But I’m not complaining about the timing this win came in the end. I’m just not sure why it was done, why Dean Ambrose was added to the main event at Payback. Because of his recent booking I’m not even able to really enjoy this because the only reason I can think of is, “to make Reigns and Rollins look strong”.

Dean Ambrose_collage

RAW 2015/05/04: This Dean Ambrose push was long overdue

As an ancient historian I have always the privilege of knowing the end of a process. So living without knowing where it’s going to be and where it finally ends, is kind of a struggle. Knowing the starting point A and the final point B is great because you can fill it with everything you are still able to find. And if there are still missing spots you can make up possibilities no-one can actually falsify until new sources or puzzle pieces are found.

So, having something like a forthcoming Pay-Per-View is kind of a final point B – still unknown of course. And you can only imagine how my historian brain works here. It makes up a whole lot of scenarios for this B and knits together the path towards it. The nearer the event is, the more puzzle pieces are added; some made-up point – like B1 and B2 – can be cancelled, but others are still possibly working. And since WWE has managed to get me invested again, I’ll try to come up with some scenarios after my reports from the best Dean Ambrose week this year and some little William Regal love.

Like it’s almost always the case we got a rematch on RAW from a match on SmackDown in Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins. For some reason Kane was still in charge, so he could add a stipulation to that match that Seth Rollins had previously said of there was “no point in it”. So first Dean Ambrose came out into the ring, Seth Rollins came out without J+J Security, because they were banned from ringside because of the chaos at the end of the first match on SmackDown. But before the match could even start, Kane came out to teach Seth Rollins another lecture. Like I already hinted, he added a stipulation, so the match all of a sudden did have a point. So if Dean Ambrose would beat Seth Rollins, he would be added to the main event at Payback, id est the Triple Threat match would be a Fatal-4-Way for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Of course Seth Rollins didn’t like it but thankfully enough Dean Ambrose took his microphone, so we didn’t have to hear Seth Rollins’ stuttering any longer. Also naturally that Dean Ambrose wasn’t that much against it. That’s what he had to say until Seth Rollins took the mic from him again:

“I think it’s a great idea. I don’t know though. Does anybody here have a problem with me being added to that championship match if I beat Seth Rollins?”

Willem Dafoe vs Dean Ambrose
Willem Dafoe vs Dean Ambrose
Credit: jonomoxley on Tumblr.
Credit: jonomoxley on Tumblr.
The audience in Montreal, Canada didn’t have a problem, Seth Rollins still had, but since Kane was still fine with his own decision, the match started right after that. Total match time once again couldn’t be measured because I only watched the commercial free version. I usually add one minute to the on-screen plus app match time and these were 16:16 minutes. Since Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury weren’t on ringside for this match, there was no distraction from the actual match which was great. And the action Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins put on the canvas earned them two “This Is Awesome” and two “Holy Shit” chants. It certainly was helpful that some kind of a Dean Ambrose boys fanclub was standing right behind the barricades and the whole Montreal crowd was NXT-like, id est lot of chanting, much into the match, good amount of Dean Ambrose chants as well as heat on Seth Rollins.

Now what you can see on the two first Gifs for the previous paragraph is something I had in mind when seeing Dean Ambrose wiggling his way through two spots of the match: Willem Dafoe as Paul Smecker in The Boondock Saints. Willem Dafoe acts just a little more dramatic here and it’s obviously a slightly different setting. But if Dean Ambrose would have been a bit more exalted he could do a pretty close copy of it. Kind of thought it was worthy to put these Gifs right next to each other for comparison. Hey, after all wrestling is still considered as fun, and I like to compare some facets that happen in WWE with other things from the pop culture. And Dean Ambrose is highly inspiring in that department.

Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
For my previous WWE recap of the whole month of April I had only put a picture in from the revival of the Hook and Ladder. So this time I put a Gif in here, just because it seems to be a permanent item now (which is great) and worth showing it anyway. Together with the Deanering that you can see on the left hand side which is always fun to watch. But these moves together with some others are just one tiny part of a wrestling match. For me there needs to be storytelling. You have to have a decent built-up from start to finish. Like these ten-minute rock songs that start slowly, built up constantly and erupt into a breathless finish. This is a good wrestling match for me. And consequently a decent wrestling match has to last for more than ten minutes.

Like this one. And Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins matches just are the best that WWE have at the moment. There shouldn’t be an argument about that. Both men just know each other so well – and like they always say, they just clicked from the very moment they stepped up against each other inside a wrestling ring for the first in FCW. Both men also sell the hell out of each other’s moves, so it always looks real.

Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Dean Ambrose_RAW 2015-05-04 Now the first part in the match belonged to Dean Ambrose. Then there was a little fun back and forth, but very soon Seth Rollins took over, doing a few holds inside the ring, a few strong moves. Dean Ambrose here did what he – unfortunately – can do like no other of the entire roster, he sold the hell out of Seth Rollins’ punishment and acted kind of unstable (yeah, I know, bad joke), like he doesn’t know where he is and hard on the edge of an out of power competitor. During all that there was much talk about the history of The Shield from the commentary team during this match. Also noticeable (and highly annoying) once again was that the more important of a match Dean Ambrose is in, the more useless nonsense JBL is talking about him.

So the punishment to Dean Ambrose continued until he got the upper hand once again. But somehow he was a little too enthusiastic with himself while doing the little dance. And right there Seth Rollins caught him again and hit him out cold. But Dean “Cockroach” Ambrose came right back for a little slap fest in the middle of the ring and then sent them both over the top rope outside the ring. Here Dean Ambrose was almost counted out after he was thrown into the barricades by Seth Rollins. But this also was the beginning of the end for Seth Rollins. Because he was surprised that Dean Ambrose made it back inside of the ring and that made him a little frustrated, not thinking about the whole game plan anymore.

Credit: thashield on Tumblr.
Credit: thashield on Tumblr.
It was then when Dean Ambrose connected with an impressive Pendulum Lariat. He was just about to set up Seth Rollins for Dirty Deeds when J+J Security were running down the ramp and inside the ring. But they were quickly shoved back outside, Seth Rollins tried to attack Dean Ambrose from behind but the latter got the cheap pin for the win. Really well done finish to a great match – something that Dean Ambrose very much deserved during their feud last year as well. But he didn’t get it then. Just now. And since I don’t live in the past, I’m fine with it that it finally happened – even if it wasn’t with Dirty Deeds.

But who cares about how this win happened. Everything that matters is that it will be a Fatal-4-Way at Payback – including Dean Ambrose.

Later on there was the main event of RAW between Randy Orton and Roman Reigns (and during the latter part of it that I watched, the crowd was basically dead). Of course Kane interfered into the match by pulling down Reigns. And Rollins, Kane and J+J Security beat down Orton and Reigns. The crowd chanted “We Want Ambrose” and after a little moment he came out, shoved J+J Security out of the ring. Kane went out as well. That made the little preview to the Fatal-4-Way at Payback complete. Roman Reigns speared Seth Rollins. Randy Orton finished off Reigns with an RKO. And finally Dean Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds on Orton to stand tall inside the ring and close RAW.

NXT 2015/05/06: William Regal is able to control the guys at a contract signing, but not the gals

I’ll break down this episode of NXT in a slightly shorter manner just to keep the word count for this review in a still somehow acceptable frame. First I’ll list the segments and write down a short statement. Then I will write down the contract signing between Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks with GM William Regal in detail. And finally there will be another list with the possible matches at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable on 20 May 2015, also with a few words about it.

  • Match: emma vs CHARLOTTE (5:41min).
    That was a pretty good short match with a quite heelish Emma who injured Charlotte’s left knee and kept going for it. But Charlotte won. Bayley came out for hugging Emma like it seemed – all about forgiveness, since Emma is mocking and imitating Bayley lately – and Emma went for the hug. But Bayley hit Bayley to Belly on Emma, got back her shirt and hairband to throw both into the NXT crowd.
  • Vignette: Becky Lynch’s path to NXT.
    The usual good made vignette and promo by Becky Lynch to hype the title match at Takeover: Unstoppable. Seeing this Riverdance gimmick again that Becky Lynch initially had, it’s with big relief that she dropped it. I mean, how more stereotypical can you go with an Irish female wrestler?
  • Interview: Michael Cole with Kevin Owens.
    Kevin Owens still doesn’t want to answer Cole’s question if the match against Sami Zayn is personal. My favourite here was when Cole asked Owens at the end, if he’d still like to add something, and Owens said, “Follow me on Twitter, FightOwensFight. Nice.
  • Match: bull dempsey vs RHYNO (1:00min).
    Meaningless match with two competitors who don’t do anything for me. After his win Rhyno challenged Baron Corbin for a match at Takeover: Unstoppable.
  • Promo: Sasha Banks with a good backstage heel promo.
  • Promo: William Regal welcomes Uhaa Nation to NXT in his office. Uhaa signs his contract and we see a vignette about him and his journey to NXT.
  • Match: Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder vs Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady.
    This match at least was scheduled but never happened because before Enzo & Big Cass could make it outside into the ring they were attacked by Blake & Murphy backstage. Typical strategy to weaken your challengers before a title match.
  • Interview: Michael Cole with Sami Zayn.
    Sami said that of course it’s personal for Kevin Owens to fight him. But Owens is a liar and Sami Zayn is not. Then he challenged Ownes to come out this week to tell him eye to eye that it’s personal for him. But instead we got a replay from last RAW when Sami Zayn injured his left shoulder against John Cena. So the title match is in doubt since WWE currently speaks about Sami Zayn could be out of action for a couple of months.
  • Contract Signing: Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks (w/ William Regal).
    More about that after this little summary.
  • Promo: Alex Riley.
    He points out that he’ll be out for a while now, thanks to Kevin Owens. And he thinks that this is what the people wanted. He couldn’t be more right.
  • Backstage Interview: Dana Brooks.
    Grey hair. Total Diva. Pointless.
  • Match: HIDEO ITAMI vs tyler breeze (w/ Finn Bálor) (9:12min).
    Good back and forward match that finally went outside the ring. Hideo Itami went for an attack on Tyler Breeze but accidentally hit Finn Bálor who was sitting at ringside. Anyway Hideo Itami won but was attacked by Tyler Breeze. Finn Bálor joined the action and it looked like he wanted to go for revenge on Hideo Itami. But Tyler Breeze knocked out both of them to stand tall at the end of this episode of NXT.

