kick your ass” in several variations. And that’s it. Leave it there. He’s got a catchphrase in the old Shield one – “Believe that” – even if it’s terrible to just transform the Shield gimmick into one man but that’s probably another subject. And he can throw out a few threats now and then. But don’t make him recite Vince McMahon promos or whoever writes this nonsense for him. If WWE still really wants to make Reigns the big star of their company and they think these promos could potentially help this cause, then WWE really has lost connection with the people who watch their show week in week out.

Dean Ambrose jumps right back into the main event picture

Credit: leakee on Tumblr.
Credit: leakee on Tumblr.
Now this cheeky promo happened to be right at the start of SmackDown and because Reigns had embarrassed Seth Rollins, Kane came out to join Rollins and J+J Security on the ramp to announce the main event match: Seth Rollins & Big Show against Roman Reigns and whoever would be crazy enough to team up with Reigns. Saying that plus adding a threat to this someone that he would be punished if he would be crazy enough to actually team up with Reigns. Well, it wasn’t really hard to guess who this someone would be: Dean Ambrose, of course, because he always stands up for his “brother” while Reigns just stands up for himself. Gimmick-wise, at least.

Yes, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns never really broke up. They were just separated from each other to make Reigns the top babyface while Seth Rollins was primed to be the top heel. And Dean Ambrose was basically left on himself. He was able to choose his own in-ring attire. He didn’t get a stupid catchphrase which was all perfectly fine in the end. But retrospectively it just seemed that WWE didn’t really care about and what to do with Dean Ambrose. What he achieved from June last year basically he all did himself. So, while WWE still wondered why people like Dean Ambrose so much, he just continued being awesome.

And while Dean Ambrose slowly but surely transformed his character into one of the biggest stars of WWE, the company came up with the idea to use him to put Bray Wyatt over, to built him up for a match that’s perhaps never going to happen and if so doesn’t have the importance it would have been last year. Because since the streak is over, what great storyline surrounds The Undertaker now? Breaking the streak just left a broken man. So, what can Bray Wyatt achieve from facing him? I still don’t really get it. The feud started okay with a personal storyline but then cut off to make just one feud without any reason but just one: let Bray Wyatt win all matches without looking strong to make even less sense out of it.

Dean Ambrose

Credit: thashield on Tumblr.
Credit: thashield on Tumblr.
Dean Ambrose Fortunately, this feud was cut off shorter than previously planned, so Dean Ambrose was driven away in an ambulance on Monday, just to show up on “Friday” as the mysterious tag team partner of Roman Reigns against Seth Rollins and Big Show. Seth Rollins didn’t really like it and he made a big fuss out of it like he was really concerned about the match. That’s at least something to also make Dean Ambrose some kind of strong. I’ll always take the little bits as well.

When the match finally started, things kicked off with Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins. The entire match including one commercial lasted for around eleven minutes and it was a good match despite the fact that it had the usual set-up with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns on one side: Dean Ambrose had to take / sell all the punishment during most part of the match while Reigns comes in at the very end, knocks all opponents out and gets the clean win.

Dean Ambrose But this is just the easy and very short take on that match. Yes, after the match Dean Ambrose was lead out of the arena by Reigns who once again looked like the big guy who needed to save his “brother”. But this win could only take place because Dean Ambrose came back after Reigns was knocked down to take out Big Show first with a flying dropkick from the top rope inside the ring and then he knocked out the entire Authority squad with an elbow dropkick from the top rope outside of the ring. What followed was a spear by Reigns on Rollins and that was it. At least, Dean Ambrose finally got a win again.

Credit: wweshieldboys on Tumblr.
Credit: wweshieldboys on Tumblr.
But the main spot for me in this match was this Tornado DDT on Big Show you can see here on the right side. Still selling his left knee Dean Ambrose was somehow able to hit this move on the big man. Like you already know I love this move and it’s one of my favourite in the arsenal of Dean Ambrose. So seeing it working on someone like Big Show as well, is really great.

Addenda: The usual speculation and some fun as explanation

If you haven’t seen this video so far and had to wonder where these specific Dean Ambrose Gifs are coming from: watch the video. It’s a behind-the scenes video from the SmackDown moves to Thursdays commercial.

And now for some rambling / babbling around Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns teaming up again that didn’t belong to the text above. First of all: I don’t like them teaming up because all I can see is WWE using Dean Ambrose’s popularity so maybe some of Dean Ambrose’s fans could be thrown into the Roman Reigns boat as well. Yes, there are lot of fangirls out there who still like all three ex-Shield guys as a unit and they probably praying every day that The Shield could be back together someday. As for me my wishes couldn’t be any farther from that. I’m glad that Dean Ambrose is on his own again and I just don’t want him back in a team where he has got the work to do, so the other guy can take the laurels. That’s what happened on Friday. And I don’t want to see that very often. Dean Ambrose has already done enough to make other guys look strong. Now we should go one step forward and should at least once make him look strong.

Dean Ambrose certainly won’t get anything served on a silver plate because he doesn’t have the looks that makes him automatically a WWE superstar. And he doesn’t want to look like one. I think that’s the main part of why I like him: he stays true to himself: he looks like he wants; he dresses like he wants; he doesn’t have any pyros; he doesn’t have a catchphrase; he doesn’t have a certain set of moves that leads to his finish, so no-one can really tell what happens when Dean Ambrose is inside the ring. Unpredictability and being himself is the true beauty about Dean Ambrose. Maybe he’s got a longer and harder path to walk towards the gold but he will get there eventually. Believe that!


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