Indeed, something spectacular must have happened when I choose not to have “Dean Ambrose” as a part of my wrestling review headline. He will still be a part of this very article but be prepared for something leaked of Seth Rollins.

"Hey, Bad News Barrett! I've got some breaking news for you. You can deny me the title opportunity all you want but this mug is going up on the wall of champions at WWE Headquarters. There's an Intercontinental championship match that belongs to me. And I will not stop until I get it." --DEAN AMBROSE.
“Hey, Bad News Barrett! I’ve got some breaking news for you. You can deny me the title opportunity all you want but this mug is going up on the wall of champions at WWE Headquarters. There’s an Intercontinental championship match that belongs to me. And I will not stop until I get it.” –DEAN AMBROSE.

Seth Rollins and all what’s wrong with Social Media
Initially I didn’t want to talk about Seth Rollins or – to be precise – Colby Lopez since the subject that was more talked about than RAW yesterday was actually the private life of Colby Lopez, not the WWE character Seth Rollins. But then I thought about it as a social experiment: how many clicks more would I get with a catchy headline? We will see.

First of all I refuse to talk about this subject in detail. And I won’t name other names than Seth Rollins. You will certainly find your desired knowledge somewhere else. And that’s just one of the problems here. The point is no-one knows anything about Seth Rollins’ real life relationship but himself, his (ex?)-fiancée and their families. But still people talk about like they were a part of it.

Second, yes cheating isn’t a nice thing to do but what does it have to do with wrestling? I also don’t believe this hacking rumour. I strongly believe that Seth Rollins’s fiancée did all of it after discovering he cheated on her to humiliate him. Being a public figure and all she knew what she did. And this is wrong, too. As well as taking nude selfies in the first place. No single person within this triangle was in the right. It just shows how bad social media is for some people who apparently have a brain but don’t use it. And also don’t worry about this NXT model / wrestler (?) who is the third person in this triangle. She’ll maybe released from NXT but she’s got a nice story to tell now. She won’t starve of hunger.

And third what does this whole affair say about the WWE and their fans in general? Couldn’t have been a great show when Seth Rollins’ private life (and parts) are the main talked about subject on Twitter. I also find it quite funny that people are now afraid that Seth Rollins could be fired because of that? Why should he? His Twitter account was only taken down from his profile on the WWE page because WWE feared there could be something more that could be leaked. Since everything started at the very beginning of RAW, this was the best thing to do, even if Seth Rollins’ Twitter account itself was still open (and probably free for his fiancée to post whatever she wanted, but the damage was already done).

As a conclusion to all this: it’s one of these days when I kinda hate social media or – to be precise again – the people who use it for something stupid like this: gossip, private lives of other people and stupid jokes that aren’t funny at all. I’ve got a very important message for you people: don’t waste your life with all that. You won’t get back this time. And in the end you’ll slap yourself in the face for paying attention to other lives when you should have enjoyed your own.

Nothing new on the Dean Ambrose / Wade Barrett / Curtis Axel triangle

Credit: wrestlingwithtext on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestlingwithtext on Tumblr.
Regarding the really important part of RAW that is Dean Ambrose, I felt a huge déjà vu hanging above my head for the main part of his appearance. First there was the backstage walk prior to his match. Also here – compared to the latest SmackDown – he played dick to a random backstage guy. Then Curtis Axel again whined about the Royal Rumble match and Dean Ambrose played sweeper to him in a short match with an easy victory. And then Wade Barrett appeared on the big screen to announce that he doesn’t even think about giving in and granting Dean Ambrose his championship match.

But there were also some positives: I seriously like Booker T as the new third commentator of RAW. He’s a huge fan of Dean Ambrose and allowed to make this apparent from time to time. Keep going with it, Booker! Michael Cole won’t do it and certainly not JBL. So, there is only you left to promote Dean Ambrose from time to time. Another positive point was that Dean Ambrose actually got to say something again. It’s what you were able to already read in the caption to the collage above. Nothing new but actually only a reminder for Wade Barrett not to forget that Dean Ambrose wouldn’t give up on that match. At least, Wade Barrett didn’t reject Dean Ambrose an answer, so we got just another edition of BNZ on the big screen:

“Dean. Dean! I have some breaking news, courtesy of the Bad News Zone. That’s BNZ. And once again things are not looking good for the so-called Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose. Because rather like how Kim Kardashian wearing a golden robe at the Grammys last night doesn’t make her as prestigious as the Nature Boy Ric Flair. Just because you declare that you want an opportunity for my Intercontinental championship, well that doesn’t mean that you deserve one. For more breaking news, please stay tuned to BNZ.”

Around the World in Bad News: New York, New York – Knicks owner James Dolan goes door to door to yell at fans; El Paso, Texas – Monkey escapes from zoo, runs for Mayor; Boca Raton, Florida – Nursing home turf wars terrorize city…

Dean Ambrose falls out backstage

Credit: fyeahambrose on Tumblr.
Credit: fyeahambrose on Tumblr.
And this time Wade Barrett didn’t get to wait for a reaction because right after RAW Dean Ambrose appeared on the Fallout show for a little backstage interview:

Eden: “Dean, it appears that Bad News Barrett is not going to accept your challenge for the Intercontinental championship but obviously you have some feelings of this.

Dean Ambrose: “Belts hold up your pants! Championships come from in here [taps chest] and here [points to head]. Championships come from your guts. Or maybe I wouldn’t know something about it. But I feel like a champion has to be able to look himself up in the mirror and like what he sees. I feel like Bad News Barrett is too scared to do that. [looks into camera] But, hey, don’t be scared, homie! Maybe if you get your ass kicked bad enough at Fastlane, you become a man.”

These words actually sounded more Dean Ambrose like than some of his promos he had to recite at recent shows. This is what I want from Dean Ambrose. He’s still terribly booked, shoved to mid-card, sent for already buried people, has to fight for a match for a slightly relevant title, etc. And his segments are just a blink of an eye at the moment while the “stars” of the show (i.e. these two or three men who WWE wants the fans to like) get almost a third of RAW. It’s just fabulous to see how WWE is literally burying itself.

And there are some tiny thoughts that I need to pin here before I close this chapter:

  • What’s the actual hype around Sting? I don’t get that at all.
  • How much I would love it if Dean Ambrose could be a part of NXT right now. His character would be so much better used there and just think about a Dean Ambrose vs William Regal 2.0 feud. Just think about it and cry. Because it will never happen.
  • The WWE App is fun sometimes. But recently it’s only about Super Cena, Super Reigns and Undergoat Bryan. Yesterday there was a bit of William Regal history but unfortunately one very humiliating stuff to show how terribly booked he was back then. I’m so glad that William Regal is the GM of NXT right now. You simply can’t imagine how glad I am.

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