Not a long time ago I’ve said that I would stop writing these WWE reviews. Dean Ambrose’s promos for the Intercontinental Championship made me change my mind. But now I’m ending this for good. It was a slow process of being disappointed and then not caring anymore. So this is my final say on WWE and all around WrestleMania.

Dean Ambrose

There was no way Dean Ambrose would actually win the IC title at WrestleMania – don’t let fool yourselves by nice videos and remarks by WWE
What a difference a year can make. It amazes me every time. Last year I was covering the Hall of Fame ceremony, the full show of WrestleMania and the RAW after it. My favourite wrestler that time already had been Dean Ambrose for quite some time and I was already fed up with WWE because of them trying to make us believe that he was the weak link of The Shield. But their match against Evolution was actually good and not all about Roman Reigns for once. So, I was kind of satisfied.

This year I haven’t even watched the Hall of Fame, mostly because Dean Ambrose wasn’t there because of his signing session at the same time. And I haven’t watched WrestleMania despite of the Ladder Match. I sporadically followed the show on Twitter and Tumblr until I chose to sleep instead way before the main event. Certainly I know the results.

Now this little snippet of “Dean Ambrose’s Journey to WrestleMania” was published three days before the big event. Like his promos were used to hype the event, make his fans believe that he’s actually got a chance, so they will tune in against better judgement. WWE knows that Dean Ambrose has got a huge fanbase and I have to admit that they try harder every time to make his fans believe that they do really care for him and finally get him what he deserves. But as for me, I’ve said it already after FastLane that I won’t fall for it anymore. So, I just recognized the same old strategy, so I stood by my guess right from the beginning that Daniel Bryan would get the IC title. And I was right.

The WrestleMania Ladder Match

Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Now I said it many times before: I knew that Daniel Bryan would win, so I wasn’t disappointed. But I kind of felt ridiculed after watching the match two days later because now WWE obviously tried to make Dean Ambrose fans believe that he was the one who was about to get the IC title but then got injured, so Daniel Bryan was next in line. Plus, later on after Seth Rollins had successfully cashed in his MITB contract, they actually sent out a message via the app that Dean Ambrose couldn’t stop him from doing so – like he had promised just after Rollins won the briefcase last year – because… exactly, he was injured.

So, to me that actually looked like his injury was considered acceptable and done on purpose. Well, actually you have to expect an injury when you throw someone down back of the head first into a ladder. And that it wasn’t just an accident was shown afterwards when cameras not just ignored Dean Ambrose but showed him, holding his head with commentators speaking about the injury. It’s always a storyline injury when commentators speak about it. But here it also was a real one.

But when you do something like that and you know it before the actual match, you might assume that the guy suffering like that actually has got a strong spot in the match to make up for the disappointment of not getting the actual title or winning the match. As much as I didn’t like Dean Ambrose’s feud with Bray Wyatt but at least he got a good amount of time as the top man in the match. Now this was WrestleMania and Dean Ambrose barely got two minutes to show himself and his abilities. And these two spots you were already able to see in the Gifs above, were actually his two best spots. The whole match lasted for around 14 minutes, Dean Ambrose was in it for ten minutes – until he suffered this head injury – but he was basically just there to make everyone around him look strong. Most of the time he had to crawl around outside of the ring or had to lie on the apron to wait for another kick in the face. Yeah, he got a few brawls with Wade Barrett and Luke Harper and he did climb the ladder quite a few times. But all in all even R-Truth had more ring time than Dean Ambrose.

Now, as sick as I am by this booking, I am also fed up with most of his fans promising each other that his huge push will come. And it will be sooo huge and so great. Some of these fans even believed that he actually would have the IC belt by now if it hadn’t been for this injury. How brainwashed can you be? Dean Ambrose is there to make his opponents look strong. He is there to make a championship important again with just one promo – just for other guys to take it. Wrestling news sites and blogs just days before WrestleMania threw out “rumours” that Dean Ambrose would get his huge push leading towards SummerSlam. I laughed like never before. These “rumours” of course came directly from WWE to keep Dean Ambrose fans silent at WrestleMania. Yeah, we’re disappointed now but wait for SummerSlam – our guy will be on top by then… Ha! Rubbish! Just keep dreaming because it won’t happen. Not until WrestleMania 40 perhaps. I promise you by now that WWE will throw out “rumours” just before SummerSlam regarding Dean Ambrose’s huge push leading to his big moment at WrestleMania 32. What glorious rubbish fun!

Dean Ambrose is back were WWE thinks he belongs – making other wrestlers and title belts look strong

And after WrestleMania WWE needed almost a whole day to somehow tell the fans that Dean Ambrose was alright and his injury wasn’t as bad as it looked like. They could have done that with a little tweet or give us a short news flash on their internet homepage. But, no, this information was hidden in this little video – another snippet from hopefully an upcoming longer special “Dean Ambrose’s Journey to WrestleMania”. Right after this nice little chit-chat with William Regal, Dean Ambrose was seen backstage after the match, making his way to the doctor’s office to get his head wound cared for. And during the treatment he kind of promised not only himself but his fans as well that he’ll come back and next time he’ll get what he deserves.

