I’m late again with my SmackDown review. But that gave me time to make my mind up about WrestleMania, so there are already my predictions. And possibilities. Together with some hopes that are far from going to happen. Enjoy reading!

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R-Truth still has to deal with racism
Now that we are only one week away from WrestleMania 31 the matches that still happen always have more meaning than any matches before any Pay-Per-View. Because WrestleMania should be the biggest WWE show of the year, so the fans have to get prepared who they should cheer for and there are always some glimpses for certain matches who will actually win and there are stones hit for others who will take the belts. So, I will first just describe what went on at SmackDown around the Intercontinental Championship and then try to make up my mind what will happen at WrestleMania – together with a few words about other things there.

Now, as some competition for the IC title before the big ladder match at WrestleMania, we got a gauntlet match with all six challengers. Wade Barrett, who finally got his title back after all this hot potato game recently, watched with slight interest via backstage television.

The first one who came out was Dean Ambrose and his first match was against Stardust. Stardust recently has to deal with “Cody” chants, so he was distracted by them in this match again. He was more standing on the ropes arguing with the crowd than caring about the actual match. And that cost him. On the other side, Dean Ambrose just won after barely two minutes because he used Stardust’s distraction to his advantage. Dean Ambrose didn’t hit his finisher; he simply stole the win by rolling Stardust to his back.

That was match number one and Stardust was eliminated but somehow this fact didn’t make it to his mind. Because basically angry with himself about the loss, Stardust attacked Dean Ambrose from behind and beat him up until the music of R-Truth hit and the man came out. He went straight for Stardust to basically save Dean Ambrose from further punishment until Stardust was out of the ring. The referee checked on Dean Ambrose to ask him if he was ready to compete again and Dean Ambrose was. After the bell rang for match number two, Stardust moved back up the apron, so R-Truth went for him and shoved him down again. And when R-Truth finally faced Dean Ambrose, he just hit Dirty Deeds on his opponent for an even faster win.

And this, you know, is just your everyday racism in WWE: the black man saves the white man, just to be fooled by the guy he just saved, stealing the win from him. Nice example you set here again, WWE. I mean, I would love it if the black man learned something from it, just doesn’t help these white guys anymore to simply become the new Intercontinental Champion at WrestleMania. But instead black guys in WWE are just used as servants to white guys or funny tag teams who no-one takes seriously.

But this talk already belongs to the section I still have to discuss here. So, we’re heading straight into match number three. Dean Ambrose of course was still in the ring. And now he had to face Luke Harper. The match also only lasted for just over four minutes and Dean Ambrose was hurt on his left shoulder – again. It was fast forward and with a few good moves but in the end Luke Harper beat Dean Ambrose clean.

Then Daniel Bryan came out to beat Luke Harper. And Dolph Ziggler came out to beat Daniel Bryan. Then finally Wade Barrett came out and after a little brawl and two Bullhammers, Wade Barrett stood tall in the ring to close this segment.

Certainties and possibilities for WrestleMania 31

Credit: awesomesebaz on Tumblr.
Credit: awesomesebaz on Tumblr.
First of all it’s all about this ladder match for the Intercontinental title. Like you can see on the right side: of course I am with Dean Ambrose. But I won’t be disappointed because I already know that he won’t win. But he’ll still put on a great show – so at least that’s one plus to this whole boring fiasco that will be WrestleMania 31.

Now let me break down my thoughts about all seven competitors of this match. First we had two of them who had one little promo for the ladder match on SmackDown, Stardust and Luke Harper. That most certainly means they are just there to make it seven people for this match. Because we learned from experience that those guy who claim to win the loudest basically are the least important men in the actual match. Now Dean Ambrose was beaten clean by Luke Harper, plus WWE again started to make him sell his left shoulder. Yes, a guy with an injury can make a win even more look great but in the case of Dean Ambrose it’s just done to make him look weak – again. He will put on a great show but will struggle in the end because of that very injury or because of some freak accident or just because of his temper. Whatever it will be, he won’t climb the ladder to grab the title belt.

Now the showdown on SmackDown was between Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler. Both of them have won anything in WWE already but somehow WWE thinks that one of them have to have another belt. I haven’t changed my mind because I still believe that Daniel Bryan will get the win because of compensation for making Reigns look strong. I still don’t get the hype around Dolph Ziggler at all but he got the win in this gauntlet match, so he certainly won’t be the winner on Sunday. Now Wade Barrett was made look strong again recently and the RAW preview now only talks about Barrett, Ziggler and Bryan. So, WWE makes these three men to be the main focus of this ladder match.

It’s still possible that there will be a surprise. And quite frankly, there needs to be surprises. Because in the age of the internet we claim to know everything about the WWE. We call matches and their winners and can’t really enjoy wrestling anymore because we basically know too much and discuss it too much. Something like breaking the streak last year at WrestleMania has to happen this year as well. Just something the audience doesn’t expect. The audience already think they know that John Cena will win the United States Championship title from Rusev. The audience already think they know that Roman Reigns will win the WWE WHC title from Brock Lesnar. And the audience already think they know that Daniel Bryan will win the Intercontinental Championship title in that ladder match.

Like I already said, wouldn’t it be great for R-Truth to win that IC title, just to give all black WWE fans something they can cheer? There are always so many black people in WWE audiences but they have to cheer white wrestlers because black wrestlers are basically just there to make people remember that they do exist. So wouldn’t it be great for R-Truth to finally turn the table to his advantage and grab this IC belt? Yes, I would like to see Dean Ambrose with this belt because he now had already put on four great promos for this title. He himself made this belt important again – and no, he didn’t start the game of “hot potato”. This were all the other guys who thought had any reason to have a place in that competition for the IC title. But for the sake of surprising and satisfying outcomes I’d enjoy for R-Truth to get that belt.

Credit: USA Network
Credit: USA Network
Because I already got a few people coming to my page in hope for the new promo photograph, here it finally is. Maybe you already got to see it somewhere else but I also put the original source to it. Enjoy!

And as for other possible WrestleMania surprises there is actually one already out there as a rumour: Seth Rollins could cash in on Roman Reigns to make his reign as short as possible. To be honest, I’m not a fan of this scenario because 1) Dean Ambrose won’t stop him from doing so and if he indeed does, he will only help Reigns to keep the belt – so that’s a dilemma; and 2) either way Reigns or Rollins being in the spotlight while Ambrose puts on a great show but loses in the end – again. So, that’s actually why I won’t watch the main event. I’ll check the results later on and if it doesn’t say, “Dean Ambrose surprisingly is the new WWE WHC”, then I’ll have more time for something else.

I’m also with Rusev and it would be great if he could actually retain the United States Championship to finally put an end to John Cena and his ten year long reign of boredom. It won’t happen but you can only dream, right?

It would have been a nice touch to the “Divas” division of WWE to make the Divas tag team match a match for an inaugural Divas Tag Team Championship. You know, just for the female wrestlers to have something else to fight for than just a stupid pink butterfly. On the contrary we have a meaningless “Divas” tag team match that will only be used as a bathroom break.

And last but not least I’m looking forward to Damien Sandow finally snaps on The Miz, maybe winning the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Not that this would be something really great like we still know from last year and the downfall of Cesaro. But history not always repeats itself.

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