For the contract signing for the match at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable between Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks, GM William Regal was already inside the ring. And this is what he had to say as an introduction:

“The NXT Women’s Division has been making headlines all over the world. And rightly so. And the match that I’m about to make official in a moment will surely continue that trend. So with that being said, I would love to introduce to you, the number-one contender for the NXT Women’s Championship, Becky Lynch. (…) And now, the NXT Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks.”

Becky Lynch, William Regal, Sasha Banks And now since both competitors were inside the ring, William Regal asked them to set their autograph onto the contract. But first Becky Lynch spoke out again and told about her passion for the wrestling business. Good promo once again and I really liked her last line, “I didn’t come here to take part; I came here to take over.”

Nice play with the NXT special title. Then Becky Lynch signed the contract and it was now on Sasha Banks to do the same. But apparently she’s unable to write, so she had her own stamp to set her mark. But it somehow counted and this could have been the end of that signing session. And I still remember the words by William Regal before the contract signing of Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens that he won’t allow that contract signing to end in chaos like every contract signing in WWE. Well, he can’t control the guys but definitely not the gals.

Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Sasha Banks shoved the contract into Becky Lynch and then the assault on Becky Lynch started while two referees and the GM looked on basically. Male etiquette says, “don’t hit a woman”, so how to separate them when you are only able to shout they should please leave each other alone? The mind struggle was hilarious to watch. But then Becky Lynch took over to keep Sasha Banks in her submission move. Sasha Banks indeed tapped out and was now separated from Becky Lynch who stood tall for a little stare-down.

After the show we visited William Regal in his office for a breakdown to that match. And this is what he had to say now,

“Greatness is what I expect. The Women’s Division here in NXT is just beyond compare and it’s turning heads obviously everywhere. Everybody’s talking about it and I expect greatness from this match. To see Sasha Banks become the NXT Women’s Champion has been a joy to watch. And I like the mean spirit in this. Becky Lynch on the other hand is, I’ll be honest with you, it really brought a tear into my eyes listening to that girl out there, the struggles… And I know that these are all true, the struggles and the heartache that she’s gone through to get to this position. And now she’s finally got here. So you think that she’s not gonna bring every last drop of everything she’s ever gone through in her life into that ring and compete? It’s gonna be a fantastic battle and I’m really looking forward to it. (…) Some champions become a little lazy when they become champion because they think they’ve reached the peak. And they sort of losing a bit of an edge. And I don’t think that happened to Sasha Banks in any way, shape or form. But Becky Lynch, we heard the struggles she’s gone through, we heard that she’s been fighting since she was fifteen years of age to get to this position. So this is an even, very evenly match competition – very evenly match. And that’s what’s gonna make it exceptionally good.”

