If WWE meant their treatment of the Intercontinental title as a persiflage of their own recent bookings of the very title, then well done so far. But we will only really know when WrestleMania 31 is done and dusted. Until then I think it was just another stupid booking to make Dean Ambrose look ridiculous. And this way it wasn’t even funny – and kinda racist.

Dean Ambrose_collage

A much needed rant to start with

Credit: fyeahambrose on Tumblr.
Credit: fyeahambrose on Tumblr.
Credit: jimdrugfree on Tumblr.
Credit: jimdrugfree on Tumblr.
And now Daniel Bryan is added into the Intercontinental Championship scene as well. Bravo. Really. I’m so overjoyed that I just can’t contain myself anymore from all the sarcasm that floods my brain.

Dean Ambrose could be the Intercontinental champion by now. He could have won at FastLane and it wouldn’t have hurt anyone – not even Wade Barrett. Yes, there is still Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose could have taken some attention from him. But I blame more and for the most part all these fangirls Dean Ambrose has to deal with. They not only stalk his private life but they also ruin his career. Because these fangirls are just satisfied when they notice one drop of sweat somewhere on his body or when they see his oh-so-cute dimples. They even see some kind of so-called Ambooty (i.e. the non existent behind of the man) and freak out over it. Dean Ambrose has grown into some kind of religion with these fangirls that they don’t even care that he’s treated like shit and booked just to make other guys look strong.

By no means had it been possible that Daniel Bryan would actually win against Roman Reigns at FastLane to headline WrestleMania against Brock Lesnar. It is written since last October, maybe already since the Shield break-up in June, that Roman Reigns will become the WWE WHC at WrestleMania 31. It’s this weird WWE idea that Reigns is something special and the future of the WWE. So why would you think that Daniel Bryan would have had only one tiny chance to get the victory over him? Also, Daniel Bryan was in the main event at WrestleMania last year. Not only did he beat Triple H but also had another match – the main event – against Randy Orton and Batista. And he won that too, together with both title belts. If that’s not enough for at least ten years then I don’t know anymore. But fans of Daniel Bryan are so loud and demanding that WWE seems to think that Daniel Bryan and his fans need compensation.

And who is the one who suffers again? Exactly: Dean Ambrose. There are also fans of Dean Ambrose who demand better for him: a better, more serious gimmick, at least one win at a Pay-Per-View, and at least winning this Intercontinental championship. But these annoying fangirls are ruining everything because most of them are satisfied with his looks (he isn’t that great looking, by the way!) and all the girlie behaviour not only overshadows the serious demands and Dean Ambrose’s great abilities as a wrestler, it also makes the real fans being ashamed sometimes for being a fan of him.

As for me, I’m not ashamed but I’m sick and tired of reading stupid girlie comments of how cute Dean Ambrose is, just to add at the end: ‘but I don’t just like him because he’s cute; he’s also a great wrestler’ – yeah, of course, as if you’ve noticed. They even call a picture ‘cute’ where he’s seen with his face all over his own blood, very hard on the edge of loosing consciousness. It’s almost like a contest of which girl is able to make the biggest fool of herself.

And ultimately the WWE might think, ‘hey, just use Ambrose again for satisfying the fanbase of another guy because these fangirls won’t complain long. When they see his dimples next time, everything will be forgotten’. So, this time Daniel Bryan opened SmackDown to say, yeah, he won’t headline WrestleMania (again) but he still has big plans. And when he was just about to announce that he would go after the Intercontinental belt, Wade Barrett came out to call Daniel Bryan’s demands crap and a lamento that already lasted too long. You couldn’t make Wade Barrett more likable for me, WWE! Of course Wade Barrett came out without his belt. But when he just started to complain about Dean Ambrose, the man himself – together with the IC belt – arrived at the scene. A little brawl later Daniel Bryan had the belt in his hands and everyone knew, ‘yeah, he will be in the Multi-Man Ladder match for the Intercontinental championship at WrestleMania 31 as well. At the end of this segment, it was Dean Ambrose who did have the IC belt in his hands again, ready for his match against The Miz.

Dean Ambrose wins short and clean but loses the IC belt

Tonight, his take-home pay is… the Intercontinental Title.
(from the WWE App; edit by EIRE+ALBA)
Credit: WWE on Instagram.
Credit: WWE on Instagram.
The Miz came out alone for this match because apparently Damien Sandow was doing filming a commercial for him. So all attention was about the match and all that happened around it. It just lasted for not even three minutes and for a good part Wade Barrett distracted Dean Ambrose. He tried to get his belt back from ringside once and was beaten up by Dean Ambrose outside the ring. But then Dean Ambrose finished off The Miz inside the ring, hit Dirty Deeds for the win. But in the meantime, Wade Barrett got his belt again and was now able to flee backstage, reunited with his belt.

