WWE does it again. They tease a Dean Ambrose win at the next Pay-Per-View. And Kane acts quite strange these days. And interesting as well. At least Dean Ambrose gets some decent booking now. And I try to enjoy it as long as it lasts.

Dean Ambrose_collage

Because I don’t have much to complain for about this episode of RAW, I come up with a rant that hasn’t much to do with it. There once was a time when you read a headline that teased exactly what you will get in detail in the very article when you click the link. Then there was a time when headlines were teasing something, you don’t really knew what you could expect in the very article but somehow reading it was somewhat useful. And now there are heavily teasing headlines but the very articles go on and on about nothing and after reading it you want to punch your laptop because you just wasted five minutes of your life with reading this crap. For example, some headline teases a huge name in WWE backstage speaking out for better use of Dean Ambrose. But in the very article there is no name given, just speculation who that could be. And why are these people doing this? Just to get clicks to push their articles up on Google.

I could easily do this as well. I’m great at creating teasing headlines, believe me, but I won’t do this. And you won’t find gossip in here or made-up stories that sound like legit journalism. I will give you my reports on the shows, some details a few people might have missed, some comparison to pop culture, and of course a few speculations about forthcoming Pay-Per-Views. And why? Because I’d like to read my own stuff from time to time and I want for people who click my headlines, enjoy reading my articles – not being left frustrated because they just wasted their time just for a few clicks more.

There should be a movie trilogy: “A Fistful of Clicks” / “For a Few Clicks More” / “The Good, the Bad and the Click”, i.e. “The Click Trilogy”, directed – of course – by Clint Eastwood.

Perfect opportunity to throw in some history

I think I haven’t mentioned this match before and this edition of RAW is a great opportunity to do so. It’s a throwback to Velocity from 21 January 2006 when Jon Moxley teamed up with Dean Taylor against MNM, i.e. Johnny Nitro and a certain Joey Mercury. Now Dean Ambrose already got his revenge for the cocky pin by Joey Mercury back then when he elbow dropkicked Mercury into a table. But this RAW Dean Ambrose got a legitimate match against J&J Security, courtesy of the returning Triple H. This 2-on-1 handicap match was supposed to be punishment for J&J Security and when Dean Ambrose came out for this match, Triple H, Kane and Seth Rollins even did a guard of honour for him. Interesting, isn’t it? Could have been done because we were in Cincinnati, Ohio, the hometown of Dean Ambrose, so WWE threw a bit of love at him and the audience. But with thoughts already at Payback it’s also interesting in the way if that behaviour by The Authority may be somewhat prophetically. But WWE also likes to tease something just to do the opposite when it counts. Just so people are being surprised / shocked / stunned and will tune in to know how that will continue.

Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Now this match of Dean Ambrose vs Joey Mercury & Jamie Noble was a short one. Within just 5:13 minutes Dean Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds on Jamie Noble to win his homecoming match. But you could tell by his little antics within these five minutes that he had lots of fun. Certainly not just because we were in Cincinnati but also because he finally gets some love back from the company he already did so much for.

Just from some of his podcasts he did and where he appeared as himself, not to his crazy gimmick, I already imagined Dean Ambrose as someone who is just happy to be in WWE. He might have lots of ideas and hand them over to Vince McMahon but he definitely isn’t someone who demands the best spots possible for himself. Just like his (almost) mentor William Regal he does basically everything that he’s told to do. And he will always put in 100 percent of his efforts, no matter of how low card his booking might be. But apparently Dean Ambrose has got people backstage who speak for him, demand better booking for him, and maybe his match against Seth Rollins on last week’s episode of RAW was some kind of a crossroad match. No-one should really doubt his abilities. And that he’s a got a huge fanbase is not really a secret.

Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
Credit: wrestling-giffer on Tumblr.
But sometimes this fanbase isn’t loud enough and not demanding enough. Dean Ambrose probably would never demand something for himself. So he has got people backstage who speak for him. But the only thing that really counts for Vince McMahon – and he still is the WWE – is decibels from the crowds. Dean Ambrose already gets huge pops regularly during his entrances. But sometimes during his matches there isn’t much chanting for him. Personally I blame his recent booking for that. If you’ve got a two-minute-match against a low-carder without any storyline behind, there isn’t much the fans can chant for. But even then they could have used these two minutes for chants to demand something better for dean Ambrose. Don’t just chant when you are entertained. Especially chant when you see that someone who deserves so much better, is treated like someone with the abilities of a low-carder. Right now WWE finally books Dean Ambrose like he deserves it. But who knows how long that will last?