Now for the special NXT Takeover: Unstoppable the following matches have been confirmed:

  • Kevin Owens (c) vs Sami Zayn | NXT Championship
  • Sasha Banks (c) vs Becky Lynch | NXT Women’s Championship
  • Hideo Itami vs Tyler Breeze vs Finn Bálor | #1 Contender’s Match
  • Blake & Murphy (c) vs Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady | NXT Tag Team Championship
  • Rhyno vs Baron Corbin

However, with the injuries to Sami Zayn and Hideo Itami these two matches are in danger. Not so much the #1 Contender’s Match, of course, since this match can also be a one-on-one match between Tyler Breeze and Finn Bálor. Or they could make it a Battle Royal with a few more guys added to this match who didn’t have the chance to show themselves at such a special NXT event before. As for the actual NXT title match it’s a bit more difficult, because – well – Kevin Owens can’t fight himself. So whether Sami Zayn takes a risk or they might have a show fight between Kevin Owens and Uhaa Nation for example. There could also be a match between Emma and Bayley added. And in case the NXT title match is off, then the match for the NXT Women’s title should be the main event.

So, yeah, the card might be looking different come NXT Takeover: Unstoppable but it will have great matches and be a great show nevertheless.

SmackDown 2015/05/07: And this time Seth Rollins stands tall

And just another contract signing took place at this episode of SmackDown. But before it took place right at the end of the show, every competitor of the Fatal-4-Way had to say something about it. This is what Dean Ambrose had to say:

“Well, those are better odds than I had before I beat Seth Rollins on RAW and made this match a Fatal-Four-Way. But I’m not really a Math guy. I’m not really a Science guy. I’m more of an hanging out of the bleachers kind of guy. Guy who doesn’t really care for rules, schedules or… what’s that other word like the people in charge use to hold you back and push you down… Authority! See, there’s a little thing called chaos that they can’t factor in to any of the equations that they so like to use. In a Fatal-Four-Way match, anybody can win at any time. So that means maybe the last guy you expect, and the last guy you want to, walks out the new WWE champion. So it should be interesting to see how this contract signing goes out tonight. I’m a bit of a party crasher. And these things typically don’t go very well. And I got a feeling, that ain’t nobody is going to be happy to see me.”

Credit: van.i.win on Tumblr.
Credit: van.i.win on Tumblr.
Now for the very event, Kane was already out there in the ring in front of a table and four chairs. He announced that our voices would have been heard and that Seth Rollins would have to defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt against three competitors will happen because of us. Now the signing would take place and out came Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose in that particular order. Last one out was Seth Rollins alongside J+J Security but he chose to stay on the ramp while the other three guys sat on their particular chair.

Interesting about the other entrances was that Randy Orton just had a sarcastic wave to spare at Reigns while he kept sitting in his chair. But he was standing for Dean Ambrose and only sat down again when Dean Ambrose was about to sit down. Kind of a gesture of appreciation for that win against Seth Rollins? That Dean Ambrose indeed deserved to be in that match – in contrast to Roman Reigns? Well, you are allowed to argue with me about that. But I like to see it that way.

After everyone realized that Seth Rollins would stay on the ramp, Kane wanted to go through the signing but Dean Ambrose didn’t want to have that. So, a little chit-chat between the four competitors took place that went as following:

Ambrose: Hey, hold up a second, hold on. I realize Justin Bieber up there is a VIP in Canada but does this mean that he doesn’t have to get to the ring? Come on, Biebs, bring Frodo and Bilbo with you. Come on down!

Rollins: Oh, Ambrose, you and your sharp tongue! You know, your humour was never really my style. But it was always better than listening to Roman over there trying to form sentences. I’m not coming down there. I think I’ll stay up here. If you three have some unfinished business between you then, you know, sort that out.

Reigns: I’ve got a sentence for you, Seth, I’m gonna sign this contract and I’m gonna kick your ass.

Orton: Yeah, Seth, news flash, genius, we’re all here for the same reason – we want that championship that you got right there around your waist.

Ambrose: Alright, alright, alright, you’re gonna come down here and sign this contract, Seth, or I’m gonna have to drag your ass down here myself.

 mvzenigmatic on Tumblr.
Credit: mvzenigmatic on Tumblr.
Now that Roman Reigns, Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose had signed the contract, Seth Rollins gave orders to Kane that he should sign in his behalf because he’d have the… um… authority to do so. But Kane broke logically down why this wouldn’t happen, so Seth Rollins finally had to come down to the ring but Joey Mercury was sent to grab the contract, so Seth Rollins could check it outside of the ring. And he had to say just a few further things about his opponents at Payback:

“Dean Ambrose… or should I say low rent Roddy Piper? I mean I never thought you were that good but that’s what Roman used to call you back in the day when you acted all crazy trying to entertain all these idiots. There is… Roman Reigns, yup, which is good because he’s much better in signing autographs than he is in wrestling. I mean Ambrose used to say he couldn’t wrestle out of the wet paper bag. And Randy, I don’t want you to feel left out but really it’s no secret how Dean and Roman feel about you. They used to call you spoiled, entitled. Roman said you never worked a day in your life. Hell, Ambrose used to say the only reason you’re here in WWE is ’cause of your old man.”