It’s like a sad circle by now. After a setback, Dean Ambrose has to come up with such a promise to calm fans down, then he hypes his next target, great promos and all – just for the next setback in the making. How long is WWE able to do this to him until also the last fan recognizes that he won’t get anything without the help of his fans? You know, I’m usually glad that Dean Ambrose doesn’t have a stupid catchphrase but where would be Daniel Bryan without his Yes! Movement? Just think about it for a moment. I’d still hate for some rubbish like Yes! Yes! Yes! being chanted for Dean Ambrose but there has to be some kind of not annoying chant for him. And please just leave me alone with this ridiculous #GiveDeanAChance hashtag that is borrowed from the #GiveDivasAChance hashtag. Far better would be a “Dirty Deeds” chant – how about that for a catchphrase? It’s easy to remember and easy to chant – good old alliteration and not dumb at all. So, please for anyone reading this and attending WWE shows: please start chanting “Dirty Deeds” for Dean Ambrose as loud as you can. I seriously hate him being labelled “unstable” and that word being written all over his merchandize. You can also chant “Dirty Dean” – as long as it’s loud and clear and not floating by just after a few seconds, than great! Just do something for him because as good as Dean Ambrose is on his own, WWE’s only measure of success is decibels. And if he doesn’t get some loud chants also during his matches, he will go nowhere.

Credit: on Tumblr.
Credit: on Tumblr.
So now on RAW new United States champion issued an open challenge for his title – I thought the previous champ is always entitled for a re-match – and Dean Ambrose came out. There was no way he would win because John Cena already got his new U.S. title themed merch shirt and there was already the next PPV poster for Extreme Rules with his U.S. title themed face on it. So, Dean Ambrose of course was only there to make the title look strong and important.

Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
At least the match was booked alright. It lasted for around fourteen minutes and it started slow with Cena putting Dean Ambrose in a sleeper hold for two consecutive times. But the match increased in speed. There was a lot of punching – as you can see in the first Gif (that actually happened in the very late stages of that match) – but also the usual jumping spots from Dean Ambrose. I was kind of angry about the “Let’s go, Cena – Cena sucks” chants like I always am. Would have been nothing wrong with “Let’s go, Ambrose – Cena sucks” chants but anyway. It was also a bad decision to make Michael Cole being killed by Brock Lesnar before. Because at the start of the match there was just Byron Saxton on commentary and he just can’t do commentary. He can’t even do promoting the WWE app or future matches. I mean, it’s not that hard. You have to describe what you see inside and outside of the ring. That for you have to know how to call several moves. But the only thing Byron Saxton was doing okay was him being silent. It was with some relief when Jerry Lawler came back, so he was actually calling the match – and even in his kind of annoying style it was far better than anything that Byron Saxton had done so far during this match. So it was quite unfortunate to have him coming back during the match, even if it was during a commercial break.

What you were able to see in the second Gif was the one heavy botch that happened in the match. When I first saw it I really felt for Dean Ambrose because it really looked bad. Bad on second sight I thought, “Cena what the hell are you doing?” I mean, it didn’t really help Dean Ambrose’s cause when you still catch the rope but you are supposed to leave it alone, so your opponent can get you down to the mat. A quite unfortunate scene and a very prominent one, so everyone pretty much noticed. Dean Ambrose just wasn’t able to hide the botch.

Credit: chasethislightwithme on Tumblr.
Credit: chasethislightwithme on Tumblr.
The good thing was that you could easily forget that because quite instantly Dean Ambrose was put into the S.T.F., Cena’s submission maneuver. And while trying to reach the ropes, the crowd got really into that match. They were before but now it was almost turmoil. And it got even better when Dean Ambrose indeed reached the ropes and instantly countered with putting Cena into his own move – the S.T.F. You can see that in the third Gif. Also Cena was able to prevent himself from embarrassment. Already before Dean Ambrose had been able to indeed see Cena teasing the “You Can’t See Me” and he even hit out on an A.A. So, when Dean Ambrose finally hit the Dirty Deeds on his opponent, he kicked out as well. Now the little punching sequence happened that was actually highly entertaining. But soon after John Cena was able to hit a second A.A. on Dean Ambrose for the win.

After the match Dean Ambrose got a little handshake from John Cena – I guess that’s the only thing the real John Cena could do for Dean Ambrose to kind of thanking him publicly to make sure that he’s respected in the locker room – at least.

What’s next for Dean Ambrose and myself?
Like I said: I don’t believe these so-called “rumours” of Dean Ambrose finally getting some kind of reward at SummerSlam. Maybe this “huge push” is just his movie “Lockdown” being prominently promoted. He certainly won’t go after the WWE WHC belt of Seth Rollins. He definitely won’t head back to the IC title scheme – this feud will be fought out between Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler. And the U.S. title is history for him now since he had this match. Hopefully WWE doesn’t put him into a tag team. But I seriously can’t imagine anything good that could happen to him at SummerSlam – not with the current scenario. The only thing I can think of is him winning the MITB contract. I’ve said it since I knew that he wouldn’t win the IC title at WrestleMania. And with that contract he could cash in at SummerSlam. But with Roman Reigns still around, I can’t see that happen.

As for me I’ll certainly further update my Dean Ambrose & William Regal shrine. If there is something new about “Lockdown” it will be added here. And maybe add a few things to the Dean Ambrose section and the William Regal section as well. If you are able to read German, I invite you to beta-read my novel that I’m currently writing. Send me a mail or a tweet if you are interested. And until anything indeed really good will happen to Dean Ambrose, I won’t write about WWE again. Cheers for now then!

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