A few days past. I still have no ambition to write anything deep about RAW but at least I’d like to keep the Dean Ambrose part in here. It’s no analysis, no thoughts about it, just the plain facts. If you still want to read it, just go ahead.

Dean Ambrose_collage

Once upon a time there was Dean Ambrose walking through the Juno blizzard

Dean Ambrose: “Brrr… 63 degrees… […]”

Byron Saxton: “Dean, how exactly did you get here from Hartford, Connecticut?”

DA: “Well, after last night, I wanted to clear my head, take a nice walk.”

BS: “All the way from Hartford?”

DA: “It’s not that far.”

BS: “But you’re not even dressed for a blizzard.”

DA: “Do you know who you’re talking to? Last night I caught a ride from Philadelphia to Hartford. It’s easy to catch a ride for me because they love me in Philadelphia. And I wake up this morning and find out that RAW Live is emanating from here, WWE Headquarters in Stamford. So I walked out in the blizzard; I stuck my thumb out; I hop into the back of a pick-up truck; I sat in a couple of bales of hay; I hopped off somewhere of I-95; I got in an altercation with a man at a gas station and nearly lost a finger. But we don’t need to get into that. I picked up some sweet hiking boots and I made it here to Headquarters in Stamford to prove a point to you, the WWE, the WWE Universe, to the whole world that my adventure to Headquarters here today is not unlike to the Road to Wrestlemania, full of twists and turns, obstacles and dangerous conditions. And I love dangerous conditions. No matter what lies on the road ahead of me, no matter who or what is in front of me, I’m gonna make it – I’m gonna make it – to Wrestlemania… Still cold in here, man. I’m going to check the rest of this place out. Hey, guys, are you got any posters or anything of me around in here I can look at? It’s cool.”

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