After dishing out all this – and most of it isn’t that wrong – Seth Rollins finally stepped inside the ring because for some reason he didn’t thought he could use the back of Joey Mercury as a table to sign. He still needed a real table, so he had to come into the ring. Very wise decision after firing shots like that, I have to say. After he signed, Seth Rollins handed the contract back to Kane and the two of them started a little bickering while Dean Ambrose rearranged the ring. He put the table onto one turnbuckle and the chairs were shoved to the side. Reigns and Orton were still sitting and watching with interest when J+J Security, Rollins and Kane finally realized what Dean Ambrose was doing. They stopped bickering and let Ambrose say:

“We all know how this is gonna end anyway. I call dibs on the table.”

So, like every other contract signing in WWE, also this one finished with a brawl after Dean Ambrose first grabbed Joey Mercury to put him on that very table. In the end it was Seth Rollins this time who was standing tall inside the ring. My very dibs are on Reigns on RAW and Orton on SmackDown next week. Interesting note about the brawl though was that Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns were pushing each other a little bit, mostly because Reigns had hit Ambrose into a corner, courtesy of Seth Rollins. More about that under the next headline.

Some speculation from the Master Of Possibilities That Never Happen

Now I’ve already read a few theories and rumours circling around plus I made my own mind up for a few outcomes to that Fatal-4-Way match. For the most important thing – yes, that’s still the title – I believe that Seth Rollins will retain. But now for some scenarios what could happen storyline wise:

  • The Shield re-unites.
    I’m not sure who came up with that rumour. But there is actually a lot of history talk about The Shield by WWE itself. And the fangirls go crazy for days now that it actually could happen. Oh. My. God… forbid! Worst scenario for me personally. I mean, WWE breaks up The Shield to make Roman Reigns their new shining star just to realize that most fans apparently don’t like him that much WWE thought they would. One year of pushing him to Pluto wasn’t enough for the fans to gather around him, so just let The Shield re-unite to try making Roman Reigns look strong once again from inside The Shield? And Seth Rollins firing shots at his old Shield mates was only done so it would come as some kind of a surprise when Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns would triple powerbomb Orton onto the canvas? I’m glad that Dean Ambrose is a singles competitor. I was fed-up with his recent booking but even that was better than having him back as the “weak link” of The Shield. Because he would be. The only reason the WWE would re-unite The Shield would be to repackage Reigns, give him more time to learn and absorb the popularity from Ambrose and Rollins. No, merci!
  • Dean Ambrose turns heel and joins The Authority.
    First of all on these supposed heel turns in general: if people think that this little shoving and pushing scene could be an indicator to one of Ambrose or Reigns could turn heel than I guess it’s only done to make it a real Fatal-4-Way. It’s no secret that basically the only guy that Super Reigns consider as friend and brother, is Dean Ambrose. So there needs to be some bickering between them. That doesn’t make one of them automatically turn heel. But there are other reasons for that. First of all about Dean Ambrose.

    It’s basically screamed from the rooftops since last year that Dean Ambrose will “soon” turn heel. But it never happened. And it shouldn’t happen now. I never thought that I would ever say that. But I like Dean Ambrose as this face / tween kind of guy. He was a heel all of his wrestling life so far. But he does great since the Shield break-up as a face children, women and men can all be behind. Now in his interview before the contract signing he said that The Authority held him down, pushed him down and all. And he usually kept saying that he’s like a cockroach, no-one can destroy, that his road to glory won’t be easy but he’ll get there the hard way and through many obstacles. Doesn’t sound like a man who would sell-out to The Authority like Rollins did just to get to the gold the easy way. Dean Ambrose is proud of doing it the hard way but if he’d turn heel, he’d automatically join The Authority. They are the head of the main storyline and I just can’t see Dean Ambrose as a heel without any connection to The Authority. So, also this one makes no sense for me. And I also wouldn’t like it.