Before all this happened, WWE had already published pictures of Dean Ambrose on several sources as you can see here. Two pictures on the WWE App, one picture on Instagram – bit of teasing Dean Ambrose indeed come out of this chaos as the undisputed Intercontinental champion at WrestleMania 31.

I don’t like it that you add racism into this storyline, WWE
If the previous segment was already slightly ridiculous, the next part of this multi-man feud even topped that one. First of all Wade Barrett had a match with Daniel Bryan because of their previous issues. And R-Truth was on commentary. He stressed that he’d never lie or steal but did it anyway when he had the opportunity – that was when Daniel Bryan had Wade Barrett into the Yes! Lock. Of course Wade Barrett had to lose again, so Daniel Bryan would have reason enough to claim his spot in this Multi-Man Ladder match. And when Wade Barrett came to his senses again, he was searching fort his belt that he didn’t found. Now R-Truth had already stolen from the white man, he now lied at the white man as well with apparently he wouldn’t know anything about the well-being of the Intercontinental championship.

Later on R-Truth was seen backstage, pretty happy and the belt on his shoulder, when he met Dean Ambrose. That’s the kind of weird conversation they had now:

What’s up, Dean?

Dean Ambrose
Hey! How you doin’?

I am doing good. How you doin’?

Dean Ambrose
I’m pretty good. So, I see you are the new Intercontinental champ?

Yeah, man, bro… me and Wade, he didn’t handle me, man. He didn’t even touch me. I was in there with mind, Dean, ya know what I’m saying? Really good match, man. The people are going crazy, you know what I’m saying?

Dean Ambrose
I missed it.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Dean Ambrose
Sounds like a great match. You know, I gotta come after that.

After this?

Dean Ambrose
Yeah, I am gonna want that back.

Oh, you want that back? Take it! Take it, man! Take it! Take it!! Two title changes in one night. SmackDown is on fire! Go, get them, Dean!

Credit: fyeahambrose on Tumblr.
Credit: fyeahambrose on Tumblr.
So, yeah, Dean Ambrose took back the belt and that was his last appearance on this episode of SmackDown, which means that he has to carry the IC belt around in coming house shows as well. What can we make of it? First of all, all segments around R-Truth were racist as hell. Granted that Dean Ambrose carries around a stolen belt but at least he’s got an honourable reason to do so. In his view Wade Barrett is a cowardly champion, so Dean Ambrose took the belt off him to treat it with more respect and honour. But what reason did R-Truth have? In fact he just took the belt to have it with him – and there is no honour or respect around it. That it was the black man who steals from the white man, adds to the stupid booking.

But then for this backstage segment. At first R-Truth tried to lie at a white man again when he told Dean Ambrose that he actually took the belt from Wade Barrett via pin-fall in a match. But then Dean Ambrose just had to say, ‘give it to me’, so R-Truth, of course, handed the belt over without thinking anymore – the white man demands; the black man obeys. I don’t like that, WWE, not at all.

And now for some recent history of the Intercontinental championship
Actually there is also another version of how to interpret all what happened around the Intercontinental title on SmackDown. Like I teased in the headline to this very review, it could have also been a persiflage on the treatment of the Intercontinental title during the last year. To make my point clear, the following table shows you all title changes / Intercontinental title runs from last year:

IC title holder Date Day of title run
Big E (Langston) 18 Nov 2013 167
Wade Barrett 04 May 2014 57
–vacated– 30 June 2014
The Miz 20 July 2014 28
Dolph Ziggler 17 Aug 2014 35
The Miz 21 Sep 2014 1
Dolph Ziggler 22 Sep 2014 56
Luke Harper 17 Nov 2014 27
Dolph Ziggler 14 Dec 2014 22
Wade Barrett 05 Jan 2015 55+
(01 Mar 2015)

We don’t know anything about the plans around this title if Wade Barrett hadn’t been injured. But it was clear from the start that all this back and forth between The Miz, Dolph Ziggler and Luke Harper was only done, so none of these guys could have a decent and meaningful title run. Because all of them had been just placeholders. And that was made obvious when Wade Barrett came back in early January to instantly get his title back from Dolph Ziggler.

What happened on SmackDown with all this back and forth between these four guys now could have been a persiflage to the back and forth of last year with also four guys. Showing what went wrong with the Intercontinental championship in the last year that may continue right until WrestleMania 31.

Dean Ambrose appeared to be dead serious in his promo about the Intercontinental championship in the pre-show of FastLane, wanting to bring back honour and pride to it. And he is actually the only one. If Dean Ambrose doesn’t get this title at WrestleMania 31, then what exactly was this promo for than just promise the Dean Ambrose fandom something that they and the guy himself wouldn’t get in the end? Just to make fans tune in, of course. It happened for so many times so far and I can’t believe that anything will change this time. And no, I don’t think there is a -maybe- because WWE fooled us for too many times now. Plus, WWE is more likely racist than logical, not to mention self-deprecating.

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