I seriously wasn’t really in the mood to write anything about WWE shows this week. But I have somehow watched the whole RAW episode – mainly because I’ve done a comparing survey with NXT of how much wrestling actually is in WWE shows – and this makes me write this summary of all past three WWE shows of this week. Plus, the very infamous subject that happened, too.

William Regal_collage

RAW 2015/03/02: Roman Reigns hasn’t improved on the mic – it actually got worse
I’ve got a little video for you to watch before you are allowed to keep reading:

Yes, I know it was painful. The truth always hurts. And we were confronted with pain right at the beginning of RAW when Seth Rollins came out for a lengthy promo about how he would own Jon Stewart later in the show. I can’t help it but I find Seth Rollins’ talking style annoying and his voice itself makes it even worse. Quite fitting for a heel though. But I can’t even hate on him because I’m not able to listen really.

The reason why I actually watched the whole episode of RAW is quite simple. Because I wanted to do some research after discussing the issue that WWE shows aren’t actually wrestling shows but entertainment shows with a little bit of wrestling. Since NXT indeed is a wrestling show, I wanted to compare both shows with each other. More of that later when I’m going to talk about NXT from this week.

Now Seth Rollins’ talking was bad enough but it went even worse when The Shield music hit and Roman Reigns came down through the audience to join Seth Rollins in the ring. I’m not even sure what he was actually talking about because it really was that painful that I only heard noise. Roman Reigns had a few months last year for his acting class and voice coach or apparently he had really done all that. But his acting is still horrible. And his talking sounds so forced and artificial that I ask everyone, who actually sees improvement, “where?”, “how?” Because it’s not just what Roman Reigns has got to say. There was a time when Vince McMahon was writing several promos for Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. But Dean Ambrose is able to make bad promos at least a little good, while Roman Reigns makes bad promos even worse.

It’s just horrible. And it’s also not good for the man himself. Yes, you can only get better with training but if you’ve got no talent for a certain thing, you just aren’t able to get better, even with the best training you get. Now still his fans somehow see improvement and – how on Earth is that even possible? – like his unnatural high pitching voice, the goofy and not fitting expressions and the lame / childish jokes. The man is pushed to Pluto and gets all the help possible. And I really did give him a chance. That’s why I kept watching these whole eleven minutes. I could have just skipped this segment. But no, I really wanted to listen and see / listen this so-called improvement. But there isn’t any. Roman Reigns just doesn’t have any feeling for storytelling, not in promos and not during matches. He’s got a poster face; he’s got a spear; and he’s got a superman punch. And that was it. That is your “Big Dog” who will beat Brock Lesnar, who broke the streak of The Undertaker last year and has already beaten John Cena and Seth Rollins in a triple threat match this year. And for this man Paul Heyman will probably turn his back on Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania and be his voice from there on. Well, if WWE is just a little wise, they will go this way. If they keep letting Roman Reigns talk, then this will be his downfall.

And to come back to the “Daily Show” with Seth Rollins and Jon Stewart later on, it wasn’t Seth Rollins naturally who owned Jon Stewart but pretty much the other way round. Jon Stewart not only showed the “WWE Universe” how you speak in front of them without feeling it as forced or artificial, he also reminded us that Dean Ambrose would carry the MiTB briefcase with him if it hadn’t been for Kane. So, Jon Stewart said that Seth Rollins didn’t earn his briefcase and that initiated a little brawl with Jon Stewart owning Seth Rollins here as well. That was actually the best segment of RAW – done by someone who isn’t paid by WWE.

Credit: chasethislightwithme on Tumblr.
Credit: chasethislightwithme on Tumblr.
As for Dean Ambrose during this episode of RAW, he did actually have a match that lasted longer than seven minutes (with one commercial break) against Wade Barrett and of course he won it with Dirty Deeds. But again there was a lot going on at ringside, so the main focus was on R-Truth stealing the IC belt again, then Luke Harper appeared out of nowhere, demanded from R-Truth to give him the belt, R-Truth of course obeyed and Luke Harper walked away with the IC title while the match was still on. Wade Barrett saw his belt on Harper’s shoulder, so he was distracted when Dean Ambrose got the win. So, in the end Dean Ambrose was the only fool who didn’t know where the belt was and who actually got possession of it this time. He confronted R-Truth after the match but R-Truth lied at him he wouldn’t know anything about it.