  • Roman Reigns turns heel and joins The Authority.
    There is much more reason in that scenario. Roman Reigns could finally turn on the fans because they don’t like him despite him trying hard and winning a lot and all that. So, he wants the same as Rollins, beats up his “brother” Ambrose, spears Orton and Rollins can choose for himself which one he’d like to use for a pin to retain. Naturally he’ll chose Ambrose to humiliate him. And after Payback Reigns can have a feud with Ambrose, so Ambrose once again is used to make someone strong – and in this case – get Reigns over as a top heel besides Rollins. Makes the most sense for me, so is probably the least likely to happen.
  • Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns both turn heel to become the new A+R Security for Seth Rollins.
    I just read this imagination on a blog post and initially laughed about it. Then I feared that this is illogical enough for the WWE really considering it. Because – come on – this is really stupid. If Ambrose and Reigns would indeed become the bodyguard for Seth Rollins then only by punishment. Why would Ambrose and Reigns degrade themselves in such manner? To protect the belt on Seth Rollins’ shoulder? The belt that Ambrose and Reigns want for themselves? Well, if they choose to become the bodyguard of Rollins then only to steal the belt from inside. But since this is strategic thinking, that’s not really after the style of Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns. All around, this makes no sense whatsoever. So it can indeed happen unfortunately.

And one little extra

If you’ve missed it so far, there is another episode of Dean Ambrose at “Talk Is Jericho”. It’s episode no. 141 and if you don’t have iTunes, just click here to listen to it online. This episode isn’t about wrestling at all. Like the title “Paranormal Dean Ambrose” should already insist. The main subjects are ghost stories and Big Foot vs Yeti.

At one point Dean Ambrose says that he wasn’t good at school and he laughs at it like this was the most natural kind of thing in the whole universe. He probably wouldn’t consider himself as a very smart human being. But being good at school and being smart don’t naturally belong together. First of all, people who are good at school most likely haven’t already found their passion in life. If you already found something that is whole mind consuming for you, all your thoughts and doings will belong to this one thing. And consequently you won’t have much interest and time for school subjects. Another huge part is the school system itself and the certain teachers you have. If you aren’t very smart but you are really good at remembering things and your teachers won’t for you to think but just repeat what they have told you, then chances are that you are great at school.

Now Dean Ambrose was pretty much left on his own when he was young. So he found wrestling and spent all his days to dream himself into this other world that was so much better than his real life. If he would have had caring parents who would give him a good real life, there wouldn’t have been for him the need to create an alternate life that was more fun and worth to live in. Through school he found this other passion, the Big Foot and Yeti thing – also a paranormal, fantasy creature that – as far as we know – doesn’t really exist. He dived into this subject and I’m really impressed about the depth he is able to talk about it. Really put Chris Jericho straight up to the wall. Also the very way he talks about it you can almost consider as scientific – doesn’t take anything for real or granted at first sight but reads on and on for further proof and wants to discover himself. This is quite smart thinking. And who knows what life would have put him into if he would have had another early life that would have made the most out of his potential.

But then we would have missed out on a great wrestling entertainer. And as of right now he is back on the right track on booking terms. So looking back now with knowing his path everything was kind of right in the end.

10 thoughts on “The Wrestling Week That Was, no. 2: Finally Dean Ambrose got his win against Seth Rollins that he should have had during their feud last year

  1. That was really enjoyable .It is always great to read your reviews . So glad you are writing again & feel invested in the current main storyline involving Dean & the way he is booked now . Never say “NOPE” to writing .I would really like to add that your choice of the gifs is really special (I know I am being Mr.obvious ) and the writing style made me smile the entire time through the article ( review ) . Thanks . Keep the great work going .


    1. Thanks for your comment. It’s always great to get some recognition for the work I’m putting in here. I mean, this is my private blog and all but since I’m making these posts public, I kind of hope to get something back from time to time.

      On continuing here: I’m still not sure if I’m doing this regularly again. Very much depends on the booking and the storylines of Dean Ambrose. If they really re-unite The Shield and make them part of The Authority again, then I couldn’t be less enthusiastic. Like I said in the review, I’m glad that Ambrose is a singles competitor again and I’d like for him to be exactly that after Payback.

      So, we’ll see if I continue this on a regular basis.


