When you don’t really care about the actual match but even more about the earlier backstage segment, something quite interesting but also different must have happened. It also mirrored that Dean Ambrose’s booking is still horrible.

Dean Ambrose_collage

The pro side of the Dean Ambrose booking

Credit: raphie-loves-the-shield on Tumblr.
Credit: raphie-loves-the-shield on Tumblr.
Dean Ambrose It’s not very much I have to say. And that’s why this review won’t be that long and detailed today. But who knows? Maybe I’m writing myself in a rage again, so it will be longer than expected. But as of right now I can’t think of getting much writing done on the subject that is this Monday’s edition of RAW.

There was a lot of speculation what could happen to Dean Ambrose as a punishment for his behaviour on Friday at SmackDown when he helped his “brother” Roman Reigns in a tag team match against Seth Rollins and Big Show. It was announced that Dean Ambrose would “team up” with Reigns again on RAW. But then in the actual show it didn’t happen. I’m not even sad about it because like I’ve said before: I don’t like them teaming up, so I was fine with that. Also, this is why that aspect is written in this pro section.

Instead Dean Ambrose was called in to Stephanie McMahon who introduced to him a certain Doctor Corbit who apparently was a specialist for “abnormal psychology”. First Dean Ambrose now had to pass a therapy session before he could be cleared to participate in the Royal Rumble match. I was quite sure that I had seen this “Doctor Corbit” before and thanks to Mxjoyride I got to know that it was Indie wrestler Mike Dell. We thought maybe a few years back Jon Moxley vs Mike Dell could have happened but I checked it and I haven’t found such a match. That would have been fun to watch. But I’m sure that both guys must have met before because their interaction was just great during these little psychology session snippets.

The contra side of the Dean Ambrose booking
But as good as the interaction between Dean Ambrose and Mike Dell was, the segment itself was just a repeat of the psychology session Dean Ambrose already had at FCW back in 2012 with James Bronson. And Mike Dell was made just a little too whiny at the end of it. All together this segment was just too silly and based on the strange “humour” of Vince McMahon. Because I believe that this “hoe” joke at the expense of Stephanie McMahon came directly from the pen of her father. Despite being a so-called PG show, Vince McMahon somehow still thinks that such jokes were funny and good enough for kids to listen to. But that’s just one side of the coin because if you think these jokes are okay, it’s still up to the kids’ parents to explain to them that telling a woman that she’s a hoe is an insult and shouldn’t be directed at one.

But the real ridiculous thing is that some people have a go at Dean Ambrose for saying that. People always point out that wrestling, especially WWE, is scripted. But somehow the same people seem to forget that it’s scripted when such promos are spoken. How biased can you be? So, of course, these weren’t the words of Dean Ambrose. He had to say that stuff. It’s still strange for me that most heels in WWE telling us the truth while faces say the most rubbish things. But that’s just another subject.

I highly doubt that Mike Dell will appear again in WWE even if he could have a small feud with Dean Ambrose. Several other psychology sessions maybe or like I hinted in the headline: some kind of revenge on Dean Ambrose for getting into his mind. Mike Dell is “just” an Indie wrestler, so Dean Ambrose shouldn’t have to lose against him. But matches between these two won’t happen. Because people could see two competitors against each other who are both really good. Another subject…

Credit: prowrestlingnow on Tumblr.
Credit: prowrestlingnow on Tumblr.
But I still have to continue writing under this sub-headline because Dean Ambrose still had another segment: a “match” against Rusev. First Lana and Rusev had a promo inside the ring, insulting Ryback for getting fired and consequently was unable to compete against Rusev. It was then when Dean Ambrose for whatever reason came out to attack Rusev.

A match was made up during the commercial break and the whole thing lasted for around six and a half minutes. Since Rusev was still undefeated in WWE it was highly unlikely that Dean Ambrose would get a pin on him. A win via disqualification would have been possible but no, even that WWE didn’t grant Dean Ambrose. He still had to sell his left knee; Rusev went for it viciously and then the referee stopped the match when Dean Ambrose had to be saved from hanging head down from the ropes. Dean Ambrose was quite furious after the referee called off the match and it was indeed a very strange finish to this “match”. Made up with no reason, Dean Ambrose was almost made a jobber to Rusev and also didn’t get a serious punishment for his actions on Friday.

And some little details in between
So, what can we make of all this? Is Dean Ambrose getting the “Daniel Bryan treatment” of using him like a jobber and he himself needs to get over to get at least something? Does WWE just want to test the WWE Universe just how bad they can use Dean Ambrose to look how long the fans chant for him until they are tired of him losing to finally turn towards Super Reigns, the chosen Golden Boy of the company? Well, if that’s your plan, WWE, good luck! But I would rather watch Dean Ambrose and Mike Dell staring at each other for two hours than watch Super Reigns winning the Royal Rumble or just five minutes of Super Cena talking rubbish at the start of RAW.

I have seen a hurting honest picture today. On the top it asked “Do you know why you are here?” These were the first words that Mike Dell as the doctor directed at Dean Ambrose when they started their therapy session. And at the bottom of the picture was written – as a supposed answer of Dean Ambrose: “Because creative has nothing for me”. That’s actually a nice little YouTube series by Colt Cabana and Marty DeRosa. If you don’t know it – watch it. It’s fun but also quite sad when you think about the current Dean Ambrose booking. With just a few minutes of thinking I could tell you several scenarios I’d have in mind for him. But apparently WWE creatives don’t seem to have a clue. Or, like other people speculate, maybe Dean Ambrose is just too popular, so people have to be cooled down about him just a little bit. On business terms that would be horrible and strange because why would you make one of your best selling products into a small supporting act? Well, it’s WWE and Vince McMahon. Nothing would surprise me.

The only positive thing I could make from that could be: if fans still chant for Dean Ambrose even with the worst of bookings and losses in ridiculous manner, horrible promo lines etc. When he’s still over with the fans just before Royal Rumble, he might actually win this match. So, all these lost matches could only have this one reason: to make a win in this important match even more spectacular. But I actually almost expect a Dean Ambrose win now. If he doesn’t get it, his booking might get worse than the one of Daniel Bryan just for WWE to test the fans if they really actually indeed like Dean Ambrose.


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