Later on, of course Luke Harper had to come out again for a match against Daniel Bryan. I said, “he had”, because Luke Harper now also had to carry out the IC belt for that occasion. And after not even three minutes Luke Harper had to tap out to the Yes! Lock of Daniel Bryan. After this short match, Wade Barrett came out to finally get his belt back but Dean Ambrose came out as well, shoved him in the ring and hit the Pendulum Lariat on Wade Barrett. Dean Ambrose grabbed the IC belt but get kicked in the face by Luke Harper, who then walked towards the ramp only to be kicked down there by Dolph Ziggler, who finally climbed a ladder there together with the IC belt for a distance stare down with Daniel Bryan, who was standing on the announce table – while Dean Ambrose was sitting inside the ring, only showed barely and not really important anymore as it seemed.

NXT 2015/03/04: Did Kevin Owens turn face?

Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Now this is only NXT able to do: make a character being liked by basically everyone with reason when he was hated by everyone just one week ago. It was last week when this happened, Kevin Owens was on commentary during the main event between Finn Bálor and The Brian Kendrick when commentator Alex Riley was mocking him with beating up his friend Sami Zayn and not caring about it. After Finn Bálor won the match, Kevin Owens then set a statement to him by throwing Alex Riley over the commentary table, very much to the amusement to everyone who was watching this.

As you were already able to see in the video under the link, Alex Riley went straight for GM William Regal after the incident to demand a match against Kevin Owens. But William Regal in his endless wisdom refused to do so but told Alex Riley to clear his mind because he should make a decision, does he want to be a commentator or a competitor? Now this week Alex Riley was still sitting on the commentary table, so probably he overcame the anger and embarrassment. But Kevin Owens provoked him again like you could see in the Gif on the right side. And again Alex Riley stormed into William Regal’s office. This is what happened there:

Somehow I don’t really like it that CJ Parker always has to be the punching bag for everyone. But it would be great fun if he could actually win this match against Alex Riley next week. But since Kevin Owens is the real target, it would make more sense if Alex Riley would win to earn a match against a better opponent on his path towards Kevin Owens. I’m still not sure if this will really happen but it would be great satisfaction to see Alex Riley, who always bashes anyone and everyone, beaten by Kevin Owens.

Other things happened this week on NXT were this nice little mockery towards the Divas division of WWE and Solomon Crowe made his match debut against Bull Dempsey. Solomon Crowe did won but I’m not impressed by his finisher because he can easily botch it like he showed in this episode. Maybe he was just a little bit too hyped about his debut on live television. And Adam Rose came back to NXT with his Exotic Express much to the delight of the NXT crowd. And everything about his match against Tyler Breeze was indeed fun. Both guys worked to their gimmick, mocking each other, used the ref to hide, etc. It’s painful how Adam Rose is used in WWE and that he isn’t able to connect with basically every WWE crowd. He’s currently on a Twitter war with Zack Ryder. So, who knows how this is unfolding. But he is actually perfect for NXT. So, just leave him there and give us fun matches like the one we saw this week. And there was also the main event, the re-match for the NXT women’s title between former champion Charlotte and new champion Sasha Banks. Once again the women put on a great match on the canvas, including the audience chanting “Better than Reigns” on a spear by Charlotte. Indeed. Of course, Sasha Banks retained the title, so she now has to deal with new, hungry opponents.

And now – as promised – a little statistics. The two examples I took for my table were the NXT show from 25 February 2015 and the RAW episode of 02 March 2015. I’ve stopped time from the first gong of every original match until the replays of this very match and / or segments that were related to these matches, i.e. a beat down by another opponent, etc. The full time statement was based on every segment that was shown on TV without the commercial breaks. And now for the results:

WWE Show Full Time Wrestling Time Wrestling in Percent
NXT 47min 26min 55.3%
RAW 138min 35min 25.4%

Now you can see that there is only one quarter of the whole RAW show left for original wrestling. There are other wrestling segments, too, but these are only replays from other shows, so that doesn’t count. I came back to watching WWE for the wrestling, not some poorly transmitted babbling for ten minutes and more. There was still Paul Heyman with an in-ring promo at the end of that very show. And Paul Heyman is always good with cutting a promo. But this is not what I came back for. Most people who read my reviews will probably think that I don’t have fun with watching wrestling because I usually argue and rant and bash on certain people and segments. Well, I really don’t have much fun while watching RAW. That’s why I stopped watching whole shows. And this very episode I’m now talking about unfortunately proved me right on my decision. I gave it another chance but was disappointed again. I also do enjoy NXT, so I’ll keep watching these shows and have fun with that.