      1. Needless to say that you deserve more recognition than what anybody can give you for your phenomenal work . I mean you really appreciate Dean Ambrose (may I add that Dean is the only reason why me , you & so many wrestling fans watch the WWE) . I barley known any thing about wrestling except for some old matches on a wrestling channel that only feature old matches from years ago , I started watching by chance during the Shield vs Evolution feud & Seth turned on the Shield Dean really shined & quickly became my favourite star on the WWE roster .The guy is just “one in a million”. He is easily the best thing going in WWE & it really makes me mad when I think about the reason why he is being pushed down . He so talented and beloved by every body & in Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast Vince mentioned Dean’s name as a standout performer who is reaching for the brass ring first (before Bray,Seth,and Roman) but that needs to be translated into butting him in meaningful storylines that can actually elevate him and show his potential as a huge star in the future of the WWE instead of useless ones that does nothing for him & give the people who want him to fail or didn’t have the opportunity to know how talented he really is to label him as a mid carded for life & that the company doesn’t think he is a big deal & all these stupid comments that at times makes my blood boil and other times make me laugh at them . Sorry for writing too much just wanted to share that with Ambrose’s biggest fan . It was a crazy cool time reading your review (about RAW, NXT,and Smack down today), but it is totally you choice to complete or stop writing reviews (while I think you don’t have the right to prevent us from having so much fun reading such a great presented and so well written reviews about our favourite star , you really take care for the very little things about Dean & you made me believe in his abilities even more ). And I totally agree with Dean not being apart of the Shield again at least not now (a Shield reunite at Payback ,maybe when they become huge stars they can reform it as a fan pleasing thing , but fight on their own) .When Seth destroyed that Shield , Dean really shined in the ring & competed constantly in great matches & there is no need to say anything about his promos . The only one who benefited from the Shield the most was Roman .Dean and Seth were experienced , talented & had a huge fan base in the Indies that could ‘ve made it easy for them to Start a career on their own . Plus how can Seth (storyline wise) basically try to kill Dean & Dean forget about it as if nothing happened , it looks like some people can’t believe that the Shield is over . Since Seth killed Dean with the chair to officially become a member of the authority & some people were saying that it was the Shield’s plan to destroy the authority from Inside & now about a year latter they still say that & my reaction is still the same (What on earth !?) .So , yea this is kind of the worst case scenario .Just let them be three huge stars instead of remaking one Shield (all about making Roman look really really strong & the other more talented Dean & Seth look like a second & third wheel , since it is going to be ” ONE VS ALL ” not “Shield vs all”) .Also Dean spoke in many interviews about how he likes being on his own because he feels like he now earns every thing he gets on his own (not as a Shield member . Next RAW is in Cincinnati Ohio & I can’t wait for it & I’m sure you’d like to review it . All the best for Dean . By the way I won’t blame you if you didn’t read all what I wrote . Sorry (again) for writing too much . Thank you so much .


        1. Thanks again for your various thoughts about this article and Ambrose in general. I’ll try to catch all points you made that screamed for a reply.

          I certainly know about what Vince did say on the Austin podcast. I haven’t watched or listened to it but read the most important quotes. The man is just a phenomenon, isn’t he? He can praise someone one day and put the same man into the trash the very next day. What he said on this podcast just doesn’t matter because he can change his opinion from one second to the next. Also, even if someone is one of his favourites doesn’t need to be a good thing. Because in that case chances are that these people have to act his not funny jokes out there in the ring (like Ambrose had to do with the Rollins puppet) or has to go through his non funny promo lines or is put into toilet jokes – that are not funny. I seriously hope that the man steps down very soon. And with him a few guys in the back who are just the hounds of McMahon as well.

          The thing about The Shield is that my impression is that it was created for Reigns from the very beginning. I mean, I have to have that impression or why does he still have the entire Shield gimmick and the catchphrase? Or does he still have this gimmick because creative couldn’t come up with something else for him? No, I still believe that this was the plan from the start: building Reigns and his character with the help of Ambrose and Rollins, then break them up and push Reigns to Pluto. The only problem was that Reigns isn’t just talented enough to stand alone while Ambrose and Rollins are too talented to be shoved to the side. Unfortunately the WWE could have realized that now as well, so they might stick Ambrose and Rollins back to Reigns, so the latter is able to shine again.

          By the way, I’m not sure you already noticed my Dean Ambrose Shrine in here. It’s always unfinished I’m afraid but there is an Ambrose FAQ, a few things about “Lockdown” and – the most important one – a sub-shrine for the Ambrose vs Regal feud at FCW. So, if you’ve seen it already, please don’t mind the shameless self-promotion. If you haven’t, have fun!


          1. ** Thanks for replying .
            ** Totally agree about Vince he is so out of touch and he pretends to know what the fans want , but does what he wants in the end of the day . My point is ” Don’t say it since you don’t mean it ” he didn’t have to say that Ambrose is a standout performer in the WWE , but he said it and down goes Ambrose . I never trusted Vince any ways , because you are always scared they can destroy a talented performer any time any how .That seems to be the easiest thing for them to do .
            ** & About the Shield , if Punk’s words are true about him coming up to the company with the Shield’s idea as a group of three guys Dean , Seth , and Chris Hero (I believe) but they replaced the latter with Roman , then yes it is all about butting their golden boy with two talented performers who did everything for the group , while he stood there and said ” When I wanna say something I am gonna say it ” . And I have just read an article about him answering an interview question (whether Punk created the Shield or not ) & he said that the only thing Punk created was his Pepsi tattoo (What on earth !? ) & that it wasn’t a one man’s idea & that he , Seth , and Dean were responsible for the Shield’s success . I really hate it when someone takes the opportunities of more talented people just because of his family , money , or whatever . That is injustice . Needless to say that he basically took the Shield’s music , gear , and entrance which was really frustrating and created a huge “WHY !?” question that was never answered . To my if it means any thing it means they trusted him the least out of the Shield , but still wanted to push him the most . Thanks .