In this short match Dean Ambrose had a lot of fun and he was entertaining as hell when he was cheeky towards the referee, innovative in the situations when he did the double arm lariat and the double Deanerang to Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble, sitting on the announcers table cross-legged and joking with Booker T. No dancing this time – there wasn’t enough time for this – but still some fun elements to give the audience something back for their money. Dean Ambrose won clean against J&J Security without interference or presence from other members of The Authority.

Can you imagine that lunatic becomes champion?
Yes, JBL, we can. And now shut up. Seriously, this man is the commentary’s black death. I get it that he’s supposed to be the heel commentator but shouldn’t he also bash on John Cena and Roman Reigns if he is? Also he could use some variety, not just saying “argh, this crazy lunatic” after every second sentence. You can still praise the Network or tell people how many million people have already downloaded the app with somehow calling the actual matches, not just bash on everyone who’s in the ring, hell, even before some people are in the ring.

Credit: prowrestlingnow on Tumblr.
Credit: prowrestlingnow on Tumblr.
Yeah, actually that was something I was really annoyed about. But that happens at every single WWE show, so I almost forget about that when I start writing these reports / articles / speculations. Now the main event of RAW this week happened to be Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton. Right at the end of the match Randy Orton teased the RKO but was beaten up by J&J Security and the match was abandoned due to disqualification. Randy Orton was attacked, so he was the winner anyway. A little beat-up followed but very soon Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns joined in to make the scenario for the Fatal-4-Way on Sunday complete again. The little stand-off between all four competitors was broken when Kane came out, walking slowly towards the commentary table, chair in hand. And he watched on through this entire scene: Dean Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds on Seth Rollins. Then Reigns speared Seth Rollins. And both Dean Ambrose and Reigns set Rollins up for the RKO by Randy Orton. After that Seth Rollins clearly was killed. But Kane was still only standing there watching like if he would make his mind up about the one guy who was worth it to get help from him on Sunday. Maybe he got some help himself for that decision when Reigns first speared Orton but then Dean Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds on Reigns to stand tall at the end of the second consecutive RAW. Really, really interesting.

Good luck, Daniel Bryan
You will probably know that I’m not a huge fan of Daniel Bryan. But that mostly goes for his gimmick, not for the man himself. And he certainly isn’t responsible for the booking he got during the last few months. He definitely was rushed back into a WWE ring. And more horribly had to participate into this ladder match for the IC title at WrestleMania. For a guy who just came back from a career threatening neck injury, not the wisest decision, you might think. And indeed. Like I could already sense the moment Daniel Bryan got the IC title, he was out injured almost ever since. Like last year after WrestleMania when he had to hand back his title collection, he now had to vacate the IC title because he is unable to compete once again. Like last year he will be probably out for several months. And he will certainly consider retirement.

So, good luck, Daniel Bryan, from me and I hope you are deciding what’s best for you, not what’s (supposedly) best for business.

Update on me speculating about Payback
Like I already said before, Kane’s behaviour gets more and more interesting. Dean Ambrose standing tall for the second time on RAW. So, WWE heavily teases Dean Ambrose for the win. But I still can’t see that coming. Mostly based on his previous bookings. He didn’t get a win over Rollins during their feud; he didn’t get a win over Bray Wyatt; he didn’t win the IC title from Wade Barrett; he didn’t win the IC title in that ladder match. All these big opportunities had been heavily teased towards Dean Ambrose, usually through his promos. Right now he doesn’t say much but gets good booking. And again, there is Kane who seems to consider his next step. He looks and acts like he doesn’t agree with Triple H who still sees Seth Rollins as “best for business”. Instead he might filter out Dean Ambrose as the guy who’s really worth it.