SmackDown 2015/03/05: A ladder match for the IC title is okay but not with ten men or even more

Credit: hunting-for-achievements on Tumblr.
Credit: hunting-for-achievements on Tumblr.
There couldn’t be a more fitting Gif to express my own feelings about this whole IC title storyline and especially the segments from this week’s episode of SmackDown than this one – just pure depression and disappointment, basically emptiness and no excitement at all. First of all Dolph Ziggler came out for a in-ring promo to express how good he is and how much the fans would love him. Then he promoted Daniel Bryan to heaven and told him that he should come out, probably for him to praise him even more. Thankfully enough Wade Barrett came out, mocked Dolph Ziggler and his appearance and rightfully demanded his IC title back. For some childish reason, Ziggler refused and probably wanted for Wade Barrett to get the title if he wanted it. Luke Harper appeared from behind and a brawl started. Dean Ambrose only then came out to help Dolph Ziggler but both of them still wanted that title. And when Wade Barrett and Luke Harper tried to get back inside the ring, Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler continued with two one-on-one brawls outside the ring. All of a sudden R-Truth appeared to steal the belt again and walked off to his music to close this segment. Just a cut later he appeared backstage for an interview with Renee Young. He finally wanted to hand her over the belt because she informed him that he can’t have the belt because at WrestleMania it will hang over the ring anyway. But she refused to get the belt, so R-Truth wanted to know where Gene Ambrose was. She didn’t know, so R-Truth had to walk off with the belt, probably desperate to get rid off it again.

Later on we got a tag team match between Dean Ambrose & Dolph Ziggler and Wade Barrett & Luke Harper. It lasted for almost nine minutes, Dean Ambrose took a lot of beating – like it’s always the case for tag matches he’s involved in – Dolph Ziggler at the end got the hot tag and took the win against Luke Harper for his team. Now R-Truth, still with the IC title belt, was on commentary again and wanted to leave when Wade Barrett demanded his belt back. Right before he had punched and kicked down Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose. But right when R-Truth was about to hand over the belt, Dean Ambrose came flying to knock out Wade Barrett and himself. R-Truth was now free to leave and he tried, very proud of himself – no sign of getting rid of the belt anymore. But again Luke Harper stood in his way but R-Truth tricked him to keep the belt. Only for Daniel Bryan to come out and now R-Truth happily handed the belt over to him. Does R-Truth make any sense to anyone of you? Because he seems to change his mind at every given second. He even joined in the Yes! movement that followed. Yeah, yeah, WWE, I got it – Daniel Bryan will get this title at WrestleMania. It’s not like he didn’t have his WrestleMania moment last year, so don’t mind! Thankfully Stardust came out, attacked Daniel Bryan to stop the awful Yessing. But that doesn’t mean that Stardust will enter the ladder match now. WWE just has to fill another two weeks with this awful IC title storytelling. And they try to make us believe that Daniel Bryan isn’t the certain sixth competitor for this very match. Nice try, WWE, but we already know. And we are already fed up with all this nonsense, especially the Dean Ambrose fans, who were patient for such a long time and got nothing – the same nothing like the man himself. And you very much could notice that Dean Ambrose is starting to be fed up and disillusioned as well – there was almost no passion at all. He did his job but nothing else. Thank you very much, WWE, you almost did it!

All about the Deanee fiasco
I’ve already written a very few times that this isn’t a gossip blog. I’m writing here about the wrestling and their characters. I usually don’t write about the private persons that play these characters. And when people read my reviews / articles here, they should know about this difference. Because most of the time it’s a huge one.

Now since Renee Paquette “confirmed” on Wednesday this week that she and Jonathan Good are dating, I do say a few things about it. Actually the question in this podcast interview was if Renee Young would date a “certain lunatic fringe”. That refers to “Dean Ambrose”, the wrestling character because Jonathan Good certainly isn’t “The Lunatic Fringe”. So, was this interview – that was actually supposed to be a promotion podcast for WrestleMania – a shoot, i.e. done in kayfabe? Will there be a horrific romantic storyline between Dean Ambrose and Renee Young in the future because WWE just want this character be more and more ridiculous? Renee Young already said to R-Truth on SmackDown that he should hand the IC title to Dean Ambrose. Why was that? It made no sense – like this whole IC title storyline makes no sense. Maybe she just said that because Dean Ambrose was and still is the one who only cares about the IC title and who made it relevant again at the beginning. But maybe, since Total Divas is heading for its season finale, this is already some teaser what to expect for the next season.