              1. Yeah, I just saw the headline via Google Alerts and thought it wasn’t worth wasting my time reading what he had to say. But cheers for enlighten me that I was right in my decision.


  2. Great review as always. I liked some of where you were coming from on the possible outcomes at Payback. I absolutely agree that the Shield reuniting is a no-go for me. Dean would absolutely be the weak link of the Shield, used to prop both Seth and Roman. I would have real issues with Dean turning heel to join the Authority. Don’t particularly mind if he’s a heel, as long as he’s still against Seth. That has not been fully resolved in my eyes, despite the pin. The idea that Dean or anyone in that match is going to turn heel and destroy a competitor and let Seth pin that person just doesn’t make any sense to me (same goes for Roman). They all want to take that championship away from Rollins. Furthermore, I go back to what Dean said at the Shield Summit, after Seth’s first betrayal during the Shield-Wyatt match. Dean was very specific about how he couldn’t tolerate being lied to by someone he trusted. Dean doesn’t strike me as someone who would go back on his word like that (I don’t count the cash-in issue at Wrestlemania- he was clearly hurt in the ladder match and in no position to follow up on that promise to Seth). Therefore I just cannot see an alignment between him and Seth. Don’t know about a Roman heel turn. Kind of think it does make sense, out of all the scenarios. The only way I can see both Roman and Dean turning heel to become Seth’s security is if this was all a ruse to destroy the Authority from within. Then it might be justifiable.

    All in all, I really enjoy both your writing style and content as well as your passion for Dean Ambrose.


    1. First of all, thank you very much for your comment and thoughts about the possibilities mainly. It’s always appreciated!

      The problem with WWE is that they think the fans only remember stuff at least two weeks ago. So just think of this feud between the Bella twins. Nikki told Brie that she wished her sister would have died in the womb. And a few days later Brie helped Nikki to retain the championship and now they are best friends again like nothing happened. WWE just dropped that and probably thought fans would forget. Now the “Divas” are treated much worse than the guys – that’s no secret. And their storylines – if there are any – are flat and mainly based on jealousy. But dropping storylines also is an issue for the male roster. Just remember the start of the Ambrose vs Wyatt feud. Could have been a good one with all this personal stuff, the history of Ambrose told by Wyatt. But I still don’t know who “still cries for Ambrose” and who this she is Wyatt was referring to when he was talking about Ambrose’s family. Was it his cousin Ambrose told us about in this backstage promo at FCW? We don’t know because WWE dropped that storyline and replaced it with “you crazy stupid, I will kill you”.

      So, dropping something and hoping that fans don’t remember is nothing new in WWE. So they can easily make Ambrose say that all this heat was only done and said to fool The Authority, if they go with destroying them from the inside. I mean we haven’t seen Triple H and Steph for a while. Could be that both like to concentrate on NXT and more backroom stuff. I’ve also heard that Kane is on for a huge push. Who knows, Kane could work together just with Ambrose and correct something he did to him at Money In The Bank last year. So, unfortunately everything is possible and that will make us tune in again.


  3. About Kane working with Ambrose for the Money in the Bank, I was actually hoping that is where this is going. They keep alluding to it, with different things Kane has said to Seth. The Jon Stewart thing even alluded to Seth knowing he didn’t really earn the MITB.
    WWE does ruin feuds so much and it’s yet another show I’ve gotten behind that cannot keep consistency or logic in its storylines. I stopped watch Glee because of this. I know, two totally different entities, but I want to see some logic or consistency in the storylines. Drove me a bit nuts with the Bella twin feud and don’t even get me started on the Wyatt-Ambrose feud. Could’ve gone so much better. Would’ve liked to have seen Wyatt wait until Ambrose curbstomped Rollins into the cinderblock and win at HIAC. He could’ve entered the cell and baited Ambrose, then when he did it, he could’ve said “Did it make you feel better?” or something like that, knowing that would’ve likely been the straw that broke Ambrose’s back and sent him spiraling out of control or something. I would’ve like to have known who cries for him, too. Was it the cousin from his childhood? So many unanswered questions.

    I really like that fans are still invested in what is happening with Dean, though. Gives me some hope for his career. Thanks for answering back.

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