I already discussed some possible heel turns on Payback. But why not a face turn by Kane to help Dean Ambrose get that belt? And after that he teams up with Ambrose like this Punk / Paul Heyman coalition – not exactly a manager but someone who helps out here and there? How about a little war between Ambrose & Kane and The Authority? Roman Reigns can still turn heel to become the new precious boy to The Authority. And Seth Rollins is left in limbo because of all his cockiness and arrogance recently? Would certainly bring in a bit of fresh breeze. But still, all this teasing and pointing towards one certain person only means one thing: the one guy heavily teased for the win certainly won’t be the winner. Or will he?

13 thoughts on “RAW 15/05/11: Dean Ambrose has got some Dirty Deeds for Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

  1. I actually had been contemplating about Kane helping Ambrose win in some way, but I was thinking he would do it in the MITB match next month. Doing so at Payback would be really different and interesting to see. I think your scenario would be fun to see.


    1. I’d prefer MITB, too. And like I said, WWE teasing Dean Ambrose as the winner a little too much. So that most certainly won’t happen. I’d also prefer him getting the title because he fought for it and deserved it on his own, not just with getting some help from another guy. As disappointing MITB was last year for Ambrose and his fans, but it also helped him getting over with the fans even more. But some kind of coalition with Kane could be fun if done right, so we will see what route WWE goes this time.


  2. Mir ist auch noch eine Kleinigkeit zu Kane aufgefallen. Ganz am Anfang der Show, als die Fans ‘Ambrose’ rufen, lächelt Kane vor sich hin, als würde er ihnen zustimmen. Könnte auch zur Storyline gehören, dass Kane Ambrose als den wahren Champion sieht. Er hat ja auch selbst gesagt, dass Dean den MITB-Koffer gekriegt hätte, hätte er Seth nicht geholfen.


    1. Ja, gut, das ist natürlich offensichtlich. Aber es gibt ja sicher ein paar Fans, die noch kein Jahr dabei sind und das deshalb nicht so präsent haben. Von daher ist es gut, daß das auf diese Weise wieder hochgeholt wird. Ist mir ohnehin aufgefallen, daß Kane im Grunde durchweg recht positiv Ambrose gegenüber eingestellt ist in den letzten Shows. Könnte natürlich einfach nur anti Rollins gemeint sein und weniger pro Ambrose, was ja nicht unbedingt das gleiche ist. Auf jeden Fall hat es die WWE endlich mal wieder geschafft, daß ich mich auf eine PPV freue, weil es so viele Möglichkeiten gibt. Kam in den letzten Monaten nicht wirklich vor. Gut, letztlich werde ich wieder enttäuscht sein, aber das trübt die Vorfreude nur ein wenig.