Hopefully not! I couldn’t stand watching Dean Ambrose again if that was done to him. Because Jonathan Good is indeed such a private person, he would only do something like Total Divas if WWE would threaten him to cancel his contract if he’d refuse.

But talking about privacy I’m going back to Renee Paquette and her interview. So, she was asked and said, “yes, we are dating. We are in love. But we are very private, so there won’t be any pictures and I won’t talk about it”. And then she talked about her relationship for almost ten minutes, basically giggling through it the whole time.

First of all, it wasn’t really a big secret that these two shared a lot of time together. And when Dean Ambrose said that he had a girlfriend, it was pretty clear that it was her. He said something about she is a magician and that he would never date a diva, but he said all that to pretty much keep his private life private – despite all these dumb questions from some radio hosts. When someone says he is private and doesn’t want to talk about such things, why force him to sit through such questions on live radio or TV? It’s disrespectful.

And it’s also disrespectful what Renee Paquette did. This relationship probably lasts for at least one year to date. Why had she come out with it now? Was that really needed? Didn’t she get enough attention for pictures of her and Ambrose together carpooling, walking from cars to several arenas, and not to mention all these couple pictures of Jonathan Good’s “friend” Brian Jennings who also probably likes it a little too much to have a famous friend who gets himself a bit fame, too?

Jonathan Good hates social media and despite WWE having created a Twitter account for him, he doesn’t use it anymore. So I guess he just doesn’t have much of an idea what’s really going on and what’s out there on the internet about his relationship with Miss Paquette. In her previous relationship she showed how private she really is with relationships. Always posting couple pictures at any given time. Now Jonathan Good obviously doesn’t want for the public and the fans to participate on his private life. And also quite obviously Renee Paquette doesn’t like it that way. Like I guess it and like many fans who hate on her guess it, she wants as much attention for herself out of this relationship. All this hinting and trolling on her Instagram she did on purpose. You can’t tell me that she just overlooked that Shield mask on her window when she took a picture from her Christmas tree. Jonathan Good said that he would celebrate New Year’s Eve out in the desert in Nevada. And she posts a basically all dark picture from “the middle of no where (sic!)” just when the New Year clocked in on the west coast of the U.S. Then we basically only knew that she visited Jonathan Good in Vancouver where he was filming “Lockdown” because she posted a picture from Vancouver.

Your guy wants to keep it private. And if you really love him, you don’t throw out hints like that. If you throw out hints you are just looking for attention. Because all the attention she gets, she gets when she hints or is seen in backstage interviews with Dean Ambrose. But like her shippers, she thinks she’s a really good person and actually quite full of herself. She also bashes on everyone who sends hate towards her on social media. And despite me don’t liking this hate either, I can understand it because of everything I’ve written here. She even said that many people would be dumb because they wouldn’t know how the internet works and that she basically feels sorry for herself that she gets all the hate. Well, I’ve got some advice for you, Miss Paquette, if you don’t like social media, just don’t do it. And if you are hinting about your relationship with a guy who wants to keep it private, then you really wonder why you get so much hate? You should ask yourself if it was actually you who is just too dumb to know how social media works.

To bring this to an end: everything she said in this interview was such a huge farce that I feel actually sorry for Jonathan Good and Dean Ambrose as well. Jonathan Good might be indeed a nice and naive guy who maybe loves her but also gets free sex on the road, so hasn’t got to fear that some of his crazy fangirls could make a picture during the act and post it on Instagram or something creepy like that. But he’s famous now and if he likes it or not, some friends from your past when you were a nobody, aren’t the same when you are famous one day and they are still nobodies. And Renee Paquette uses him like a trophy and her fans even congratulate her as if she’d won a price or something. And I feel sorry for Dean Ambrose now because I fear that some stupid audiences on future RAWs or SmackDowns could chant “Renee Young” during his matches. If that happens and if Vince McMahon indeed comes around with a stupid romance storyline, then I quit WWE, watch only NXT and the Dean Ambrose vs William Regal feud. Again and again – most likely with tears in my eyes.

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