  3. _ You nailed it . It is all about flashy headlines . Some writers would make a controversial headline just to make the people “click” his article even to insult him and say that he is a troll who knows nothing about anything . You read the headline and you wanna know how can this be true , so you click and you find nothing but stupidity , so you comment on them , and that’s when he throw the link of his ” no body listens to ” podcast in case you want an answer or insults his own readers . He just always got “Afistful of ways to make you disrespect him even more ” . It is awesome how you put it in the form of a movie trilogy , I am still laughing until now . Really creative 🙂 unlike a team we all know so well 😦 .
    _ I thought about that Velocity match too . He got his revenge twice , Hhh .
    _ The match on RAW was indeed so much fun and Dean completely neglecting that , how did you put it ” Kane style when torturing Seth ” , guard of honer , was gifs worthy .
    _ yea , Dean really sound like a guy who never complaints about his booking to the company . I read an article at WM that said he doesn’t think he is being buried , while his two former Shield members are pushed to the moon and I was like : Why Dean !? Make a statement . You deserve so much better . Threaten to kill Vince if he doesn’t push you , 🙂 just kidding . I ‘d say he was just waiting , but if they took it too far pushing him down ( Which they kind of did it , if they ask us , his fans ) , he won’t stay calm .
    _ Two-minute-matches suck , I hope they stop them . You feel bad for your favourite when they put him in one of those . You want his match to be match of the night every single night and short , useless matches end your hopes .
    _ JBL is just …. Ah . I once read a really funny comment about that if Dean ate a sandwich , the commentary team would say ” Oh , he is a LUNATIC ” , Hhh . They really overuse that term . I once read a comment about that Stone Cold was right when he said that Dean should act crazy but doesn’t say he is crazy . What !! When did dean say he is crazy . If he said anything it is that Lunatic Fringe is just a nickname , it is always the announcers that say so .
    _ I am sure I can take Dean as WWE champ any day of the week . You were truely right when you said that Booker in commentary was a good thing for Dean .
    Booker : I am really enjoying that once in alive time deal ‘ about J&J not being ringside during Dean’s past monday’s match against Seeeth ‘
    JBL : I miss J&J
    Booker : I don’t
    & on this RAW when he said that’s a number one contender you are taking about during his entrance .Also Dean’s interaction with him is really cool . He took his pen to force Barret sing the contract & he was having fun with him while torturing J&J .
    _ Agree about Bryan . it sounds like they rushed him to make the rumble seem competitive . They knew he was hurt and still make him compete in a ladder match & gave him the IC title to shut his fans up as if they don’t care if he will stay healthy enough to defend it ’cause they don’t care that much about it .
    _ Your headline is really cool , just as Dean finishing his former brothers and standing tall was .
    _ to back you up about the speculation’s update . Kane said to Seth once that they could have chosen Dean to make him champ , or even El-torito ( I don’t like that he paired the bull with Dean , but here we go ) . I like your idea about Kane standing with Dean against the authority .Roman can turn heel since he is getting booed anyways . Seth not being front and centre would really be a breath of fresh air , I mean since hell in a cell was over & he thought Dean was out of his hair for good it was all about him and they made Dean start to Vanish .
    ** I am happy there will be another PPV in Elimination Champer to read your speculations on it . Then MITB . How do you feel about the Elimination Champer being back with the IC title holder to be determined inside it & the WWE world title being defended outside it ( I only mentioned these two because Dean is not in a tag team right now & it seems John Cena will keep defeating Rusev for the US title until the end of the world ) and how do you think Dean will fit there . If you want to answer that after we are done with Payback at first that is just fine .
    ** All in all that was really enjoyable . I believe you are able to create teasing headlines , but you won’t do it ’cause unlike those writers you respect yourself and your readers . Thanks for the hardworking . Keep it up . 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, that was almost longer than my original article! Thank you. I really enjoyed it. And I’ll try to answer all questions you were hiding within your text 😉

      About saying in public that you feel being buried, is quite different. Also when Ambrose is asked about Reigns, Rollins or other wrestlers, he will always answer in character. So when Rollins is a heel and Ambrose is in a storyline with him, he’ll phrase out some negative statements, how he will rearrange his face for example. Even if he would feel that Reigns is pushed too much and Ambrose himself deserved better, he would never say that in public, except he wants to be punished. So WWE wrestlers are always cautious about what to say about the company. They will promote the Network, even if they find it ridiculous to point out that it costs 9,99 per month. Sometimes you can judge by their expression that they are sarcastic but they usually won’t give out quotes that can easily hit back towards the company. There are a few exceptions of WWE wrestlers who spoke out against the company. But they aren’t there anymore or in lower / mid card. And sometimes maybe you can read between the lines, but again, hardly anything is given that can be used as a source.

      About the two-minute-matches. It’s not just about misuse of your favourite wrestler. I mean every guy or gal doesn’t want to have a longer entrance than the actual match. Some lower / mid card guys or gals would be so much better if they had better or any storylines and at least five-minute-matches. You can’t tell a story within two minutes. Two-minute-matches are basically “punch, punch, punch – clothesline – punch, punch – dropkick – punch, punch – kick, kick – punch – finisher”. Bathroom breaks basically. And the frustrating thing is that it doesn’t need to be like this. There are so many and long in-ring promos that repeat itself from one show to another. There are so many replays, even from whole SmackDown matches on RAW sometimes. In one previous article I pointed out that only 25% of a RAW show only are actual original wrestling matches. The rest is replays, Michael Cole promoting the Network, useless backstage interviews and too much in-ring promo time. It’s really frustrating, esp. for the guys or gals who are only sent out for two minutes, so their fans had a chance to see them again. WWE just doesn’t get that it’s more frustrating seeing your favourite in a two-minute-match than seeing him or her at all.

      About the commentary team: yeah, Ambrose only has to come out down the ramp and all of a sudden he’s labelled crazy and unstable. But he hasn’t done anything crazy so far. In that recent interview when Michael Cole introduced Ambrose as “The Lunatic Fringe”, Cole couldn’t even hide a grin, maybe he himself finds the name ridiculous but has to say it or Ambrose (not in the picture) rolled his eyes at him for saying this nickname. I think Booker T doesn’t use it that often and he is the only one who at least tries to call the matches, not just throwing out some catch phrases or labels.

      And about Elimination Chamber. I don’t really get why they have to put in another PPV between Payback and MITB. They shouldn’t have replaced Elimination Chamber with Fastlane in the first place. Fastlane is pointless unless you have a gimmick match with cars or something. But this year there was nothing special, nothing that made Fastlane stand out with one theme match that only can happen at Fastlane. So, it’s good to have Elimination Chamber back and for that IC Battle Royal it can be great. I just hope they don’t put Dean Ambrose in there and make him win the IC title. Because that would mean he’s back at mid card and won’t get the MITB briefcase. Ambrose should have won the IC title at Fastlane from Wade Barrett. But now it would be demotion for him once again.

      On my prediction for Elimination Chamber and MITB, I’ll give that when both PPVs are just days away. Because it’s basically impossible to call anything just now.


      1. ** See , I always win . If my comment was short or if I didn’t comment at all , I wouldn’t get to know all these extra thoughts in your comment .
        ** And you say you really enjoyed my comment , which can very well be a complement , made my day . I got your approval to comment again , then .
        ** Dean is advertised for the Elimination Champer & there will be a WWE championship match just outside it . I read that they will put the IC title on Orton . I don’t know exactly what I feel Cena & Orton , don’t they have new stars to build . I was just wondering where ‘d he fit . I just hope they won’t throw him in any random match and eliminate him in a stupid way like they did with him at KOTR .
        ** Maybe I write too much ’cause my first language ain’t English and I am not good at expressing what I wanna say in few words and I just give my comment on every part from the article to let you know that I care about them all which I do . I would like to say thank you so much for putting Dean’s promos in words because when I hear them I don’t understand all the words he say , but when you write them I can use the dictionary to understand them . I started to watch his fued with William Regal and I like the way he was acting , psychopath , it is as he is fighting things that only him is able to see . My progression is slow ’cause I watch the matches over and over . But I will certainly finish them all one day . A little self promotion is never a bad thing 🙂 .Thanks for giving me the link to it in a previous comment .
        ** Peace .


        1. Yeah, it’s like in school, isn’t it? If you just sit there, don’t say anything, you are getting frustrated. Because your dumb class mates only give rubbish answers and slow down class. You are also frustrated about yourself because you know some answers and could easily give them or have a thought or a question. But you don’t want to expose yourself in front of the whole class. And the teacher gets frustrated as well. Because he only gets dumb answers and apparently no-one wants to think further about a certain subject. But if he gets something back, if he is confronted with different thoughts, than he will put in some extra effort as well. So, win-win-situation here pretty much!

          I’m not quite sure about Orton and the IC title but have you read that on Inquisitr? If so, don’t read their “articles” because these are the most horrible ones with catching headlines and basically nil information within their texts. I also make up some stories and speculate about certain things. But I make sure that everyone knows that I only speculate. I even say that I’m the worst when it comes to prediction. So, if you are into betting, don’t take my guesses. Chances are if you take the opposite guess, you’ll probably win. I also read – just today – that Orton will get the WWE WHC title from Rollins and Sheamus will be the IC champ at Elimination Chamber. This stuff is only speculation. Also if they write, “we’ve heard from sources within WWE”, don’t believe anything. WWE itself can change their plans five minutes before an actual match, so everything out there is just said to get the infamous clicks.

          And, yes, I know that you’re from Egypt which is cool because I once had some Arabic classes at university. But the only phrase I can come around with automatically is “Kayfa al-hal?” (sorry, I’m too lazy right now to search for the Arabic letters in my laptop). I still know how the grammar works and I can read a text if it’s vocalized but I forgot almost all vocabulary because I didn’t use it. And that was actual the initial idea for this blog here, learning a bit of English vocabulary with wrestling. And transcribing Ambrose’s promos is a pretty good exercise. I always have to put on headphones and listen to some promos twenty or thirty times until I think I got all the words he mumbled into the microphone. So if it’s for any use of anyone else – like you – then again, win-win for everyone!

          It’s also great that you started to watch the Ambrose / Regal-feud. It’s great that it happened and that we actually have the videos. Because they didn’t even put it on the Network so far. But it’s also a shame that they can’t do anything similar anymore these days because they don’t have the time for a year-long feud apparently or creatives change every second or third months, so there can’t be continuity or Vince McMahon doesn’t like the stuff creative is writing, writes some shows himself or cancels whole storylines because they take away from someone else or he just doesn’t like them anymore. So, again, it’s great that we actually get to see that.

          Also thanks to you for making my little articles / reviews a little more lively 🙂


          1. ** “Kayfa al-hal?” You killed me there , it sounds like you know something about everything , which is great .
            ** I know that Inquisitr sucks , they always talk about things that never happen and I shouldn’t use it as a sourse to claim anything , you are right . I think I just became so enthusiastic about what’s next for Ambrose all the sudden .
            ** I am glad it’s a win win situation and that you like discussion .
            ** Where is it written that I’m Egyptian !? Or is it easy to tell if someone is Egyptian !
            ** Thanks for replying . Peace .


            1. Not about everything. I just point out the things I know and try to hide all the things I don’t know. That’s all 😉

              And, yeah, that’s the bad thing about Inquisitr. They claim to have sources and sometimes their made-up stories look like legitimate journalism. People read this crap and get all excited. Just to be disappointed later on. It’s really nothing worth to waste your time with. They even took some of my photo edits and put them on their articles until I was fed up with this and asked them not to do this anymore. People could think I’ve got anything to do with them when I’m not.

              And about your residence, it’s just that WordPress has got a few statistics like search phrases people put into Google to come to my page and the very countries people come from. I just guessed from the many clicks from Egypt I got, that you are from there. But that’s all I know. Don’t have your address or something. It’s just interesting to know where people come from. For example, I didn’t get one single visit from China and Iran in almost five years that I’ve got this blog now. Says something about the freedom of their people sadly.



              1. ** “They even took some of my photo edits and put them on their articles until I was fed up with this and asked them not to do this anymore. People could think I’ve got anything to do with them when I’m not.” How did I forget about that , Why on earth do they do that . May be they are big fans of you , too . But if they were , then they still didn’t read your ” movie trilogy ” yet .
                ** It doesn’t bother me at all that you know I am Egyptian , well I am not sure after what Dean said about the pyramidpyramid , Hhh , I just would expect that you can expect that from my poor writing or something . I didn’t want you to judge them all by my weird writing . The thing is that your articles give me the impression that you are able to guess pretty well so it was gonna be no surprise to me if you guessed it yourself . I didn’t mean anything , I swear I am sorry . 😦
                ** The “clicks” you get from Egypt are mine ( not all of them of course ) , especially today I didn’t get a notification of your comment so I opened it from time to time to see if you will comment or you will kick me out of the page , Hhh .
                ** Salam 🙂

                Liked by 1 person

                1. Yeah, the guy told me he liked my edits but couldn’t find a way to contact me, so he just put them up. I mean on my main page there is my twitter account at least. So it’s not that hard to contact me. But anyway.

                  And the thing with the pyramids, I mean he didn’t specifically say that he believes aliens built them. He just wanted to include this possibility. So I guess I’m fine with it since he didn’t study Egyptian history.

                  And about your English. It’s actually pretty good since I understand everything you want to say. Sometimes I don’t understand what some native speaker tries to say. So, everything is just fine 🙂


                  1. Dean said we didn’t build them , I thought he said that ancient Egyptians had nothing to do so they removed one block every day to build it . Come on Dean you are gonna take even that away from us . History is nearly all we got .

                    It helps that my new phone show some results when I write the first letter of the word so I just pick them up which makes it much easier to avoid mistakes .

                    Salam. 🙂


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